"Sex Stories" Meetiing You!

Sex Stories Meetiing You!
I have yet to meet anyone for real, but I am bursting at the seams to meet someone! My husband sets up a "Date" for me to give you a hand job at a hotel with a jacuzzi tub, in a room which you purchase on a certain night. I am so excited, as are you after watching our videos, and seeing my sexy pictures. You and he decide on a time, and at the appointed time we call you on you're cell phone, and you tell us the room number. My husband calms me down and we walk hand in hand to the room number and knock. 

You answer and seem pleasantly surprised as you invite us into the room. We know each other by name, and you kiss me on the cheek as I sit on the edge of the bed and my husband sits on a chair at a small writing table and leans back to observe us. You ask if I would like anything, and I reply "not really, I'm ok, just a little nervous" as you ask if you can sit next to me, and I reply I would really like to sit in the jacuzzi with you in a warm bath. You reply, "Great, let me fill it up!" and you lean over to kiss my cheek before getting up to start the tub to fill up. While it fills you sit next to me and rub my thigh through my short skirt and I lean back on my hands and give you more access. This is something that wasn't discussed, but it seems to be relaxing me and I am enjoying very much, being apprehensive yet horny before coming up to your room with my husband who is still sitting back and watching in total amazement, and fully erect and horney finally getting to see his fantasy come true, me with another man, you being the man. (Adult Stories)

As the tub fills to about where it is full, you get up and shut the water off, and turn the jets on, coming back and sitting next to me, you whisper to me, "The Jacuzzi Is Ready". As you lean forward and kiss my neck, easing my top up so I can slip my hands out of it, before you lift it over my head. Next you reach behind my back and unclasp my bra revealing my large firm breasts with the large areolas and very perky nipples, as now you are kissing my ears and my hands are removing your shirt from your body, with your other hand working to my skirt, and up my leg, revealing to you the fact I have a very thin G-string on. As you begin to kiss my succulent thick deep red lips, and taste my soft wet tongue, you feel my hand unzipping and squeezing your cock through your underwear until I undo the snap of your pants as you stand up so I can lower them and your underwear down to your ankles before I clasp my hand around your stiffened penis and guide you to the jacuzzi where I step into the water and motion you with my finger to come in with me. 

You sit next to me, and we make out, something I was not prepared to do, yet you have turned me on, the first time I have ever been with another man than my husband, I can hardly believe how turned on I am, and what an a****l instinct I have to just want to be fucked and breeded by you! As I reach my hand into the water, then the other and get on my knees between your legs and massage your rock hard penis, asking you to sit on the edge of the tub. You readily agree and sit on the edge, and to you're surprise I engulf the whole head of your cock into my mouth, swirling my wet hot luscious cock hungry tongue around the head of your shaft, and without stopping I continue to engorge it deeper and deeper and deeper, before coming up again, I engulf you again deep, this time taking the entire length down my wet wanting throat, and desiring for you to thrust deeply into my mouth and hold my head onto your cock, you can't help but oblige me in my wishes, which I haven't even declared unto you. 

I have never had such a feeling. I continue sucking your cock like that for about 10 minutes, before mouthing it openly on the outside, sliding my mouth up and down each side, the top side, and bottom side with wet, warm strokes while gently sucking on it, at the same time feeling your testicles in the tips of my finger tips, desiring for you to fill my mouth with wads of your jism. You want to fuck me so badly, but I am still giving you foreplay as I get out of the tub and get on my knees on the bed next to the tub, and looking back at you, I beg you to slide your hardness into my waiting and wanting cock hole! I tell you sexily, "Babydoll, please, please, take your beautiful long thick hot cock and plant it into my Canal, shove that hard penis into my wet wanting cock box, where I can squeeze every drop of baby making sperm out of those testicles, please baby, give it to me, cum in my hot wet wanting cunt, give me your baby seed!" At that time you are asking no questions but mounting me, and sliding that beautiful cock into my fuck hole! It slides in so beautifully like a hot knife through butter, with my vaginal secretions flowing out the sides of my vagina as you apply pressure, driving that cock into me. 

Before you begin to stroke me, you feel me stroking you, sliding my ass back and forth, gliding my got vaginal canal back and forth on your cock. Oh you can't believe how it feels as I ride you, arching my back so I can look back into your eyes and ride you hard, taking that cock deeper and deeper as you feel yourself moving deep into my womb. Soon I begin cumming and you feel me squirting my vaginal secretions onto your thighs, and balls, and are going crazy with the feel of that cock inside me, I have to have you in me so I can see your face better. I slide myself off of you, and turn over on the bed, begging you to mount me again and fuck me harder! 

You crawl onto me in the missionary position as my legs wrap around you babydoll, and my feet cross as your penis is driven almost without you having to do anything, right back into my pussy as I ride you from the bottom, humping that cock, kissing you, reaching my hands down between my legs and cupping your balls in the palms of my hands and my finger tips as I massage those testicles and with the other hand fuck myself with you're cock like a dildo in my pussy, begging you, "Fuck me, Fuck me, give me that cock, give me that penis, give me a baby, knock me up, give me a love c***d, no one will ever know, knock me up baby, my husband is watching, no protection baby, I'm fertile, fuck me, cum in my cunt, cum in my womb, impregnate me baby, knock me up, right in front of my husband, Fuck me pregnant baby, give me your sperm, fill me with your baby making juice, Oh sweetie, I am so hot, knock me up, give me twins, Fuck me, cum in my cunt baby, fill this pussy with your man juice, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, knock me up, do it! Do It! Do It! Finish in me.

Please baby, please, Finish in me! Finish in me, Put that load deep in my Cunt! Just then I feel you push one last time and I feel you pulsate as I hear my husband cheer you on, "Knock her up! Do It, It's Ok, KNOCK HER UP!" I feel you empty your seed deep into my cunt, filling my fertile womb with your seed, fucking me deep. Kissing me deep, touching me, feeling me. Then collapsing in one big exhausted heap. We fucked a couple more times, you, and me, my husband and I, before we left for the night. Without hearing from us again, you noticed about 7 months later we posted some new pictures on our profile, pictures of me pregnant, about 6-7 months pregnant you could see. Was it your's? You would never know, but you sure knew you and my husband planted a lot of seed that night, about 7 months prior.