"Sex Stories" My first time with a Guy

Sex Stories My first time with a Guy
It all started one day, when me and my friend decided to go to his house and play some video games. His parents weren’t home and this would be a good time to crank the music as loud as we wanted too. When we arrived at my friend’s house, I traveled straight to the game room downstairs in the basement. When I got down in the game room, I noticed a few of the playboy’s that he had out on the table and a video tape that was labeled, ”Rough Riders”. This wasn’t uncommon because we often had looked at playboy’s together and watched Cinemax. I picked one up and started to look at it. 

While I was downstairs, my friend was upstairs taking care of some last minute chores so just incase his mom came home early from work. When he finally came down the stairs, I was already stroking my boner through my pants and frantically straightened up when he walked through the door. He asked me, “what are you doing”, and I said, “nothing”. He must have decided to drop it because the next question out of his mouth was one that demanded which video game I wished to play. I didn’t respond. He asked me again, and again I didn’t respond. This made him sort of irritated with me but he soon got over it and just picked a game that he could play by himself. (Sex Stories)

I decided that just watching him was boring and I was starting to get hungry, so I said I was going t pick out a CD that we could listen to and I was gonna go raid his fridge. He just sort of grunted as I left. Well in his house, you have to pass by the laundry room in order to get to the kitchen. When I passed by, I noticed that there was a bunch of panties in a clean basket. His mother was very skinny and more on the petite side so she wore not only bikini style, but exotic panties such as thongs and see-through lace. When I saw these I was so turned on and I went over to see them. I bent my knees and got closer to them so I could study them more closely. I noticed one pair that really snatched my attention, a pair of black thong panties with a lacy band. I took them out and examined them. I felt them, smelled them, and brought them closer to my face. They where soft and silky, warm and fresh, I wanted them so badly. I gazed around to see if my friend was upstairs or maybe watching me, but he wasn’t, so I took them and put them in my pocket to have when I got home. 

I went to the kitchen with my panties, and looked for something to eat. Sadly my search, turned into a lost cause and I ended up with some bread. Suddenly my phone began to vibrate, and when I reached into my pocket, I felt the soft fabric on my skin, and that’s when I decided that I wouldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to try them on and ware them.

I ignored the call and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I took the panties out of my pocket and set them on the sink while I stripped myself down to just my t-shirt. I again picked up the panties and stared at them. I looked at them for a long time, and then in one motion, I bent down putting one leg into one hole, and then the other followed. By this time, I was really excited; my erection was so big that it actually hurt. The tip of my dick was poking out of the top to the lace like it was trying to save one last bit of my masculinity before disappearing into the unknown abyss. 

As soon as I got my pants on, my friend’s steps up the creaky stairs could be heard. I went out to greet him. He asked me what was taking so long, and I was so shaken up by the shock of wearing panties and that he was right there. I told him I had to use the john, and he seemed to accept this excuse. He said that he thought we should go back downstairs and play a game. When we came back downstairs, I went to sit down on his couch but he slid in before I could seat myself, and I ended up sitting on top of him. Luckily to my mistake, I forgot to wear a belt that day and when he gazed at my presence on his body, he saw where my crack should be, the thong lace panties that I had stolen from the hamper. I was at a lost for words, my throat was dry and I couldn’t think fast enough and then it just happened, I kissed him. I threw myself on him and kissed him on the lips. 

I just sat there waiting for him to make the next move, after about fifteen seconds, he kissed me back. I then kissed him passionately, putting my tongue into his mouth, and to my surprise he moved his into mine. I put my arm around his head and put my feet up onto the couch so he was cradling me. We kissed for about fifteen minutes and then he moved, he picked me up and started to carry me up the stairs when we reached the top he started down the hallway towards his room right outside of his room, he stopped and put me down. He then took his hand and brushed it lightly on my face, and then again kissed me passionately, slowly moving his hand down to my ass which he groped quite vigorously. I started to take off his shirt and unbutton his pants. I pulled down his pants, and out popped his 7 inch dick, not the biggest in length but it was almost three inches in girth and as I’ve found that’s what really matters. I started to kiss his chest and slowly worked my way down to his cock. I got on my knees, kissed it, stoked it, very slowly, working it as much as I could. I hesitated to put it in my mouth but he made the decision for me, when I kissed it one time, he f***ed my mouth down onto his dick. He first put it to far down and I started to gag. He quickly stopped the pressure on the back of my head and let me up. I then went in for a second approach this time putting my hand on the base of his cock and sucked the head and some of the shaft. Up and down up and down, over and over, I sucked and blew. I loved every minute of it. Half way through I started to lick his head and he groaned and squirmed around. He then told me he was about to cum, and asked me if it was okay if he did it in my mouth. My answer to him was just going faster and licking more. I wanted to taste him in my mouth. Finally he came all over the inside of my mouth.

He then picked me up and laid me on his bed. He proceeded to take off my shirt, and kissed me again, but this time, he played with my nipples. He started to unbutton my pants and when he unzipped them he said, nice panties, they are so sexy I just want to eat you out. And as he removed my pants I pondered what he meant by this since I had a dick. When he finally got my panties off, he began to slowly and gently kiss my inner thigh, while he stroked my cock. He then proceeded to take off my panties. He lifted my legs straight up into the air put them together, and slowly lifted them off my soft body. He cast them to the side and then spread my legs sliding my butt closer to the edge of the bed. He spread my cheeks and started to lick the outside of my little puckered hole. He made my hole, so wet and sent tingling sensations down my spine. I was trying to gasp for air. He then took his tongue and entered my hole, creating a feeling that still to the present day I cannot recreate. He took his fingers and put them in my mouth and made me suck on them, which he then stuck up my tight whole, fingering me, making me moan. He fingered me for about ten minutes and loosened me up for what was next. 

He stood up and said sit up and I did, he shoved his dick in my mouth and got it all slobbery. He then told me to lie back down and that this would hurt. I laid back down, I was so nervous. He told me to relax otherwise it would hurt a lot more. I relaxed and waited, he put my legs on his shoulders and then placed the tip of his dick on my hole. He looked at me and then slowly he entered me. I had never felt that kind of pain, I screamed in both pleasure and pain. He stopped and let me adjust to his size, and then moved a little further. Finally he reached as far as his cock would let him and he slowly began to recede, pulling out little by little. By this time it was starting to feel good. He was picking up the pace and starting to make a rhythm. I followed his lead and stared to go with his rhythm. Soon he was fucking me quicker and harder, making me scream, making me squeal. After about ten minutes he stopped and picked me up, kissed me passionately, and then positioned me so that I was on top now. I started to ride him, slowly and gentle, my hole was starting to hurt, but he wanted more and he started to slam me down onto his dick. I was feeling an ecstasy that few ever do, and he was just having so much fun. I think I came first, with no stimulation on my cock what so ever, and then he came next, he went deep inside me and let it loose. 

We collapsed on the bed together and kissed again. I got dressed and on my way out he asked when can we do this again? I said you wanna sl**p over tonight

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