"Sex Stories" Mom and Me Makes Three

Sex Stories Mom and Me Makes Three
"Oh Jimmy, I'm so happy to see you, honey!" mom said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. . "Why's that, mom?" I asked, a touch smugly, knowing full well she was happy to see me at least partly because she guessed we were going to have ourselves another round of torrid lovemaking, like we had last time. You see, for several weeks now I’d been having sex with my mother. She had me when she was sixteen, my s****r a year later. So mom was only thirty eight. Thirty eight and sexy as hell. For years I had managed to repress an attraction I had for her, for my own mother! With her amazing good looks, svelte, shapely body, and ultra-sexy aura, mom had always been the sort that could just about give a corpse an erection. 

Then, earlier this year, after she finally divorced dad and began acting footloose and sexy as hell, my arousal for mom only deepened. And one day I learned that the feeling was mutual. I’m still stunned thinking about how it all happened, but suddenly mom and me were groping each other and a minute later my cock was in her mouth. (Erotic Stories)

"Because today you can fuck me the regular way, in the cunt," she said, thrilled by the prospect. "I'm on the pill again, so I don't have to worry anymore about being knocked up, especially by my son."

That, I hadn't expected, not quite yet. But it sure counted as good news. See, the first few times all mom did was suck my cock and feed me her pussy. Then she said we really needed to fuck but she was still young, and had to be careful about getting pregnant. Neither one of us had a condom handy. And then mom had herself a bright idea. She told me I could fuck her up the ass. That way any worries we had could be put to sl**p. She admitted she’d always loved taking it up the ass, and so neither she nor I had bothered getting condoms, mom saying she’d soon take care of that other problem, the obstacle, a different way. Now, obviously she had.

And tomorrow, having finally screwed mom in her cunt, I'd have to tell my s****r Amy all about it. That should make her green with envy. Strange how when it rains, it pours. And we’re not talking about any ordinary rain. Maybe I just have the i****t gene or something, but a week after I started having sex with my mother, I went to visit my s****r and suddenly she and I were fucking too, admitting that we’d long been turned on by one another, but had successfully suppressed it.

"Wouldn't that be a kicker?" mom said, pressing close to me, reaching down to give my cock, still concealed in the crotch of my jeans but quickly stiffening, a nice squeeze. "Knocking up your own mother?"

"Yeah, it sure would, mom."

We relaxed for a while. There was no need to rush it and jump all over each other right away. It was just me and mom here, and we could take all the time we wanted.

"Seen Amy?" she asked me.

"Yeah, I saw her just the other day," I told her, withholding exactly just how my s****r and I had spent the day in question, the third time we had made it with each other.

"She's looking real cute these days, isn't she?" mom said as I smiled to myself. That's something else I'd have to make sure to mention to my s****r, that mom remarked how cute Amy looked.

"Yeah, she is," I said.

"When you look at her, your s****r, do you ever get turned on, you know, do you ever feel like fucking her, the way you fuck me? Does she ever give you a hardon, honey?" mom boldly asked. "I mean once you've done it with your mother, screwing your s****r is no big deal compared to that, huh?"

Mom was really goading me. Could she somehow have guessed that Amy and I had screwed? No, I didn't think she could. She was just teasing, enjoying this image of her son as a horny fiend, keen to have scorching sex with his female kin.

"Are you asking me if I ever look at my s****r and think about how fine she is, how much it fun it would be to have sex with her?"

"That's exactly what I'm asking."

"Well the answer is yes, I do look at her like that sometimes."

"I figured!" mom said, reaching over to kiss me, wrapping her arms around my neck, enjoying my frank confession. Of course what mom couldn't know is that I no longer just thought about it. 

"Well I got you, and she don't!" mom purred, nuzzling close. "And now I want you, baby, the way your s****r probably would want you if you gave her half a chance."

Suddenly we were pawing each other like crazy, panting and groaning like two horny teenagers, not a mother and her adult son.

"Let's go to the bedroom, shall we?"

We stripped off our clothes and started making out. She fisted my dick a few seconds until it got hard while I fondled her big, gorgeous tits. Then she went down on me, but she didn't blow me for long as suddenly she fell back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

"This is where I want you tonight," she said, pointing to her pussy, as wet as a rose drenched by a summer shower. I licked that luscious pussy of mom's, lapping away at it slowly and lovingly, knowing that tonight I was going to get inside it, not with a couple of fingers, not with my tongue -- but with my cock!

Now I pulled back to stare at it, looking wetter than ever after my thorough tonguing. Tonight I was going to make that pussy mine! I was going to bury my cock all the way inside and claim it!

"Yes! Yes!!!! Do it to me! please!!!!" she howled as I slid it inside her cunt. I had been inside my mom, deep inside, deep inside her ass. But now I was deep inside her cunt, and I knew just how much she had longed for this to happen.

For a solid hour I fucked my mother's pussy, getting her off three times. I started off on top, then had her mount me. Next I told her to stand up and bend over and came at her from behind. After that, for a change of pace, we moved to the living room couch. She had me sit down, then straddled me, impaling herself on it, first facing me, then with her back to me. I liked that one a lot because I could reach around and play with her big, heavy tits while she bore down hard on my eight inches.

I was wondering whether I was going to do her ass afterwards, as I’d done with my s****r after I’d done her the more conventional way. Amy, it turned out, loved it up the ass just as much as mom. But mom said that tonight she just wanted to enjoy me in her pussy, and to cum inside her, which I finally did. Now I'd fucked my mom front and back, cumming inside her both times but, to this day, she hadn't yet tasted my cum.

Afterwards we got dressed and went out to a restaurant to have some dinner.

"I'm so glad we did that, I'm so happy I went back on the pill," she said, leaning over, whispering to me after we ordered from the menu.

"It felt really good, your pussy is so tight, mom."

Luckily we were in a corner table and could whisper to each other and not be heard, even though we were surrounded by other diners.

