"Sex Stories" Little Red Riding Hoodie

Sex Stories Little Red Riding Hoodie
The afternoon summer sun felt hot as I reached for my drink. Relaxing in a chaise lounge, wearing only my sunglasses and swim trunks, I had just gotten out of the water and toweled off after a much deserved swim to cool off.

Most of Saturday morning into the afternoon was spent mowing the lawn, working on the dock, cleaning the boat, etc. It was nice to finally be able to take a break and relax and enjoy the beautiful summer day.

I had our summer lake home all to myself as my wife Lorene and her s****r Rhonda had flown to Atlanta to visit their youngest s****r Megan for two weeks. It meant some alone time for me. 

Work, which seemed to have consumed my life lately, melted into the barely discernible background as I poured the remainder of my whiskey and coke down my throat.(Adult Stories)

Suddenly, I was startled as hands (which I quickly recognized as feminine) covered my eyes and a young female voice sexily whispered “guess who?”

Not sure of who had invaded my space and taken me off-guard, but convinced I was in no serious danger, I jokingly answered “Jessica Alba!”

The stranger's voice laughed and then said “almost!” as the hands were removed from covering my view. 

Then around to my right into view came my gorgeous nineteen year old niece Callie wearing a barely-anything-there red string bikini, a red thigh length zippered hoodie, matching red heels, red framed large sunglasses and a floppy red straw hat with a red bow. 

“Wow, Little Red Riding Hoodie!!” I thought as my eyeballs almost popped through my sunglasses. I hadn't seen her since her graduation last year and she had really grown up since then.

She looked absolutely delicious standing there, red smokin' hot! I suddenly realized as I was mind-r****g her, that she was speaking again, " I didn't mean to scare you speechless.. ..are you all right?”

“Yeah,...I'm okay,.” I was able to say with some difficulty. I couldn't take my eyes off her and I was having guilty thoughts, not to mention the fact that I could feel my cock starting to swell as I continued to stare at my beautiful young niece. 

Callie was about 5'3”, shoulder length brown hair and my guess was she weighed about 110 pounds soaking wet. 
“Well then, is it okay if I go swimming and hang out with you this afternoon?” she asked as she put her things on the chaise lounge next to mine. 

I was just stunned with her exquisite body and hotness. She had a very nice tan and her hair was cut shorter than I remember from over a year ago, but she had really taken a huge leap forward in that time from a somewhat shy and awkward high school girl to become a sensational beauty!

“Are you sure you're all right?” she asked, “I don't want my favorite uncle to have a heart attack or something!”

“I'm just fine..” I lied through my teeth, knowing that what was wrong with me was my mental state, in which I was totally obsessed with her, and my physical state, in which my cock was swelling, “I just need another drink, it's hot out here.” 

Fully aware that I needed to make a hurried exit inside so my growing erection would't be noticed, I watched as she shed the items she didn't want to get wet and headed down the steps and onto the boardwalk.

“Make me one too, please!” she pleaded as she ran down the beach and dove in the water. I finished watching her as she came up for air, the image of her tight, young ass, gorgeous tits and very shapely legs still fresh in my mind as I turned and walked to the patio door, opened it, went into the sun room and over to the bar.

It was noticeably cooler in here, thanks to the marvelous invention called air conditioning. I pressed my glass into the opening on the refrigerator door at the end of the bar and was quickly rewarded with the clinking sound of ice cubes falling rapidly into my glass. 

I turned to my left and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and quickly poured much more than I should have. Without another thought, I chugged from the bottle, recapped it and set it back on the bar counter. "I needed that" I thought to myself. I then turned to my right and opened the refrigerator door, located a can of Coke and as I did, I heard the door open and Callie say “Brrr...It’s cold in here! ”

She approached the bar with a beach towel wrapped around her shoulders and midriff, clutching it shut in front. Her hair was wet and water droplets glistened in those few spots she missed while hastily toweling dry. It was a good thing because my erection had subsided for the most part and I didn't have to worry about that, or did I? That red outfit was burned into my memory!

“You didn't swim very long” I offered, as she proceeded to seat herself on one of the cushioned oak stools. I poured the coke into my glass as she answered “I have plenty of time to swim, I just want to spend time with you now.”

