"Sex Stories" Lot of taking care of

Sex Stories Lot of taking care of
It was the grandfather of all rugby tackles. I was running like hell, the ball tucked firmly under my arm – I glanced over my shoulder, to see a pursuer dangerously close, and then it happened. It was like the business about an irresistible f***e meeting an immovable object, except that it was more like one irresistible f***e meeting another.

He appeared from nowhere, head down, arms widespread, and we must have collided at a combined speed of about forty miles an hour. He bounced me into the bloke chasing me, who at that moment seemed to be made of concrete, and we all went down. I landed awkwardly, twisting my knee and spraining my left wrist, and at some point my head came into contact with someone's boot, or vice versa.

I blacked out for a moment, and then I was helped off the field and checked out for injuries. It seemed that there was no serious damage, although just about everything hurt, and I felt more than a little groggy. They strapped up my wrist and gave me a couple of aspirins, and then my mate Smithy drove me home.(Sex Stories)

He stopped the car and came round to the passenger door to help me get out, and then I saw my mother flying down the path towards us, her face registering her concern. She'd been doing some tidying up in the garden before the weather changed, and she was wearing cut-off jeans and one of my old shirts that was miles too big for her. Not very glamorous, but the jeans were cut off practically at the crotch, and several buttons of the shirt were undone, and despite my condition I noticed her breasts jouncing as she ran, the shirt opening to provide a generous glimpse of them, and what there was of the jeans seemed to be painted on her. Her dark shoulder-length hair swung as she ran, the sun picking out the auburn streaks, and her soft brown eyes were wide with anxiety, her full, sensuous lips parted as she panted slightly, her breasts heaving.(Adult Stories)

'What – what happened? What's the matter, darling?' she cried, taking me in her arms.

'It's all right, Mrs Foster – he's just had a bit of a bang, that's all. Nasty tackle, but nothing much wrong with him that a day in bed won't cure!' Smithy said cheerfully.

My mother looked at me doubtfully, stroking my face, then together they helped me hobble into the house – my mother's arm was around my waist, trying to support me, and I found myself staring down at the ample cleavage she was u*********sly displaying. I put my arm round her shoulders to let her think she was helping, although I was a good eight inches taller than her five feet six and twice her weight, and if I leaned on her fully she'd have collapsed (I had the advantage of another eight inches, but that's another story).

They got me into the living room and deposited me on the sofa, and Smithy said goodbye and made me promise to buy him a pint when I was up and about again, and then my mother knelt on the sofa and hugged me to her. Tears were running down her cheeks, and she stroked my hair.

'Oh, darling, when I saw you, I – I thought you'd been in an accident, or you'd been mugged or something! Don't worry, dearest, Mummy will look after you! You'll soon feel better!'

Normally, I hated the way my mother fussed over me, but now she was pressing my face against her breasts – those breasts again – and I could smell the soap she used, and a hint of her perfume – did she dab it between her breasts, I wondered? Almost u*********sly, I ran my hand up and down the back of her bare thigh, aware of its incredibly smooth softness.

Like most boys, I suppose, over the years I'd occasionally been aroused by my mother's body, either by seeing her at times partly, or even fully, undressed, or feeling her pressed against me when we hugged each other or fooled around, but I hadn't dared to try to take things further, but now, maybe it was because I was still groggy that I was suddenly intensely conscious of her sexuality.

We stayed like that for several minutes, and then my mother released me and smiled at me through her tears, but then her face changed again, and she touched my lips with her finger.

'Darling! Your lips are bruised! They're all puffy and swollen!'

I hadn't noticed, being more concerned with my other aches and pains, but then Mum lowered her head and brushed my lips with hers, so feather-light I hardly felt them, although I did feel them, and I felt a stir of arousal, and for a moment I tightened my grip on her thigh.

She smiled at me again. 'I can see you're going to need a lot of taking care of, darling! Now, you rest and I'll go and make a pot of tea – that'll make you feel better!'

My mother's cure for everything, from the weather to inflation, was to make a pot of tea.

