"Sex Stories" Night Visit to my Phantom

Sex Stories Night Visit to my Phantom
Hey baby, I want you so bad. I am dripping wet for you. I want to come into your room in the middle of the night, seeing you lying asl**p on your back with your arms raised, your naked body vulnerable and open for me to consume.

I quickly take off my clothes and naked, i snuggle up to your warm body. It's been so long that my skin is on fire just hugging your warm chest, feeling the rise and fall of your belly, rubbing my hands all over your muscular back. At 6'3" you are quite taller than my petite 5'3" body. Your body is not necessarily what the world would call attractive, but my innermost being shudders with the slightest touch of your long, slender, strong fingers, the fingers of a cellist. Those fingers can work wonders on my skin, touching all of my strings, causing me to vibrate to the passionate music you play on my body. I sigh as I anticipate how your powers will take hold of me .(Sex Stories)

But back to you. I want to ravish you, eat up your body as if I am starved for food, deplete you of any hunger and pleasure you have in you. I softly trace your abdomen with my fingers as you lay there, feeling your muscular but lean arms, your skinny hairy legs that radiate the warm arousal within you. Your scent drives me crazy, and even the sweat from your armpits attracts me, and I wish you would fuck me like an a****l. I follow the treasure trail of your hair. I pinch your nipples, as erect as a woman's, and follow the trail down to your belly. You are breathing a little heavier in anticipation. I fell your belly button, and caress the pubic hair below. I am becoming more impatient for your sex, and I start to knead and scratch your skin. I want you so bad, but I will hold you in suspense first. I swirl your pubic hair in my fingers, gently tickling my fingers down to your inner thighs. I squeeze your hard ass. You have the perfect firm, cute ass, much more attractive than any woman's ass I've seen. I squeeze it and knead your ass, moving my fingers toward your member that is throbbing in anticipation. I caress your balls lightly, massaging them, working my fingers softly, silkenly up your shaft. When I approach the edge of your head, I move my fingers all the way around the rim like a lollipop. Mmm you are so yummy and hard, I cannot wait to eat you for a late night snack. I finally touch your head and run my fingers lightly over your cum hole. Precum oozes from you and your cock throbs impatiently in my hand. I smear the precum all over your head and begin stroking you, slowly and lightly, never giving you what you want but holding you on edge. (XXX Stories)

I lay beside you and let you feel the wetness in my pussy, longing, begging for you. I watch your face, your eyes closed, your brow wrinkled. Your face is beautiful, with a chiseled jaw, intense hazel eyes, olive Turkish skin, luscious dark hair, and expressive brows. I kiss your face all over lightly while rubbing my body against you and keeping my hand on your cock. I nibble your ears and move down to your neck. I eat you alive, your neck and shoulders are one of my favorite spots, so beautiful, smooth, tanned and muscular. I bite you like a vampire and your breathing intensifies as I move my soft wet lips down to your nipples and suck them. I follow the trail of hair with gentle yet urgent kisses, impatient to get where I really want. I finally reach your thighs and move up to your balls. I fondle them with my mouth and gently put both of your balls in my hot wet mouth, licking them in circles and gently sucking them. I lick softly in circles all around your hard shaft and all around the rim, just as my fingers had before. Oooh baby you are so hard. I flick my tongue all over your head, until you can't take it anymore and gently give my head a little push. Getting the message I suddenly engulf your entire throbbing cock, going slowly up and down, still using my tongue on you as your cock rubs against my throat. My hands still work on your balls and cock as I suck you. I suck you hard like a lollipop, using my hands and mouth in a fucking motion but with a twisting circular motion. I deep throat you until you are about ready to explode, but not yet my dear. Suddenly I stop. Rubbing my body all over your, grinding into you, I tease your cock with my wetness. You are mine tonight and I am yours. I want our bodies to consume each other until we can take no more. I gently whisper in your ear: "Fuck me hard baby". 

