"Sex Stories" A night on the town

Sex Stories A night on the town
Over dinner that night in the hotel restaurant, Eve had been giving Tara every little detail of the day’s photo shoot, which at first freaked Tara out a little, but as the large glasses of Cristal started to work on them Tara found herself more and more intrigued – and ever more horny. She was without a regular boyfriend yet again, and it had been some time since her last. She wasn’t terribly keen on one night stands and was envious of Eve’s lack of qualms over sex – such as having lesbian sex with a celebrity while being photographed the whole time. As she drained another glass, she resolved that she was going to get some while she was in New York.

“Let’s go out tonight!” Eve said, as though reading Tara’s thoughts. “We could go to a club and look for cute guys…”(Adult Stories)

“Sounds good to me,” Tara slurred, “shall we go put on something a little shorter?” Eve’s eyes widened and she laughed at her friend.

“I think you’ve had one too many! Come one then, let’s go get changed and go bar hopping.”

Fifteen minutes later they emerged from their separate rooms suitably attired for a night out – both were wearing their favourite little black dress. Tara had pinned her hair up, allowing a few lazy strands to fall and brush lightly and brush lightly against her shoulders, whereas Eve had let hers down and tongued the ends under to create a bobbed effect. Arms linked, they tottered out to the street. Eve let out an ear-splitting whistle, and in seconds a yellow cab pulled up next to them and they bundled each other in, laughing. Eve directed the driver to take them ‘somewhere wild and expensive!’ and the taxi pulled away.

It set off up Broadway, and minutes later pulled up outside a discreet looking place with a tasteful illuminated sign. The driver bid them good night after being paid, and left the girls staring at six of the hugest doormen they had ever seen. One beckoned them forwards.

“Good evening ladies, ” he drawled, “just the two of you? No gentlemen friends. Well, you’ll still have a great night out. Sapphire is dancing tonight, she’s a video girl, and Lena Mai is on later too. Plus, if you’re feeling lucky, we have an amateur hour later – a huge cash prize to the girl voted the best!” With that, two other doormen appeared and taking each girl gently by the arm, e****ted them indoors.

Once inside, they were met by a hostess, a stunning brunette with a Latin complexion. Her floor length backless black dress swayed as she sashayed between the tables, the splits on each side going right up to her waist and revealing incredibly long legs. “I’ll find someone to serve you, ladies. Please have a great evening. My name is Sophia, and if there is anything I can do for you, please ask.”

The two girls sat meekly at their table. They looked round at the place, which was extremely up-market and, thought Tara, almost certainly incredibly expensive. Thick carpeting throughout, wood veneers on everything, tastefully subdued lighting and when the waitress brought over a bottle of champagne, she saw from the label it was a rare and pricey vintage. Eve flicked her fingernail against one of the glasses and it chimed clearly, a sign that it was crystal and not a cheap imitation. The clientele was half men and half couples. All the men, without exception, were in smart tuxedoes, whilst the womenfolk wore a variety of stunning dresses. Tara whispered to her friend over the quiet r&b track that played in the background.

“When we told the cabbie to take us somewhere expensive, he didn’t mess around!”

“Even I think it’s expensive, and I’m really, really rich,” mused Eve. “I wonder what sort of place this is?”

In answer, the lights dropped, and the voice of the MC rolled out from the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club. Up next, the first of our featured girls. You’ve seen her on numerous TV specials, on calendars, in magazines and pop music videos. Maxine’s is proud to present… Sapphire!” A spotlight came on as the rest if the floor area went pitch black, highlighting the red curtains at the back of the stage. The music started up and one impossibly long lag snaked its way between the curtains and waggled at the crowd, while rapturous applause thundered out round the room.

The two girls looked at each other, realising at exactly the same time just where they had ended up. They stood and looked around, intending to make their way to the exit. They were looking for somewhere to dance, not where they were paying to watch someone dance, and they meant to get away. However, with the appearance of the night’s star turn, the floor area had become full, and they were struggling to find their way out. They dodged through the crowd, left and right, not really knowing where they were going. It took them several minutes, during which time they had not really got anywhere. Eve spotted a gap in the crowd and tapped her friend on the back, pointing in the general direction but not really making herself heard over the music. They struggled towards the door. Tara managed to make it through the throng and was instantly met by a girl in a dark shirt and trousers.

“Right, you’re on in five minutes, as soon as Sapphire is finished. You’ll hear the DJ announce the start of amateur hour, the music will start and the curtain will open. The rest is up to you! What’s your name honey?”

“Umm, it’s Tara, but-”

“British, huh? That will go down well with the crowd. Well, let’s go through to the back. Do you want to touch up your make-up or anything?”