When I saw Johnny being helped out of the car by his friend, I nearly fainted. I rushed to help, my heart pounding, and hardly heard Smithy saying it was all right, he wasn't badly hurt. I wondered if I should call the doctor, but I knew Johnny would say I was fussing, and be angry.

But when we got him into the house I held my darling close, knowing that I was being silly, but I also realised that I'd be able to look after him and care for him – in a way, I wished I could transfer his pain to me, but at the same time I wanted him to be dependent on me, and to need me.

Then I felt his hand on my leg, stroking me. It was wonderful – I thought for a moment I'd wet myself, so strong was the surge of desire that flooded through me. My darling's face was buried in my breasts, and I felt an overwhelming urge to tear off my shirt and bra, and offer him my naked breasts.

I'd always been highly sexed – very highly sexed. When I was a girl at school, long before I knew what sex was all about, I loved letting boys – and other girls, sometimes – kiss me and feel me, and I masturbated constantly.

I hadn't had sex for a couple of months, and I suppose I was frustrated. The last time had been wonderful, though – I'd given myself to a married couple for a weekend while Johnny was away playing rugby, and they'd used me as a sex slave, keeping me naked the whole time and using me whenever they wanted ...I'd used my mouth on both of them repeatedly, and the man fucked every orifice I had, plus making me use my hands and breasts, and she'd fucked me with a strap-on dildo ...

I'd seen Johnny masturbate a couple of times when he was in his teens. The sight of him rubbing his penis was almost too much for me to bear – I longed to do it for him, and much more besides ... As the years passed, I 'accidentally' let him see me naked a few times, hoping that it would make him want me. I'd have lain down on a bed of hot coals if he'd wanted me to, and submitting to him sexually would have been an unspeakable joy, letting him do whatever he wanted to me, but at the same time I was afraid he'd be shocked and repelled, and in any case one day he'd grow up and leave me.

But playing rugby gave him a beautifully muscular body, and wonderful legs like tree trunks, and sometimes I'd get wet just looking at him When he started to go out with girls, I was overwhelmed with jealousy, imagining him having sex – fucking – them, and I'd masturbate wildly, visualising that wonderful penis of his plunging into their young bodies, while they didn't realise what a treasure they had between their legs, thinking of him as just another fuck ...

I told my darling that I'd make him some tea, and went into the kitchen. While the kettle was boiling, I leaned against the sink and unzipped my jeans. I f***ed my fingers down inside my panties – the jeans were old, and very tight – and fingered myself for a few minutes. I was soaking wet, and I imagined that it was my darling son's fingers that were toying with my clitoris ...

I opened my eyes to see my mother bending over the coffee table. The shirt had dropped away from her body, and there were those breasts again, seemingly trying to burst from her half-bra. She smiled up at me, seemingly not noticing me staring at her breasts, and then she handed me a cup of tea before settling beside me with her own cup and saucer, snuggling against me, her legs tucked up between us.

She asked me to tell her what had happened, and I gave her a blow-by-blow – literally – description of what I remembered. Her concern was written all over her face, and she stroked my cheek. It seemed natural to put my arm round her (which brought her cleavage into prominence again), and rest my other hand on her bare thigh.

I settled back, my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of my mother's softness, and the warmth of her body. I felt her breath on my cheek, and then her lips, while she whispered that she'd take care of me and that I'd soon feel better. 

We sat like that for a while, and then Mum said she'd run me a hot bath, and after I'd had a good soak I should go to bed for a couple of hours. It seemed like a good idea, although I was reluctant to let her go. It was wonderful holding her like that –once or twice before I'd got the feeling that she wouldn't have objected if I'd kissed and fondled her properly, but I told myself I was fooling myself, because she was my mother, and mothers didn't let their sons do things like that to them – or did they?

But Mum got up and kissed me on the forehead and said she wouldn't be long, and I closed my eyes again, thinking of how her body had felt cuddled against me. When she returned, telling me that my bath was ready, I had difficulty in getting to my feet – I'd stiffened up, and just about everything ached. Mum saw the difficulty I was having, and she put her arm round me again and supported me towards the stairs.

