"Sex Stories" My First Foursome

Sex Stories My First Foursome
I hope ya'll like it. I'm going to tell ya'll the story about my first foursome but I believe the event that led up to it is just as hot as the actual event itself!! I'm just gonna tell it from my point of view. There's no "I threw myself in the arms of passion" or "I screamed louder for him to fuck my pussy harder". I'm just giving you the down and dirty details of sex!! I have never hidden the fact that I was a really big whore earlier in life. I never considered myself a slut because I didn't fuck around carelessly with a lot of guys (or maybe I did but I was always careful! LOL). I was always of the mindset that, if you are involved in a serious relationship, you should be willing to do anything sexually for your guy or your girl whichever the case may be -- so here goes.

I was in college and had your typical frat guy boyfriend. His name was Joe and, on the outside, he was the guy's guy, beer drinking, telling jokes, life of the party who also had a sensitive, loving, caring side of him. We met at one of those get-together type socials and he was a couple of years older than me. We were instantly attracted to each other and after nine months things were getting really serious. He always fucked me pretty hard but nothing really rough like I grew to enjoy later on in life. I remember one night we were fucking doggy style and he made me so weak in the knees that I just collapsed straight down but his cock was so huge that, even with my legs together, he was still able to fuck my pussy. But what he did next was unexpected. He was much taller than me so he was able to manuever around when I pushed my upper body up off the bed. (Sex Stories)

He grabbed me around my tits kind of holding on to my shoulder and then covered my mouth with his right hand. I guess he felt like he was what I call "sexually restraining" me and I admit that I absolutely enjoyed it!! I felt totally helpless but it was so fucking hot that his cock eventually popped out of my pussy because I squirted all over the bed. His pre-come and my pussy juice was in a puddle on the bed and I just grinded my pussy into it until my pussy hair was dripping with liquid sex. I was still on my belly so I begged him to spank me and kept encouraging him until my ass was red. Then, I wanted him to pull me off the bed and fuck me wheelbarrow style which means he was strong enough to hold my legs in the air while my upper body was still on the bed and fuck me sort of doggy style. He fucked me harder and harder until my pussy was absolutely throbbing. Then, I screamed louder for more and more and just as he was about to bust his nuts, I let my legs down and squeezed my tight ass together so he could orgasm harder inside me. The dorm room smelled like absolute sex. Then, we both collapsed in exhaustion on the bed and it gave me an idea for my first foursome . . .(Porn Stories)

I began to think about a fantasy of mine since he was so sweet after the sexual encounter where I was flat down on my belly and he reached around with his left arm to kind of pin my arms and cuddle my tits while he covered my mouth with his other hand. It was hot and he apologized a couple of days after for feeling like it got out of hand. However, I had a couple of days to think about it and I enjoyed the tenseness of feeling totally helpless and being able to concentrate only on my sexual pleasure. So, I set it up over the next month where I was going to have my first foursome so I could get that feeling again and accomplish two other goals. I told my BF that the basic idea was for me to be blindfolded and him to have two more frat buddies that he trusted to fulfill my fantasy. I never wanted to know who the guys were as to take away any awkwardness that may result afterwards if things didn't go well. I would suck the cock of my BF and then he would gently lay me down on the bed and fuck me missionary style. The rule was that if the other two guys did not cross the line that I would give them each, one at a time, a blowjob and handjob to completion and they could blow on my tits. Since my guy was going to fuck me missionary style on the bed, their job was to take turns with their knees in my side to keep me stationary and hold down an arm, cover my mouth, and play with my tits however they choose to do it.

The second mission was to accomplish something else and that was to taste my own pussy juice while my BF was fucking me. Plus, this kind of gave the guys a rest just in case. After all, I admit it's hard being so close to a girl getting fucked and not be able to partake until afterwards. So, I got in the doggy style position to suck his cock and again he let me fall belly to the bed to fuck me again with his long cock. One guy stretched my arms above my head while my BF continued to fuck me but then I wanted to accomplish my third goal which was to let my BF take me up the ass. However, I knew my asshole was tight and I have a curvy ass let's say and Joe would need some help. So, the other guy was allowed to spank my ass and keep my cheeks spread for Joe. But, don't get me wrong. Joe wasn't allowed to put his whole dick in my ass. He was allowed to put the head and a little bit of his cock - enough to fuck my ass without thrusting it and enough to make him cum. The basic idea for the finish was to flip me over on my back and have one guy pin me down at the ankles and the other to pin me down at the shoulders and then Joe would cum on my tits, tummy, and in my pubic hair. After about 30 minutes of carefully orchestrated fucking and the other two guys living up to their end of the bargain, Joe finally blew a big load of cum everywhere.

I laid back on the bed with my legs spread and continued to play with my pussy even lifting my leg to put my finger in my asshole. Then, when I was ready and with Joe still in the room, I told the first guy to lay down on the bed and, since he was already hard, I started rubbing his ball sac with one hand while jerking his cock with the other. I figured we'd all been nasty already so I spit a lot to lube his cock and make him cum quicker. Then, I would go hands free and tickle his asshole and play with his balls more while I took nearly all the guy's cock in my mouth. Then, I would finish by planting my hands on his hips and sucking full f***e up and down his shaft til I received the tap on the shoulder and leaned up to jerk his cum off on my tits. I repeated with the second guy, never taking my blindfold mask off, and both came in less than five minutes. Joe disappeared with the guys and came back and told me it was OK to take off the mask. 

Was a little whorish for doing it? Probably but its not like all three guys were fucking me. I'm not gonna lie and say it was that type of real-life porno. Did it seem a little like these guys were fantasy r****g me because they were holding me down while a guy fucked me? Well, probably so and, for the record, I don't condone **** in the sense of non-consensual sex but I do like it rough and, at least that time, I wanted to feel totally helpless so I didn't have to concentrate - or do - anything but enjoy the feeling of my BF's cock in my pussy - and ass for the first time. I've always said three guys have been allowed to put it in my ass. Joe was the first. Maybe the other two stories will be told soon!