"Really?" she said, excited to hear me say that. "You must fuck a lot of young babes with nice, tight cunts. But you really think mine is still tight?"

I wasn't just saying it to make her feel good, mom was as tight as any eighteen year old. But she was insecure, so she constantly needed to be reassured.

"A pussy like yours would do any young slut proud," I told her as she beamed with contentment.

"You're not just telling me that to make me feel good?"

"No mom, it's true."

There was a full moon out, so after dinner we went for a drive along the coast, parking at the end of a road overlooking the ocean.

"What a view," I said, looking at the full moon reflected on the ocean's surface.

Suddenly mom's hand drifted over to my lap, resting on my cock.

"Bet you got another nice view for me down here?" she purred. "Bet I can see it easily in the light of the full moon."

Now she unzipped me and pulled it out. It had been a couple of hours since I had climaxed, so it took all of about two seconds for me to become fully erect again.

"Ooooh, looks so big in moonlight," she said, stroking it a few times before lowering her face to it and taking it in her mouth. And so now I just sat there in the passenger seat, looking down at mom's head bobbing up and down as she gave me a fabulous blow-job. I felt like those first times I'd had sex, in a car with an excited girlfriend.

"Suck it, mom, suck it," I hissed, pushing her head down on it, fucking her mouth. She was squirming all over the place, excited as hell blowing me like this, in her car. I let her have her fill, then, holding her head in place, I ejaculated in her mouth.

"That was yummy!" she said, coming up for air, licking her lips. Now I'd have something else to tell my s****r, how my mom had sucked me off and finally tasted my semen, just as my s****r already had.

She drove us back to her place and suggested I come up, asking me whether I wanted to spend the night, as I had last time. I told her I did. It was still pretty early so she made us some coffee.

"So Jimmy, tell me the truth? Did you ever fuck your s****r? I just have this hunch that you did," she asked bluntly, pouring out a cup of java for me.

"Why lie to you mom, what's the point?" I said. "Yes. I did fuck Amy. That was after I told her you and I had made it."

"You told your s****r that you and I had made it?" my mom said, more than a little stunned to hear this.

"Well here's how I came to tell her," I started to explain. "She starts talking about you, saying how it would be a good thing if you were bisexual. She says since you seem to think most guys are assholes, you'd make out fine with another woman. But Amy's sure you're as straight as an arrow, mom, so she figures that ain't ever going to happen."

"Is that right?" mom said with a wry smile. "She thinks I'm straight?"

"Yeah, she does. But then she confesses to me that she's bi, that Amy is. I mean, I wasn't that surprised. I’d had my suspicions."

"Yeah me, too," mom said, "Especially when I caught her in bed that night with her friend Nancy, both of them naked and cuddling up to each other. I mean that's all I saw, but it was enough to make me think that..."

"... Amy was bi?" I said, completing mom's sentence. "Well she is, she told me flat out that she was. But that's not all. Then she tells me that you really turn her on, mom. That she fantasizes about making it with you."

"No shit!" mom said. "She said that?"

"Yeah," I continued. "And then after she's confessed all that to me, opened up about it and everything, I just figured I had to tell her all about you and me, what we did."

"Fuck! What did she think of that?" mom asked, dying of curiosity.

"Well, she was a little freaked out about it at first, as you'd imagine, but pretty soon she was licking her lips, begging me to tell her everything, making sure I didn't leave out a single dirty detail."

"So you did?"

I could see mom getting really curious and aroused hearing all this.

"Yes I did," I said, filling mom in on exactly what I had told my s****r, how I had described my encounters with mom.

"So then you two decided if you could do it with mom, then you could do with each other, right?"

"Something like that."

"Well, I guess that makes sense," mom said with a serene smile. For some reason I had a feeling that mom would actually be pleased to hear I made it with her daughter, and now I could see that she was. Just as Amy had been shocked, but also thrilled to hear that I had gotten it on with mom. So I told mom everything that me and Amy had done. How she insisted on taking me in her pussy and sucking me off, partly because mom hadn't gotten around to doing that me. How she was real turned on by mom, but also a little jealous and sexually competitive.

"She's sort of green with envy that I've actually made it with you, while all she can do is lust for you and pine. Like I said, she's sure you're straight, so she figures those lustful fantasies of hers are never going to be fulfilled."

"Well, for the record, I'm not straight, sweetheart. Now and then I like the presence of a foxy young female in my bed. A cock isn't the only the thing that gets me going, a nice creamy pussy will do the trick sometimes."

Mom just told me flat out, and though Amy would be really surprised by this, I myself wasn't. I somehow knew that mom had it in her to enjoy the pleasures of both sexes.

"Amy will sure be glad to hear that, to hear that you're bi," I told her. "I had a feeling you were, mom."

"That's because you've always been very perceptive, Jimmy."

Mom just looked inward for a few moments and thought all this over.

"So Amy really said I turned her on, that she'd love to have a go at me?"

"Yes she did," I explained. "It's what we were talking about last time, mom, how women around your age are at their sexual peaks. Well Amy said that a lot young gay and bi chicks, like her, are turned on by older women for just that reason, because they're supposed to be real hot in the sack."

"And that's what I am, huh? An 'older woman' who's hot in the sack?"

"Yeah, but that's not all you are to her, you're her mom, like you're my mom."

"And that makes me something special, is that it?"

"That's right, knowing you're our mom and that you're sexy as hell on top of it just gets my dick that much harder, gets Amy's pussy that much steamier. Guess you got yourselves a couple of real freaks as c***dren, a couple of real horny motherfuckers, a son and a daughter. Well your son's a motherfucker anyway, Amy's still dreaming about it."

"And you both got yourselves a pretty freaky mom, huh?" she said, smiling. "So my own daughter wants to do the dirty deed with me?"

"She's dying to, mom."

"Well, shit! I'm game. I've had a hell of a time doing it with you, Jimmy," she said. "Maybe me and Amy should have a go at it too, you wouldn't mind, would you, baby?"

"Mind? I think it'd be great."

