"Sex Stories" My night of terror and pleasure

Sex Stories My night of terror and pleasure
To begin with, I had my son when I was 15.I am 32 and he is 18 We were always very close as a single mom I was over protective of him. In any case, he'd seen me nude many times. Plus shared my bed on stormy nights. Our state allows you to set up two or more campsites but someone has to be there over night so my son and I drove out there and pitched camp. We had some beers and I made campfire supper. We went to the lake to check things out I am 32 and he is 18

I love to skinny dip and after seeing no one was around so in I went, followed by my son we swam and played like always, dunking and such, my son swam out to the buoy ,so I swam out as well...I floated on back and my son reached under me and held me up and I was just looking at the night sky when he grabbed me around my waist and dunked me I ended up with my head between his legs so I grabbed him and pulled myself up out of the water, we were face to face and he had a very hard erection I didn’t really respond at first then asked what is that thing doing and he apologized said it happened I laughed and said you’re old mom’s still got it huh and I leaned back floating on my back my breast floating and sparkling in the moonlight. (XXX Stories)

My son grabbed my legs and spun me around and pulled me back to the buoy as my body sank down I felt his erection poking and nudging my butt for some reason I didn’t move it felt so natural he reached around and held me under my breast with both of us treading water his erection made more and more contact on me I laughed and said we’d better go back to the camp as I swam away he grabbed my ankle and pulled me back and jumped on me taking us both down we surfaced faced to face and I had a fairly sized erection pressing into me I shook my head and said to him you’re a naughty little boy he said boy? 

I’m no boy mom and I said no you’re not this is the shameful part I floated again on my back but wrapped my legs around his waist which pulled me very close to him, close enough that his erection nudged my pussy and in my head I screaming NO but single mom’s don’t get to go out a lot so I let his cock nudge my pussy I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist there was a total silence as we both knew at that moment his cock could enter me accidentally or no but I turned and swam away as we got into shallow water something came over me I flipped over and held myself up with my arms and kept spreading and closing my legs my son came up laughing and splashing me he shocked me by saying damn mom if you weren’t my mom, I said but I am again on his knees he was at the perfect height and he came up between my legs and he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him we stared at each other as he moved his cock up and down between my pussy lips I told him we have to stop this right now he said why, I blurted out not here and left the water to dry off we got in the jeep and rode back in silence we went into the tent and I said I need a fucking beer and I said do you know what almost happened out there my son said yes mom, I almost made love to the most beautiful woman in the world I was shocked and could only giggle and said I need a 12 beers my mind was racing as we only wrapped ourselves in towels and he had taken his off and his cock which was bigger than his fathers by far so not knowing what to say I blurted out you inherited my penis because you didn’t get that thing from your sperm donor, which we bust out laughing I was drinking pretty fast and my head was feeling the effects of the beers. 

My son asked why don’t you go out more mom, I told him what money I got I spent on bills and groceries. My son said well you deserve something special I laughed and said that’ll be a long time coming he said no lay on the bed he rummaged around and found some body lotion and started to massage me the beer and massage were making me sl**py my sons hands on my legs and upper thighs felt so good I just relaxed and pretty much drifted into my zone when he moved up to do my back he was between my legs and when he’d lean forward I could feel his cock brushing along my ass and lower back I started to move and say something to him about it when he leaned over and his warm breath in my ear said it’s ok mom I won’t do nothing stupid I said mmmmm ok be a good boy. His hands felt so good on my skin it had been quite sometime when I had had real sex he turned the lantern down and came back and sat on my upper thighs his cock at my vaginal slit he said wow mom you’re pretty shiny down there and I said well stay away from down there and I heard aww but mom and I said Richard James cool your jets he said ok like I’d broke his heart as he reached for my shoulders I felt the head of his cock push against my pussy and I thought omg he’s quite the man. 

