"Sex Stories" Nice first time in the bathroom

Sex Stories Nice first time in the bathroom
I was f******n and i always watched porn and jerked off. I always thought of having sex. I have a pretty big dick. It is eight inches and i cum alot when i cum. One day I was at the mall and I saw a very hot girl that looked to be around my age. i was staring at her and she didnt notice for a while. then i followed her into a store and she went in a changing room.. i went in the other one and i looked over the top. she had C cup boobs very perky and a shaven pussy.

I left the store and i sat on the bench outside of it.. i saw her coming out so i left. i looked back and she was following me. "did she see me looking at her?" i thought to myself.. so then i turned around and passed her and went towards the food court where the bathrooms are. i looked back and she was still following me. she had a nice smile and nice eyes. i really wanted to fuck her. i went into the bathroom and there was no one in there. (Sex Stories)

I heard the door open and i looked as i was peeing. It was her! once she realized no one was in there she came in and locked the door! i finished peeing and zipped and buttoned my pants.. 

She said, "i saw you looking at me while i was changing.. there was a mirror and i saw you." 

I felt very stupid for not noticing the mirror. i didnt know what to say.

She asked me how old i was. i lied and said i was 16. she said she was 17. she then asked me if she turned me on. 

i started getting hard again.

i said, "i got hard fast"

She smiled and said, "like you are now? Hehe"

I looked down and realized my zipper was still down and my dick popped out of my pants. the only thing covering it was my boxers. I got very red, and said. "Yeah like now, haha" 

She laughed and said, "You are getting me very horny."

Then she asked me if i was a virgin.. and i said yes. she said that she was a virgin too. then she said that she wanted to fuck someone very badly and that she think that i was gonna be her first. the thought of fucking her got me very hard. 

She got closer to me and i felt my dick touch her and she giggled. our lips touched and then we started kissing with no tongue. i then slipped my tongue in and she put hers in mine and we were french kissing. she started rubbing my back and squeezing my back and then started slipping my shirt off. then i took hers off and there i saw those very nice tits. i started feeling her tits and then i started sucking one of them. she moaned. then she pulled my head up and kissed me again and then went down to my cock.

She unbuttoned my pants then the dropped.. then she started rubbing my cock outside of my boxers. then she pulled my cock out and look shocked..

Then she said, "Oh my.. this is very big and hard."

I laughed and said thanks. she started sucking it and that was the best feeling i have ever felt. she started sucking my nuts and that felt amazing too.. i then came in her mouth. she laughed and then swallowed it. i thought i would have gotten soft but she was sucking my cock so good i stayed as hard as a rock.

She got up and then took her pants off. she was wearing white panties that i could see through. her pussy was very wet and it was showing her pussy lips.. she lied down on the floor and then i got and top of her and started rubbing her slit of her pussy.. she was moaning softly and said it felt so good.

Her pussy was so wet! i then went down and took her panties off and started licking her clit. She moaned so loud i thought someone would come in. then i started putting my tongue in her pussy.

she pulled my head up and said,"please baby lick my asshole"

So i did what she asked and it tasted so good. then i started putting my fingers in her asshole and her pussy. 

Then she said, "Oh my god keep fingering my ass and pussy, ugh i am going to cum, keep going, don't stop" so i kept doing it then i started just fingering her pussy and then she squirted all over my face. It was so warm and it tasted amazing.

She then said, "Baby put your big cock in me" so i got up and the i slowly put my cock in her pussy. she screamed and only my head was in. then she said, "oh my god that feels so good, keep putting it in, go all the way in, balls deep" 

So i slowly was putting my dick in. after about 5 inched i felt something. Her cherry popped and she moaned so loud and didn't stop. i grabbed a paper towel and whipped off her bl**d then continued fucking her. she told me to put it in her ass now. so i slowly went in her ass. that hole was tighter than her pussy! i kept fucking her then i said, "Babe i am going to cum" she told me not to take it out just to cum in her ass. i kept fucking her and then i just exploded in her ass! 

That had to be the most cum i ever came.. she was just lying there moaning then she started sucking my cock. we got dressed and i got her number and then we went our separate ways.

We talked about everyday and we fucked about once a week.