"Good, I knew you'd feel that way."

The funny thing is I had just a read a story on an erotic site I sometimes visit online. It was about a woman and her adult daughter who, together, decide to vacation in Amsterdam. There, in Amsterdam’s red-light district, with its whores on display and its garish porn shops, they become inspired. Inspired and aroused. They wind up having scorching sex not only with each other, mother and daughter, but with another visiting couple. That story, especially combined with my own recent experiences with i****t, sure got my dick hard. And made me think about my mother and my s****r sharing intimacies with each other.

Now, bringing up the subject of her and s*s, I could see mom's mind was really buzzing as she schemed what she'd do about all this.

"Listen Jimmy, the next time you see Amy I'm sure you'll be telling her all about today, how I finally let you fuck me the normal way, how I sucked you off. Keep telling her anything you want about you and me and what we do. But don't say anything to Amy about how I know you and she have made it with each other, okay? You can let her know you found out I was bi, that's fine. But don't tell her you said anything about how she wants to make it with me. I want to seduce her. Hell, let's seduce Amy together, Jimmy."

"That sounds like a plan, mom," I said, thrilled at the prospect.

"This is getting me so excited," mom said, coming up to me and reaching down to unzip my pants. "Have you got it in you for one more round, I know you've already socked it to me plenty tonight?"

"Got anything special in mind, mom?"

"Well, today you finally got to screw my pussy, and later on I sucked you off. So how about I grease myself up and you ream out my hot, tight ass like you did last time, I loved that!"

So we took off our clothes and mom got ready. Then I spend about a solid hour pounding it up mom’s lovely bottom.

The next time I saw my s****r she was just dying to have me fill her in on the latest escapade with mom, which I did, telling s*s that mom finally let me fuck her cunt and sucked me off, swallowing my cum. She pretended to mope a little, like she no longer was one up on mom in the sex acts department but, actually, I could tell Amy was thrilled to hear how my sexual adventures with mom had progressed.

"Another thing, I found out is that mom is bi, she gets it on with chicks."

Amy's eyes really lit up hearing this, as I expected they would.

"How did you find out? How did she come to tell you that?"

Now I couldn't tell Amy I had divulged to mom everything about me and my s****r and how Amy had told me that she lusted for mom, and that it was after telling her those things that mom and I got around to talking about her being bi. 

"Oh when I was going down on her, eating her pussy, I asked her whether another woman had ever gone down on her," I lied. "And she told me that yeah, she'd done that. And liked it too."

"Wow! That is so wild, hearing you tell me this!" Amy said, her eyes blazing with excitement.

"Yeah, s*s, so now maybe you can do it with mom, too."

"Sure, if she wants to do it with me, b*o," Amy cautioned. "Just because she's done it with you doesn't mean she'll want to do it with me. Making it with your own son, that's one fantasy. Getting down with your daughter, that's something else. If anything, maybe it’s even freakier."

"Well, if there’s one thing mom has proven, it’s that she likes it freaky.

I let that sink in, then continued.

“And mom also mentioned she thought you were looking real cute and sexy these days," I said. That much I could tell my s****r.

"She said I was cute and sexy!" s*s repeated, thrilled to hear that.

"Uh huh, that’s exactly what she said.”

But I couldn't tell s*s all of what I knew, facts which would make it abundantly clear to s*s that mom had every intention of enjoying her nubile young body.

"Listen, Jimmy," my s****r said, a twinkle in her eye, leaning closer. "What would you think of this? Maybe sometime I can go over to mom's with you. We'll all get loose and then you can figure out some way to sort of start fooling around with her in front of me. Maybe she won't mind, doing it with you when I'm there, especially if you make the first moves. And then maybe you can invite me to join in, you think something like that could work?"

"It might, we can give it a try."

"And listen, don't tell mom you told me she was bi, okay? Let me act like I don't know."

This was too much! My mom had asked me to join her in seducing Amy. And now my s****r was suggesting that I team up with her so together we could seduce mom. I loved the position I was in. I knew everything, but mom and s*s, they only had part of the picture. Amy didn't know I had told mom about her and me, or how Amy lusted for mom. Or that mom and I had talked about together seducing Amy. And mom wouldn't know that I told Amy she had the hots for her.

This was going to be a trip, the next time me and mom and my s****r would be together, one hell of a trip, I had a feeling!

"Now you got me excited, telling me all this," my s****r said, pulling off her T-shirt. "So how about you and I having ourselves a little fun."

We started having ourselves fun close to midnight, and didn't stop until the sun came up. By the time we were through, my s****r and I were sweaty and satiated, every hole of hers had been filled, every twisted desire satisfied. She lay there on my bed, the weak light of the early morning sun bathing her sinuous body, her face smeared with my semen, her legs spread wide to air out and cool off her scorching pussy as she lazily fisted my no longer rigid, but still thick and meaty cock.

About a week later my s****r called me.

"Guess what, Jimmy,” she said, her voice excited. "Mom just phoned me and asked whether you and I would like to go over to her place for dinner next week. Isn't that great! What an opportunity for us, huh, being together with mom for an evening, just you and me. What we talked about last time, maybe we can really make it happen, wouldn't that be fuckin’ wild! Mom said she's going to call you this morning to invite you."

"That's great, s*s," I said, smiling to myself, knowing full well mom was scheming to get me and my s****r over there so mom and I could team up to seduce Amy. And, of course, Amy thought it was she and I who were going to do the seducing. I loved this!

"Oh wow, I'm going to put on some sexy clothes too," my s****r said, "And maybe at the end of the night I'll have a chance to take off all those clothes."

"Maybe, s*s, maybe."

An hour later my mother called to invite me, telling me she had spoken to my s****r a little earlier.

"Here's our chance, honey," mom said. "Amy knows I'm bi, right? You and me, I have a feeling we're going to get your s****r into bed with us. I can't wait to have my tongue pressed against that young pussy of hers, just like I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around your young, beautiful cock, Jimmy."