I looked up to see the most beautiful and innocent, yet very seductive and demure smile on her face. “I'm very flattered! I responded.

She batted those beautiful blue eyes at me, blushing somewhat and stated rather matter-of-factually “I’d like a Dirty Banana.”

I reached up and took my sunglasses off. “You would, would you?”

“Yes...you know how to make those, don’t you?” came the reply as our eyes locked with each other. 

I was falling...falling...I quickly came back to reality and asked her “Callie, does your Mom know you're here?” 

Quickly, my thoughts went to her Dad, Mike, whom Rhonda divorced a couple years ago. He would kill me if he knew what I was thinking, but honestly, I didn't care. I never really liked the guy. He moved to California with his new girlfriend shortly after the divorce so he never spent any time with Callie and according to Lorene, didn't try too hard to be a part of her life, even from a distance. 

“No” she replied as she continued to stare deep into my eyes, “like I just said, I want to spend time with you. We don't have to tell anyone. It can be our special secret.”

Lorene and I had never had any c***dren, so this was awkward for me. But I could feel something stirring inside of me, something which I wanted to stir even more.

I hadn't done anything wrong, and I was so flattered, I quickly said “Okay, Callie,...but you can't ever tell anyone.”

“Uncle Jim,” she replied, “I'm nineteen now. I think I can keep a secret.”

“I mean, if I give you a drink, if you were to tell someone, I would get in trouble....” I started to say before she quickly interrupted me.

“Trust me, Uncle Jim; please.....I've been drinking since I was fifteen. No one will know, unless you tell them”, she retorted. 

Against my better judgment, I gave in and made her a Dirty Banana...and another...and another. Soon we were giggling like little k**s. We get along so well, I thought or maybe it was the whiskey. Whatever the case, it was difficult not to notice her cleavage as we talked. 

She had dropped the towel down the seat behind her long ago and was sitting cross-legged on the bar stool as we talked. She had rather large breasts for her small frame; my guess would be 34B for her cup size. Her nipples were hard and erect jutting out through the bright red material of her bathing suit top. It was difficult not to notice!

Slowly but surely, the talk became more sexual in nature and at one point she caught me staring at her near perfect breasts.

“Are you staring at my tits?” she asked rather abruptly.

“I didn't realize I was staring!” I blurted out, embarrassed that I had been caught.

“Here,” she replied, reaching behind and untying her top, “maybe this will help!”

Her beautiful, full breasts announced themselves as she let the top fall down. They were absolutely full, round and perky, not to mention all natural. Her nipples were at full attention, and it was everything I could do to keep myself from coming around the bar to suck on them. I quickly turned away. 

"Callie! I'm probably going to go to prison, just for seeing them!” I quickly said.

“No you won't,” she insisted, “I won't let anything happen to you. Don't you like them?”

“Yes, I said, still turned away, but wanting so badly to look back, “you have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. But...” 

“You can turn around,” she said slowly, “but I don't think you understand........how badly I want you!"

The words seemed to reverberate through my mind. I turned around to see that she had put her top back up and tied it, but there was such a wanton look of desire on her face, I knew I couldn't look away again.

“Do you remember the canoe ride you and I went on, just the two of us, the summer I was sixteen?” she implored, “ I wanted to tell you that evening that I've wanted you so badly since I can even remember!”

My mind raced back to that fond memory of the late summer evening canoe ride she was referring to. I knew that I too, had harbored thoughts of desire for her also.

“Callie, I want you badly, too,” was my quick reply, “but I'm so much older...I'm your uncle...not to mention how many people would want to do extreme physical harm to me, including your Mother...AND your Father...AND my Wife!”

“Which is why they will never find out!” she said gleefully.

“I'm not a virgin,” she continued, “but I'm not a slut, either. My first time was with my boyfriend while I was in high school. He got very excited and came before we even got to do it. It embarrassed him and soon after we broke up. My real first time was first semester last fall with a boy I met at college. He was really cute, and he got my virginity, but it was very quick and not pleasurable for me. I can get more pleasure from my toys (she giggled a cute little giggle, blushing as she slowly rolled her eyes, but went on). It was then that I decided I wanted to explore my sexuality more with an older man. An older man who understands a woman's needs. An older man who even though he is my uncle, is not a bl**d relative. That's you..”

