"Sex Stories" My Friend Sue

Sex Stories My Friend Sue
Sue and I were neighbours that occasionally bumped into each other in the village. One day Sue invited me back to her house for a cup of coffee. As we sat on the sofa together I got the distinct feeling that she fancied me. I brushed away the thought until she said "do you think me tits are too big?"

I couldn't believe my luck!

"I suppose its possible" I said, feeling my 8" cock growing harder In my boxer shorts.

“Why don't you show me what they look like?" I said adventurously.

Sue pulled her shirt up and revealed her huge beautiful knockers for me.
I felt a hot wave of desire overcome me as I stared transfixed by their wonderful texture, colour especially the large areolas and long nipples. She told me how much she enjoyed having her huge breasts and nipples’ sucked and pulled on.(Sex Stories)

"You don't mind If I have a go do you Sue?"

Sue leaned over and I began to suckle her heavenly breasts and nipples. I started out teasingly and then took as much of her tits into my mouth as I could and began sucking as hard as possible I could her moaning with a mixture of both pleasure and pain as I roughly sucked/pulled her nipples.

I pulled Sue’s shirt completely off pushed her back onto the sofa. She stared up at me helplessly " you know you've been an extremely naughty girl showing me your tits and having me suck them don't you Sue?" She nodded slowly.(Erotic Stories)

"I'm going to have to punish you Sue, it’s not something I enjoy doing but I think we both know that Its exactly what you need, Isn’t it?" She slowly nodded her head again.

"I want you to tell me what you need Sue!" I said in a angry voice.

"I need to be punished David, I...I need you to punish me and sort me out" Sue said haltingly. 

I told Sue to brIng me a chair from the kitchen and some cord. 
When she returned I had her remove all but her panties and sit in the chair whilst I tied her wrists to the arms. Sue looked scared at the thought of what I might do as she sat watching me.

Sue watched as I stripped off my clothes, my fat 8" cock waving about in the air, fully erect, pulsating with the bl**d pumping through it. My heart was racing with the thoughts of her sitting tied to the chair, helpless and scared and what I could do to hurt her....

I stood In front of Sue and began kneading her massive breasts with both hands.I began gently and softly. I could hear her breathing increase, small moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth. I bent over and kissed her on the mouth gently.

"You want me to hurt you don't you Sue?" she nodded shyly In agreement.

I squeezed her huge jugs violently and she jumped still tied to the chair, screaming out in pain.

"I see we need to do something about this noise your making"

I walked into the kitchen and found a tea towel. I tied it firmly around Sue's mouth and head.

"There, now I can do whatever I like to you and no one will be able to hear what fun we're having will they?"

I stood In front of her again and grabbed both of Sue's long nipples in each hand, squeezing them as hard as I could manage. I pulled on them until I could pull her out of the chair slightly. This gave me an idea for later. I walked behind the chair and grabbed her nipples again; gripping both of her long teats between the thumb and fingers of my strong hands I pulled upwards, stretching her massive nippless to the breaking point. Sue continued to scream throughout this torturous routine, but her cries and tears only made me more excited and aggressive.

I bent over Sue's shoulders and took one of her long teats into my mouth, sucking gently as she sobbed from the pain I had inflicted. I bit into the nipple suddenly and without warning, before she good react I moved to the other nipple and bit It violently. Sue withered in agony as I alternated between biting and squeezing her teats.

Eventually I grew so excited I pushed Sue's head back so that she was staring up at me and my aching cock. I held Sue's head with both hands and rammed my cock down her throat, choking her as I fucked her, r****g her throat with my massive dick. Once my dick was lodged deep her in throat I reached down and began abusing her nippless again. As I fucked her throat I used my hold on her jugs to help pull and push even harder as I fucked her violently and remorselessly. Sue and the chair were bounced up and down as I continued to ravage her selfishly. When I felt myself nearing orgasm I stopped.
I still had many more plans for torturing Sue and her body, especially her clitoris!

I untied Sue and took her to the bedroom. I f***ed Sue onto the bed face down pushing her throat with my hand and jumping on top of her, she could feel my fat wet cock rubbing against the cheeks of her arsehole. I rammed my dick straight up her bum until my bollocks were bouncing off her cheeks. I reached around with both hands and crushing her breasts with my strong hands while I ****d her violently. Sue was screaming and crying but with the tea towel wedged in her mouth no one could hear her pitiful cries of agony. I slapped her bum and f***ed my cock brutally deep into her colon. I was like an a****l in heat. I wanted her to feel every inch of my fat cock inside her tight, filthy bum. I whispered into her ear what a stupid, fat, bitch she was. How lucky she was that I was fucking her. “Take my fucking cock up your arse Sue!” 

When I couldn’t stand it anymore I pulled my dick out and turned her over jacking my cock as I sprayed a huge wad of salty cum over her onto her face and tits. I continued spraying loads of cum, unable to stop. It felt like gallons of sperm shooting out of my dick, covering Sue's face, her massive breasts and swollen, angry nipples. She was dripping with the cum from my dick.

I reached down and found her swollen clit and squeezed it with brutal f***e pulling up on it, stretching it to the breaking point. Sue's body shuddered as she began to come, screaming in agony and pain. She kept cumming and cumming until she passed out, fainting from the tremendous excitement and effort.