"Sex Stories" A Night On The Town

Sex Stories A Night On The Town
6PM and the phone rings."Hello?"

"Lyss! Wanna go have some fun?" cries my best friend Tristen.

"Fun is my middle name. Where and when?"

"8 o'clock. That new club on 26th."

"Ok. See you there!" I just got home from work when the phone rang. I drop my jacket onto the back of the couch as I kick off my sensible shoes. I work in a relatively liberal office and I often take advantage of that attitude and dress to suit myself. Today was no exception. I'm wearing a loose, swingy black skirt that stops about mid-thigh, and a cream-colored silk blouse with buttons running down the front.

I sit down, turning on the news thinking I'll get ready when it is over. I scan my brain for THE outfit for tonight. I know I'm no supermodel but I'm very comfortable with myself and my body and I know how just how to play up the good points. I don't know my exact measurements but let's just say that I'm voluptuous, with big breasts and wide hips. I may not be attractive to every man but I get my share of attention. I guess the fact that I am 22 with luscious, long, blonde hair and sparkling green eyes helps a bit.(Sex Stories)

I stare at the TV watching scenes of car accidents and hurricanes........and the next thing I know, it is 7:30. Omigawd!! No time to do everything I had hoped. I look at myself in the mirror and decide that what I'm wearing will be fine with a few adjustments. I remove my bra and unbutton all buttons but the one in between my breasts and the one below that. I then grab my highest, sexiest, strappiest heels and, upon donning them, I admire myself in the mirror again. I shake my hair loose so that it spills nicely over my shoulders and then set to work on my makeup. I know just how to apply it so I look slutty enough to get noticed and sweet enough that they don't expect too much.

Damn, 5 minutes til 8, Tris is gonna kill me! I jump in my car and speed downtown but I can't remember where the club is or even what it is called so I drive up and down 26th until I spot a place that looks unfamiliar. It doesn't really look new but perhaps they aren't done with the renovations yet.(XXX Stories)

I step out of the car into the cold night air and my nipples instantly harden and press against the thin material of my blouse. As I walk into the building I get an uneasy feeling and almost leave but I know Tris would be very upset if I stood her up so I decide to just go in long enough to look for her.

Most of the people are of questionable appearance and I'm not sure whether I should proceed but I spot the bar on the opposite side of the room and decide a drink would calm my anxiety. I finally reach the bar and order myself a fuzzy navel with vodka and find a relatively clean stool. I sip my drink, keeping an eye on the door in case Tristen should show.

"Hello, Sexy" says a voice from lips that next brush my ear.

I move away, startled by his forwardness.

He recognizes the fear in my eyes. "Nothing to be afraid of. I'm just trying to be friendly."

I take a good look at him and find him actually quite attractive. Nice, strong body, clean-shaven with short dark hair that looks so soft I almost want to reach up and run my fingers through it. But his most striking feature are his eyes. Icy blue that seem to go right through me.

He takes my hand and smiles a little so that I can't be sure if it is a smile or a smirk. "I'd love to get to know you. My apartment is only a few blocks away and it is much quieter."

I pull my hand away. "I really don't think so." I may be easy but I didn't even know this guys name. What nerve!

"Have it your way. But you'll wish you had taken me up on my little offer," He replied, his voice hard and cold, and walks away.

A bit shaken by this I decide to just leave. Fuck Tristen, she'll just have to party without me. I stand up to go and find myself quite dizzy and nauseous. I hurry to the ladies room but it passes within minutes. Must've been the drink, I don't drink much so just a little is plenty.

Stepping out of the restroom I notice that same man leaning on the wall next to the door. "I just thought I'd give you one more chance."

This was too much. "One more chance for what? To fuck a loser like you? I hardly think that is going to happen."

In a flash his arm wraps around my waist and he snarls into my ear, "O, but I think it WILL happen."

I scream as he pulls me into the mens room and he chuckles, "That will only serve to let them know there is fresh meat to be had. A mating call if you will. Then again, you say you will not...we'll see about that."

