"Sex Stories" Naughty Nieces Take Advantage

Sex Stories Naughty Nieces Take Advantage
I awoke the morning after my grocery store romp with Mary, feeling warm kisses being planted on my neck and chest by my wife, Barbara. When I opened my eyes, she had a wide grin on her face. She hugged me, actually squeezed me: “you were quite the Wild One last night,” she said, “what got into you?” I shrugged, and returned her embrace. “I don’t know, maybe food shopping gets me horny,” I replied, not lying to her.

“Speaking of shopping, Laura (her s****r) and I want run over to the Mall after breakfast and do some clothes shopping with the girls. Is that okay with you?” she asked. “Sure, enjoy yourselves. There’s a good movie playing there too, maybe you all can catch the matinee show while you’re there,” I offered. “That would be fun!” she said.(Porn Stories)

After cooking my world renowned “Uncle Bill’s Big Breakfast” for everyone, Barb and Laura went about getting ready to go out, and my two little innocent nieces settled in front of the TV to watch a Disney movie. As I busied myself with clearing the table, I heard Laura, the girls’ mother, asking the girls if they wanted to go shopping with her and my wife. “No thanks,” Beth responded, “we just want to hang out and watch this movie.” Mary nodded in agreement. “Well, don’t forget to change out of your PJ’s,” their mom stated. “We won’t,” answered Mary.

Barb came into the kitchen as I stacked the dishes and filled the sink. “The girls don’t want to go with us, are you okay with them staying here with you?” she asked. “Sure, we’ll be fine. The girls are no trouble,” I replied as calmly as I possibly could. As the car backed out of the driveway, I could hear whispering and squealing coming from the living room. Giggling little girls, I thought to myself, sweet music to the ears. With my hands deep into the sink full of dishes, my fantasy mind took over. I could just picture my beautiful nieces changing out of their PJ’s and into something incredibly sexy. I laughed at myself as I hoped they would ask me to help them. But, reality took over, and it turned out to be tons better than my clothes-changing fantasy.

Beth and Laura padded out to the kitchen, still giggling to each other. They flanked me, and put their arms around my waist, hugging me. “Hi, Uncle Bill, we wanted to stay home with you, do you mind?” Mary asked. “I’m delighted to spend the afternoon with two lovely young ladies,” I replied. They laughed, as their hands began to roam around my hips and around to my ass. “Girls! Girls!” I implored, “you’re taking advantage of my helplessness!” That only got them friskier, as they reached around and began rubbing my inner thighs, making sure they teased my crotch a little on each upstroke.

“Uncle Bill, I hope you know that Beth is included in our secret pact,” Mary announced. “I guess that makes sense,” I said as I looked at Beth’s blushing smile. “Good, because I told her all about our little shopping trip yesterday, and she’s really jealous,” Mary added. I could feel the hairs on my neck stand on end, and now I was blushing too, as I washed the dishes in the soapy water. “She wants in on the action,” Mary explained. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I was, almost three times older than these two young vixens, and they were treating me like a rock star. I had to ask: “Tell me girls, why do you want to do all this sexy stuff with me?”

They looked at each other, and Beth spoke: “Because we love you, Uncle Bill, and we know you love us too, and you would never do anything to hurt us.” All true, I thought. “And besides, you’re sort of sexy, and we like your cock,” Mary added. Well, you can’t hear that often enough, I thought, as my head started swelling along with my cock. Mary reached her hand under my shorts, and wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock. “Ooooh! You’re hard already!” She noted enthusiastically. Beth’s hand soon joined in, and I was dying a wonderful death. “C’mon, girls, that’s not fair…I have to finish these dishes first! It will look suspicious if they’re not done when your mom and Aunt Barb get back,” I protested.

They both pulled away, and Beth’s eyes lit up: “I know, we’ll go up and take a shower, then, we’ll meet you in the guest room…hurry up!” With that, they were off, scrambling up the stairs to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on, amid shrieks of merriment coming from my delicious nieces. As I continued my chore, visions of naked sugarplums danced in my head. 