He left it there barely moving against me as he leaned over me his cock caught in my crotch and dragged up my ass cheeks and popped out this time I just giggled so hard and said give your mom two more of them beers then said no 3 more I have a feeling I’m going to need them he got the beers from the cooler and said here ya go and he went guzzle, guzzle so I downed that beer as fast as I could and he smacked my ass and went yeah my mom rules. The problem was drinking always makes me horny and the massage had me soaking wet down there my son asked want me to do the front, I said no if I rolled over he’d really see how wet and excited I was he said all right and resumed his place I wasn’t sure if he made sure his cock nudged my pussy each time he leaned forward or what but I grabbed my third beer and realized I didn’t care actually I was secretly hoping he was. I told Richard to just turn off the lantern it’s so dark in a national forest I felt relief being in the dark I was feeling funny and guilty at the same time as I realized if my son’s cock penetrated me I wouldn’t stop him I felt my face burning in shame he fumbled around and got some more lotion and squirted it on my legs butt and back

Then in total shock I felt him lower his body down onto mine he said mom is it ok if I just like rub the lotion in this way his cock settled in between my butt cheeks and my mind screamed stop this shit stop it now I heard my son’s voice saying I won’t be stupid mom I said Richard this is so wrong and you know it as well as I do he moved his body along mine and said this is wrong? I could only lower my head and groan silently I told him fine it’s ok like this just be careful where you aim that thing, he laughed and said like this and poked my pussy my breath whistled through my teeth as I sucked in my breath and said yes like that, now stop it , he said mom turn over ok? I said why this is fine he said I want to do your legs and stuff I said no Richard I can’t look you in the face right now he said why I told him maybe we’d better stop this before something happens he said but mom I’ll only rub the lotion in like I said he said please mom please can we do it again like me on top I was so exasperated with the whole situation I just lay back on my back not realizing he could see I’d turned over when I felt him lowering himself on me he stopped for a minute and then he said it’s ok mom and he lowered his lower body down on mine his cock was scalding hot and he started rubbing back and forth I kept my legs together and could hardly breathe as I realized I wanted him to fuck me he held his body over top of mine so his chest was brushing into my breast my nipples hardened and my hips started moving on their own my heart felt as if it would explode in my chest I pushed my hips up and let out and uncontrollable moan my hands reached around and grabbed his ass and I opened my legs and his cock searched out my sopping wet hole and slid up into my pussy I had an orgasm the minute he entered me and I pulled him down on me and bit his shoulder to stifle my cries, soon I was acting like a woman possessed telling my own son to fuck me his cock felt so good in my neglected pussy stretching me with each thrust it wasn’t long before he came though and I rolled him off of me and dove for his cock I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth I licked his balls and up and down his shaft and held it in my hand kissing licking sucking his cock until it started to respond to my mouth I took him into my throat and sucked as hard as I could as it withdrew from my mouth I took it in my hands to feel the girth and length of my sons cock I got on top of him and slowly lowered my dripping cunt onto his over sized cock until I had it firmly implanted in my pussy and I started a slow rolling motion of my hips I leaned forward and guided my sons lips to my nipple as he suckled on my nipple a million emotions went through my heart and mind I put my hands on his chest and rocked my wet happy pussy on his cock grinding my clit against his pubic bone I couldn’t help myself as I asked Richard is this what you wanted son to fuck your mother?

He said yes he’d masturbated many times thinking of fucking me I told him don’t worry my baby your mother‘s pussy is yours to fuck from now on as I settled into riding him to numerous orgasms. That night I introduced him into how to eat a woman’s pussy and also the pleasures of anal sex even as wet and excited I was his cock was a challenge for my puckered anus I told him it was ok to lick a woman there and spread his saliva and my juices on my asshole to make it easier for his cock to get in me we’ve fucked many nights since that night but none will ever be as special as the first time we crossed the mother son barrier and his cock penetrated me. Even though he has, married and I also married a wonderful man we still meet once a month so I can get a good mother son fucking by my son’s wonderful cock.