She got me into the bathroom and started to help me to get my clothes off – my sprained wrist made it awkward, as well as painful, to manage on my own, and anyway it was nice having her fuss over me. When we got down to my underpants she hesitated, but I pushed them down as she helped me to step out of them, and then I was naked.

Suddenly I wanted her to see me naked, and I made no attempt to hide myself as I gingerly climbed into the bath, my mother's arm round me, and feeling my penis start to harden. The water was very hot, and I lowered myself into it carefully, with Mum bending over me, and again I got a good view of her breasts. I settled back, holding her hand, and she perched on the side of the bath with our hands resting on her bare thigh.

Again I closed my eyes contentedly, but when I half opened them I saw Mum staring fixedly at my groin, her lips parted and her free hand inside her shirt, feeling her breast. When she saw me looking at her she snatched her hand away guiltily, and she asked me if I could manage to wash myself, or did I want her to help me.

The thought of what she'd been doing and now her hands on my body prompted the only possible answer, and Mum slipped down onto her knees and started to soap my chest and back. She'd rolled up the sleeves of the shirt, but it was trailing in the water anyway, and then one sleeve came unrolled and dropped into the water. She sighed in exasperation, and then unbuttoned the shirt and slipped it off her shoulders before tossing it aside.

'You don't mind, do you, darling? It's just getting in the way ...'

I studied her bra – it was just a skimpy pale blue lace affair that only just contained her nipples, which anyway were visible in shadowy outline through the thin lace, and my penis hardened until it was completely rigid.

Mum soaped my arms and shoulders, then moved down to my legs. Inevitably, her arm brushed against my throbbing penis, and she looked at me anxiously.

'Darling – does it make you uncomfortable, me bathing you, and touching you – dressed like this?' she asked, glancing down at herself.

Uncomfortable wasn't the word I'd have used to describe my feelings – I didn't trust myself to speak, and just shook my head, and after hesitating for a moment she carried on soaping my thighs and calves.

I think we both felt the tension mounting, until at last she was finished and she helped me to stand up in the bath and then step out. My penis brushed against her belly above her jeans, and I heard her catch her breath, but then she started to dry me with a large towel. Again she sank to her knees to dry my legs and feet, my penis swaying inches from her face, until it finally touched her cheek. She froze for a moment, and then, to my amazement, she turned her head and pressed her lips to it.

She climbed unsteadily to her feet and d****d the towel round my shoulders. She took my hand and looked at me uncertainly.

'Darling – you're trembling ... my poor baby ... I'm so sorry ... would you like Mummy to make you feel better?'

Without waiting for an answer, her fingers closed round my penis, and she started to rub me, very slowly. Feeling her hand on my cock was incredible, wonderful, unbelievable ...

Holding my son's magnificent penis was incredible, wonderful, unbelievable ... it was hard and gristly, with a lovely bulbous head, and encased in silky-soft skin that I eased back and forth very slowly, savouring every moment. Sometimes I paused and squeezed him gently, or brushed my thumb across the head of his cock. He was trembling violently, and I, too, was shivering with pleasure, and then I felt him fumbling with the catch of my bra. 

He got it unfastened, and then a wave of excitement flooded through me as he started to fondle my bare breast. My free arm was around him, and I pressed myself against him as I continued to rub him. I felt him shudder, and I stopped briefly, to run my hand over his trembling belly and then gently caress his balls, before I started to rub him again.

Now there was no pretence – this was sexual, and we both knew it. I was delirious with joy – I was masturbating my baby, and he was kneading my breast, aroused and trembling with excitement, and there was no going back ...

The poor darling was too excited to make it last, and he gave a little gasp, his hand tightening painfully – beautifully – on my breast, and then his semen started to spurt into the bath. I thought he'd never stop, but then his penis began to soften, and he turned towards me. I clutched his penis against my bare tummy above my jeans, coaxing the last drops of his semen over my skin and into my navel, letting it trickle over my fingers as I rubbed my bare breasts against his chest, and he lowered his head to kiss me, the soreness of his bruised lips forgotten ...

