"Sex Stories" Mom's Boy

Sex Stories Mom's Boy
I'm a 51 year old married man of 25 yrs. with 3 k**s the youngest 13. I love my wife and would not hurt her, but, if she found out what I have done she would never forgive me. Our sex life is not that great, maybe once or twice a month, by mutual agreement. I do use viagra with some results. We live in N.C. and my folks live in Va. We go to Va. every other Chistmas. Last year was a Va. Christmas. We stay a week. My mom is 70 and my dad is 76. My dad and I are about the same physical size, both 5'11' and a bit over weight. My mom is 5’ 5"; she has nice boobs (42-D) a rather large belly (about my size). She has slim legs, but has problems walking and uses a cane. When I was living at home I would put my ear to the wall and listen to my parents fuck and jerk off picturing me in there rather than my Dad. I loved to look up my Mom's shorts when she would lay back to take a nap in the recliner. Depending on her position I could see a cheek of her ass and sometimes the hair sticking out of her panties. 

I'm getting a hard on just thinking of it. My Dad drinks, my Mom very seldom. On our first night there, I went to my folk’s room across the hall to get a blanket. My Dad was in the shower; my Mom was in her nighty reading on top of the covers. As she swung her legs to get out of bed her nighty slid up her thighs exposing a little hair of her pussy .As the light shown through her sheer nighty I could see the dark spot between her legs. As she turned I could see those big tits swinging free with those big brown nipples showing through the silk. She bent down, opening the bottom drawer and pulling out the blanket. While doing this I was able to see her ass with the crack running down between her legs with the wet puff of dark brown hair in plain view. She stood and thankfully threw the blanket to me which I used to cover the bulge in my pants. (Erotic Stories)

I went back in our room, dropped the blanket and undressed. My wife Terry saw my hard six inch cock and said “I haven't seen you that hard in a long time. Do you want some?" It had been almost a month since Terry and I had sex, so I knew it would not take much to turn her on, and she was ready. She spread her legs and I slid between her them sinking deep into her wet cunt. I closed my eyes seeing my Mom beneath me. I slammed in and out of this warm wet familiar cave. I had to cum and I could feel Terry slamming back whispering “now baby now”. Damn I yelled and exploded, shooting cum deep inside her wet pussy to mix with her sticky juices, I slid out of my wife and rolled over and we both fell fast asl**p.

Everything went fine for the rest of the week. New years eve rolled around and the f****y gathered once again. By 10 Dad was almost out of it. Mom being a non drinker was starting to feel the wine we were drinking. As Mom walked between the coffee table and the couch where Terry and I were sitting, she stumbled, falling between my wife and myself, her hand reaching out landed between my legs. She stayed like that a few seconds laughing, then tried to stand. My dad stumbled over, took her hand and pulled. I put one hand under her arm my fingers stroking her tit my other hand pushing her soft ass. She stood, and then sat on the couch between us. Mom had another glass of wine. Little Matt was in bed. Dad was out and would sl**p it off all night in his chair. Mom's words were getting slurred (too much wine). Terry said she was going up to bed and took Mom’s hand saying “ come on Mom I’ll help you upstairs and tuck you in. 

I was 11:30 when I went up to bed leaving dad out cold. Terry was asl**p when I pulled on my pajamas. I kissed her cheek and told her I was going back downstairs. I closed the door and stepped across the hall and peeked in on Mom. She was lying on her side, her nice big ass showing, her nighty around her waist. Instantly my mind went back when I was 14 years old. I was looking at the same bed my mom in the same position, except my dad was passed out next to her then. Mom was passed out too. They both drank heavily at that time. I stared at her nice ass, my cock hard as a rock. I used to run home from school so I could have a half hour to jerk off before my big s****r got home. 

I would get my mom's and my s****r's soiled panties out of the hamper and lay back in my mom's bed, wrap my s****r's panties around my 6 inch hard on. Then I'd lay the crotch my mom's panties over my mouth and nose. I would hold them against my face and lick all along the crotch, tasting my mom's juices and smelling her sweet odors. With my free hand I would rub myself into a violent spasm of hot cum. God it was great. Now at 14 I walked over to the bed. I knew they would not wake up, but I shook Mom anyway. She just moaned. I pulled down my shorts, and leaned against my mom's ass slowly rubbing my hard cock against her warm crack. I was scared to death she would wake up, but in the back of my mind I imagined her waking, rolling onto her back and pulling me on top of her. That was the hardest I ever came. My cum ran down the crack of her ass and onto the sheets. I panicked for the mess, but then I figured, Hell she'll think my dad did it. I walked out the room completely spent and proud of myself.

Now here it was 37 years later with that same cock in my hand looking at that same ass. I whispered “Mom you awake?” She just moaned. I shook her and she just a moaned. I was half d***k and wanted to finish what I had started all those years back. I pulled off my pajama bottoms and slid in behind Mom. I spooned up against her, my hard cock pushing against the warm cheeks of her ass. I pulled her nighty up under her tits and gently rolled her nipples between my fingers. The nipples stood up hard. I slid farther down her ass till my cock lay snuggled between her soft cheeks. 

I spread her cheeks till I could feel the hair around her pussy. I wet my fingers with my mouth and lubricated the head of my cock. I spread her pussy lips; and aimed my cock head at her door. Slowly I entered that forbidden cave until my balls nestled in her cunt hair. I was surprised at how tight her pussy was. I slowly moved in and out, feeling her pussy getting very wet. I was moving faster. I was going home were I was conceived deep inside my Mom. All of a sudden I exploded. I grabbed her thighs and buried my manhood as deep as I could. Mom pushed her ass back against me and grunted letting out a soft moan. She did this twice then relaxed and started a soft snore. I pulled out my limp cock and rolled onto my back, relaxing and catching my breath. I slid out of bed, left the room and cleaned up in the hall bath. The next morning we packed up to leave, everyone hugged each other. Mom kissed me on the cheek and whispered “next time we’ll do it right”. My cock sprang to attention. We got in the car and she told Terry “we are going to come down to Carolina in the spring”. My cock jumped in anticipation. I can hardly wait.