I was in shock to say the least! Here was an open invitation to have my way with my gorgeous niece. I didn't know what to say except, “I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Me, too!” she exclaimed as she tried to get down from her bar stool, almost falling. 

I quickly caught her and in so doing, pulled her lithe little body up against my 6' frame. I looked down into her eyes as her gaze met mine. She inched up on her toes as I leaned down until our lips ever so slowly touched, then in an explosion of a****l hunger, our mouths parted open and our tongues desperately sought each other in a raw, unbridled sexual energy that lasted for more than a minute.

We pulled our lips away and I slowly opened my eyes, staring hungrily down at her. She opened her eyes, and said “mmmmm, you know what?”

“What?” I asked as I dreamily bent down and gently kissed her again.

“You're hard! And I like that! Meet you back here in 60 seconds! I'm using the west bathroom! Hurry!” she exclaimed, and the words seemed to fly from her soft supple lips. Then off she ran.

I was. I was hard as a rock even though I really had to go. I hurried to the Master bathroom upstairs. It took me longer than 60 seconds and when I returned she was seated on the bar stool again. My heart sunk! She must of come to her senses and changed her mind, I thought but suddenly I realized she had a deck of cards in her hand, one of several I kept on the back bar counter.

“Let's make this fun...” she said as she shuffled, “let's play Strip Black Jack. The first time, the loser has to do a shot, after that, the loser has to shed an article of clothing and drink a navel shot from the winner's navel while the winner lies on the bar!”

This was an enormous turn-on for me and my mind was racing! She dealt us each a card down. Then each a card up. A three of clubs up for me. Oh crap! I thought. A jack of diamonds face up for her. I peeked at my down card - the ten of spades. 

“Hit me!” I said.

She pulled a card from the top and skillfully flipped it over to reveal a nine of hearts! Bust!

“Drink!” she squealed happily, as she pointed at a bottle of Irish Cream, “I win!”

I quickly poured and downed a full shot of the sweet nectar. She leaned forward and we kissed again, her tongue and mine deliciously licking each other.

“Deal again!” I said anxiously.

The cards were dealt and this time it was me who claimed victory. Such sweet victory! All the while knowing this was a dangerous path I was on, but I was unable to turn back now. 

I looked nervously towards the door and she said, “Don't worry, I locked the door. No one's getting in and no one's going out!” I noticed she had also retrieved her items from the patio and placed them on the next stool.. One smart girl!

“Okay, this is it now. Someone is going to lose some clothing!!” I stated, feeling brave. “By the way, where did you learn to play Black Jack?”

“Can't a girl have her secrets?” she replied coyly, then swirling her tongue around, licking her lips. I could feel the lust building inside me like a volcano! She was driving me wild!

Again, the cards were dealt and again the victory was mine! She quickly untied her top again and tossed it over to the chair with her other things. She turned back to me and I was greeted with the sight of those magnificent tits of hers.

“Come on, get up here!” she said, laughing and slapping the top of the bar and then threw her beach towel across the length of the bar. 

I clumsily crawled up on it and rolled over on my back. By this time she grabbed the bottle and slowly poured Irish Cream into my navel until it started running down into my crotch. 

She capped and set the bottle in the next stool and turned back to me, on her knees in her stool. She leaned forward, never letting her gaze leave mine until she had those gorgeous tits over my navel. She looked down and slowly let her tits touch my navel so that they became coated with Irish Cream. 

She rose back up and leaned down and with her hands pushed her tits up enough to her face so that she could lick the Irish Cream from them. My cock was harder than a rock, I swear! Then she leaned forward again and proceeded to slurp the Irish Cream from my navel. I felt like I was going to explode!

Then ever so slowly, I could feel her tongue trace the flow lines of the sweet stuff to my crotch. Her left hand went to my swim trunks and she slowly felt her hand across my hard, swollen eight inches, barely concealed by my swimwear.

In an ever so sexy voice, she softly said, “Oh my God, ..it's so big! Can I kiss it?”

