"Sex Stories" A naughty girl can just do it

Sex Stories A naughty girl can just do it
Walking down a small, less than often visited side street, in my home town here in Sweden, my attention was caught by a bust of the female anatomy, just depicting the breasts down to the mid-point of the thighs.

Looking up to the name it showed it was a shop for tatoos and body piercings, and the bust had an array of piercings, showing where they could be placed.

In the window down on the lower left side there was a perfectly scaled model of the female vagina, again for the purposes of body piercing.

There was a mixture of anticipation and excitement, both about being so exposed and having to sit with your legs akimbo in front of a stranger.(Adult Stories)

I was having one of those fantasy moments girls get when bored, at an age of discovery and yearning, hormones running wild, mind saying no, body screaming yes.

Even today many years later I still dont have a piercing or tat anywhere on my body, they do nothing for me, so why was I contemplating dropping my knickers and exposing myself in such a fashion.

Sitting in a coffee shop, often frequented by our small group of girls during our pre-uni years, I sat tracing my finger around the rim of my empty coffee cup, and I realised I was just horny, plane and simple, just in a state of horniness.

Seeing a bust of my body shape and contours, so nude and exposed, gave me a thrill. How many men walked up and down this street and cast their eyes over this image, peering closely into the contours, focusing on the object they desired most and had an erection standing there in front of the window.

I had substituted myself as this object of desire and as I was ovulating I was crying out, ' It's me your looking at,' I wanted to be that bust, and show an array of men, assembled outside the window, all standing masturbating as the peered into my soul and ejaculating onto the window, yes, I was having a typical female fuck fantasy, in public and in the sanctity of my little cafe.

Heart pumping, pulse racing and mind giddy with naughty sexual desires, I walked, light of foot and slightly wavering, back towards the shop, each step taking me closer into my fantasy, I was going to do it, I was up for it, I was going to show myself and spread-em wide.
I was now there, standing outside, my body shaking with my hand on the door, deep intake of breath and I pushed. Nothing happened, it was locked, it was closed, it was the fucking weekend, how stupid was I.

I lay in bed later that day and decided to call in the morning, this was not going away, I so wanted to go through with this, not the tats or piercings, just the deep need to show myself. It was the begining of my love affair with exhibitionism, I was a flasher it thrilled me to show myself to strangers and provided me with enough material, for my daily feminine bout of self abusememt.

I must have sounded so strange on the phone, my voice was shaking and higher pitched, my nervousness must be obvious to him. Yes it was a man. I tried to appear so experienced and mature, but I suspect he has had so much experience with girls just like myself, he never gave it a second thought.

When he asked my what it was I actually wanted done, I was stumped for an answer. 'A tatoo and mabye a piercing' I blurted out, 'Where?', he enquired.

Now my imaturity showed, I was too scared to say where I wanted him to touch. 'Can I just visit as we will see' I stupidly replied, my face a deep crimson and my mind saying 'You fucking stupid bitch'

To my relief and pleasure he calmly said' Look love just pop down and we can have a cup of tea, you tell me what you want and we can see how to do it' Was I so relieved and blurted out I was leaving right now, slammed the phone down and prepared myself for this desired encounter.

Quick shower, three articals of clothing, cotton knickers a thin cotton summery dress and a pair of sandles. My tits were so small a brazzie was a waiste of money, besides I was in the mood for fun.

He was warm and very fatherly, he was so old, well much older than I thought. I was expecting a funky younger guy, hung like an elephant, well thats dreams for you.

Strangely enough as we chatted I warmed to him. I felt secure but I still had this hidden agenda, and as we talked I was envisioning him looking into every nook and cranny as I opened up to his peering eyes.

'Can you tell me how old you are?' I was jolted back to reality and felt really adolecent at this question. 'Why I asked' 'Its the law' he replied and 'You look so young'. I blushed and said, '18' I lied. I was almost but not quite.

'OK' was his reply, 'I believe you' and he added, 'If your not, then you never had it done here, promise me'. 'Sure, I promise' we both now had an understanding, he knew I was lying, and I knew he was keen to see me.

His face lit up when I told him what I was thinking and he rose and brought in the small bust of the vagina. Sitting chatting matter of factly his fingers caressed ever so gently along the contours and folds of that model, I squirmed as I imagined him touching me in a similar fashion.

I was shocked out of my dreamlike state of mind when he concluded by saying,' Ok shall we have a look at you and see what's what.'

This was it, the moment I had been building up to. I was frozen to my seat. I was going to show this man my very soul. I stood up and looked around, he got up and went out front to lock the front door to the shop, I was to take my knickers off when he was out of the room, but he was back in a flash and I had not even lifted the hem of my dress.

I looked around half expecting a screen or something, but no, just two chairs and a table with all his tools laid out.

Are you nervous he enquired, 'No, not really' trying to enf***e the lie I told about my age. I lifted my dress from the back and hooked my thumbs into my knicker hemline, over my buttocks and down my legs as I stooped forward, I had never taken my clothes off in front of a man before, this was all so new.