“Well I, I think there’s been-”

“Oh shit, she’s coming off now! Come on Tara, let’s not keep the crowd waiting!” And with that, Tara was dragged through the door. Looking back desperately over her shoulder, she saw Eve laughing, one hand covering her mouth. The women took her through a labyrinth of passages backstage, barking a series of instructions to her minions, impervious to Tara’s pleadings. She heard the booming of the MC’s voice, strangely resonant on this side of the stage. Then she was onstage, behind the curtain. She could make out the lights faintly through the material. To her right was a chair, and she knew from having been on the other side that there was a pole centre stage. Well, she thought, I’m here now. In for a penny, and all that…

She heard her name announced (“all the way from the UK, I give you, Tara!”). The curtains parted. She stood there with her right hand on her hip, left arm down be her side, all her weight on her right foot, trying to appear assertive and in control. She was thankful for the spotlight, because it meant she could see very little of the crowd, but she knew that out there, somewhere, her best friend would be watching. Other than that, no-one knew who she was and if she wanted, she could really let her hair down.

As the music started, she took several steps forward in time with the music, like a catwalk model, deliberately emphasising the swing in her hips. She smiled as she glanced from left to right, the crowd still hidden by the glare of the spotlight. They applauded her warmly, and there were some whistles, which she realised quickly were coming from Eve. When she reached the front of the stage, she stood and smiled at the crowd for a moment, then spun round and made her way back to the chair. It was a dinner table type chair, high backed. She sat on it, crossed her legs and smiled demurely for the audience, before spinning to her left. She put her left leg down on the floor, and stretched her right leg out as she took hold of the back of the chair with her left hand and leaned back. As she did so, her little black dress rode up. Tara waited until it was showing a hint of stocking top, then lowered her leg so it wouldn’t ride up any further. Still leaning back, she brought her right hand up to her face, and then slowly ran it down her neck and over her body, cupping her right breast for a moment. She arched her right leg up, so that she could run her hand over her long, black-stockinged leg. Her dress slid to her waist, revealing the flesh at the top of her stocking.

She rocked forward and sat upright quickly, body swaying slightly in time with the music. She closed her eyes for a second, reaching up and unpinning her dark blonde hair until it fell to her shoulders. She rose to her feet and turned quickly, bending over so that the palms of her hands were flat against the seat of the chair. She wiggled her bum in time to the music, eliciting further cheers and whistles (this time, not just Eve’s). She held that pose for a moment, allowing the crowd to take in the tight curves of her bum, and the length of her legs. She was a tall girl with long legs, and in high heels they were greatly accentuated.

She put her knee on the chair, then brought the other up so she was kneeling on the chair, her left side to the audience. She arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair, stretching it out behind her and allowing it to fall. She stood up, and with one hand on the back of the chair, walked round it in a shy and diffident manner, looking down, her face hidden from the crowd by her hair. She dragged it around so that the back of the chair was to the left of the stage, then on the next circuit she sat down with her back to the crowd. Using her left hand as support, she suddenly leant right back as far as she could, so that she was now looking at the crowd upside down. More cheering, as now her firm breasts could be seen very clearly down the top of her dress. Again she ran her free hand down her body, this time parting her legs and allowing herself a quick rub over the material of her g-string.

She stood up again, and, turning her back to the audience, stood astride the chair with her legs apart. She swayed with the music again, head down. She raised her arms behind her back and, agonisingly slowly, dragged the zipper to her dress down, millimetres at a time, the cheering and applause increasing with every little tug, until the zip was fully down. Stretching the moment of disrobing out, she swung the chair out from between her legs, and again walked around it a couple of times, praying frantically that the dress would not slide down before she was ready. She sat backwards on the chair, again with her back to the audience, and gently slid down one strap at a time, then the front of her dress, until the crowd could see clearly that the dress was now around her waist, but all they could see was her back and her black bra strap.

She stood up again quickly, back still to the audience, and snapped her legs together. With no further prompting the expensive dress slid over her hips and gently down to the floor, bringing a huge ovation from the crowd. She leant forward over the chair, swaying her bum in time to the music, aware that as she was only wearing the flimsiest of g-strings her bum would look more or less naked to the crowd. She held that pose for several seconds.

Tara stood up again and turned, coyly, to face the crowd, smiling serenely from under her fringe. The crowd loved her, and she was quickly warming to her task. She been holding her arms folded over her chest but now she moved them, slowing for the first time the full view of her gorgeous, lacy black bra with matching g-string. Head down and hands behind her back, she wandered forwards towards the crowd and the edge of the stage like a shy schoolgirl, the opposite of the brazen performer she had looked at the start of her dance. When she reached the edge of the stage, she stood for a moment, whilst men started to thrust dollar bills at her. She turned her back on the crowd and wiggled her bum at them, while the braver soles risked the wrath of the security men by reaching up to tuck dollar bills into the waistband of her g-string. When she looked round, she realised that they were trying to stuff her underwear with hundred dollar bills! With tips like that, she thought she could do a little better for them.

She danced to the middle of the stage, dropping the money she had collected already onto her dress. She fell onto her knees, then onto all fours, and starting to crawl towards the crowd again in a feminine and feline way, looking from side to side for a target. She saw Eve, clapping wildly, and on the opposite side of the stage she saw a middle aged man sat with a wife, or lady friend, of similar age. He was probably twice Tara’s age, but he was definitely hot, and she always had a weakness for men in suits. She made her way towards him, smiling and making growling noises. She leaned in towards him, until she could smell his aftershave. He looked slightly uncomfortable and yet excited. His wife beamed at her broadly, and clapped. Tara shook her hair in the man’s face, and she heard him sniffing her hair, breathing her scent in. He reached up and tucked two folded bills into her g-string, his hand lingering over her bottom as he slowly withdrew it.