"Yeah, mom, if we play our cards right, maybe Amy'll come around," I said, trying to suppress a chuckle. Here were mom and s*s, both certain they knew something the other one didn't. While the only one who had the full picture was me!

"I look okay?" my s****r asked as we headed up the elevator to my mom's place. She had said she was going to dress sexy for the occasion, but sexy also meant simple. What my s****r had on was a beautiful, short dress which showcased her trim, sexy figure perfectly and showed off those sleek thighs of hers to best effect. The fabric was the kind of rayon which follows every move of your body. And my s****r had the smoothest of moves. I was thinking that mom would appreciate the simple outfit.

"Hi!" mom said with a bright smile, letting us in, kissing us both. And it seemed that Amy wasn't the only one who had been thinking about wearing a sexy outfit. There was mom in a pair of the shortest of shorts. She knew she had the legs and thighs of a woman ten years younger and she loved showing them off. And on top she wore a simple white halter top which left her flat, now tanned stomach bare. The halter top was cut right below her breasts, and the shorts were cut very low, so that left her navel and a lot of midriff exposed. 

"Nice dress, honey, you look very sexy in it," mom said to Amy, wasting no time in setting the mood.

"And look at you, mom, talk about looking sexy!"

"What about me? Don't I look sexy?" I joked as the two of them turned to me. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, nothing special, but both s*s and mom quickly glanced at me with appreciative eyes, making sure the other wouldn't notice the frankly lustful gaze.

For much of the evening we pretended it was just mom having her son and daughter over for the evening, cooking them dinner. What could be more motherly? But I noticed them sneaking peeks all night long as they helped each other out in the kitchen, as they sat next to one another at dinner, opposite me.

Now we were in the living room, sitting and talking, drinking coffee.

"Jimmy told me how you took him shopping with you, mom," Amy said. "We should go shopping together too, you and I, we haven't done that in so long."

"Yeah, we should," mom said, pouring us some more coffee.

"And Jimmy said you got a fabulous bikini for yourself," Amy said. There was s*s, starting in as mom smiled, no doubt happy to have my s****r give her this opening.

"Yes, would you like to see it, should I show it to you?" she asked.

"Sure, I'd really like to see it," Amy said, turning to me. "I know Jimmy's already seen you in it."

So now mom went to go to her bedroom as Amy winked sassily at me. Soon mom returned holding the string bikini in her hand.

"Here it is," she said, holding it out for Amy.

"Where, mom?" Amy joked, pretending not to see it, and since it was made up of some string and a couple of tiny patches of cloth, there really was hardly anything to look at.

"I want to see it on you, mom," Amy said. "That's the only way you can tell whether a swimsuit does the job."

There was mom, standing in front of the two of us, with the string bikini in her hand. What would she do now?

"I'll be right back, hon, I'm going to slip it on," she said, turning, then suddenly stopping and turning back to us.

"Oh, why don't I just put on here, in front of you both?" she said offhandedly. "After all, you're my son and my daughter and I'm your mom, so it's all in the f****y. No reason to be bashful, is there?"

Mom thought she was being oh so cute proposing that she put on her bikini right in front of us, thinking, no doubt, this was a perfect prelude to her seduction of Amy. And my s****r, naturally, was having the same thoughts.

"Yeah, no reason at all to feel shy, mom," Amy said as mom pulled off her shorts, and with them, her panties. Then reached back to unhook her bra and take that off too.

"Oh wow, look at your boobs, mom," Amy said, staring at mom's breasts "They're huge! I mean, I've seen you in swim suits and everything, but naked like this you can really see how enormous they are. And I haven’t seen your boobs like this since I was a little k**. Sometimes I wish I had boobs like that, but I guess I must take after dad's side of the f****y in the tit department."

My s****r, as I knew, had a fetish for big breasts, which was one source of her fascination with mom. She had even confessed to me that when she was in the mood for a woman, she was always on the lookout for one with big breasts.

"Well sometimes it can be a burden to carry around a set like these," mom said, showing them off.

"Yeah, maybe, but I'd sure like to know what that a big burden like that was like," Amy said enviously.

Now mom put on the bikini top and bottom, showing off for us, and, especially, for my s****r, turning so s*s could see mom in her bikini from every angle. 

"What do you think?" she asked

"I think you look sensational in it, and I love the fabric."

"Yeah, it feels so good against your skin, so smooth," mom said, quickly looking over at me. "Maybe you'd like to try it on, Amy, and see what it feels like for yourself?"

"Well, I don't see how I can try the top on, that's cut for your big ones, I'd look ridiculous in it."

"How about just trying the bottom on then?" mom suggested. "We're about the same around the hips, and you can see what the fabric feels like on. It's a new synthetic they're using over in Italy."

"Okay, mom," my s****r said, reaching under her skirt to pull down her panties as mom pulled off the bikini bottom and handed it to her. Now Amy reached underneath to slip on the bikini bottom, though mom and I couldn't see. Then my s****r lifted her dress above her waist so that we could.

"How does it feel on?" mom asked.

"Feels great, like suede, but it's so light and thin," Amy said. "How does it look on me?"

"Looks terrific," mom said, eyeing her daughter closely below the waist. "What's your opinion, Jimmy?"

"You look terrific in it, Amy, just like mom," I said truthfully.

What a sight. Here we were over at mom's, just having had dinner. And there was mom, standing in front of us, wearing only her bikini top, otherwise stark naked. And next to her was my s****r, lifting her dress above her waist so we could see mom's skimpy bikini bottom on her. Mom came into this evening thinking she was going to be seducing my s****r, and s*s thought exactly the same thing about seducing mom. The two of them assumed I was part of their plans. And I was, I was part of both their plans. Maybe, by now, it was beginning to dawn on them that they were seducing each other. 

Even though mom knew I had told Amy mom was bi, Amy was still thinking that mom didn't know that she was bi. But maybe that was beginning to occur to her too. Anyway, all this was as exciting as hell to me. 