My horror of horrors as I stumbled forward with my knickers at my ankles and they were caught in the heel of my sandel, but not the stumble that caught me off guard, it was the dark stain in the crotch of my panties. It looked like I had wet myself, my crotch was soaking, it was a result of all my fantisizing as he talked, and he must have seen that as I tried to squeeze them into the smallest ball ever

He placed a towel on the seat for me to sit on and this only served to enf***e my mind he had seen I was so wet. 'Dont worry love, most girls experience that and I am used to it'

I sat down raising the back of my dress so my buttocks were on the towel. He lowered the back of the chair, so I was in a semi-reclined position, brought his seat forward and sat in front of me and gently eased my dress up, all the way until it sat just under my breasts.
I looked down my form, all naked and fleshy. My position showed my girly six pack adominals below which lay a whispy blond mound of pubic hair.

He rested his hands on my thighs and they traced the outline as they effortly glided sensuously up coming to rest on my tomboyish hips, which were now moving with a mind of their own, as I was now gone, humping some imaginary cock for all the world to see. I was jolted out of this as his hands traced my abdomen and he ran his fingers through my pubes. I gasped when he parted my vagina, exposing my small erect clitoris and all the moisture laden fold of sensitive skin. My sexual odour was strong, perhaps all the hormones were flavouring my secretions, which were high as the towel below my ass was getting wetter as he looked at me.

'Your clitoris is too small for a piercing, but it is beautiful to see' he said, only causing me to eject more bodily fluid onto the towel. 'You seem to like this feeling he said, do you want more?' he challenged. As if the emphasize my answer, 'OK' I slid further forward on the seat, until my whole ass was in mid air and opened my legs further, to his probing.

He was in complete control, pressing all the right buttons and stroking all the right bits.

I looked at him between my legs, he was focused on my open vagina, he was inserting his fingers and causing my ass to lift involuntary with each thrust and when he looked up and his eyes locked onto mine he said, 'This is what you wanted, you came here to fuck me?' 'Yes' I replied, I would have said anything he wanted as that moment in time, I was having feeling that I never had before and was in no mood to stop now. Still finger fucking me he slowly stood up, somehow he had managed to undo his flies, his cock was out, erect and ready to probe my inner receses.

'Can I join in now, baby?' 'Sure, I dont care', I blurted and watched as his knob first came into contact with my swollen labia then dissapeared inside me, causing me to instictively reach out for his buttocked, dig my nails in and start pumping him in and out of me, like a human dildo.

My kness had instinctivly drawn up and my legs were across his back, there was no resistance to his thrusts except for the tightness of my vaginal muscles, honed over the years of horse riding. 

He was panting hard, licking my neck and calling my Daddies Girl and was joining in by say, 'Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me'

I dont know if was to do with the age difference or the extreme perversity of old men fucking young girls, but its something that has stayed with me ever since and adds to my greater depth during an orgasm.

I cast a look at the clock and mentally noted he had been inside me for 20 minutes and still the pleasure was coming, so much so that it was now merging with the pain into a new pleasure. I had to stop and more importantly had he cum and did he cum in my pussy.

Panic struck' 'Did you cum in me', I asked him, 'No baby, not yet' he replied. I explained I was ovulating and could very easily be fertilized if he shot his sperm into me.

'No problem love' and he withrew his cock from me, leaving a very empty feeling where only a second ago I was feeling so fullfilled. He moved to the side of the chair and ordered me to lick his balls, and to emphasize his point he eased them ever my face, and the brushed over my nose and mouth. They had a musky smell, very soft and inviting. I pulled my tongue out and applied a lashing of spit and f***ed my tongue tip into the giving flesh. He was groaning louder with each lashing my tongue applied, emboldening me to explore this new found power, and I went deeper into his scrotum until I was applying what we called ringing, tongue fucking his ass, yes I was sticking my tongue up and old mans asshole and actually savouring the dirty deed.

I had my first facial, powerful ejections into my eyes and blond hair, he drew back and run his cock across my closed lips and the saltiness of his sperm was becoming more prominant as the heat receded out of the sex.

As one last act of complete surrender, he entered my mouth, and I lay there sucking him clean, swallowing all the contents of our sex session.

We sat for five to ten minutes, completely spent, exhausted but satiated. I rose and pulled my dress over my head, bent and picked up the tight ball of cotton that once represented white cotton panties.

At his request I wrote my name, truthfully, phone number and a short statement of what had just transpired, and signed it, dutifully handed them to him and said, 'You are the proud owner of my virginity, signed sealed and personally delivered.'

Guys this is a very truthful acount of the loss of something I think most of you would like to hear, I am proud it was so enjoyable an experience, and it has tainted my preferences of mates for sex throught my life. I hope you all understand I have these kinks but I can enjoy you the reader just as much so please talk to me and perhaps you can show me something different.

Girls if your going to lose you virginity, look at all the older men with so much experience to give , not to mention the pleasure you will give them