"Sex Stories" My Best Friend Visits

Sex Stories My Best Friend Visits
My wife and I had been married for only two years when my best friend from high school, Mario, called to ask if he could spend three weeks with us. He was studying in central Florida and wanted to come home to visit some of his relatives. Unfortunately no one had the room for him and my wife and I had a spare room in our apartment.

We both agreed to let Mario stay with us for those three weeks. Mario had been both our friend. While he and I were closest as far as friendship went, my wife dated Mario before me. When I was dating my wife Mario would always tell me about the things they did together. I got turned on with his stories of making out, eating her tits and fondling her pussy. According to Mario, my wife used to give him hand jobs and blow jobs. According to Mario he never fucked her though he tried many times. She just wasn't ready she had told him.(Erotic Stories)

We were dating about four months when Mario insisted I bring her to his parents place were he lived. His parents worked the night shift at a local hospital so we would have the house to ourselves. She was a bit apprehensive but agreed to come. When we were in Mario's room for a while he insisted I make out with her. We started to and she soon got into it. Our make out session got so hot she fumbled for my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down setting my now engorged cock free. She grabbed me cock and began stroking it giving me a hand job. I unbuttoned her blouse and let her tits hang out fondling them and suckling on her nipples. We were sitting on Mario's bed and he slowly made his way to where we were sitting on her left side while I sat on her right. While I was licking her nipples and she was stroking my cock I looked up and saw Mario kissing her passionately. He began kissing her neck and worked down to her left nipple where he began to suckle hungrily. She groaned with pleasure and I got so turned on I forgot this was my girlfriend and not his. I began kissing her running my tongue all over her shoulders and breasts. I put my hand up her dress but found Mario's hand there already buried deep under her panties and between her legs. I lifted her skirt and saw that her panties where drenched with her juices and Mario was working his fingers slowly in and out of her pussy. She undid his buckle and pulled down his pants and pulled his long thick cock out and began stroking it also. Mario's cock was magnificent. His was longer by about three inches and almost twice as thick. We were all three in heaven it was so great to share like this with my friend. We played with her pussy while she stroked our cocks. Mario was the first to come. When she felt him begin to cum she let go of my cock and concentrated on Mario's big thick uncut cock. I kept playing with her pussy and pulled her panties down and completely off. She fondled Mario's cock with both hands knowing exactly what to do to get him off. Just before he began to spew his hot cum Mario laid almost on top of her putting his cock right on her pussy. When his first shot of hot cum came it hit her right between her vaginal lips sending a long string of white cum sliding down her pussy to her ass. The rest of his cum spewed out of his thick cock in torrents bathing every inch of her wet pussy and inner thighs. I worked his cum into her pussy making sure to spread it all over. When Mario finally was spent she laid back and I could see the cum all over her pussy and even inside between her lips. I was so turned on I felt my cock begin to swell and my balls began to erupt. I climbed on her and slid my cock between her legs Mario grabbed her legs and pulled them apart for me to have full access to her wet and cum drenched pussy. I pushed my cock between her pussy lips and began to shoot torrents of hot cum.

She laid there panting and whining with pleasure while Mario and I laid there breathing heavy and exhausted. I looked over and saw Mario's cock begin to stiffen and gradually swell to its thick long self. Mario began kissing my wife (then girlfriend) again and she responded by tugging on him begging for him to get on top of her. Mario slowly got on top of her and I thought he was ready to cum again on her pussy. But instead of cumming he began to slowly slide his hard thick cock into her wet pussy. I could see his cock white from all the cum covering it as it disappeared into her waiting pussy. I was mesmerized by the sight. She whimpered and began to pull away from him saying his cock was too big and it was hurting her pussy. But he held her tight by the thighs and wouldn't let her get away. He pushed harder and began to fuck her hard with deep long thrusts that sent the bed banging into the wall. She began to beg him to let her go because it hurt but he wouldn't. His assault on her pussy increased as I laid there watching my friend giving my girlfriend her first fuck. It should have been me I thought but he does it so well and I knew she would enjoy it once she got used to it. As if she read my thoughts her complaining began to subside and was replaced by whimpering of pleasure. She began to thrust slowly back at him to take his horse cock even deeper. She raised her legs to give him full access to her pussy. He moved further on top of her and put her in direct line with his throbbing cock. I could see the veins on that thick rock hard cock as he pulled it out before pushing it hard and deep into her. She began pulling him by his thighs as if to want him even deeper. She began to kiss him deeply and begging him for more cock. It seemed that Mario was fucking her for hours when I saw him begin to buck wildly and moan loudly. I saw him pull his cock slowly out of her pussy and I could see it was still covered with frothy cum. As his thick head pulled out I saw a huge thick stream of cum leave his cock and shoot directly into her pussy. The second squirt of cum bathed her now red pussy. He pushed his throbbing cock slowly into her as he released his third thick stream of white cum. She moaned loudly and said in a whisper that she could feel his big cock throb inside her and the hot cum filling her. Mario just laid on top of her exhausted and I could see cum oozing from between his cock and her pussy running down his huge balls and her ass.

I was so hot my cock was going to explode. I stroked my cock and finally couldn't contain myself any longer. I pushed Mario off my girlfriend and mounted her in a frenzy as I felt my balls tighten. I pushed my now throbbing cock deep into her and she gave out a loud gasp. She wrapped her arms around me as I began to shoot torrents of my hot cum into her. The three of us laid there exhausted until it was close to the time Mario's parents would be coming home. We got dressed and we took my girlfriend home. The three of us continued to make out and fuck together and at times just one of us and my girlfriend till we got engaged. When we got engaged my girlfriend refused to continue having sex with Mario.

Now two years after we were married he is coming to visit us and I couldn't wait to see if my wife would be willing to fuck us both together again.