"Sex Stories" Maya gropes a groupie

Sex Stories Maya gropes a groupie
Although she was only a back-up singer, Maya was feeling rather worn-out after the concert. She scanned the backstage area hoping to find a decent-looking guy to spend the night with. 

"Wonderful," she thought. "Not a single male groupie."

Disappointed, she got a beer out of the cooler and sat down on a nearby loveseat. She gazed jealously as she saw every other band member (all guys of course) chatting up some dumb-looking chicks. As she put the bottle to her full, painted, lips; she made eye contact with a cheerful-looking blonde who smiled when she saw her. Maya flashed that adorable smile of hers right back at her as she began to approach her. Maya moved to the side to let her sit down. The blonde stranger sat down, crossed her long legs, and introduced herself.

"My name's Heidi," she said. "I'm a big fan of yours."

"Thanks," replied Maya. "Have a beer with me."

"Sure, I'm old enough to drink in my country," said Heidi.

"How old are you?" asked Maya.

"18," replied Heidi.

"Well I won't tell anyone," said Maya with one of her famous smiles. 

As the night went on, the two of them chatted each other up and had more than a few beers. Feeling a bit tipsy, their conversation turned to sex.(Erotic Stories)

"I usually pick up guys backstage," confessed Maya.

Heidi put her hand on Maya's thigh and replied in a hushed voice, "What about girls?"

Maya was speechless as she stared into Heidi's blue eyes peering out from underneath her bangs. Maybe it was Heidi's forwardness, or maybe it was the beer in her system, but whatever it was; it was making her panties wet. 

"I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable," said Heidi as she removed her hand.

"Not at all," said Maya as she put her hand on Heidi's, " you just caught me off guard."

"Maybe we should go somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other better," said Heidi.

Maya caught herself staring at Heidi's large, braless, breasts whose nipples seemed to stare back when she replied, "my hotel isn't far."

Maya got up to leave and Heidi followed her outside to her car. When they were both inside, Heidi reached over to twirl a finger in Maya's curly hair. She then leaned over and kissed Maya's soft, full, lips. Maya closed her eyes and parted her lips as Heidi began to push her tongue between them. Heidi moved a hand down from Maya's hair to cup one of her perky breasts through her tight, black, tee-shirt. Maya kissed her wantingly as Heidi moved her hand between Maya's thighs to feel the warmth of her pussy through her skin-tight leather pants.

The car ride to the hotel was rather quick with Heidi playfully copping feels on Maya as she drove. When they arrived they went straight to Maya's room. Heidi moved to bed and sat on the edge gesturing for Maya to sit beside her. As Maya sat down she said, "I've never been with another woman before."

Heidi smiled and replied, "Just relax, I'll make this easy on you."

Heidi moved towards Maya and they began to kiss passionately. Heidi's hands soon began to wander and she slipped a hand up Maya's shirt and massaged her tits through her bra. Maya pulled her shirt over her head revealing her perky, round, tits, in a barely-there, lacy, white bra. Maya laid back as Heidi's kisses went from her breasts to her flat tummy. She then unzipped Maya's black leather pants as she lifted her hips to slip out of them. Heidi pulled them off revealing Maya's white thong that matched her bra and was a beautiful contrast to her light olive skin. 

Heidi then sat up and pulled her short, red satin slip dress off over her head; wearing nothing but a black g-string. Maya felt her pussy tingle as she saw Heidi's large white breasts with their erect, faintly pink, nipples. 

"Touch me," said Heidi sweetly as she held Maya's hand to her breast. 

Maya held Heidi's breast and gently squeezed it although her hands were much too small. She kissed Heidi on the face and neck as she used both hands to knead Heidi's large breasts. Maya's hand soon began to travel down to squeeze Heidi's bare ass as she took one of her nipples in her mouth. Heidi began to lay back and Maya positioned herself between her legs. She pulled off Heidi's panties and stroked her bald wet pussy. Heidi moaned softly as Maya slipped a finger inside her, causing her pussy to moisten even more. Maya pulled her finger out of Heidi's cunt and put it up to her lips; she licked her fingertip and tasted another woman for the first time. She then returned her attention to Heidi's pussy and quickly thrust two fingers all the way inside her dripping wet hole. Heidi let out a small squeal. Maya built up a rhythm as she pumped her fingers in and out of Heidi's pussy while she used her other hand to rub Heidi's hard little clit. Heidi screamed, "Faster!", as she kneaded her breasts and bucked her hips up and down to meet Maya's fingers. The juice flowing out of Heidi's pussy let Maya know she was close to cumming so she picked up the pace and rubbed Heidi's clit harder. With a few gasps and a loud moan of pleasure, Heidi had an explosive orgasm leaving her pussy lips pink and hot to the touch. Maya continued to stroke Heidi's pussy with her wet fingers, feeling Heidi's body shudder beneath her touch.

Heidi sat up and held Maya close as she kissed her deeply. She ran her hands down Maya's back and unhooked her bra, freeing her perky tits. Heidi playfully pulled up Maya's legs causing her to fall on her back into the red silk sheets. Maya giggled as Heidi ran her fingers along her sides to tickle her. Still smiling, Heidi laid on top of Maya while kissing her softly on the lips. Maya felt a tingle go through her body as she felt Heidi's tits press up against hers. Heidi's kisses got lower as she kissed Maya's breasts and circled her erect nipples with her tongue. Maya's breasts were extra-sensitive and her let out a small cry as Heidi sucked each of her nipples. Heidi continued to lower her kisses until she rested her lips over Maya's white panties. Even through the lace, Heidi could feel how hot and moist her pussy was. Heidi grabbed the sides of Maya's panties and slid them down her silky legs. Maya opened her legs wide and Heidi could see the small tuft of dark hair above Maya's slit. Heidi started at the bottom of her soaking wet lips and licked all the way up her slit letting her nose rest in Maya's patch of hair. She pushed her tongue inside and teased Maya's clit causing her to moan softly. She spread Maya's lips open with her fingers and lapped her hot juices enthusiastically. Maya moaned and ran her fingers through Heidi's long, blonde hair.

Maya held Heidi's head close and cried, "Let me taste you!"

Heidi swung her body around and Maya grabbed her ass and pulled her close and began to run her tongue up and down Heidi's pussy. She slipped a finger in her wet, tight, hole and Heidi let out a muffled moan as she sucked hard on Maya's clit. Maya licked furiously while Heidi thrusted her pussy harder on to Maya's mouth. Heidi's heightened moans let Maya know she was close to cumming. Maya sucked hard on her clit which pushed Heidi over the edge into her second orgasm.

Heidi quickly moved back between Maya's legs and buried her face deep in her pussy while finger-fucking her with two fingers. As her pace quickened, Maya's cries grew louder and she squirmed underneath Heidi's mouth. Maya's lips parted in ecstasy and a tear rolled down her cheek as she exploded in her first lesbian orgasm. Heidi stroked her and looked down upon her quivering body. She licked the tear off Maya's cheek and kissed her softly on the lips.