I continue to struggle but he is much stronger than me. I notice that there are several men already in the room eyeing me. One of them already has his cock in his hands, presumably thinking of all the ways he could use me. Stunned by this thought I stop struggling and the man who is holding me takes advantage of this.

"Such lovely breasts" he mutters as he rips open my blouse. "You really shouldn't keep them hidden like that." He grabs one of them roughly and squeezes until I'm sure it is going to bruise. "So big and soft."

Two of the men move to stand in front of the door and I am let go. I stand for a moment staring at them but my panic starts to rise and I turn in all directions searching for an exit finding instead only lust-filled men. I dart desperately in and out of the stalls knowing I will find no escape and then run towards the door. I claw and kick at the men blocking it but they only laugh at my sorry attempt for freedom. They let me go on like this for quite awhile, apparently enjoying the show. After what seems an eternity but is probably more like 10 minutes I start to tire and one of the men, the same one who had pulled his dick out early on, grabs my hair and pulls my head down so that I'm looking directly at his big, purple cock. "Suck it." is all he says. Still determined to not give in I meekly reply, "no". He let go of my hair and I straighten up, sure that I had won.

SMACK! His hand leaves my cheek burning. "When I say to suck it, you'd better fucking suck it." Again grabbing my hair and pulling my head down.

"Suck it. And you'd better suck it good, you little whore."

I look at it, not wanting to do what he asks but I feel his hand tighten in my hair and know that I'd better do it. I close my eyes and take the head into my mouth but the minute I do he holds my head and pushes his cock down my throat. I gag and try to move but he has a firm grip on my head and I can't seem to get away from him. As I squirm I feel hands on my hips pulling my ass up, straightening my legs. My skirt is lifted above my waist and there are fingers on the outside of my panties feeling my ass and my cunt.

"What pretty little panties. It's such a shame I'll have to rip them." And with that I feel something cold that I can only guess is a knife on my skin as he cuts them away. I feel my panic start in again and begin squirming about, trying to get away from the hands that hold me but I go nowhere. Instead I feel a sharp slap on my ass and a voice behind me "Hold still, bitch. I don't want to use this knife for anything else, but I will."

I guess this broke the ice because all of the men, I think there 6 of them, crowd around me and start touching me all over. There were hands on my breasts, stomach, hair, ass. I still have a cock in my mouth and now there are fingers moving in and out of my cunt, the humiliation of it is almost too much. I feel tears welling up as the cock continues to pump in and out of my mouth and fingers tweak my nipples and clit. Just when I think it can't get any worse I feel a cock slap against my ass and in one quick moment it is deep in my cunt, making me scream from not only the shock but the pain. I'm no virgin but this thing must be huge. My pussy burns as he starts to thrust hard and deep, and he pushes me forward as he burrows himself in so that the cock in my throat goes even deeper and within seconds he is cumming, first in my mouth and then pulling out of my mouth to spray his cum on my face and in my hair. When he is finished he wipes his dick through my hair to get the rest of the cum off.

I am relieved to see him step away but within seconds there is another cock in my face. This time I can't help it, I start sobbing, "No, please....no more" my words distorted by the fierce pummeling my body is still getting. Tears stream down my face but none of the men seem to care. Instead the one who stands before me just pushes his cock against my lips and I know I'd better do what he wishes of me. I close my eyes and part my lips, dreading what I know is coming but before it happens the man behind me begins pounding into me with such f***e that I am shoved forward, catching myself with my hands on the dirty floor so that my ass is high in the air with my legs spread. In the fall, my "lover" is torn from me and he is very obviously not pleased.

"You'll pay for that, bitch," he screams as he steps forward between my legs.

Becoming angry that he would think it MY fault I scream back at him, "You fucking pushed me over!!" I attempt to stand from this horribly uncomfortable position but someone grabs my head and holds it where it is. I try to get away from the hand but instead it just grabs my hair leaves me no choice but to stay right where I am since the man behind me has a firm grip on my hips.

