"Sex Stories" My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter

Sex Stories My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter
Not my first time but she was one of the first girls I fucked and the most beautiful. I woke up to my mum shouting at me from downstairs. I could hear her shouting get up youve got work to do. It was a few weeks since I had finished university and I had got used to sl**ping in late.

I got up and had a shower, put on shorts and a t shirt and went downstairs and had some breakfast. As I sat and ate my breakfast the sun was beaming into the kitchen. "Its going to be very hot today" my mum said, "I told Mrs Roper that you would paint her summer house when we got a fine day"

"Mum why? I just want to relax, Ive just finished college" I moaned. "Well she will pay you for it and it will get you out the house for the day" replied my mum.(Sex Stories)

It was no use in argueing so I got some jeans on and an old t shirt and got my bike from the side of the house and set off for Mrs Ropers house. We had known the Ropers for years, her husband had died only a few years ago and we often helped her out. I had gone to school with their grandaughter but she was a couple of years younger than me.

"Oh hi" Mrs Roper said "I wondered if you were going to come today". "Oh yeah its a perfect day for painting" I replied. She took me into her garden and we walked down to the bottom where the old summer house was. "Its not been painted since Bob died, it really needs a good paint"

Mrs Roper told me what she wanted doing and I got on with it, she had prepared everything in the shed and I got it all set up. It must have been mid morning and Mrs Roper came out "How about a nice cup of tea" 

"Yes please" and I went into the house, we sat in the conservatory chatting, "Oh by the way you might get some help if Vicky manages to get herself out of bed" Mrs Roper said.(Porn Stories)

"Oh is she staying with you?" I asked, "Yes shes here for a few days" I then tried to remember the last time I had seen Vicky, probably when I was at school a few years ago. 

I got back to work, first rubbing down the wood with course sandpaper, then using a black&decker mouse on some of the tougher spots. I had just began painting when Mrs Roper brought out a sandwich and a drink. "Thank you youre very kind" I said "you deserve it" she said, "Vicky should be out in a minute shes just getting ready"

I had my lunch and got back to painting using an outdoor weatherproof gloss paint, it was so hot as i painted, I was sweating, but didnt take my t shirt of because i thought it would be wrong. Then I heard a voice "Hi", I looked round "Oh Hi Vicky" I mumbled.

I was in shock, that litle schoolgirl had grown up and was very much a young woman now. She was wearing shorts and an old t shirt, I gazed looking at her, she looked beautiful as the sun shone down on her blonde hair. I could see she had inherited the Roper large breast gene.

"How can I help?" Vicky asked "Er Well you could start painting the other side" I said. As we both got on with painting we chatted and asked each other what we had been doing. Vicky was about to start university that autumn, I told her she would have a great time and she asked me questions.

The hours flew by so quickly as i spent the afternoon in that lovely garden with Vicky Roper. We were having fun and Vicky started messing about, she flicked her paintbrush at me and it spattered on my t shirt. I got her back and we both were laughing and joking. 

It was then I could sense something happening, we were actually flirting and we were alone. "Its so hot we should be doing this job naked" she joked and smiled. Well Im up for it "I said laughing" 

"Go on then do it" Vicky challenged me, "ok then" I was buzzing with excitement, I took off my t shirt, vickys eyes were fixed on me. I took off my shorts and boxers in one go, my cock flopped down. I was naked apart from wearing my trainers.

Vicky laughed and giggled, "now you have another paint brush" she said.
"Well its your turn now" I replied, "well Im so hot I dont care" she shouted back.

She took her t shirt off, and then her shorts, she was wearing a black bra and black thong. She put her hands behind her back to undo her bra, her big breasts revealed, quite pert but they were so big they hung down, her big nipples showing. Now I could feel my cock going hard, I couldnt help it she was so nice. 

She took her thong off revealing a neatly trimmed bush, dark blonde in colour. "There you go, I told you I would do it" she said laughingly. I dont think she had noticed my cock until now, "OOh someones excited" she said

she got closer, her breasts touching my chest, we kissed, it was just a natural moment destined to happen. My cock was so stiif it was touching her thigh. "Come on lets go inside" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the summer house.

"BUt what if we get caught?" I said, "Come on" she said without stopping. I put my hand on her slowly moving feeling her warm skin, i felt her pussy, her nice bush feeling rough against my fingers. She moaned as I put my fingers inside her. She was stroking my cock now, "Fuck me" she said "I want you to fuck me"

We lay on the sofa always kissing, I held my cock and slid it into her wet pussy, she moaned as it went deeper, then i started fucking her slowly, "harder" she said "Oh vicky" I gasped. Then i pulled out and at down on the sofa, "ok now ride me" I said. She sat on my cock guiding it into her pussy, she started riding me, there was no way she was a virgin.

We fucked for only a few minutes before I cummed hard into her, I could'nt help but do so. She moaned, we had climaxed together as if to make this a perfect sexual moment, it was pure sex with 2 people who shared an afternoon together.

We got dressed, the sex was finished and we went back to painting. As we did into the late afternoon we chatted, Mrs Roper came out again and we both looked at each other. Luckily she suspected nothing and commented on what a good job we had done.

As the summer evening set in we finished just before dusk and both went into the summer house "will that be it then?" i asked "Well im going on holiday next week" she said. My heart sank, I had begun that summer day expecting nothing at all and finished it fucking the most beautiful girl I had in my life but still feeling sad.

"well we have tonight" she said, putting her hands down my shorts grabbing my cock. We made love again in that summer house, and that was it, I cycled down to the village pub, clothes covered in paint and in a daze. I had a few pints with my mates and went home.