When the shower turned off, I heard the girls immediately running down the hall, into the guest room. I surmised three things: 1. they must have showered together, 2. they must have been naked running down the hall, and 3. they were still wet, having left their towels in their room. (Sherlock Holmes has nothing on me!) I focused back on the dishes, finally getting them all rinsed and stacked. I took a deep breath, and headed up the stairs. I knocked on the door, out of respect, and was given permission to enter by Beth. The room was a disaster area. It looked like they had unloaded their backpacks and threw their clothes everywhere. Any outrage I felt was quickly distinguished when I noticed several pairs of thongs and panties shamelessly displayed on the floor, the chair, the desk...it was wonderful, I decided, and chaotic panty display lent a sexy ambiance to the room. Not that the room needed any help in the ambiance department: On display (for my eyes only!) were my two steaming, naked, hot nieces in the 69 position, licking each other’s crotches with a single-mindedness of purpose.

“Hi Uncle Bill, you finally made it,” Beth said cheerfully. She was on top of her s****r, her perfect round ass staring me in the face. “We thought we’d get things started…you can jump in anytime you want,” she offered. Again, you never get tired of hearing that sort of thing, I mused. Where to begin, I thought to myself…I hate having to make such difficult decisions. Seeing as how I couldn’t take my eyes off Beth’s inviting ass, I put both my hands on her ass cheeks, and began to rub them. Wow, feeling her ass in my hands again was even better than I had remembered. Beth immediately responded to my massage, gyrating and moaning, like her ass was on fire, which it was.

I leaned over, and kissed her cheeks, making my way rapidly to her crack, deeply inhaling her sweet aroma. ‘Spread ‘em and Lick,’ that’s my motto, and I attacked her forbidden brown hole with all the gusto my tongue could muster. “Oh, Uncle Bill, that feels so good! I’m going to cum already!” Beth cooed. Her s****r had something to do with it, as she licked and nibbled on Beth’s clit. This was a true team effort, and within two minutes Beth’s body was jumping and jerking, and she groaned out loud as the first wave of passion shot through her like she had put her tongue in a light socket. Mary and I held onto her, for fear she might fall off the bed, but in another minute it was over, and Beth rolled off her s****r and lay next to her, trying to regain her breath, smiling blissfully.

Mary popped right up, and attacked my cock as I stood at the end of the bed. She grabbed my shaft, and guided my over-stimulated cock head into her hot mouth. I could barely remain standing, as she worked her hot mouth up and down, not even bothering to lick it first or anything…the nerve, I thought. As I moaned involuntarily, I heard Beth’s voice, as she sat up and protested. “Hey, Mary, save some for me,” she demanded. Mary pulled her head back, and Beth took over, without missing a beat. It was wonderfully erotic, having two young innocents fighting over my cock. Beth’s mouth was a little bigger than her s****r’s and she seemed the more experienced of the two…not that Mary was any slouch. But, Beth was able to swallow more of my shaft, and that extra inch or two made a world of difference.

“Stop, Beth, or he’ll cum too soon,” warned Mary. “If you want him to be able to do ‘You Know What’, you better back off.” I could only guess what she was referring to, but if it was short of leaping out the second floor bedroom window, I was willing to do my best for the team. Beth sat on the edge of the bed, hands folded on her lap, like a proper school girl. “Uncle Bill, I’d like it very much if you would fuck me in my ass, just like you did to Mary…only harder!” she blurted out. “Yes,” Mary chimed in, “and I’ll help!”

Mary spun her s****r around on the bed, got her to kneel, with her head resting on a pillow. She ran around behind her, nudging me out of the way. I stood and gawked at the girls, watching as Mary went to work on her s****r’s jittery ass hole, licking and tonguing her, and getting her butt hole nice and lubed up with her saliva. To relieve my boredom, ( joke!) I stood behind Mary, and kneaded her tight p*****n buttocks. She just about ignored me, as she went about preparing her s****r’s rectum for the impending arrival of its eager guest. Mary stood up, and slid two of her fingers into Beth’s holes, one in each. Beth shrieked as her s****r finger fucked her like a jackhammer, slapping her ass with an audible sting. Beth was getting worked up quickly, and it caused her to actually beg: “Please, Uncle Bill, give it to me now! I can’t take this any longer! I’ve wanted to feel your big cock in my ass ever since Mary told me about you two last night!” she pleaded. What was a loving uncle to do?

