"Sex Stories" My Nightclub Bouncer

Sex Stories My Nightclub Bouncer
I was out on the town partying away with my work friends as it was one of there birthdays so we decided to go in fancy dress which is always great as I went dressed out as a naughty nurse, my outfit was hot and slutty and im not just saying that. I was wearing a sexy 3-piece leather nurse uniform; it was very short and made my tits look very nice.

We headed into our first nightclub and the guys eyes lit up seeing older women dressed like cock starved sluts, we got loads of attention and guys were buying us drinks everywhere, after a few sambuca shots and a few more clubs we headed into out last bar. Now this bar was known as a black mans club as it played heavy R&B tracks and hip hop, bare in mind my first black cock was a rough experience I was on the look out for a more gentle guy this time. But after a while in the club there wasn’t really much talent in there so I headed outside for a cigarette were I met my man. (Sex Stories)

He was a bouncer and he was drop dead gorgeous, he was tall, and very dark skinned, I asked him if he had lighter and he lit my cigarette up like a true gentleman. We got talking and he told me had not long come over from Trinidad and was working here for a few months. He told me I was looking mighty fine and then said if I didn’t have a guy by the end of the night I could take him home any night, I laughed playing the game saying well see honey but deep down I wanted him. 

So come the end of the night my knight in shining armour was true to his word and he took me back to his place. He had a very clean apartment and brought me in a glass of rose wine, we sat and talked about things and my husband and before long we locked in a kiss in his living room. Me being d***k I couldn’t wait to see his weapon so I pulled out his cock on his sofa, it was quite big, not as big as Jeremy’s but big enough. I wasted no time and began sucking him deep in my throat, I was now used to big cocks being in my mouth after my encounter with Jeremy. I grabbed hold of the base of his black meat and sucked him good, my best blowjob IV given. (Porn Stories)

My black lover had his eyes closed whilst I sucked his monster and gave him a hand job to remember, he then grabbed my head and shoved it back down on to his cock as I started to gag, I let him out my mouth and gasped for air before wanking him again, then sucking on his cock head again, then I pushed down as deep as his cock would fit in my mouth and held the position for a minute as he groaned oh, oh. I had that much saliva in my mouth I spat on his cock then went back down sucking his tool again, he was playing with my hair watching the view of me sucking his black meat, again he held my head and f***ed me to bob up and down on his dick which made me spit again, I enjoyed sucking this big fat dick it was nicer. I was out off breath I was sucking him so quick and deep. I quickly pulled of my nurse outfit and let clasp of my bra letting free my titties which he grabbed immediately and started pinching and playing with my nipples, I went back to work on his cock again sucking him deep and good he was really enjoying it as he kept moaning, oh, oh, oh, oh. The slopping sounds were crazy from my mouth I had so much wet ness in there. He then held my head and face fucked me for a few seconds before pulling free from my mouth, which made a loud plop sound as I sucked him hard up his shaft till I sprang free.

We then changed places I then sat on the sofa and he stood up, because I have nice set of tits I started titty wanking him, it felt great he would fuck my titties and I was jiggling them around his thrusts, I looked up into his eyes while talking dirty, he loved me sucking his dick as he pushed my head back onto his cock and I quickly done a few seconds hard sucking deepthroating before he went back to titty fucking me, I was totally knackered and d***k. I then lay back down on his sofa as he began licking and sucking on my clit, this always sends me wild and let out a huge yell as he began sucking my clit. He was the first black man to tongue fuck me and my god it felt good, he loved being fast and told me to get in doggy which I did, he then began pounding my ass doggy style. I was enjoying my second black cock a lot better. 

I even talked a hell of a lot dirty to this guy whilst he was pounding me I kept saying yes fuck me good, yes, I want to fuck you hard back, your dick is so big, fuck me oh shit right there, hmmmmm, big dick, big dick, you like playing with my ass yeah, harder, harder baby. He fucked me so good and nice doggy style I was enjoying it so much, black men are so good at doggy style and I don’t know why. He fucked me in doggy for a good 15 minutes before telling me he wanted to cum all over my face and titties so I lay on his sofa whilst he let me suck and wank him till he erupted all over my titties, damn I glad he didn’t cum up my pussy as he erupted loads of cum, why do all black men spunk loads? He erupted his last little bit before I cleaned his cock head clean. I then sat then on his sofa playing with my titties with his cum dribbling down them.

We got changed and he dropped me off at my home, my second black dick in the space of 4 weeks, this was now my 4th dick in 3 months and my husband only knew about 2…