I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, caressing it with my own, and we kissed for a long moment, and then he bent his knees and wrapped his arms round my thighs, lifting me up until he could kiss my bare breasts. My bra had got lost somewhere, and I hugged his head and ran my fingers through his hair, almost fainting when he took my nipples into his mouth and sucked them hungrily, until he finally let me slide down his naked body. When my feet touched the floor I kept sinking down until I knelt before him, stroking his wonderful thighs and kissing his softened penis ...

I lifted my mother to her feet and took her in my arms, still overwhelmed by the sensation of holding her, practically naked, and ran my hands over her smooth back and shoulders. She rubbed herself against me, making little moaning noises, and I struggled with the button on her jeans, then eased down the zipper and pushed the jeans off her hips. She clung to me as I pushed my hand down inside her panties, marvelling at the softness of her belly, until my fingers encountered a thick clump of silky hair. I played with it for a moment, and then stroked the lips of her vulva before putting my fingers into her.

Mum made a little whimpering noise as my fingers and thumb found her clitoris, and I squeezed it, tugged it, rubbed it, rolled it between my finger and thumb ... she must already have been on the brink of and orgasm, because suddenly she cried out, digging her fingers into me and shuddering uncontrollably, and lifting her face to me so that I could kiss her, her body jerking spasmodically ...

At last she quieted, and my forgotten aches and pains returned. Mum helped me to my room and turned the covers of my bed down. I saw her panties stretched across her bottom, only covering a fraction of her cheeks, and couldn't help fondling her naked breasts and kissing her as I tried to pull her down onto the bed, but she escaped, laughing breathlessly.

'Get some sl**p, my darling! I'll clean the bath and have a shower, and bring you something to eat later. sl**p well, dearest!'

I don't know how long I slept, but I struggled back to consciousness when Mum came into my room carrying a tray. She put it on the bedside table and bent to kiss me lightly – she had on her old cotton dressing gown, loosely tied so that it gaped open, allowing me to see her bare breasts, and when she sat on the edge of the bed she crossed her legs, and the gown parted to reveal her naked thighs. She took my hand and looked at me nervously.

'Darling – what happened in the bathroom – are you angry – ashamed of the way I behaved ...do you want us to forget about it ...?'

I put my hand on her leg. 'Mum – it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me – it almost feels as though I dreamt it – I can still hardly believe it ...'

My mother sighed with relief, and then she gently removed my hand. 

'Well, now that's all right, I've brought you some soup and a sandwich, dearest!'

She watched me as I ate, and poured the beer she'd included in the feast, but I was feasting my eyes on her breasts and legs, provocatively revealed by her dressing gown ...

When I'd finished she leaned forward and kissed me. 'Is there anything else you'd like, darling?' she whispered. 'Me, for instance ...?'

I touched her bare breast inside her gown. 'Oh, Christ, yes, Mum – I want you like hell, but you know the saying, "The spirit's willing, but the flesh is weak", and I ache all over ...'

She looked disappointed, but kissed me again and said that I'd be better soon, and then ...

'There's one thing, Mum,' I said. 'I'd like to see you with nothing on – completely naked ...'

My mother flushed with pleasure, and got to her feet. She untied her dressing gown and slowly slipped it off, to stand naked before me. She must have seen the look on my face, because she smiled and smoothed her hands over her body, fondling her breasts and lifting them, as if offering them to me. They were superb – not particularly large, but beautifully formed, and capped with large aureoles from which her stiff nipples jutted, and then she slowly pirouetted in front of me, stroking her bottom, before facing me again.

'My body – me – it's yours, my darling. You can have me whenever, however, you want, do what you like to me – I love you so much, dearest, all I want is to please you ...'

'I want you like that – naked – all the time, Mum,' I heard myself saying hoarsely, and she laughed softly.

'The days are starting to get colder, darling, but I'll do my best for you – I don't mind if I freeze if it pleases you ...'

I suddenly noticed something. 'Mum – you've shaved – earlier, I felt your bush, but now ...'

