"Sex Stories" Neighbours Mum, Friend, Dad and Daughter!

Sex Stories Neighbours Mum, Friend, Dad and Daughter!
Standing in my usual position on the landing, I had been watching the mum of my neighbours household, who was simply sitting in the chair opposite the window, enjoying a cup of tea and watching the telly. It was a mid week afternoon and I wasn't particularly expecting to see much, but ever hopeful! She was dressed rather casually in blue jeans and a simple white top and looked pleasant enough. After some time of this, she suddenly got up and left the room. When she came back in, she had another woman with her of about the same age as herself, which I guessed to be about 25-30 and she had a small baby with her. The friend, which I assumed her to be, was very attractive, with long black hair, a slim figure and very large breasts under her white blouse, she actually looked somewhat like the mum and could even have been her s****r (I will continue to refer to her as the friend during this account of events)The mum sat back in her chair and the other woman sat on a bean bag, which was just to the mum's right, they proceeded chatting and playing with the baby, which went on for about half an hour.

I was considering giving up on seeing anything exciting and going back downstairs, mainly because my legs were starting to ache, when the mums friend started undoing her blouse. This obviuosly grabbed my attention and gave way to any thoughts of leaving my position, legs aching or not. She then eased one of her rather enormous breasts out of her white bra and the mum brought the baby over to her, clearly it was baby feeding time. Now I'm not sure as to whether it's normal or not, but I do find it a little erotic, watching a mother breast feeding her baby and did feel myself starting to get a bit excited. She positioned the baby on her lap and eased her swollen nipple into her mouth, I assume the baby to be a girl due to the pink clothes! From the position of the woman and the baby, I had a clear view of the procedure and was definately starting to feel a little horny, normal or not!The two women continued chatting and laughing, while baby was having a good long suck on her mummies breast and I had whipped my cock out and was giving it a gentle stroke, quite a pleasant afternoons activities, but which was about to get a whole lot more exciting. (Sex Stories)

The two women were talking about something, which kept prompting the friend to look down at her other breast, at which point they would both start laughing. The mum then got up from her chair and joined her friend, sitting next to the bean bag. With one hand holding the babies head, as she continued sucking away quite happily, the friend suddenly eased her other breast from her bra, I assumed she was going to swop the baby over, but oh no, she started massaging and squeezing the free breast, to the delight of the mum. It didn't take long before milk started shooting from her nipple, the mum found this most exciting, moving closer to her friend. I was now very excited myself and seeing that delicious milk, shooting from her huge breast had got my cock seriously hard. As the friend continued feeding her baby and squeezing her breast, the mum suddenly moved her face in front of her friends nipple, opened her mouth and started drinking her milk. Oh my god, how I didn't just cum there and then I do not know, I'm not sure that I have ever seen anything so erotic in my life.

They continued doing this for a few minutes, both finding it very funny and it didn't seem to bother the baby, who after all had her own nipple to suck on. The mum then looked up at her friend and put her mouth to the spurting nipple and started sucking it. I suddenly found myself dumb founded and had stopped wanking, I was simply gawping at this gorgeous woman, who had her baby sucking the milk from one of her large breasts, while her adult friend sucked the milk from the other. If you have never seen this before, I suggest you try and engineer such a scenario, because I can't begin to tell you just how horny a site it actually is!

This action continued and I realised I was witnessing a site that I probably wasn't going to see many times in my life, with this thought, I started taking all my clothes off, ready for some serious wanking. The friend was clearly enjoying having both her nipples sucked and had one hand holding her breast that baby was sucking and the other round the mums head, pushing it towards her spurting nipple, the mum seemed also to be enjoying it, letting some of the milk dribble from her mouth, but clearly drinking most of it. No longer were they laughing and playing about, but were starting to look a little worked up. This was reinf***ed when the friend suddenly opened her legs and slipped her hand up her skirt, it didn't take long for the mum to notice this however, and she replaced her friends hand with her own, clearly starting to work her friends pussy. The mum now kept moving up to her frinds face and kissing her on the mouth, swopping the breast milk, which dribbled from thier mouths. The friend by now had opened her legs wide, with her skirt round her waist, giving me a clear view of the mums hand inside her knickers, frigging her pussy like mad. This was truely awsome and I had to stroke my cock very gently to avoid it exploding, which I didn't want to happen just yet. 

All this time the woman was still feeding her baby, which I thought must surely be full by now, perhaps she just liked sucking mummies tits! The mum then removed her hand from her friends knickers and while she continued sucking her friends nipple, she began removing her jeans and with a little effort slipped them off, without losing hold of her milk fountain once. Her friend immediately had her hand in the mums knickers and the mum put her hand back in her friends knickers and they started frigging each others cunts like crazy. Wham, that was a little too much and my desperately in need of re painting wall, suddenly got another load of sticky cum all over it. I banged my cock like a mad person, as I watched the horniest site imaginable, wad after wad of thick creamy spunk, shooting all over the place, as the two woman frigged and kissed, with the mum sucking and spitting milk into her friends open mouth and all the time the baby sucking away on her mummies large swollen nipple, with her head supported by her mummy and occassionally pushed a little harder into the huge breast. 

I don't think my cock went down at all after I had shot off, the site before me wouldn't allow it and I almost immediately started wanking it again. The mum had now stopped sucking her friends nipple and had moved her head down between her friends legs, pushing her knickers to one side and lapping away at her wet cunt, with her hand inside her own knickers. The baby had stopped feeding as well by now and her mummy simply craddled her towards her massive breasts as she enjoyed having her friend lick her pussy. After some time the mum immerged from her friends thighs and moved back up to her breasts and as she slipped her hand back into her friends knickers, she again started sucking on one of the milk spurting nipples, the friend then stared squeezing her other breast, which immediately squirted milk into the air, some landing on her baby. The mum quickly started licking all round the squirting breasts, lapping up the milk, as her friend squeezed both her tits, showering her friend and her baby in milk. The mum couldn't seem to get enough, even licking it off the babies little face, as she frigged both her friends and her own cunt. 