You need no more words. Your purple, throbbing, rock-hard cock impales me and fills up my need. Oh fuck, you feel so good. I've missed you baby. You grind into me, slowly, feeling every inch of my tight, wet pussy. I watch the ecstacy of your face as you groan. Your pace quickens, but it is not enough. I want more, I cannot help myself. I groan, "Oh fuck me hard baby. Now". You smile and pull out. Im confused. Damn you. But then you suddenly grab my breasts and pull at them, shaking my perky nipples. You engulf your entire mouth over my firm A-cup breasts, flicking my nipples and slobbering all over them. Fuck that feels good, one of my favorite things you do to me. You keep kneading and sucking my breasts with your hot wet mouth. You bite my breasts, consuming them, giving them mlutiple tiny breast hickies that send electricity down to my clit. You squeeze my ass and pull me f***efully around so that my back is towards you now. You pull me towards you, and in one smooth motion, you have impaled me, all the way in so that my ass can feel your balls. And you fuck me. Hard. Like an a****l. And you start to breathe hard and moan. You are pounding me so hard that I clench the sheets for support, but you keep going, fast, and even harder, so that I lay down on the pilllows and clutch the headboard. I hear the sound of your balls slapping my ass, smell your sex sweat, and feel you groan as your cock slams into my tight pussy. My pussy contracts and I know I am close to orgasm. 

But you know that to get off you cannot ignore my clit. The tight, ribbed walls of my pussy begin to tighten, and you pull out again. You turn me onto my back, making sure I have a pillow, and you begin to finger me hard. You curved, long cello fingers know right where to hit me, massaging my g spot and fucking me so hard I think I'm going to explode. My pussy contracts as I send juices all over your fingers. But you know you cannot leave my clit alone. You start to rub it in light circles, building up a slow but steady rhythm with your strong fingers. Relentless. Oh fuck I'm close. Your pace quickens, and I claw my fingernails into your back and grasp the bed for support. Suddenly, my whole body clenches in sweet release and I buck up into your hands, holding onto the headboard, groaning loudly, gasping for air. You never stop rubbing as my body pulses in electric, a****listic orgasm. My juices ooze onto your fingers. You stop for a split second, then start to rub me again, hard, and you send me over the edge again. I grasp the sheets, my breasts erect, my back arched, my entire body at your command, and my neck back on the pillows. I am exposed and vulnerable to you, my neck is craned back so far in ectacy I'm almost hurting myself. But I cannot stop as you keep me in a fiery orgasm for what feels like eternity, at least 30 minutes. Oh fuck you feel good. I cannot stop. Finally my body, depleted of its love juices, stops writhing as I lay resting, soaking in hot sticky pussy juices, trying to breathe. 

I climb on top of you and rub my pussy all over you. Your cock is still hard, waiting so much to be released. I hover over you and slowly slide down onto your cock, so that you can feel every inch and detail of my pussy. You shudder, and try to hold me to fuck me, but I'm in control this time. I slowly bob up and down, in and out, rubbing my breasts against you and biting your shoulder and neck. I go harder, a little faster, but I know that you like it slow too. Finally you cannot resist any longer. You thrust me off of you and grab me, picking me up. You move me off the bed and slam my back against the wall, and in one quick motion, you enter me. Hard, rough, your eyes black with lust gaze directly into mine, and you use me to reach your release. You groan loudly and fuck me so hard I feel the wall might fall down. I feel your throbbing cock get even harder if thats possible, and then suddenly, you yell loudly, and shoot your hot sticky white cum deep into me. Your entire cock is sucked into my pussy all the way to your tightened balls and you look at me as you cum. Your eyes are full of fire. You keep fucking me until you have filled me with every last drop. Then you breathe deeply, now that you can finally breathe again. You carry me back to the bed and you run our hands all over each other, cuddling. I put your softening cock in my mouth to lick off the last drops of cum. I lay on your chest and you lie on your back just as before, with your arm raised. Still just as vulnerable and toxic as before. I'm still horny, but I'm exhausted, so kiss you lightly, and get my clothes on. As I leave, I gaze at your depleted, sweaty, arousing body one last time. I shall return.