"Sex Stories" Miss Anderson for Laura

Sex Stories Miss Anderson for Laura
I have just began working for Miss Anderson a hot MILF that lives on my street, and lately i have been having a hard time concentrating on my classes during school. I had never thought that I would ever be attracted to another woman, sexually or otherwise,until i first saw Miss Anderson.I could get my mind off of her no matter how hard i tried. 

"Laura,Laura? Helloooo, Earth to Laura." Jenny said as she waved her hand back and forth in front of my face. 

Huh? Oh, sorry Jen." I said distractedly.

"That's okay. I was just telling you that my mom is gonna be working late tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me." Jenny said. (Porn Stories)

"Oh. Uh, no I can't. I have a...date tonight." I said after some quick thinking.

"Oh yeah!? With who? Come on, give me the 411." Jenny said almost gleefully. 

"I...uh..."I don't want to talk about it here." I said jerking my head at all the other k**s walking past us.

Jenny understood what I meant and said, "Alright, but you've gotta give me all the details later."

I just nodded my head which Jenny took as my agreement and changed the topic to our regular gossip. This worked great because not only did it get her off topic but it also gave me time to formulate a plan for my "date" later tonight.

After swim practice was over I went home and started getting myself ready. I took a nice long shower and shaved off any stubble that had grown in over the weekend. This went pretty quickly for me after four years of experience. After I dried myself off, I picked out what I wanted to wear. That part took the longest, but I think it'll be well worth the effort when Miss Anderson sees me.Before I got dressed, I put on some light makeup to accentuate my natural features. Once I had on my war paint as my dad calls it, I put on my clothes.

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door and smiled. I could already feel myself starting to get wet at the thought of seeing her again.

No one knew that I was working for Miss Anderson so I was never very specific about where I would go when I left the house."I'm going out! I'll be back later!" I called out to my mom as I went out the front door.By the time I had walked to Miss Anderson house I was very wet and thinking of how she would look today. I left the house a little early so I would be able to watch her walk around and get ready for work. She always leaves the door open so I can come in freely.

"Hello?" I said walking into her house

"I'll be with you in just a minute." She yelled from upstairs.

"That's okay. I can wait." 

"Wow you're here early," she said peaking around a wall corner "come on upstairs,the k**s will be home in a little while"

I slowly walked up the stairs looking at the ground and trying not to seem to anxious to come upstairs.

"Miss Anderson?" I called

"I'm in my bedroom" she said assuming I knew where her bedroom was,which I did.

I walked in the room just in time to see her in her bra and panties. Trying to be polite I knocked on the door lightly. Quickly, she turned around looking at me with an embarassed look on her face. I smiled. She began to laugh " Wow! Did you run in here?" she joked.

"No" I said still smiling and laughing along with her." You know Miss Anderson you have a really nice body" I quickly thought to myself "oh my gosh why did I just say that"

"Thanks Laura" she said still trying to recover from her laughing.

After about 5 minutes we were sitting in silence. She frantically looked at her watch and sighed."Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"No" she replied "I just really need to be on my way to work before the traffic gets bad."

"Well I can watch the house,you go on" I said

"You would do that" she said "yea of course besides your k**s should be home soon"

"Thank you you so much Laura you are a life saver" she said huggung me and kissing on the cheek.She hurried out of the room as I slowly followed and watched her leave the house.
I went back into her room and sat on her bed.Another 10 minutes went by and her k**s still weren't back.I walked downstairs to the kitchen and noticed a note near the front door.

I read the note.It said that the k**s were to be picked up by their aunt that day.
Which meant I would have the house to myself. I got my phone and called my friend Amber.

"Hello" she said
"Amber, listen I am at my neighbors house and I have the house to myself you have to come over."
"Umm,Ok I'll be right over."

Amber was at the house within minutes and I told her to come upstairs,because just before she arrived I had found an adult tape and wanted to watch it with her.We both sat on the bed and started to watch the movie and I started to get wet again i looked over at amber who was wearing white pants,and noticed that she was getting quite wet herself. I reached over and touched her shoulder. She turned and looked at me. I started to moved my hand down the middle of her body moving between her breast and kept moving down slowly massaging her as I went.I slowly leaned over to kiss his and surprisingly she kissed me back.She grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to her.I started to pull her shirt up and after it was about halfway up I broke the kiss and yanked it off of her arms.She then f***efully grabbed my head and pulled back to her own mouth so we could continue kissing.Then she pushed me away and pulled my shirt off,then smiled because I wasn't wearing a bra.She bent down and began to suck on my nipple like the girls in the movie.