"Check out Jimmy!" mom said, turning to me, her eyes dropping down. "Don't tell me you have a hardon down there, Jimmy, watching your own mother and s****r like this."

"I think he does, mom," Amy said, looking at me slyly with delighted eyes. Both mom and s*s probably were thinking my hardon fit in perfectly with their seduction plans.

"Look at you Jimmy, getting turned on my your own mother!" mom said.

"And your own s****r," Amy added, still holding her dress above her head.

"He's a naughty boy, isn't he?" mom said to s*s.

"Very naughty," Amy acknowledged, winking at me.

Now mom took off her top.

"Bet you'd like to suck your mom's titties, the way you did when you were a baby?" she asked approaching, then sitting down next to me on the couch. Now of course this was supposed to shock Amy, since Amy still assumed mom didn't know I'd told Amy about me and her.

"Geez, mom!" Amy gasped. "You're asking Jimmy if he wants to suck on your tit!"

"Is that too outrageous, hon?" mom said to Amy. "Do you feel left out? I've got two after all. Would you like to suck on the other one, Amy?"

For the first time Amy was left speechless, as mom tapped the couch on the other side of her, asking Amy to sit.

"Listen honey," she said, turning to Amy. "I know about you and Jimmy, and all the nasty things you've been doing?"

"You do?" Amy said, a little stunned, then looked over at me. "You told mom, Jimmy?"

"Yeah," I confessed. "I figured I told you about me and her, so I'd tell her about you and me, Amy. It only seemed fair."

"And I know you're bisexual, honey," mom said to her. "And that you have a serious case of lust for me... as I have for you."

My s****r was still a little stunned, I'm sure wondering whether all this could really be happening, but then a small smile crept up on her face. She had been deceived, but for good reason, she knew. Here Amy had been plotting to put the moves on mom. And now, all of a sudden, mom was putting the moves on her! Everything was finally out in the open and the three of us could get down to the serious business of kinky, forbidden, i****tuous sex! 

"I have a nice, stiff nipple for each of you," mom said.

I looked across the protruding mounds of my mother's breasts at my s****r.

"What do you say, s*s?" I asked.

"I say we suck us some tit, b*o!"

"Yeah, come to momma," our mother said, reaching around to push our faces against her chest.

I pressed my face against one of my mother's breasts, taking a nipple between my lips as, only inches away, my s****r was doing the same thing. Her eyes blazed with excitement as she stared at me, the two of feasting on mom’s luscious breasts. Amy even blushed slightly as she sucked away.

"Mmmmmmm!" mom purred. "You sucked on them when you were babies, and here you are both sucking on them again. Now the two of you are grown-ups, and now my nipples are much more sensitive than they were when I was a teenage mother."

As my s****r and I eagerly mouthed mom's nipples she reached down and unzipped me, pulling it out and feeling it.

"Your b*****r has such a nice, big, thick one, doesn't he, sweetheart?"

Amy just nodded, staring right into my eyes as mom fisted my cock. Then I saw mom reach over and take hold of my s****r's wrist, dragging Amy's hand across mom's lap and letting it rest on my cock.

"You hold it now, baby," mom said to Amy as my s****r gripped it. Meanwhile mom slid her hand out of sight under Amy's dress. When I heard Amy's muffled moan, muffled because her mouth was stuffed with breast flesh, I knew mom's hand had made its way all the way up to my s****r's pussy.

Finally mom pushed our two heads away.

"Look at me," she said. "I'm totally naked, while you two are still dressed." It was true. My s****r had her dress on, and though my dick was sticking out of my jeans, I was still fully clothed. So now my s****r and I took a few moments to remove all our clothes.

"Just look at the three of us," mom said, delight in her eyes as she gazed at her two adult c***dren, as naked now as the day she gave birth to them. "Aren't we a sight!"

And Amy, in particular, was quite a sight to mom, the sleek, foxy daughter now revealing all her naked charms to her lustful mother as she had already to her horny b*****r.

"You like, mom?" Amy cooed, flagrantly swaying and shaking her body for mom as she had the first time she exposed herself to me, really flaunting it.

"Say, you two," mom said, looking back and forth between me and my s****r. "You each sucked a boob just now, one for my son, one for my daughter, both hungry for mother's titties. Now I want to dig in and taste something of both of yours, something you have in common. So turn around on your knees and stick out your butts for me. Let me see those bottoms the way I saw them when I took your temperatures, thinking you might have fevers."

I gazed at my s****r as we both turned over for mom, sticking out our bottoms as she had requested. Amy was literally panting with irrepressible arousal.

"Now reach back and spread 'em, both of you, spread 'em for mother," mom told us as me and my s****r obediently reached back to hold ourselves open for her..

"Ooooooh, what a sight, what a pair of sights," mom cooed. "You may have a pussy, Amy, and you may have a big dick, Jimmy. But one thing you both have in common is that tight little hole between yours buns, so cute and both so appetizing!"

Looking over my shoulder I could see mom kneeling, then pressing her face between my s****r's buttocks.

"Oh God! Look what mom's doing!" Amy cried out when she felt the wet tongue on her rubbery ridge.

"She's licking your hot little asshole, that's what she's doing, s*s."

"Yeah, Jimmy told me how much you love getting it licked--" mom started to say, pulling away a moment.

"-- and fucked!" I added.

"And mom," Amy said, now looking over her shoulder. "I hear you love Jimmy's thick one up your butt as much as I do."

"She sure does, ain't that right, mom," I said cockily.

"Uh huh!" mom said, lapping away at her daughter's bottom now, as she had lavishly lapped away at her son's on earlier occasions.

"Now you, babe," mom said, looking up at me as she got behind my buttocks now. Then I felt the warm wet tongue that had just been buried in my s****r's crack, buried in my own.

"Oh wow! Look at mom eating out your ass, Jimmy. That is so freaky!" my s****r gasped.

"Any freakier than you eating it out?" I teased.

"I guess not."