I never got the chance to answer because with one quick tug, she freed my trapped hard-on from the confines of its cottony prison! As quickly as it popped free, she swooped down on it like a bird of prey, engulfing it in a new prison, one of soft, moist and tender human warmness, her mouth.

She deftly worked her way up and down on my shaft, slowly at times, more quickly at other times. It was all I could do to lay there and endure this incredible insanity! 

Then suddenly she stopped, with my cock in her left hand, she pulled it out of her mouth and said, “Wait! I almost forgot!” 

She reached with her right hand, never letting go of my hard cock in her left, into the next bar stool and produced a small blue pill.

“Open!” she demanded as she held it near my mouth.

“What is it?” I asked. 

“Surely, you've seen the commercials”, she replied sexily with big blue eyes gleaming, “fun for us all night long!”

She then popped it into my mouth, grabbed my watered down drink, held it up to my lips so I could drink and swallow the pill, placed the glass back where it was, leaned up to me and franticly kissed me again and then once again, with my hard cock still in her left hand, went back to slurping and sucking and licking my cock. All I could do was lay back and moan, which seemed to drive her on.

I knew I was getting close to spewing my load, so I said “Callie, I'm getting so close to cumming!”

“Wait!” she exclaiming after quickly pulling my cock from her mouth, “I want you to cum in my mouth!”

She quickly clamped her mouth down on my cock just in time and held on with both hands as I felt my semen shoot several times in her mouth, all while she carefully and meticulously swallowed each and every drop I had to spare.

I lay there spent, as she slowly licked my cock clean.

“My, my, what a big tasty cock you have!” she whispered, “and what a big load you shot in my mouth, too!”

“Baby, where did you learn how to do that?” I said barely above a whisper. She just smiled that cute innocent smile.

“Now it's your turn” I said as I got down off the bar, “I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours!” 

She was all smiles as she climbed up on the bar, her bikini bottom mysteriously missing but with her bright red heels back on! Wow! We locked lips with again, licking and exploring each other with increased intensity. I pulled away and grabbed the Irish Cream, but instead of pouring only into her navel, I deliberately let some run down her lower tummy and onto her pussy and then back up and slowly across her tits.

“Ooh, that tickles!” she squealed as I turned and set the bottle down. What a beautiful sight she was! I turned back to her, lowered my head and took her right nipple into my mouth gently sucking both her nipple and the Irish Cream. 

She let out a little gasp, followed by a slow, soft moan that went straight to my groin as I felt myself getting aroused again. I followed her neck with my tongue until it found her mouth and quickly our tongues played tag once more. 

I pulled away and let my tongue retrace its path back to her right nipple, which I sucked and playfully bit. Then over to her left nipple, where again I sucked and teasingly bit her nipple. All this while she was squirming and making these little moaning sounds. 

I gently whispered “I'm going to eat you right up, little red riding hood!” to which she could only utter “mm-hmm” in between her little moans.

Slowly, my tongue and mouth made their way to her navel, where I greedily slurped the Irish Cream up and licked her navel clean. I was suddenly aware of her hands in my hair, clutching my head as if holding on for dear life. Then, I made my move for her forbidden young fruit, her legs yielding willingly and parting as I moved past her soft, trimmed patch of pubic hair. 

I felt her go tense and arch her back as my tongue touched her clitoris. Another, louder gasp emitted from her throat, followed by a louder moan and an even louder “ooh”' as my tongue and fingers found her sweet, sticky pussy, drenched in Irish Cream. I slowly inserted a finger into her tight little box as I licked and sucked her swollen clit. 

By this time, she was starting to move her hips in rhythm to my fingering and sucking while making indistinct guttural sounds which were driving me crazy! I slipped a second finger into her tight little crack which made her moan “oh fuck, yes!” 

I was crazily sucking, licking and fingering her so I decided to go for broke. Even though she had a tight little pussy, I had her so lubricated with Irish Cream, my saliva and her own juices, I was easily able to slip my third finger into her tight little ass which made her gasp and say “oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes.....don't stop! I'm cumming Uncle Jim, God yes, I'm cumming!” at which point I again felt her tense up and her juices started oozing on my fingers as she shuddered and climaxed.

