"Sex Stories" My first and Very rough black cock

Sex Stories My first and Very rough black cock
I had meet a black guy in the local pub, his name was Jeremy and he was very, very hot, I had never even kissed a black guy never mind thought about fucking one until Jeremy came along. I was sat in the pub on my lunch break having something to eat, after I finished eating Jeremy walked over and asked may he sit down so I let him, we had a great laugh from the start and he really cheered me up since I was having a bad day, we then got on to the subject of my husband cheating on me and how I then became this swinger. He then pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of his huge black snake. 

I thought Mark’s was big, but this was, thicker and bigger. It made me wet instantly and I wanted to sample my first black dick. Before I left I exchanged numbers with Jeremy expecting him not to text me, but just 3 hours later, he texted me asking if I wanted to go around to his crib as he called it lol to maybe have some fun, I was so happy to get the text so I immediately texted my son to say I was working over and not to cook dinner, see my son doesn’t no about me being a swinger neither about mine and his dads little arrangement. Anyhow I accepted Jeremy’s request and soon the day’s work ended and I headed over to Jeremys”Crib”.(Sex Stories)

When I arrived he had me a glass a wine waiting and we sat down and talked for a little while before we both kissed, I melted, he knew how to use his tongue, I just imagined him licking my clit, wow I was turned on. So we headed for the bedroom were I lay on the bed as Jeremy was in the bathroom. When he returned he entered naked I giggled but my eyes fixed onto his snake, wow it was at least 10 inches and that isn’t lying. Jeremy then walked over to me and placed his cock directly with my mouth, so I didn’t hang about and grabbed hold of his snake and began playing with his big chocolate cock sliding my hand slowly up and down his mat, then licking his cock head and smiling at him looking deep in his eyes. I think he loved the roughness my wedding ring was giving him as I wanked his dick. I couldn’t hold back any longer I needed to sample my first black dick as I placed his heavy dick in my mouth, I sucked a little, and hmmm it tasted nice so I placed more of his dick in my mouth, I now had all his big fat cock head stuffed in there, I struggled at first as it was so big but then I worked out how to suck him easier, I then could take even more of him deep down my throat, Jeremy had his hand moving my hair out my face, Jeremy grabbed a bottle of bud from the side and started drinking that. (XXX Stories)

I now had a rhythm and was sucking my black chocolate with ease Jeremy then put down his bud after having a drink and then removed my black dress for me pulling it over my head. I then lay back on the bed as Jeremy pulled my legs back closer to him; he was so strong and muscle. He then pulled of my black silk thongs and began licking and eating my pussy. Ohhh I moaned several times, oh god, oh fuck, damn, oh my god, I was in delight no man has ever sucked and licked my clit so damn good. I moaned louder as Jeremy got rougher, I kept lifting my body of the bed due to the pleasure I was in, oh shit, oh damn I kept yelling, I was so damn happy I came to Jeremy’s I was in so much pleasure. I could hear my pussy getting wetter as I heard slopping sounds were Jeremy was licking, he then slipped a finger in me while licking which made me pant, oh, oh,oh,oh,oh ohhhh noooo, god, I was going crazy on Jeremy’s bed, Jeremy then gave up on eating my drenched pussy and moved up to biting and sucking my nipples which was even better as he slid his finger back down to my pussy and began working my clit once more. 

Still moaning oh, oh, oh, yes, oh, oh I was loving it, Jeremy really finger fucked my pussy good and deep, I was lifting my ass high in the area I was in that much delight, my black lover certainly knew which buttons to press, Jeremy shut me up by slamming his cock in my mouth which I took really deep this time as he was basically sitting on my face, he then slapped my pussy really hard, which made me moan loud even with a fat cock stuffed in my mouth, he lent back over and began sucking my tits again, as well as fingering me, then Jeremy scared me, he grabbed the side of my face and rammed his cock really deep down my throat, I nearly cried I was moaning, no, no no, oh, no, oh god no I yelled as Jeremy was almost face fucking me with his huge cock, thankfully it didn’t last long but was an experience, Jeremy then spread my legs and pushed his cock deep in my pussy then slapped my ass really hard, he was really rough, Jeremy slowly fucked me at first, he had no choice his cock was to big, but as it fitted in more easily he started pounding me hard and his bed was bouncing due to the f***e he was giving it me, I was groaning, oh yes fuck me, oh, oh, yes fuck me I asked and he did exactly that he got really rough again pounding me really hard, oh god, oh, oh fuck, oh I sighed feeling my first black dick in me after a good 10 minutes of rough fucking, Jeremy placed my legs on his shoulders and then began pile driving his cock really deep in me now I never knew my pussy was so deep, he spread his legs wide and began pounding me with deep thrusts and with a rhythm, bang, bang, bang, bang. I couldn’t stop moaning as I held onto his tight ass cheeks, oh shit, oh, oh god, oh shit I kept yelling. He suddenly stopped with all his cock buried deep in my tight white pussy, I started to weep, oh, oh, god, oh, oh, it really hurts, I couldn’t hardly speak I was that fucked up. Thank god we had a little break, as then Jeremy started spreading my pussy lips and playing with my clit, he then told me he was going to fuck me hard in doggy. 

I could barely move but somehow got into doggy position as I felt his long hard cock slide back in with ease, and again he started fucking me hard and fast, his balls slapping really hard against my ass, he held my waist and really drove his dick deep in me, my stomach was really hurting, my tits were rocking back and forward as the slapping sounds got louder, jerseys was slapping my ass, as I could barely moan any more, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh god, oh my god, Ohhh, Jeremy buried my face into the bed sheets then really fucked me deep and even deeper he told me he was going to cum deep in my cheating slutty pussy and he cum really deep as he said, so deep when he removed his cock it all came gushing out, I could barely move, you bitch you got cum on my bed you slut, Jeremy suddenly went crazy, get up bitch and fucking leave, you were a shit fuck you need to get used to big black dick before you fuck real men like me, I was horrified by Jeremy’s anger as he quickly rushed me out his house. I sat in my car and began to cry, not because of how he treated me, I really enjoyed that now it had stopped, but the fact he hadn’t used a condom and he dumped a real load of cum in me and it was dribbling down my legs still. When I arrived home thank god my son wasn’t in neither was my husband. I got in the shower and washed my pussy as much as I could try to get cum out of me. When I had finished I fell a sl**p on the sofa. I must admit my first black cock was a little too big and rough but I have now gotten used to it and get it nearly every month