"Yummy, that was very, very tasty," mom said, lewdly licking her lips after she had had her fill of our bottoms. “When you were babies, I used to wipe those two bottoms for you. Now just look at me!”

"Now you, mom," Amy urged. "Let us have taste of your ass.”

"That sounds like music to my ears, sweethearts," mom said, getting up on the couch, whipping around on her knees, sticking it way out as she reached back to hold herself open and expose the hidden jewel she kept hidden back between her cheeks. I'd gotten pretty familiar with that pretty anus of mom's, but to my s****r it was a brand new, and highly arousing sight. She just knelt there, still, gazing at it.

"You stuck your dick up there, huh Jimmy?" Amy said, turning to me with a sassy smile. "That is so sick! Almost as sick as sticking it up my poophole."

"Shut up, s*s, and get your tongue in there," I joked, pushing my s****r's face between our mother's buttocks. Amy grabbed hold of mom's cheeks, spreading them wide, and worked her tongue into mom's crack, eagerly lapping away at the morsel, as mom had just lapped away at hers. I brought my face close, inches from my s****r's, and watched intently the utterly lewd spectacle of Amy's slick wet tongue working away at mom's puckered sphincter.

"That's it, lick it up!" I hissed as my s****r now curled up her tongue and, using it as a wet, slippery dagger, slid it inside mom's hole, reaming her out.

"Go on, baby!" mom urged. "Fuck my ass with your hot little tongue!"

It was just great sitting back and watching my s****r do this to mom. No longer were my encounters with mom i****tuous pleasures, secretly shared. No, now my s****r had joined the party! She had said she wanted a go at mom in the worst possible way and now here she was, having her fill of mom's receptive bottom.

"I want to see you lick it now, Jimmy," Amy begged, pulling away, her eyes sparkling with kinky joy. And so I brought my tongue down in place of my s****r's, tonguing mom's by now familiar asshole.

"Oooooh yeah, Jimmy! Eat it up!" my s****r urged excitedly, her eyes inches from where my tongue was saying a warm friendly hello to our mother's anal jewel. "And later I get to watch you bust it open with your big, thick cock--"

She brought her mouth to my ear, whispering huskily.

"-- the way you bust open mine!"

"Feels so good, too," mom chirped in from above, overhearing. "his big one in there, huh Amy?

Now I pulled away and let my s****r take over as we went back and forth, taking our time tonguing mom's bottom in turn. Then I slid a finger inside.

"That's it, stick it in deep!" my s****r urged.

"Stick one of yours in there alongside mine," I said, as my s****r slipped one of her own fingers up mom's ass. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled, our two fingers pressed tightly together in the vise of mom's anal passage, mom excitedly bucking back against our probing fingers.

"Oh yeah, that feels so fucking good,” she purred, “your fingers up my ass.”

We did it until we finally thought it was time to turn to other things. So now we had mom turn around for us. She looked pleased as punch after all the attention we had just been paid to her sensitive bottom. Amy didn't waste any time pushing mom down on her back and spreading her legs wide. Then, in a jiffy, my s****r was between those legs, staring at mom's pussy with mesmerized eyes.

"Yes, baby, that's where you came from," mom said. "That's what I told Jimmy the first time he had his face between my legs staring at it!

"Wow! Amy gasped in wonder, gazing at mom's cunt, realizing just how deep i****t with one's mother really was. She's the one who gave birth to us both, and now here we were down at the birthplace, many, many years later, enjoying mom as a lover.

I watched as my s****r dug her tongue in there, as she probably had dug it into many pussies, and began eating mom up, licking her labia, sucking on her swollen clit, snaking her tongue up into her vagina, really wolfing her down in a vivid display of raw cunnilingual lust. Mom looked down at her daughter's head between her legs, lovingly running her hands through Amy's thick hair.

"Oh God, you do it so good, baby!" mom sighed, her face twisted in a grimace betraying her intense pleasure.

"As good as me, mom?" I teased.

"Oh, you're real good too, honey," she said, looking over to me. "But when a woman does it to another woman, it's something special."

"I bet, especially when it's your own daughter," I said, emphasizing the point.

Now I got behind my s****r and slid my hand between her legs, she was as wet as a soaked sponge down there, really dripping.

"You should see how wet Amy is down here, mom," I said. "I don't think I've ever seen her quite this wet."

"That's because I'm so fuckin' turned on!!!" Amy said, pulling away a second to tell us.

"Come up here for a second, Jimmy," mom asked. "There's something of yours that I want."

I knew just what that was, so I knelt by my mother's face and fed her my cock. Amy looked up from between mom's legs to see her wrapping her lips around my cock. Looking down, the sight was too much. There was my mom, straining to take as much of my cock in her mouth and down her throat as she could. And down below, between my mother's wide open legs was my s****r's face, digging in for her own meal.

"Now go get behind your s****r and fuck her, will you?" mom urged. "Let me see you shove this big thing of yours up her hot, young body."

Mom, who sometimes was self-conscious about her age and the youth of other women, now had no trouble excitedly highlighting how young Amy was, liking the contrast between her maturity and her daughter's youth. I guess mom had finally become convinced that she was in her sexual prime, and could take comfort in that fact.

So now I got behind my s****r, lifting her bottom up to expose the creamy target of her cunt, all slick and easily visible from behind.

"Yeah, Jimmy!" mom barked looking up at me as I knelt behind my s****r. "Fuck her! Slam it up inside her!" 

"Aw shit!" my s****r yelped, pulling her tongue away from mom as she felt my rigid thickness entering her body, filling her to the hilt.

"Keep eating that pussy," mom insisted, pressing Amy's face back against her snatch. And so my s****r resumed grazing on our mother's eager vulva as I held on to her hips, looking down to see my cock disappearing into her body, then reappearing again as I fucked my s****r with deep, smooth, slow strokes, just the way I knew she liked it. Mom preferred a faster, rougher rhythm. That was another thing that was so amazing about all this, that I was fucking my mom and my s****r, and noting every little contrast between them, every nuance, how they went down on me, what their cunts felt like, the motions

they preferred when they were being screwed. 

