"Sex Stories" My Favorite Uncle

Sex Stories My Favorite Uncle
I had been married for only two years. My wife's uncle was staying with us after loosing his wife to cancer. I was 25, he was 47. I am very masculine but short in height, 5'5". He was taller than me, 6'1" and built like a big brick house. He had the appearance of a lumber jack. My wife took a trip with her parents and we were left alone for four days. We drank the first day a bit too much. We went to my bedroom to watch porno films. We laid back on the bed close to each other. Half way through the first hetero porn, he wanted to jackoff. I told him it was ok, so he pulled his pants down and pulled out a long thick cut cock that was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. He was already hard and wet and as he stroke it I could smell his manly musk. I was so turned on I pulled my pants off and laid next to him stroking my very hard cock. As we both worked our cocks together I couldn't help but stare at his big thick cock and his huge dark balls. 

I couldn't help noticing his cock was glistening and drenched with his precum. I could hear a slight slurp as he worked his cock from the wetness. He was a good looking man for his age. He had a slight beer belly that made him look even sexier. As the movie progressed and we got even hotter our attention was drawn from the movie and we were getting off looking at each other jacking off. He turned towards me and allowed his hot cock to touch me at first and then stroke my leg as he worked it. (Porn Stories)

It got me even hotter and I turned towards him bringing our cocks together. He ran his wet hand over my balls and then took my hand from my cock which was very wet and brought it to his cock. I took hold of it, noticing how thick it was, my finger tips could not touch from his thickness. His cock was slippery from his precum and it was the hottest cock I had ever felt. It throbbed in my hands as I stroked it. He didn't touch my cock, just allowed me to grab and enjoy his. He grabbed me by the waist and brought me closer to him until his cock was resting on my leg under my balls and touching my ass. I found out later after measuring it that his cock was nearly 9.5 inches long and twice as thick as mine. Wow!! it was so hot my ass tingled at the feeling of his thick hot cock head rubbing it and wetting it with precum. 

He slowly pulled his cock from between my legs and took me by the back of my neck to coaxed me down to suck his cock. I did not hesitate. I went down to the warmth of his loin. The smell of cock and male musk was so strong that it was almost dizzying. I slid his thick cock into my mouth and sucked slowly. He kept holding me by the back of my neck teaching me how he liked it. He liked to be sucked slowly and I was willing to spend as much time as he wanted sucking on that sweet tasting cock. After a while he had me stop sucking his cock and he pulled me up to kiss me deeply. He laid me back on my side and slid his cock between my legs again. This time he pulled himself to be almost on top of me. I just laid there moaning as he pushed his cock slowly between my thighs and rubbed my asshole hard. His precum soon had my tight asshole wet and slippery. He began to kiss me softly as he ran his cock along the crack of my ass. Sometimes he paused when the tip of his cock was on my hole and pulled me by the thighs towards him as he pushed against me letting the tip of his cock push slowly into me. He pushed harder and deeper with every stroke until I felt his thick wet cock head enter me. As I felt his cock slide into me he turned more towards me and and got on top of me pushing his long thick shaft deep into me while I lifted and spread my legs to take him deep into my hot tight hole. He slowly moved up and down until I felt his hardened balls between my ass cheeks. I was in heaven. We kissed wildly as he fucked me telling me loudly what I great fuck I was and how glad he was to have me for his pleasure. I looked into his eyes and he was dreamy from the pleasure my tight hot ass was giving him. His cock throbbed wildly inside me until I felt him pull his hot throbbing cock out slowly until only the tip of his hot head rested on my hole. I felt his hot cum wetting my ass hole and beginning to run down the crack of my ass when he pushed his throbbing spewing cock back inside me filling me with torrents of hot cum that felt like a warmth spreading inside me. I moaned and squirmed with pleasure as I felt his strong squirts of hot cum hit my insides. It felt like this big hot husky masculine man was fucking and cumming for ever.

I had been with some guys before but never did I experience pleasure like this. He got off me and turned me on my stomach so as not to get the sheets wet with the cum that was now dripping out of my hole. He continued to kiss me and telling me how great it was. He asked I had enjoyed his cock. I nthusiastically said yes wanting nothing more than to be fucked by this man as much as I could get. At that he climbed on top of me and I realized his cock and balls were soaked with cum but his cock was just as hard as before. I commented on this and he said one time was great but twice in a row was even better. At that he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to my knees. I felt his thick horse cock slide into me and the fucking began again. Just as good and hot as before. I crossed my legs over his and pushed back to take his entire nine and a half inch horse cock deep into me. The bed shook and the loud grunting from a big man fucking another resumed as did the loud moaning of a young man receiving the best ass fucking ever from this big daddy of a man. The next three days we fucked our brains out and I continued to get fucked by him every time we met and had the opportunity. He died about nine years ago but I still jerk off at the thought of those times with my favorite uncle.