"You dirty little whore, you act like you don't want it." With these words I feel something wet on my asshole. Did one of them just spit on me? And I realize what is coming next but in the same instant I feel his dick at my rear entryway. He is much more gentle than I expect, I suppose to save himself the pain. He inches in until he is as deep as he could possibly get and I can feel his hips against my ass.

"Are you ready, slut? Tell me you are, tell me you want it."

Over the lump in my throat I start to tell him that I wouldn't dream of saying I wanted anything from him but then realize I'm not really in the position to anger him anymore. I whisper, "I want it".

"What?? Tell me you want it and mean it, you fucking cunt. Beg me to fuck you, beg me to ram your tight little ass." He gripped my hips harder, bruising me with his rough fingers.

I whimper and quietly speak the words he asks, "I want you to fuck me. Please fuck my ass. Please."

"I guess that is good enough for now."

The gentleness is gone and instead is this a****l who doesn't give a damn about anything but getting himself off. His cock rips in and out of my tight ass as I struggle to hold myself up against his attack. Ogawd, it hurts!! I have held back my screams but I can't stand it any longer. My voice echoes against the hard restroom walls and the delight is apparent in the chuckles around me. They start cheering their buddy on. "That's it, fuck that bitch." "Yeah, break the little whore."

Just when I think I can't take anymore I feel him tense and my ass fill with his cum. Gripping my hips even harder he thrusts into me one last time. Leaning forward, putting his weight on me so I almost couldn't hold myself up and grabbed a handful of hair, twisting my head so his mouth was against my ear and whispering one word, "whore".

He stepped away from me and I allow myself to collapse on to the grimy floor, so exhausted I don't care. My arms and legs ache from holding myself up during the brutal attack.

One of the other men tries to pull me up, wanting his turn at me. "I can't. I'm too sore. Please, haven't you had enough?"

"Aaaaw," mocks another man, "the poor little bitch is sore. Maybe we oughtta help her up." He grabs my hair and yanked until I was on my feet. Another man pulls my arms up and back until I can feel the corner of the stall pressing against my spine. My arms being pulled up, I have no choice but to stand on my tip-toes as someone passes a dirty handkerchief over my head and it is used to tie my hands around the support for the stall.

The men stand back to admire their work. My blouse still clings to my arms but wide open and framing the breasts it is supposed to hide. My skirt also remains on, though torn and dirty and not a whole lot of protection from their leering eyes. I hang completely helpless, barely able to touch the ground as the men watch me squirm, trying to get comfortable in this awkward position. They each stroke themselves, pleased with the way things have worked out.

One steps forwards and uses his index finger to touch a tear that remains on my cheek. He trails his finger down my chin, throat to my breasts. His hand darts to my left nipple and squeezes harshly until more tears form in my eyes and I whimper with the pain and cruelty of it. Joy sparkles in his dangerous eyes as he grabs my knees and lifts so that I am supported only by the binds on my wrists. I cry out as the rag burns into my delicate skin but it is soon relieved as I feel him lower me onto his cock. He grabs my ass and begins to move in and out of me in such a way that I'm not sure if he it is I that am moving or himself. He moves slowly at first, as if he wants to savor the moment but soon he begins to turn into the a****l I know he and the rest of the men are. My tired limbs bounce about him as he fucks me ferociously until I feel him start to tense. Suddenly, he lets go of me, pulling his cock out and cums all over my breasts, and stomach. I realize that soon I will be covered from head to toe in cum as I see hungry eyes choosing their targets. I stay in this position for a long time as I'm fucked time after time, some of the men fucking me twice and most of them choosing to cum somewhere on me.

I am finally allowed free and as I shake the cloudiness from my eyes I notice that only one man remains: The man who dragged me in here. I lie crumpled on the floor and he gazes at me with his cold blue eyes. He throws a wad of bills at me, "That's for the clothes."

I mumble a thank you as I see him step past me towards the door.

"Same time next week?" he calls over his shoulder.

I only nod weakly, knowing this little ritual will never change.