"Baby, baby, baby...." my mom swooned, "Your tongue feels so good! You're making your mother feel so absolutely wonderful!"

Mom was taking hold of her own breasts now, rubbing her nipples. I could hear her panting more and more loudly, the skin on her neck reddening. And with that I knew she was close.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum, honey, you're going to make me cum with that beautiful tongue of yours!" mom shrieked, thrashing her head side to side, running her hands wildly through Amy's hair.

"Oh yes, mom," I said, staring at her. “Enjoy it, you deserve it.”

"She-- she-- she's-- doing it!!!" mom groaned, her body heaving, almost lifting off the bed in a series of uncontrollable spasms.

Finally my s****r pulled her tongue away from mom and I thought I'd save it, so I pulled out of Amy's pussy.

"Oh honey, that was great!" mom said holding her arms open, urging Amy to come up and be embraced. Now I watched my mother and my s****r kiss and cuddle, mom luxuriating in the aftermath of her pleasure, s*s reveling in the recognition that she had just brought her own mother to a climax. I know I felt a twisted sort of joy the first time I made my mother get off, and I knew my s****r was now feeling the same thing.

"You must still be horny as hell, sweetheart," mom said to Amy, "I got off, but what about you?"

"The night is young, mom."

"I want to taste you now, honey, it's mother's turn to go down on you," mom said.

"I want you to, I really do, and I also want to eat your pussy some more, I just love eating pussy, especially yours, mom."

"Have you ever heard of the number sixty-nine, honey?" mom asked with a wicked smile.

"Mom! That happens to be my very favorite number in the whole wide world!"

Moments later the two of them were locked into that renowned embrace, mom on top of s*s, getting her pussy eaten, while Amy resumed feasting on mom's.

I just sat back and watched the scorching sight, lazily fisting my own aching dick. And then I knelt right over my s****r's face, right behind my mother. Looking down I could see Amy lapping away at mom's clit, the slick, open entrance to mom's vagina invitingly exposed and vulnerable.

"I'm coming in," I said, suddenly plunging my cock inside my mother

"Oh God, Jimmy, look at you!" Amy hissed. "You're fucking mom."

Amy's face was inches away from the torrid sight. And she now took advantage of the proximity by starting to lick my balls, dangling right over her face, then licking my cock as it plunged in and out of mom. Man, that extra bit of stimulation sure felt good!

I leaned over and brought my face down next to mom's as I fucked her, watching her lick Amy's pussy, whispering in her ear.

"Licck her, mom,”. "Lick your daughter’s cunt!”

"Yes, yes!”" mom panted breathlessly, then dug back in.

Amy's tongue was all over me, going back and forth between my balls and my cock, even moving back a few inches, spreading apart my buttocks, and digging up in there to have a taste of my ass, something Amy hadn't yet done to me today

"Oh mom, mom!!!" Amy suddenly shrieked. "You're getting me off!"

And though I couldn't see my s****r, I could feel her body squirming and thrashing beneath me and my mother.

"N- n- n- nnnn- now!!!!!!!!" she screeched as she took her turn exploding in pure carnal bliss.

Mom and I stopped moving altogether as Amy shook beneath us like a ragdoll, quivering uncontrollably as the jolts of her climax continued to shake her. Finally she calmed down.

"I think I better chill out for a while," she panted breathlessly, squirming away from beneath us as I also pulled out of mom.

"Whew! That was really something!" Amy gasped, catching her breath, turning to mom. "I thought I would never stop shaking. You really got me off mom, do you know that?"

"Yeah, I had a feeling I did," mom said, smiling proudly, a mother having satisfied her c***d's needs in a very unconventional way. But my achingly rigid cock needed some attention now, and I didn't feel like my fist was quite enough.

"I could use myself some more pussy, which one of you is going to give it to me?" I asked smugly.

"I'm beat," Amy said. "How about you, mom? Feel like having Jimmy screw you some more?"

"Sure," mom said cheerfully. "How about I get on top, honey?"

And so I stretched out on my back as mom mounted me, straddling my body, reaching down to work it inside again, rocking up and down on my stiff prick now, twisting her pelvis, shaking and swaying her big tits, making a real show of it. For a few moments my s****r just sat back opposite us and gazed, spellbound, at her mother fucking the shit out of me, mom really prodded on by having my s****r watch like this. Amy was still getting over her climax and I knew she was always a little weak-kneed for a few minutes after that.

"Oh wow, mom, look at you go!" Amy said appreciatively as mom, knowing she was being watched made it all extra vivid. All I had to do was lay there, making sure my thick eight inches stayed nice and stiff, which, with mom riding me and Amy enthusiastically looking on, was no chore at all.

"I can't stand just sitting here," Amy finally said, getting up on the bed to join us. She went right for mom's huge tits. With her tits being as big as they were, when mom was on top they just about filled my field of vision, and now filled Amy's as she lay next to me.

"Here, baby," mom said, lifting a tit and bringing it over to Amy's mouth. "I know how much you like to suck these."

It hadn't take mom very long to figure out that her bisexual daughter had a special fetish for her oversized breasts. And now the sight of my s****r sloppily sucking on mom's big, corky nipple inches from my face now gave our coupling extra zest.

"I want to taste something else," Amy said, suddenly disappearing out of sight behind mom.

."Oh baby, kiss me!" mom said, excitedly bringing her open lips down to mine, tongues reaching for each other, hot, wet, breath mixing in a deep passionate kiss as we fucked and mom's ass was again devoured by my s****r.

"Hey mom?" we heard Amy say, interrupting our kiss. "What do you and Jimmy use when you do it back here?"

"Look in the drawer over there, honey," mom said, pointing, as Amy retrieved the familiar tube of lubricating jelly, always in that drawer for just this purpose, mom had told me the first time I had done it to her that way.

"I should get some of this, it probably does the job real good, huh?" Amy said.