It was at this point that things took an even more bizzare turn, it's hard to imagine that anything else could actually happen, but don't forget my neighbours are no ordinary f****y! The dad of the household entered the room and just stood there, looking at the scene before him as if it was nothing! He then casually picked up the baby and took hold of his wifes hand, guiding her towards the chair she had previously occupied and placed the baby in her arms. He then turned towards the friend, who was simply sitting there, looking up at him, he said something to her, in what appeared to be a not too friendly manner and she simply removed her knickers, as he got undressed. As this was going on, I noticed the mum had slipped her top off, pulled both her tits out of her bra and looked to be attempting to feed the baby! Meanwhile the dad grabbed the friends legs, pulling her down the bean bag, got down and started fucking her, this was no gentle love making, he was ramming it up her pussy, with his hand round her kneck and was sucking hard on her nipples. As he fucked, he turned to his wife and said something, to which she got up and laid the baby on a blanket on the floor and got in a kneeling position. Her husband stopped fucking the friend, said something to her and she started playing with her cunt. He turned his attention to his wife, moving into position to give it to her from behind, but it wasn't her cunt he was interested in, he slowly eased his cock up her arse. As he fucked her arse, her tits hung down and she was guiding her nipples to the babies mouth, but they kept coming out as her husband thrust his cock up her arse. She got right down on her elbows, so her breasts were right in the babies face, as her husband carried on fucking her. Suddenly he slipped his cock out of his wifes arse and walked over to the friend, he then proceeded to offer it up to her mouth, she didn't seem too keen, but he put his hand round her head and pushed his cock in her mouth until she took it all. As she sucked she looked towards the mum, who was still in her kneeling position, frigging her cunt and having her nipples sucked by the baby. This continued for some time, as he fucked his wifes arse, then shoving his cock down the friends throat and making her lick it clean. This was one of the strangest things I've seen, but equally I was very turned on and wanking furiously, intrigued as to what could possibly happen next.

What did happen next was the husband stopped his activites and said something to the friend, as she started getting up, he grabbed her by the hair and started snogging her! He then pushed her down, so she was kneeling next to his wife, she put her hand out to hold her baby, just as he pushed his cock right up her arse in one go, it looked as though this hurt her somewhat, but he started pounding her arse, then swopping between the two women, giving both thier arses a good fucking. He was obviuosly about to shoot his load, as he moved round to the front of the two women and they both started licking and sucking his cock, as they frigged each other's cunts. He grabbed both womens hair and emptied his balls all over thier faces, as they licked each others tongues and licked the cum from each other's faces. 

Once he was done, he simply started getting dressed, as the friend took her baby and sat back on the bean bag, while his wife sat on her usual chair, slowly stroking her cunt. He then said something to his wife, kissed her and then went over to the friend and started kissing her also, which went on for some little while and then he just left! The mum was still playing with her pussy, as the women chatted about something and the friend put her baby in it's pram. 

I thought that had to be it for this session, but oh no, the friend started taking her clothes off, when she was naked she left the room and the mum then took her clothes off and also left the room. Nothing then happened for about twenty minutes or so, with the baby alone in her pram. Both women returned to the room in dressing gowns and sat chatting with a cup of tea. Around half an hour later the door opened and in walked the slightly older daughter, maybe about 13. Now teenage school girls I think are horny by default, but this girl really is beautiful, with that gorgeous bloom that girls that age get and as she was in her school uniform, it just added to the vision. A blue skirt just above the knees, black tights, a white blouse with tie and a blue jumper, boy did I want to just go over there and fuck her lovely tight little school girl pussy. 

She went straight over to the baby and was talking to her, learning over the pram. It was at this point that both women looked at each other, smiled and also walked over to the pram. As they all leant over, talking to the baby, the mum slipped her hand up her daughters school skirt, the girl looked towards her mum and said something, pushing her hand away. But mummy was insistant and slipped it back up, the girl didn't look too happy, as she straightened up. Both women also stood up and turned thier attention to the girl. The friend was saying something to her and started stroking her hair, while mummy stroked her face against her daughters. The girl obviously wasn't keen on any of this, but they were not about to give up and the friend moved behind the girl, putting her arms round her and holding the girls arms. Mummy then lifted her daughters skirt and pulled her tights and knickers half way down and started working her pussy with her fingers. The girl seemed resigned to her fate at this point and the friend had let go of her arms and was feeling the girls tits through her jumper. The friend then lifted the girls jumper and blouse and moved her face round for a suck on those lovely little budding breasts. By this time mummy had kneeled down in front of her daughter and was licking her pussy. The girl had totally resigned herself by now and looked to be enjoying it. It wasn't too long before the girl was starting to cum and at this point the friend moved her face towards the girls and started snogging her, while mummy continued licking her cunt. The girl suddenly came, with one hand on the friends face, still snogging and her other hand pushing her mums face hard into her pussy.

Straight afterwards, the girl adjusted her clothing, said something to the little baby and left the room. The two women were now sitting back down, chatting and laughing. During all this action, I had cum three times and as well as my legs aching like hell, my cock was a little sore from all that wanking, but so worth it. I continued watching the women for another quarter of an hour or so and decided to go downstairs for a well earned cup of tea, thinking how lucky I was that such a f****y moved into that house!