She stroked herself. 'I saw those pictures of girls in the magazines you read, and they all shave, and I – I thought you might like me better like this ...'

I felt the familiar thrill of exposing my body to a man – and sometimes a woman – knowing they wanted me, but this time it was my darling, my son, who was gazing at my nakedness, wanting to possess me, to take me, do things to me ...

It had started when I was in my early teens, one evening when Mummy was out, and I longed to show myself to my father. I took my clothes off and went and sat on Daddy's lap and kissed him and made him feel me. It was heavenly, seeing the look in his eyes, and after that I showed myself to him naked at every opportunity, and giving myself to him ...

Thinking back, God knows how I'd managed not to strip naked for Johnny, and keep my hands off him for so long, but that was all behind me now.

Now, I could bare my body for my son whenever I wanted – whenever he wanted, which apparently was all the time. It was like a dream, one that I'd never wake up from, and seeing the look in his eyes as he stared at me almost gave me an orgasm – I could feel how wet I was, but just knowing that he wanted me was enough for the moment, there'd be plenty of time for him to have me properly. But meanwhile ...

I pushed the bedclothes down, letting my eyes wander over his beautiful naked body. His penis was fully erect, as I knew it would be, and I sat beside him and bent to kiss it. But not just a kiss – I licked it, running my tongue up and down its length, taking first the head in my mouth, then circling it with my tongue. I felt my son's fingers stroking my freshly shaved skin and then penetrating me, pushing into my vagina, and then I started to suck him in earnest, rubbing him with one hand and fondling his balls with the other, my head rising and falling over him, using my lips, my tongue, sucking him, kissing him ...

My son's fingers explored me, and I felt him probing my bottom, and my heart leapt – did that mean that he would fuck my backside ...? I felt myself start to perspire with the excitement of what my son and I were doing to each other, knowing that he loved it as much as I did, and then ..

My darling's semen exploded – there's no other word for it – in my mouth, jetting against the back of my throat, half choking me for a moment, but then I started to swallow frantically, feeling my darling's fingers tangling in my hair, forcing my face down on him ...

Wave after wave of one of the most shattering orgasms I'd ever experienced swept over me, and I kept sucking him long after his loins had emptied and his dear penis had softened. When I finally tore my mouth away from him, I saw that my darling had fallen asl**p. I stroked his dear face for a moment, then covered him with the bedclothes and picked up the tray and crept from the room. I didn't bother with the dressing gown – it seemed I wouldn't be needing it much in the future ...

I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee, and saw my mother opening the curtains to let the daylight in. She had on a small apron tied round her waist, and nothing else, and immediately my penis hardened as I looked at her naked back and bottom. I struggled to sit up, and Mum turned and smiled at me.

'Good morning, darling! It's very late, and I thought you'd like breakfast in bed – and me to go with it!'

She untied the apron and threw it aside, running her hands over her naked body as she had done the previous evening, and crossed to my bed and kissed me.

'You said you wanted me naked, darling,' she murmured, and I squeezed her breast.

She laughed. 'Eat your breakfast first, dearest!'

She sat on the side of my bed and watched me as I started to eat, and I saw her slip her hand between her legs. It was a magnificent breakfast – orange juice, coffee, egg, bacon, sausage, toast, and I suddenly realised how hungry I was.

'Oh, God, darling, you can't imagine how badly I want you to have me, do me, fuck me, **** me...' she breathed, and she moved closer to me. 'Feel me, dearest – I want your hands on me, and I can't wait!'

I slid my hand up her bare leg, and she leaned towards me do that I could kiss her breast. She caught her breath.

'You need a shave, darling – it's wonderful!' She rubbed her breast against my stubble, and I saw her close her eyes, and then she stroked the marks on my chest. 'I love men to be rough with me sometimes, and inflict a little pain on me, dearest – your bruises are wonderful – will you bruise me like that in our lovemaking sometimes?'

She took a sip of orange juice and dribbled it into my mouth, and took a bite of bacon and transferred it to my lips, fed me a forkful of egg, while I fondled her and put my fingers into her vagina. She shivered when I touched her anus.