“Kneel down on the floor,” I ordered, in as deep and authoritative a voice as I could conjure up. Beth immediately obeyed, resuming her kneeling position. Mary tossed her a pillow for her head, then, she sat down on her s****r’s back, facing me. As I moved in closer, straddling Beth’s hips, Mary spread Beth’s ass cheeks wide, and watched as I guided my throbbing fuck stick into her glistening ass hole. Beth wiggled around as she felt the pressure of penetration on her sphincter muscle. She only let out a quick little squeak when my cock slowly inched deeper into her rectum. 

Mary had transferred control of Beth’s spread ass cheeks to me, so she could concentrate on frigging herself, as she watched wide-eyed as more and more of my shaft disappeared into her s****r’s insatiable ass hole. I worked my cock into her until my balls began to slap at her virgin pussy, then I slowly pulled most of it out, until only the head was left inside her, then slowly plunged back in as far as it would go. After 20 of these slow strokes, Beth’s ass was visibly shuddering with anticipation: “Come ON, Uncle Bill!” she implored. “Aren’t you going to FUCK me? I want you to give me all you’ve got!”

As I gradually increased my stroke to a sharper and more deliberate tempo, I thought about the fact that I would be going straight to hell for this when I died. But as my ass pounding of my young niece got rougher and more merciless, it seemed like a fair trade-off.

Just when I was sure this scene couldn’t get any hotter, Mary reached out and pulled my cock right out of Beth’s ass, and swallowed it down her throat in one motion. Leaning on her s****r’s ass for support, she bobbed her head madly on my love rod, gagging herself with each hands-free thrust. Beth turned her head around and watched her s****r’s skillful oral performance, as she finger fucked herself brutally and shamelessly.

I was more than ready to explode. After several throat strokes, Mary steered my cock back into her s****r’s now gaping ass hole. I didn’t think I would be able to hold on for more than a few plunges to the hilt, and the top of my head almost blew off, when I heard Beth moaning: “That’s it, Uncle Bill, finish me off with your big cock. Shoot your load deep into my ass, I want to feel your hot cum pumping into my rectum!” Just as I was about to grant her wish, Mary interrupted: “Hey, that’s not fair! Let’s share.” Beth must have concurred, because she slipped off my cock, and immediately turned around, kneeling next to her s****r. She grabbed my slimy cock, and nearly swallowed it whole down her throat, tasting her ass juices in the process.

Not to be outdone, Mary reached over and yanked my sex rod out of Beth’s mouth, and demanded that she stick out her tongue, as she wanked me furiously. The sight of these two lovely young girls frigging themselves furiously, with their mouths full open, like robin chicks waiting for food in the springtime, was finally too much for me to bear. My f***e of my first squirt of cum hit the back of Beth’s throat, and I almost fell over backwards. Mary guided my spasming cock to her own mouth, resting my cock head on her eager tongue just in time to receive my second and third offerings, and then she directed me back to Beth’s awaiting mouth.

Beth didn’t bother with the tongue move; she just took my entire shaft down her throat, and did her best to eke out every last drop of jizz that I had left. The timing was perfect, as I looked down at my nieces pinching and punishing their own budding tits with one hand, while feverishly working their pussies with their other hand. Their bodies shook and jumped wildly, in the throes of the most beautiful display of shameless orgasms I had ever witnessed.

Funny what a difference a few minutes can make: When I was just about to cum, I felt half my age. But, now I felt my knees go weak, and I crumbled to the floor in a heap, my arms wrapped lovingly around the two girls…and I felt twice my age!

We all held our group hug for several minutes, the breathing so heavy and labored, I wondered if the room contained enough oxygen for all of us. Finally, my beautiful, sexy nieces looked up at me. Their smiles were wide and radiant and grateful. I leaned over and kissed each girl tenderly on the lips. They both hugged me again, and then Beth asked the inevitable question, which somehow came as no surprise to me: 

“What are we going to try next?”