"Sex Stories" My Young Niece Watches Me Cum

Sex Stories My Young Niece Watches Me Cum
It was the morning after The First Time With My Young Niece (see story) and as usual she was up fairly early. Thinking of the evening before, I just had to get up also and go and see her, one to see if there was going to be any reaction from her, which would mean she had awoke last night and also because I was horny for her again.

I went into the living room and she was sitting on the floor watching telly. She didn’t say anything as I entered and I simply asked if she was alright. She just casually said that she was and gave no indication either way as to whether she knew about the evening before or not. (Erotic Stories)

I was deliberately just wearing my dressing gown, with nothing underneath, with the intention of discreetly flashing my cock, so that she saw it, as I wanted to see her reaction. After making a cup of tea, I sat on the sofa in front of her in such a way so as she could just about see my cock, the problem was, she was turning me on in her little nightdress and my cock was getting hard. She did glance down at it a few times, but said nothing. 

As I got a little braver, I exposed more of my now hard cock and still she said nothing, I’m not actually sure just what I did expect her to say! She did however, come over to the sofa and sat next to me, really close, as she always had done. After the initial panic and not really knowing what to do, I figured that she had clearly seen my erect cock and still came and sat with me, so to hell with it.

I put my arm around her and pulled her even closer, the feel of her tight young body under the soft material of her nightdress just increased the bl**d flow to my cock, which was now huge. It was partially covered by my dressing gown and I was in two minds as to whether to let it fall completely open, letting her see my huge throbbing cock, the thought of which hastened my excitement. 

Instead of this, I moved it a little so most of my cock was visible and said “I apologise for that Abbey, I must have had a hot dream about you” and laughed. She simply replied “its ok, men always seem to have hard ones” and also laughed. Well that was all the encouragement I required and immediately moved my arm up, so that my hand was just under her gorgeous little breasts. As I very slowly inched my fingers up and over one of her breasts I said “feel free to deal with it for me” again laughing as I said it. “It’s your cock, you deal with it” was the simple reply. With that, I slipped my dressing gown open, exposing my massive bulging cock for her to see and started stroking it, not saying anything.

I did have to be rather careful here, as my wife was asl**p in the bedroom and could potentially have walked in at any moment, which would have brought my life at an abrupt end. I was however, so horny and obsessed with my beautiful young niece, that I had to take the chance. 

By now I had slipped my hand down her nightdress and was fondling her gorgeously small breasts, which felt like nothing on this earth I can tell you, so soft and smooth and those tiny little nipples just adding to the pleasure. As I wanked my cock, I said “Abbey, I would love to cum over you” She replied with “Well at least you have finally admitted you want sex with me, after touching me up since I was little and pretending you wasn’t” I wasn’t too sure how to respond to this, but indeed it was true, we had always been really close, especially after her mum and dad split and I would often play about with her, making sure I got a bit of a feel up while I was at it. I decided it was somewhat pointless denying it so I said “I can’t help it Abbey, you have always been so gorgeous and I do love you, but I’ve simply always wanted you” “It’s ok, I like you too” was her short reply.

I continued wanking my cock and fondling her breasts, when I heard my wife stirring in the bedroom “oh fuck” I was thinking. Abbey looked up and said “better hurry up with that” she had clearly heard my wife also. With that I said “watch my cock cumming abbey” and gently pushed her head down onto my chest and as I cupped both her horny little breasts in one hand, I wanked my cock furiously until a massive wad of spunk erupted from it, at which point she quickly moved her head up, presumably to avoid getting a face full and looked up at me. I gazed down at her beautifully sweet little face as more and more spunk shot from my cock, it was a magical moment, looking at each other like that as I was cumming.

It was a case of quickly doing my dressing gown back up to absorb all the spunk and make my way to the shower before my wife, which thankfully I did. It was a great shower, as I just kept thinking of my gorgeous niece, who I had wanted for so long and who had just watched me cum, I just wanted to go and kiss her beautiful sweet mouth..............