"Sex Stories" Midnight Snack

Sex Stories Midnight Snack
She let herself in, and was hanging up her jacket when she heard a noise from the kitchens. Seeking its source Emma discovered one of the chefs, a middle-aged ex-army chef named Mike. He was divorced, and had taken the job at the hotel mainly for the free lodging. Emma had never been sure about him. They flirted a little, generally quite harmlessly. Although middle age was upon him, he still had the powerful physique of an army man. She caught him with his nose in the huge, stainless steel fridge, fixing a midnight snack. He was wearing pyjama bottoms in a hideous tartan pattern. Christmas present, she suspected.

“Nice PJs. Did mummy buy them?” She teased, sauntering over to him. “I’m starving, and that sandwich looks fantastic. Mind if I have a nibble?”

She steadied the sandwich and took a bite out of the opposite end. He watched her intently, slightly aghast for his sandwich, but curious about her intentions; she’d hardly spoken to him in the short time since he’d taken the job.(Sex Stories)

“I can’t believe you just did that lass, don’t you know that a man’s sandwich is sacred?” he teased. “How am I going to grow big and strong if I can’t eat my own supper?”

“And just how big could a man get?” she giggled, taking a small step closer so she was stood between his knees. She stroked her right index finger up and down the top of his left thigh.

He put down his sandwich, then seized Emma about the waist with one huge arm, pulling her close. He whispered in her ear, something about showing her how big a man could get, but she was intoxicated by his scent. He’d obviously not long since been in the shower, and the clean smell drove her crazy. He kissed her neck with a surprising softness for a man his size, and within seconds their lips met. His moustache tickled her top lip as he teased and tickled her lower lip with his teeth and tongue, the impulses seemingly shooting right through her body and ending up at her clitoris. His right hand snaked its way gently up her vest top, massaging her left breast and rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger, whilst the left scooped generous handfuls of ass.

He took both her wrists in one massive fist and held them tightly behind her back, not painfully, but with the full knowledge that she could not free them without his permission. His other hand sought out the zipper on her skirt, and with quick fingers he slowly drew down the zip and popped the lone button. The skirt slipped over her hips and fell noiselessly to the floor, leaving her in white lace knickers and heels. Without exchanging a word the power had moved completely to Mike, even though she had instigated the exchange.

He nuzzled her neck, landing light kisses that sent shivers cascading down her spine. They kissed again and she became aware of the growing mound in his trousers, which only caused her to become even more aroused.

Releasing her hands he motioned for her to step out of her panties, which she did unquestioningly. He scooped her up in those big arms and sat her on the table. Not knowing what to expect, she put her arms behind her and leant back on her palms, parting her legs to display her stunning vagina, recently shorn of hair. It clearly met with his approval as he smiled broadly, nodding several times. She felt as though she were on display. He started kissing at her belly button and worked down, soon searching out her clitoris in his no-nonsense style. His tongue was quick and dextrous, lashing quickly against her swollen clitoris.

On a whim, she took hold of the squeezy mayonnaise bottle. Leaning back so she could see his tongue she squeezed the bottle gently, allowing a trickle of mayo to fall onto her pussy. She had to adjust her aim to make sure it fell directly onto her clitoris, leaving a trail of fluid down her groin. She squealed with delight as the thick, cold liquid fell onto her sex. Without missing a beat, Mike started working the creamy white gloop into her vagina, up and down the lips, around the clitoris and as far inside the hood as he could make his tongue go. The contrast of the warm tongue and the cold mayo drove her crazy! Only seconds later she felt the familiar flush on her cheeks, and as she fought back the screams an orgasm ravaged her groin, spreading waves of heat rippling through her body.

He stood up and stepped back, loosening the cord of his pyjamas. She was looking forward to getting his manhood inside her, and if it were in proportion to the rest of him then it would surely be something to savour. Sensing her anticipation he stretched the moment out, but when it came she was definitely not disappointed. Eight inches long, but most impressive was the girth. She seriously doubted that she could fit one of her hands right around it, and she knew she would have to take it slowly. He must have sensed her apprehension, because he leaned in close and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re nice and wet before I bring it anywhere near you…” He pushed her back gently until she was resting flat on her back on the cold steel of the kitchen worktop. It was a little uncomfortable, as her head was hanging over the edge of the surface and if she let her neck go limp her head would point straight down to the floor. She wriggled slightly, trying to make herself more comfortable, but powerful arms stopped her. When she opened her eyes, she realised why.

Her head was hanging level with his groin, and as she looked up she could see him coaxing it into a full erection, albeit upside down from her point of view. She felt deliciously dirty and wanted to put on a show for him. Lifting her head so she could look around the table, she saw exactly what she was looking for; three quarters of a cucumber that he’d lopped a few slices off for his sandwich. She stretched out an arm to retrieve it and started to stroke the pointed end gently over her pussy lips. Mike watched intently, the pace of his own masturbation u*********sly synchronising with the prostrate young nymphet in front of him. She raised her knees so the soles of her feet were flat on the worktop, giving herself better access to her sex.

Emma parted her labia with the two fingers to gain unfettered access to her clitoris. The cold cucumber felt incredible against her red-hot vagina. Slowly, she worked the tip of the cucumber inside her pussy, until she’d stretched enough to accommodate it. Pausing to catch her breath, she eased the cucumber in and out until she’d taken in the first six inches.

Knowing that she was not going to hurt herself, she relaxed, and started to rock the cucumber backwards and forwards, in and out, finding the speed and rhythm she needed almost instantly. The mayo was still slopping around, and she could feel it being expelled from her hole, a delicious sensation. Now that her pussy had got used to the intrusion, she could put her other hand to better use, using the tips of her fingers to play with her clitoris, matching the speed of her right hand. She sighed and allowed her head to hang off the edge of the table as she spent a pleasurable couple of minutes masturbating, purposely ignoring Mike.