I was rock-hard again by this time and I was ready to fuck her all night long if I could! I stepped out of my swimwear which were down around my ankles and then I reached down as she lay there moaning and quivering and scooped her up in my arms (she was so light!) and headed out of the sun room, up the open staircase and down the hallway to the west guest bedroom. 

I'm not really sure why, but I really liked this room with its white bedding and curtains and burgundy carpet. No one really spent much time in this room, but it had always felt like it was sexy romp room to me although my wife and I had never done anything in this room.

I gently lay Callie down crossways on the bed. I then bent down and kissed her very passionately as my left hand caressed her tits, squeezing and feeling them. My left hand then wandered down again to her pussy and I started rubbing her again.

“Oh Uncle Jim, this is just so fantastic, it all feels so good! Please don't stop!” she moaned as I rubbed her clit some more.

Dropping down on my knees between her legs, I literally muff-dived into her sweet young pussy, my tongue quickly finding her clit, which I licked and sucked while she thrashed and moaned on the bed. I then stuck my tongue as deep into her tight pussy as I could and licked for what seemed an eternity. 

Again, her hands had found my head and hair and again she held on tightly. Then my tongue swirled around and found her other hole. I proceed to lick away at her asshole until she almost screamed, “God,
are you ever going to fuck me with that big cock of yours?”

I stood up, my achingly hard erection at full attention in front of me and said “Okay baby, I'm going to fuck your brains out now!”

“Hurry!” she moaned, “now!”

I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and once again got down on my knees. I grabbed my overly swollen cock in my right hand as her right hand reached down to help guide it to her overly swollen pussy lips. 

She was panting very heavily and I felt the tip of my cock start to go in where we wanted it to go. I looked up at her as she lay there and I watched her facial expression turn to one of pleasure and enjoyment as I slowly pushed into her. She was so lubricated that I went in with very little resistance and in an instant I was pumping her sweet pussy as she lay there moaning, “unnnh, unnnh, unnnh!” After a few minutes (and a couple of orgasms for her) of this, I pulled out and lay on my back beside her and said “okay baby, now your turn to fuck me for awhile.”

Without hesitation, she rolled over and straddled me, reaching down to grab my cock and guide it into her sweet little love hole. She proceeded to buck and fuck like a wild bronco until I finally reached up and said “Easy baby, you're going to wear yourself out before the night even starts!”

“I can't Uncle Jim, It just feels sooo good! I just want to cum and cum and cum and keep cumming!” I had her right where I wanted her and I think she had me right where she wanted me. In this position, I could last a long time before I would cum and on the same note, she could cum and cum and cum in this position while I held out. A win-win situation! 

But in a little while after her (I don't know-f******nth? Orgasm), she suddenly stopped, rolled off and on to all fours, lowered her head and said “will you fuck me doggy style now, please?” 

“Anything you want, beautiful!” I said as I entered her from behind, Another gasp from her as I did and she kept moaning”ooh, ooh, ooh” and I continued to pump her pussy hard and fast as I held on to her thin little waist. God, she really felt good and she caught on very quickly. Suddenly, she stopped and said “Quick, pull out now and put it in my ass! I want you to cum in my ass together with me when I cum again!”

I did as she instructed and pulled out. She was so juicy, I was able to rub my cock across her wet slit a few times and then across her ass and slowly push it in. This really made her gasp and she quickly said “Slow! Not too fast! That's it...aaah! Oh God, that's really good! Oh...keep going!”

By this time I was almost all the way in and she was already pushing hard and fast against me. I pulled way out and plunged back in with each fast and deliberate stroke of my cock which was feeling closer and closer to cumming. She must have sensed this because she really started pushing back into me and then in an almost desperate and urgent voice said “I'm going to cum, Uncle Jim! Hurry, cum with me! Please cum with me! Oh God, yes! I'm cumming! Cum with me!”

This was all I could take as I unloaded into her tight ass, pumping and squirting for all I was worth as she wiggled her ass to accept my load, loud moans and heavy breathing coming from her mouth. And then we collapsed in an exhausted heap in the middle of the bed.