"It sure does," mom purred.

Now, looking over mom's shoulder, I could see Amy squeeze a big dab onto her fingers. 

"Ahhhh!" mom gasped as she felt the cool jelly slapped in her crack. "Getting your mother ready for something new?"

"You bet, mom!" Amy told her.

"I think your s****r wants you to fuck my ass now, baby," mom said to me with a lewd wink.

Now Amy pulled my cock out of mom's cunt and rubbed some of the cool jelly over its taut surface. It felt good.

"Here goes," Amy said, grabbing hold of my prick and pressing the tip against mom's lubed, slick asshole. And then mom just bore down on it, smoothly taking inch after inch of my cock up into the depths of her ass.

"Oh shit, this is too much!" Amy hissed, holding open mom's buttocks so she could see every detail, see mom's anal ring obscenely dilated around the intrusion of my stiff thickness. Mom looked over her shoulder at her daughter.

"Like the view now?" she purred, twisting her pelvis, making another real show of it as she fucked me with her ass now. Soon mom did something new. Staying impaled on my cock, she pivoted around one hundred eighty degrees so she now had her back to me, and was facing Amy.

"And here's an even better view," mom said, and I knew exactly what Amy's eyes had in store -- mom's asshole gripping my cock and, an inch above, her red, inflamed pussy exposed and on view.

"Oh shit, this is beautiful! This is too much!" Amy gasped as she took in the obscenely vivid panorama. And that panorama wasn't just good to look at. In this position mom's pussy was sitting there, begging for attention, and mom knew it. So did my s****r.

"Let me have some of that," Amy said, disappearing below.

"She eating your pussy, mom?" I whispered in her ear, pulling her body flat back against mine, reaching around to squeeze her nipples, just another extra bit of welcome stimulation.

"She sure as shit is!" mom said.

"Bet it feels good too, huh, a tongue on your clit, a dick deep in your ass?"

"And not just any tongue and any dick, honey, but my own daughter's tongue, and my own son's dick!"

I could feel mom breathing harder and deeper, and the sweat breaking out on her skin as I kept slamming it up inside her rectum and Amy kept eating up her cunt.

"This is too fuckin' much" mom gasped. "I can't take it!"

Then, suddenly, she let out a howl that could've awakened the dead as her body started twitching uncontrollably.

"I'm cummmming!!!" she yelped at the top of her lungs

A few moments later mom was lifting herself off me on shaky legs. 

"Oh wow, that was the best!" mom announced, a big, happy smile betraying her deep satisfaction.

"Now I want it in my butt," my s****r cooed, staring at my suddenly exposed cock, as rigid as ever. Then Amy squeezed out some jelly and worked it back between her buns.

"I want you to lick my pussy while Jimmy fucks my ass too," she said. "But I also want to give you some more head at the same time, is that okay, mom?"

"Sure, baby."

"So how about we sixty-nine it again, I'll get on top," my s****r proposed as mom and s*s assumed the position.

It didn't take very long for me to figure out just how this anal assault of my s****r would proceed. There was s*s's bottom right over mom's face, mom reaching up with her tongue to lick Amy's pussy. And right above that pussy, my slick little target, Amy's cute 'poophole,' as she sometimes put it.

So now I knelt behind my s****r's raised bottom and right over my mom's face, taking hold of my cock and wedging it into Amy's crack. The tip now in position against her greased hole, I just pushed it in nice and slow and easy.

"Yeah, honey, up her ass! Up your s****r's ass!" mom shrieked from below. From her vantage point she had a perfect view of my cock entering her daughter's bottom, disappearing into her bowels. And just below, mom had Amy's tender young pussy there to devour. Which she did, eagerly, as I now started sodomizing my s****r in earnest.

"Oh fuck!" Amy yelled. "That is so wild, it feels so crazy, both of you working on me like that!"

I lowered my head so it was next to my s****r's, whose butt I was fucking and who was gobbling up our mom's cunt.

"Feeling good, s*s?" I asked cockily.

"What the fuck do you think!" she hissed at me, looking back with blazing eyes.

"I want you to cum, I want you to fuckin' cum!" I hissed in her ear. My s****r really loved having me talk to her like this when we made love, real blunt and lewdly.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum right now!" she barked and, true to her word, her body exploded like a simmering volcano on the edge of eruption, and then finally releasing all its pent-up pressure.

When her spasms eventually subsided, when the volcano temporarily went dormant, I slowly pulled it out of my s****r's rectum. She stayed up there, on elbows and knees, showing off her wide-open asshole, proud of the way she knew it must've looked now that it had been so thoroughly fucked.

Mom and I stared at that hole in wonder, and with mom's face still behind Amy's bottom, mom decided to lick the rim of that hole as I looked on in amazement.

Then the both of them noticed me holding on to my cock.

"Poor Jimmy," mom said to Amy. "He's been fucking us, feeding it to us, making us both feel so fuckin' good. Now I think it's finally time to get him off."

"Yeah, mom, it's Jimmy's turn now," Amy said, whipping around to join mom, the two of them crowding around my cock. They began by licking the shaft, then sucked it all down, really greedy for the taste of it.

"Here goes you two," I said, suddenly pushing their mouths away, taking hold of it myself. And then, with a few strokes of my fist, I got myself off. I'd been saving it up for days, looking forward to this evening, so now as I felt the feelings surge in me, my climax imminent, I knew I'd have quite a lavish treat for them. And then, suddenly, it came out of me, jet after jet of thick semen, exploding out of me like white, hot lava, splattering all over their faces as they squealed in surprise and delight.

"Oh yeah, Jimmy, give it to us!" my s****r begged, her face dripping.

"More, more!" mom pleaded as I squeezed out every last drop, soaking their two faces.

No sight could have been more delightfully intimate, and yet more obscene. There they were on their knees below me, my mother and my s****r, both their faces smeared with my cum, their bodies worn from the endless pounding and hammering of my fuck-crazed cock. Who ever knew i****t could be quite this much fun!