"Sex Stories" mother in law's awakening

Sex Stories mother in law's awakening
I was married at 19 years of age and little did we know that at the wedding my father in law had already developed skin cancer and was dying.Within the year we had buried him, leaving my mother in law, Joan, alone in her large house.

My wife had just given birth to our first c***d and this gave us the opprtunity to invite Joan over to help out giving her something to occupy her mind and I found myself doing all the household chores for her to keep the her house ship shape. This included taking her shopping when I finished work.(Adult Stories)

Joan, I should mention, had been a lot younger than her husband and for a 52yr. old she had retained a nice slim figure but her finest asset, I believed were her beautiful breasts. Large but not too big.She also had a cheeky sense of humour and was always making double meaning jokes.

My storey really begins on Monday afternoon, I finished work after an early shift and had arranged to take Joan to the shops. My wife by this time was expecting our second c***d and I should mention that since the birth of my first my sex life at home had been virtually non existent.

I pulled onto Joan's driveway and let myself in through the back door. I found her in the lounge doing some ironing. She had her back to me and was facing the window looking into the road outside.She was wearing a dressing gown which was tied at the waist in a loose bow. Where she was standing left very little room between her, the ironing board and a large armchair meaning I had to squeeze by her to get into the room. As i pushed by I jokingly tickled her waist and said ' Come on you old tart, I havent got the whole day'

I knew that she was extremely ticklish and she began to wriggle away from me but she was unable to move because of the iron. She tried to turn to try and return the tickling but I kept myself directy behind her. My tickling was causing her to rub her bottom into my groin and I found myself with a massive erection. I continued to tickle her and I knew she must be able to feel my stiffness in her back, I also noticed that her dressing gown had come open revealing a silk camisole type undergarment.She struggled a little more and said 'If you don't stop this minute I won't be resposible for the consequences'

I knew she was enjoying this bit of fun but her voice carried what I perceived as a mild threat. All of a sudden her hands shot behind her and she grabbed my erection.'Now I have the upper hand' she exclaimed, do I squeeze or do you stop?'

I looked down, took hold of the belt of her dressing gown and quickly bound her hands together behind her back. She began to struggle but soon gave up. Untie me please' she begged in desperation. Feeling quite in control I made her sit on the arm of the setee. I could see her breasts rising and falling from the exertion and beneath her top and I could see thather nipples were erect.

'You look pleased to see me' I joked.

She looked down and saw what I had seen and shrugging her shoulders to try and cover up her embarrasment in an admonishing voice she hissed 'Will you please let me go, people can see through the window'

I had never felt so horny in all my life, my erection was desperately trying to escape my trousers and I saw Joan looking alternately at my eyes then my stiffy. The atmosphere was filled with tension. Common sense said stop now and treat it as a joke but my body was telling me different. Domination had never really bothered me before but I found that I actually enjoyed being in control of another person.

'Ok, it's forfeit time, you give me a kiss and I will let you go'

I leaned forward and offerred her my lips, she ducked away and kissed me on the cheek.
' That don't count' I said 'That was a peck, I want a proper one'

I leaned forward again and placed my lips on hers. I held them there and I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. She tried to pull herself away but I held her firm. She went limp as though she had accepted the situation and appeared to respond a little. She then pulled away gasping for breath and said 'Ok, you promised, untie me'

I went behind her and began to try and undo the knot I had tied. It was knotted solid. I explained the situation and tried a little harder. As I pulled at the knot her hands kept brushing my erection, suddenly her hand enfolded my stiff cock and began to rub it. I could'nt help myself, I undid my trousers, took out my cock and let her feel it.I put my hands around her and began to fondle her beautiful breasts, caressing her stiff nipples, and nibbling her neckas she wanked me.
' Oh god, I have not had a man for years let me go, I want you'

I ran to the kitchen and cut her bonds with the scissors I found. We fumbled out of our clothes, and sitting her back on the sofa arm I knelt and kissed her breasts. She almost smothered me with them as she pulled me to her and f***ed her nipples into my mouth.I could'nt hold back much more so I pushed her back onto the sofa seat and with her bottom still on the arm I buried my face in her sopping pussy. She orgasmed almost immediately,her bottom contracting on my tongue. As she relaxed I stood and rubbed my cock against her wet slit, smothering it. She smiled, reached down, openned her lips and
pulled me deep into her. I thrusted slowly until she was ready to cum again then we exploded together.Depositing my seed deep into her. I knew that it would leak into her panties as she shopped later. I looked forward to cleaning her up when we got back.