'Put your finger in there, too, dearest!' she whispered. 'I love being buggered, too!'

Her free hand was beneath the bedclothes, stroking my throbbing cock and caressing my balls. Getting through breakfast took a long time, interspersed with kissing and feeling each other. Mum spilled some coffee on my chest as she held the cup for me, and then licked it off, and she gasped as I pushed my finger, generously lubricated with her juices, further up her bottom.

Eventually my mother kissed me. 'That's the first course over, darling – now the main dish! Don't worry about your aches and pains, dearest – Mummy will do all the work!'

I lay back as she straddled me, pausing for a moment to rub the head of my cock against her labia, then she slowly impaled herself on my throbbing penis. She gave a deep sigh as I penetrated her, forcing herself down on me, then slowly rising before sinking down again. My hands were all over her, kneading her breasts, stroking her thighs, gripping her bottom, lifting my head to kiss as she leaned forward.

Feeling my cock deep in my mother's warm, wet vagina was like nothing I'd ever imagined, not to mention seeing the look on her face and seeing and feeling her naked body poised over me. She was very gentle, and then she paused. 'I'm not hurting you, am I, darling?' she asked anxiously. 

Suddenly I knew what I wanted. I flipped her effortlessly onto her back, my cock still deep inside her, my aches and soreness forgotten. She looked up at me, wide-eyed with surprise, and I withdrew my cock until I was almost slipping out of her, then, after a long moment, I drove it into her with all the f***e I could manage, jerking her body savagely. What was it she'd said? 'I like men to be rough with me ... **** me!' 

I f***ed her arms above her head, gripping her wrists with one hand while I kneaded her soft breast fiercely with the other, ignoring the pain from my sprained wrist, and rammed my cock into her again.

'Yes ... oh, yes!' she whispered. I fucked her slowly, ferociously, kissing her brutally, and she started to writhe beneath me, wrapping her legs round me, urging me to plunge deeper into her, muttering 'Yes!' with every thrust, rising to meet me, arching her back to grind her body against me. Soon she was wet with perspiration, and our bodies squelched together.

My mother started to scream, soundlessly at first, and then louder, as her body began to jerk spasmodically while I continued to pound into her. I wanted it to last forever, fucking her mercilessly, seeing her lose control completely, squirming like an a****l, fighting me, making me struggle to hold her down while I continued to drive my cock into her.

But of course I couldn't make it last forever, and suddenly I erupted into her, feeling my semen spurt into her like molten lava jetting from a bursting volcano. My mother gave a strangled cry, thrashing under me, forcing herself against me, lifting her body off the bed completely as she ground her hips against me. I held her to me, supporting myself with my elbows and knees, kissing her and feeling her teeth sinking into my bottom lip and tasting my own bl**d.

My semen kept pumping into her, and now she was whimpering, kissing me frantically and twisting herself against me. I finally released her wrists, and she flung her arms round my neck, digging her nails into my shoulders, until I lowered her trembling body onto the bed and rolled onto my back beside her, my chest heaving as I fought for breath.

My mother gave a choking gasp and started kissing my body feverishly, her hands all over me, stroking me, caressing me, moving down to kiss my belly, and then to take my limp cock in her mouth, sucking it frenziedly. At last she collapsed, sprawled across my thighs, nuzzling her face against my cock and kissing it languorously.

I thought for a moment that she'd fallen asl**p, but then she slowly crawled back up my body, kissing my skin and licking my nipples before burying her face in my neck, her hand fondling my balls.

'Oh, darling, Mummy loves you so much! You made her so happy! That was the best fuck – the longest and most intense orgasm - I've ever had in my entire life! Promise Mummy that you'll fuck her like that again – soon – and give her a hiding, and fuck her bottom, and she'll suck your wonderful cock, and make you come with her tits, and ...'

I laughed and squeezed her damp breast. 'I promise, Mum! But we've got plenty of time. Remember, Smithy said I should spend the day in bed.