"Sex Stories" Neighbours Little Girl Gets It From Her Daddy

Sex Stories Neighbours Little Girl Gets It From Her Daddy
Having recently moved to a new house, it didn't take long for me to discover that the little landing window on the side of the house, overlooks the back of a row of houses, giving a clear view into thier living rooms and rear bedrooms, only being a distance of around 30 feet away. Once I had moved in I would casually glance through the window, into the houses, as I went up or down the stairs, but there was nothing really to look at. Nothing that is, until a young f****y moved into the middle of the three houses. 

I soon got a look at the woman of the house and she wasn't half bad, maybe about 25 or 30, slim and quite good looking. The following day, as I had a quick look through my window, I noticed two young girls in the living room, together with the two adults, "mmmm" I thought "they have daughters, rather young, but hey" I hovered about on the stairs for a while, spying on my new neighbours, but they were only un-packing boxes, so I carried on with what I was doing. A little later that day, as the light outside was fading, I was going up the stairs and looking through the window, noticed they had thier living room light on and curtains open, giving a very clear view of the inside of the room. The only person in the room was the older of the two daughters.(Erotic Stories)

I guess about 13 or 14 yrs old, I stayed where I was for a while, looking at the girl and thinking "she aint bad actually" Just then her daddy came in the room, wearing a robe and plonked himself down next to his daughter, putting his arm round her. As they sat on the sofa, watching telly, the younger daughter came in, wearing a cute little nightdress, I felt a little guilty looking at her, but she did look pretty cute in her nightdress! Her daddy said something to her and she went and sat next to him, he put his arm round her and kissed her on the forward, afer a little while he said something to the older girl and she got up and left the room. 

Once alone, he started playing about with his daughter, tickling her and so on. As he played about, I noticed his gown was undone and his cock was pretty much on view! I shocked myself then, by suddenly saying out loud "go on give your little girl that big cock" It was just after this that he shut one of the curtains, blocking my view of the sofa "fuck" I thought, but carried on looking! After a few minutes he walked back into view and went out of the room, he returned quite quickly and as he was about to go back out of view behind the closed curtain, he slipped his gown off "my god" I thought "he really is doing his little girl" After some time, his daughter suddenly appeared from behind the curtain and she was only in a little pair of yellow pink knickers "fucking hell" I said out loud, I couldn't believe what was happening, but found myself actually wanking off, while looking at her! She looked so cute and sexy in her yellow knickers and with her little pert breasts. She said something to her daddy and then left the room. 

Her daddy then got up and also left the room, still naked! I looked towards the bedroom windows, but the curtains were closed, but it wasn't long before the mummy came into the living room, also in a dressing gown, although sadly it was tied up. She sat in a chair facing the window, which gave me a view of her, so I carried on wanking, while looking at her, wishing she would undo her gown. About 15 minutes later, the little girl came back, still in her yellow knickers and went and stood in front of her mummy, "fuck that is a cute arse" I was thinking, just as mummy put her arms round her daughter and grabbed the cute little arse! She kept moving her face towards her daughter and laughing, "they are just playing about" I thought. 

Mummy's hands were still on her daughters arse though and it looked to me like she was caressing it "surely not" I thought, that was until she suddenly slipped her daughters knickers down and was stroking her bare arse. I was wanking furiously by now and saying out loud "go on mummy, you dirty bitch, have your horny little daughter, lick her tight little cunt, if I was there I would fuck her and make her cum in front of you" I couldn't believe I was saying such things and wanking over a little teen! It was then that daddy came back in, with a hard on and went and sat on the sofa, behind the curtain "has he been fucking his other daughter" I was thinking. 

By this time I had taken all my clothes off and was wanking furiously. As mummy was talking to daddy and laughing, she turned the little girl towards her daddy and slipped her knickers all the way down to her ankles. If I was still in any doubt, it was soon dismissed, as the little girls mummy leant forward and started licking her titties, that was too much and I couldn't hold back, as a massive amount of spunk erupted from my cock, I pushed my face to the window, grabbed the window sill and just shot spunk all over the place as I watched the little girl having her tits sucked by her mummy. 

My cock however, was soon hard again, as I watched the little girl go back behind the closed curtan, with a gente slap on her arse from mummy. All I could see now was the daughters legs and her cute arse, as she quite obviously kneeled on the floor "oh my god shes sucking her daddy off" I thought, as I resumed wanking my cock "go on fill the horny little bitches mouth with spunk" I was saying, wishing I could see his big cock in her cute mouth. Mummy then got up, as she was saying something or other and laughing and went from the room. "go on then daddy, let me see you fuck your horny little daughter" I said "bl**dy invite me over, so we can really teach her how to take cock by double ending the dirty little thing" I almost shouted out, as I wanked hard. 

Suddenly daddy appeared in full view, with his daughter now hidden again, he went over and picked up her little yellow knickers, sniffed them and said something, then started licking them "fuck he is tasting his own daughters pussy juice" I was thinking, as he then wrapped the cute panties round his swollen cock, he was standing just inside the closed curtain, so I could just see a bit of him, but clearly he was wanking into his daughters knickers, right in front of her! He carried on standing, as he writhed about, coming in and out of view, when I noticed it was no longer his hand round his panty covered cock, but that of his daughter "oh fuck yea, wank daddy off, be a good little girl and make him cum, go on wank and suck it" The panties were then thrown aside and as he steadied himself by putting his hand on the window, it moved the curtain and with a slight change of my position, I could see her sitting on the sofa, naked and wanking her daddies cock. 

Luckily the curtain just kept getting opened further as he got more and more excited, she had both hands round his massive cock, wanking for all her might, as he fondled her tiny breasts. Suddenly he grabbed her hair and seemed to pull her head back, his cock inches from that cute little face, he said something to her and she let go of his cock and started fondling his balls, as he wanked it instead, pushing it right up to her face, as his knees started buckling, he pulled her head right back and she looked up and opened her mouth "fuck he is going to fill her mouth" I thought, just as his cock shot what seemed to be a never ending stream of cum right over her pretty face and in her mouth, it just seemed to go on and on, wads of thick hot spunk splattering all over his sweet little girl, it was then that my own cock shot it's own second load of cum all over the wall and floor as I shouted out "let me fuck her mouth, I want to screw your little girl's tight cunt and make her scream, fucking make her eat it all" which pretty much he did!.... As I stood totally out of breath, still gawping through the window, the little girls daddy took her hand and they walked out of the room, turning the light off as they went. I was thinking how risky it had been for them to have done that in full view! but my little landing window is the only one that overlooks the houses, so maybe they just didn't think anyone could see, "oh well I'm not bothered" I was thinking "Just as long as they carry on letting me see thier two little girls getting it".....................................