"Sex Stories" My Boyfriends Dad

Sex Stories My Boyfriends Dad
One Saturday weekend my boyfriend of 2 years and some friends went out to a night club for some late night dancing and drinking. We were exhausted when we got back to his home (at 22 he still lives with dad) and upon shading our clothes we jumped naked into bed. Nowadays we don't have sex when we have been drinking heavily but this night, feeling horny from the drinking, I got under the sheets to give him oral but only to hear him snoring a few minutes later. Though I got around to fingering myself to an orgasm with his half limp dick in my mouth, and then went to sl**p. 

Early that morning I woke up with huge need to relieve my bladder. After delaying getting out of bed to use the bathroom I got myself almost leaking in the bed and got up to rush to the bathroom, which is located in the hallway and is used separately from his parent's located in their bedroom. But upon opening the bathroom door I see his father, dressed in pyjamas, shaving his face at the bathroom sink. I am stark naked, with a petite 105 pound frame, small A-cups, shaven and looking at this b**stly over 6 foot man in the eye. With that moment notice I could only utter our "excuse me, i need to go real bad". So i sit on the toilet seat and relieve my bladder, eventually finding myself watching him shaving himself. He turns to look at me as I finish and asks me how good I feel. I shyly tell him "oh, what a relief" and also add that it was a pleasure to watch him shaving. To my surprise he tell me that it was a pleasure for him to watch a pretty girl relieving herself while he was shaving. We both smile but as I lower my eyes I notice a huge bulge in his pyjamas protruding straight out, ending onto the vanity of the sink. (Sex Stories)

That was a turn on for me, sending chills down my body and a rush to have and orgasm. I straightened up while seated on the toilet seat so he could get a better view of me naked, then looked up at him, smiled and gazed at his manhood. He smiled and turned around to face me, thus the bulge in his pants facing me. I looked up at him, smiled again, and reached out with my right hand feeling his 9" cock, which eagerly popped out of the opening in his pyjamas. My mouth reached out to his cock and he took a step closer to me, his hand reaching down to my nipples, slightly pinching the tip. I proceeded to wrap my mouth over the head of his thick cock, taking him deeper into my throat, my eyes closed, my lips salivating as I recalled the enjoyment of another older man I had relieved during my teenage years. He eventually began thrusting his body into my salivating mouth. He came quickly after with a sperm load I had never received. I swallowed most of it as he thrust into my throat but when his thrust would be outwards his cum would spill from my mouth onto my thighs and the toilet seat. (XXX Stories)

He then reached down to my vagina touching my clit and then rubbing it. I had a terrific orgasm while his cock was now getting soft in my mouth. We stayed in that position, i think not wanting to face reality, for at least five more minutes. His cock softened in my mouth so I twirled my tongue over the head of his penis, which he clearly indicated he was enjoying. His hands moved to gently caress the back of my head. The top button of his pyjama pants popped open and his bottoms dropped slightly. I reached between his legs with both my hands to caress his big beautiful shaven balls. At that point he stepped backwards slightly which popped me of the toilet seat and into a kneeling position on the bathroom floor. He let me massage his balls and reach underneath to the passage between his manhood and his asshole. 

He would thrust intermittently releasing some semen into my mouth. Judging from my scrapped knees later and the pleasure I was feeling We must have stayed that way for at least 15 minutes. My mouth broke loose from his penis when he bent over, then kissing me in the mouth. He lifted me to a standing position and with our tongues kissing intensely his hands reached down to my cunt, his finger gently rubbing my asshole while his palm gently giving me an orgasm. He eventually broke up reminding me of the possibility that my boyfriend may want to use the bathroom. At that point I noticed that the bathroom door was left ajar. I motioned towards the door reminding him that I would gladly be available to relieve him again...