"Sex Stories" Mother in law's pleasure

Sex Stories Mother in law's pleasure
We lay together recovering after our sexual antics and chatted, it transpired that Joan's sex life had been very straight laced him on top and no variation. It was no wonder her orgasm had been so intense. I decided that she needed to be educated and explained what I was going to do.

Because of f****y commitments, work and time constraints we did'nt get together, apart from the odd fumble when I took her home, for nearly a month, but the wait was worth it.

My wife had planned to visit her friend on the Saturday before Easter and as the dutiful husband I dropped her and the f****y off. I had planned to do some overtime at work but when I arrived a component of the project I was working on had'nt arrived so I went home.

I called by Joan's house and found her washing up in the sink, I put my arms around her and began to nuzzle her neck. She began to struggle and tried to pull away. ' Look, this is wrong, I am your wife's mother, we have to stop
it.' (XXX Stories)

I didn'nt move and kept her pinned to the sink with my erection pushing into the small of he back and whispered 'I am not getting sex at home, your not getting any at all, where is the problem?'

I cupped her lovely breasts over her dress and rubbed my stiffness up her spine,all of a sudden she seemed to melt. I turned her round and began to kiss her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and our tongues entwined like mating snakes Her breath was cong in gasps and as we groped each other I noticed a ladder cum stool in the corner which she used to reach highr cupboards and 
it gave me an idea.

Taking the stool in my hand, I took her hand and guided her into the lounge placing the seat next to the back of the setee facing the window overlooking the street.

'What are you doing she asked?' as I sat her on the stool and began to 
kiss and fondle he breasts again. 'Look, everyone can see us'

I knew the chances of being caught were very slim,but it enhanced the excitement for us both.  Joan's house was only one of 4 in the street and all were detached with land between each.
My car and her willow tree also blocked the view.

I gently unzipped her dress and peeled it over her shoulders exposing those lovely orbs, encased in a powder blue bra.I began to nuzzle them as she pulled me into them breathing deeply. Deftly I undid her bra and removed it allowing me to feel and bite her erect nipples. She dragged my sweat shirt off and began to rake my back.I warned her about leaving marks but she was getting carried away. I stood her up and her dress fell to the floor leaving her naked apart from her matching briefs. I sat on the stool, settled her bottom on my erction, facing the street, and put my hand ito her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet and my fingers easily entered her as I rubbed her clit. She began to pant heavily and moaned 'No, the postman will be here soon, he will see us'

I stood her up pulled her pants off and said 'We had better give him a show then, play with yourself like tart while I undress.'

I couldn't believe my eyes, there was this lovely mature woman, pleasuring her self for all to see. I could'nt hold back I pushed against the window and slipped my stiff cock deep inside her. She only lasted a couple of minutes before I felt her sopping pussy contracting on my cock as she orgasmed. I sat
her back on the stool and knelt between her legs and began to clean her pussy.

She pulled my head ino her folds and nearly suffocated me with the pressure, she was soon seriously aroused again and I stood up changed position, me on the stool and her impaled on my cock, she put her feet on the window sill to allow me to thrust into her. I slipped my hand between us, slipped my hand around her wet pussy to lubricate it and then gently slipped my finger into her bottom as she rad me.She gasped in pleasure and thrust on me harder.I was nearly cumming but there was one thing I wanted to do. I began to rub my dick on her tight brown hole and found herpushing back foe deeper penetration.It was so tight and as it slipped in she gasped 'god that hurts but it is soooo nice, fuck me, make me a slut.I made her wank herself as we fucked. 

She did'nt care who saw her now, she was too far gone.I could feel my sperm rising and knew there was going to be loads. I pulled out made her kneel and masturbate as I took her hair and pulled her mouth onto my dick. To arouse her even more I said 'Here's your postman and I am going to let him see how my slut swallows cum' With that I exploded all over her mouth and face. She had never tasted cock or sperm before and tried to pull away but with the intensity of her orgasm and me forcing her to gag she began to swallow deep She looked up and said 'Can I be your slut forever' Little did she know what ai had planned for her.