As her orgasm approached, she opened her eyes. Mike’s eyes were still fixed on what her hands were doing, and he’d stopped playing with himself altogether. His erection was hanging just inches away from her face, and up close it looked even bigger. He noticed her looking at it, quick to spot the possibilities, and placed it on her lips. She opened her mouth, and started to run her tongue around the glans, and up and down his slit. She could smell him, a mixture of a man’s smell and the shower gel he must have used recently and she inhaled deeply through her nose, savouring his scent. She gobbled noisily at the head of his cock, trying to signal that she wanted more of it in her mouth, as from her prone position she was unable to move, and did not want to move and spoil her rhythm, as she was heading for a huge orgasm.

He obliged, a little faster than she expected, and she nearly gagged as he put in three quarters of his member. She adjusted quickly, clamping her mouth around the shaft of his cock and slurping on it noisily. She suspected that he liked it when she acted nasty for him, and in truth it gave her a thrill to act like his slut. He cradled her head gently in his hands, and started to rock his groin backwards and forwards. The pre-come leaked into her mouth, a taste she had come to love, and she lapped at it eagerly.

Too soon, her orgasm overtook her, and as she started to shake he withdraw his shaft from her mouth, allowing her to concentrate on herself. She was taking in several inches of the cucumber and felt deliriously full, and with her fingers working their practiced magic on her clitoris she was never going to fail to come. The fact that her head was hanging down only served to enhance the resultant bl**d rush. When she opened her eyes, Mike had disappeared and for a moment she was anxious.

When she heard him returning, she clambered up onto all fours, sliding about on the slippery worktop. She smiled, then parted her lips, allowing him to re-insert his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue all over it, making greedy gulping sounds. Slowly, she began to take it all in, until she had all but the final inch in her mouth. Mike put a hand on the back of her head so her could again start to thrust his erection into her mouth, slowly and gently. It felt incredible, and he was so turned on just from watching her, he thought that he might come at any second, and he’d not even been inside her yet…

He tore himself away, whispering ’stay still’ to her as he walked around to the other side of the table. She wiggled her ass at him, giggling. He took in the view for a few seconds, the disappeared into the fridge. She heard the rustling as he searched through it. When he came back, he was carrying something in his hand, but it was too dark to see what it was.

Tenderly, he began to nuzzle her inner labia lips, tickling them with his tongue. Emma closed her eyes, mindful of the delicious sensations he was producing in her with his skilful oral work. His tongue tripped lightly along her perineum, stopping when he reach her anus. He licked round it, never actually touching it, before stopping completely. Emma screwed up her eyes, wondering where he’d gone; gave an impatient little wiggle of her bum as a prompt. That was when the first of the ice cream dripped onto her from the tub he was holding on, trickling over her butt cheeks and down the back of her thighs. She squealed with delight, shaking her hair about. He let more drop onto her, then used his fingertips to massage it into her skin. He took a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth, swilling it around to make his tongue cold.

Mike’s tongue was as ice cold as he went back to work on her clitoris. He lapped away, instinctively sensing when he’d settled on the right rhythm for her. He let more ice cream trickle into the crack of her bum, coating her anus, and again she giggled as it slid slowly towards the bottom of her vagina. He stopped to massage it in with his tongue. He slurped away, enjoying the taste of her juices and the expensive dessert. His tongue followed the sweet trail to her anus, and he licked slowly around the hole until he’d cleared the mess away. He used his fingers to maintain the momentum of her arousal, two fingers on her clitoris and the thumb inside her.

When he felt she was on the cusp of another orgasm, he stood up and gave his erection a few pulls before sheathing it. She knew she was finally going to get stretched by his erection, and she sighed at the thought. He used one hand to stretch apart her butt cheeks and used the head of his erection to seek out her sex. Nudging once or twice, he finally eased it in.

He was as big as she had expected and he stretched her vagina. Again she was left with the gorgeous sensation of being full. He started to thrust, long, leisurely strokes that connected with her g-spot on every push. Her sex was burning hot and extremely wet and it felt incredible being inside her. After just a couple of minutes, he felt himself wanting to come, and he shortened his thrusts making them much more rapid at the same time.

Emma read the signs and knew that he was close. She didn’t want him to come inside her, she wanted to make him come with her mouth so that she could watch him explode. She managed to wriggle free of him, and spun round on her knees so that she was facing him. She patted the worktop beside her and he took the hint, jumping up on the worktop beside her. He lay back, flat out. She cocked her leg over him and planted one knee either side of his head, then fine-tuned her position so that he had ample contact with her clitoris. He started to lash out with his tongue, making contact with her vagina wherever he could.

She took up the ice cream tub and scooped a generous handful into her mouth. Taking the head of his cock into her mouth, she began to swill the ice cream around his cock with her tongue. Finally, she began to masturbate him using the ice cream as lubricant, grasping the thick shaft as tightly as she could with her fist. She held the head against her tongue as the pre-come again started to dribble out, and she slurped it down hungrily. He lost all rhythm and she felt his tongue aimlessly thrashing around her vagina, and she knew he was very, very close. Taking the head of his cock into her mouth she massaged it with her tongue, still masturbating him, and expecting to receive a mouthful of hot sperm at any time. He didn’t disappoint and within seconds he let out a loud grunt and his hot seed exploded into her mouth, almost making her gag instinctively. She managed to keep most of it in her mouth as a few salty trails dribbled down the shaft. She swilled the remainder around her mouth, savouring the flavour, before swallowing it with a deep gulp.