We didn't even hear when Miss Anderson came home."Hello" She yelled.We both jumped and turned to the door. It opened and there she was staring right at us in shock.

"Laura,what the hell is going on here?"She said looking at the two of us on her bed and then looking at the television."Where did you get that tape?"

"I found it" Amber said.I looked at her questionably. "I told her to watch it with me"

"Where are the k**s" she said in a worried tone.

"They are at an aunt's house" I said finally speaking up.

"Laura who is this"Miss Anderson said

"My friend Amber" I said."Are you going to tell my mother about this"

"I dont want to have to but I have to be a responsible adult" she replied. I then, put my face,which was now red with embarassement and pity,in my knees and lightly cried. Amber then put her arm around my shoulder to comfort me, and put her head on my shoulder as she also cried.

Miss Anderson then she said"I'm not going to tell your folks, but you WILL be punished!"I want you both to sit on your knees facing the bed,I'll be right back." Amber and I did as we were told and git on our knees facing the bed tears still running down our faces.We were silent until she came back and even she came we were in shock at here appearance.She walk back in the room with two vibrators in one hand, a double headed dildo in the other,and she was wearing strap-on.She walked over with a smile on her hand and dropped all of the the toys on the bed. "Amber,right?" she said.Amber looked up.Miss Anderson grabbed Amber by her hair that was tied up in a messy ponytail,and pulled her head up to the strap-on "Suck it" she said directing Amber mouth to the tip of the strap-on. My eyes widened as I witnessed one on my bestfriends sucking on a strap-on. After about 5 minutes Miss Anderson was directing me to remove Amber's underwear and to remove my own as well.

I did as I was told and removed both of our now drenching wet underwear and throwing them on the floor off to the side. "Stand on the bed" Miss Anderson said pulling on my arm.I stood on the bed and she pulled my leg over her face,sat upright,and began to lick at my pussy.I began to twitch and moan intensely.Not long after I began to move backwards until she grabbed me and pulled me back into place."Amber take Laura's place,and Laura I want you to get on the floor." We both did as we told and alternated places.Miss Anderson stood up,took off the strap-on and bent over the bed,stomach down.I was sitting on the floor on my knees I started to back away but she grabbed my head and pulled it against her pussy.My nose slammed into her hairless pubic area and she screamed at me to eat her pussy. "No"I cried out loud as I tried to pull away but the rap of her hand against the side of my head told me otherwise.

The smell of her cunt got to me and I started to lick it. Soon I was sucking, licking and slurping her lips, clit and hole. Her pussy juice tasted so good. She humped my face and quickly came. A big splash of cum hit my face and she cried as I felt her cunt throb with her orgasm. She pushed my face away and sat upright so quickly she almost knocked Amber over who had been getting her pussy licked Miss Anderson. Miss Anderson told us both to lie down on the bed she grabbed the two vibrators,turned them on,and began to rub them against our clits.We both leaned back and cried out in pain as she fiercly jammed them into each of our pussies and licked one after another at each of our clits. She then backed away telling Amber she was free to go home. Amber quickly picked up her things and ran out of the room.

"You on the other hand,"Miss Anderson said looking up at me "If you want to keep your job you have to lick my pussy and lick it good." I looked up at her and saw the devilish grin on her face and nodded i agreement.

Miss Anderson layed on the bed on her back and spread her legs. Slowly I let my head drop into her pussy and began to lick on her clit. She was soon screaming and calling out my name.

" Oh...Fuck,Laura...Lick my fucking clit."She said f***efully pushing my head into her pussy. I starting licking over her hole and sliding my tongue in every once in a while,which made her even more agressive. About 10 minutes later Miss Anderson's whole body went limp,and I stopped to see if there was something wrong with her. Her breathing was rapid and her body was wet with sweat, but she still maintained a smile of enjoyment on her face. She slowly reached down and grabbed my arm. She was still really weak and flimsy and her grip wasn't very tight but I moved up to where she wanted me to be. She brought me face-to-face with her and stared into my eyes. She grabbed me by my neck and pulled my ear to her mouth.

"You're fired" she whispered, I backed away.

"What!?" I said.

She sat up"You're fired you're no longer my babysitter" she said with a serious look in her eye. I stared at her sadly. She smiled and said "You're my new favorite sex toy."

I took a big sigh of relief and happiness. She pulled me closer to her and kissed me. We layed in the bed for about an hour talking about my ups and downs and how she would have to give me many pointers so I would be able to keep her satisfied.

"Oh and by the way" she said directing my attention to her "call me Alex"