Tara knelt back, then one leg at a time swung them out from underneath her, until she was sat on her bottom with her legs wide open. She was facing the man’s wife directly. The woman looked deep into Tara’s eyes, then ran her stare down Tara’s body, taking in the modest but firm breasts, flat stomach, and long legs. The woman reached out a hand and Tara could see there was money in it, so she thrust her groin forward at the woman. The woman responded by pulling open Tara’s g-string at the front with her free hand, then making a great show of tucking the notes into the waistband. At that moment, Tara’s neatly trimmed pussy was on display, although only the woman, her husband, and Tara herself could see it. The woman took her hand away slowly, smiling all the time.

Tara rolled over until she was on all fours, then made her way across the stage to where her friend Eve was. Eve clapped delightedly as Tara approached. Eve took some notes from her purse and waved them about, so Tara turned broadside and presented Eve with her bum, so she could tuck the notes in. Eve did that, then unexpectedly gave Tara’s bum a hard but playful slap, which the crowd loved. Tara grinned, the turned back to Eve and advanced on her. She beckoned Eve closer with a gesture and, as Eve leant in, Tara grabbed a handful of Eve’s hair. She dragged her close and their lips met in a soft kiss. Eve pushed her tongue gently into her friend’s mouth, and Tara responded likewise. They made a great show of the tongue play for the crowd.

Breaking away, Tara spun round and knelt up with her back to the Eve. She leant back, and Eve realised with a start that Tara wanted he to undo her bra. Eve dragged it out, so it seemed like forever until the straps slipped forwards and down Tara’s arms. Tara went back onto all fours and turned to face the audience so her breasts were hanging below her. She swayed from side to side, making her breasts move in time to the music, as the crowd went mad.

She made her way back over to the married couple, and again arranged herself so that she was sat on her bum, legs wide open, in front of the wife. Tara reached out and took the tall glass of champagne from the husband, and took a small sip before handing it to the wife. The wife knew instantly what she was to do with it, and as Tara settled with her head tiled right back, the woman slowly poured the ice cold champagne over Tara’s breasts, making sure that there was enough left to pour into her panties, where it quickly came into contact with Tara’s swollen clitoris. The crowd whooped and hollered, belying their upper class status. The champagne ran down Tara’s body, making it glisten and sparkle under the hot lights. Tara hooked a thumb into the side of her panties, and dragged them down just enough so that when she returned to the sitting position, they were not trapped under her. The woman was again quick to take her cue as Tara snapped her legs shut. The woman reached forwards and very slowly pulled Tara’s knickers off, as the crowd applauded again.

Tara stood up, now naked apart from her high heels and hold-up stockings. The front of her body was wet from the champagne, and her pussy was aching and as wet as she could remember it ever being. She felt a great surge of power and self-confidence as she realised the grip she had over the crowd. She walked back towards the pole in the centre of the stage, and taking hold with her right hand, swayed round the pole several times, before taking hold of it with both hands high above her head. She turned her back to the pole, arms still above her head, and slid down it, never taking her eyes off the audience.

Standing up again, she took hold of the pole with both hands and swung round vigorously a couple of times to work up some momentum. She wrapped her right leg around it then left her left leg from the floor, continuing to spin around it but sliding slowly to the floor until she was in her knees. She positioned the pole so that it was between her butt cheeks and the rubbed up against it, before raising herself to her feet. Again she turned her back to the crowd and swung around lazily a couple of times, never looking at the crowd. She raised one leg high above her head and pressed it against the pole, so that the hot pink of her labia was clearly visible to the front rows. She let her leg lower slowly, then using the pole as support leaned right over backwards. She stood up, this time sticking her bum right out, knowing it would be silhouetted against the lights at the back of the stage.

She performed some high kicks against the pole, exposing her vagina time and time again to those lucky enough to be close enough to see. She spun around the pole again, working up some speed so that she was spinning fast, then raised both legs from the floors and allowed herself to swing round and slowly sink lower. When her knees landed gently in the floor, she drew herself closer to the pole, until the cold, polished metal came into contact with her clitoris. She gasped audibly, and the women in the front rows guessed exactly why. Slowly, she started to raise and lower her groin against the pole, never allowing it to break contact with her clitoris.

Quickly, the thrusts quickened in pace and pressure, and as the song she was performing to approached its climax, she knew her time on the stage was coming to an end. She leaned back and with one hand on the floor and one hand on the pole, frantically rubbed herself up and down the pole, to the mounting cheers of the enraptured audience. As the song reached its crescendo Tara reached her climax, her screams and gasps audible even over the music, drawing wild cheers from the audience. She collapsed backwards, naked and prostrate on the stage, as the crowd went delirious.