"Sex Stories" One Wild Night

Sex Stories One Wild Night
People call me Buck.? ?I’m an artist in oil colors,? ?and a sculptor.? ?I run in marathons,? ?so I’m in good shape.? ?Most women smile when I walk by?; ?I think it’s because I’m? ?6?’?6?” ?and? ?wear tight clothing.? ?I have hazel eyes and brown hair.? ?My parents were immigrants from? ?Poland,? ?and our whole f****y is very close.? ?I have my own apartment and my own studio.

I’d known about The Primeval Woman,? ?an annual arts festival that takes place every year out in the? ?Nevada desert.? ?It deserves it’s wild reputation.? ?It’s Federal territory occupying the bed of an ancient salt lake.? ?Since there is nothing around to burn or destroy,? ?the Feds have a benign attitude about it.? ?Hence,? ?no cops.? ?Everything was allowable,? ?even public sex.? ?Since it’s a very harsh environment,? ?people leave their c***dren at home.(Erotic Stories)

It sounded freaking great.? ?I paid my registration online and arrived late on the first day? (?hauling enough water for yourself for six days is a chore?)?.? ?I got my four person tent set up,? ?complete with studio,? ?and got out to wander about midnight.? ?This was no earthy-crunchy festival?; ?there were neon lights of all kinds for artists and performers to promote themselves.? ?I noticed that almost everyone was nude so I went back to my tent and wearing only my camera,? ?stepped out again.? ?I’d walked about a few hundred yards when I saw a neon sign over a big tent.? ?The sign said,? “?Temple of? ?Aphrodite? ?,? ?Men Encouraged.?”

The flap was open so I stepped into a gas lit space with plenty of candles.? ?Ay,? ?the women?! ?They were of all colors and shapes,? ?aged? ?18-40,? ?as the sign said.
The eldest,? ?a very bosomy and pretty woman in her late? ?30?’?s,? ?was the Mae West of the place.? ?She greeted me with a kiss,? ?pressing her tits hard against my chest.? ?It was a French kiss too.? ?That was the best kiss of my life,? ?except for my first one.

I’m Amy,?” ?she purred.? “?Everyone of us is a devotee of Aphrodite.? ?We’ve all pledged to take on any man who enters.? ?Some of us will take women too.?”
I was dumbstruck as I watched her black hair gleam in the light.? ?I said intelligently,? “?No shit??”

Two other women had joined us,? ?one a very cute but sexy teen and the other a busty young? ?Latina woman.? ?The? ?Latina woman began to stroke my cock.? “?I’m? ?Angelina,? ?and I love everything about cocks.? ?Shapes,? ?size,? ?texture,? ?odor,? ?girth,,? ?and balls too.?”

“We all do,?” ?the very fetching teen said.? “?You can have your pick,? ?or even have a threesome or foursome,? ?if you want.? ?What’ll it be?? ?We supply condoms,? ?unless you just want a hand job.? ?Oh,? ?and there is one rule:? ?you must get us off too.?”
I was overwhelmed.? “?What’s the fee??”

“There is none,?” ?Amy explained.? “?We fuck for free,? ?and very often,? ?as our service to Aphrodite.? ?In fact,? ?you can come back again tonight if you have the energy for it.?”
I sat down and asked for some water.? ?There were loud sounds of fucking from the other rooms.? “?Can I have two at once??”

Amy and Angelina wrapped their arms around mine as we went into another room.? ?There were pillows all over the place,? ?but no furniture.? ?Candlelight was the only source of light.? ?As soon as I sat? ?,? ?Amy buried my cock in her massive J cup breasts.? ?She had huge nipples as well,? ?and put my fingers on them as she began to tittyfuck me.? ?Angelina pushed me back on the pillow and stood over my face.? “?Have you ever seen such a munchable pussy in your life??”

Her labia dangled for a good three to four inches.? ?She spread her lips and the wonderful odor of a woman in heat struck me f***efully.
? “?No,? ?I haven’t,?” ?I replied.? 
Before I could get another word out she sat on my face and demanded,? “?Suck my pussy?!”

I went at her like a caged lion being released.? ?Amy was pumping my rigid cock with her voluptuous titties and then I felt her kissing and sucking my shaft up and down before she put me in her mouth.? ?This double oral sex really excites me.? ?It’s a good thing I’d fucked one of my models yesterday?; ?at least I could hope for some endurance.? ?Amy took it nice and slow,? ?savoring the pleasure.? ?Angelina gave me brief seconds to breathe.? ?She bent over so I could massage and squeeze her titties,? ?and they were a very fine pair.? ?She lifted to rub her clit rather furiously.? ?Her juices were dripping into my mouth,? ?and nothing tastes better than cunt.? ?I slipped three fingers inside and began stroking.? ?She said,? “?Damn?! ?Make me cum?! ?If you do it right I’ll squirt on you?!” 
“And I’ll suck up every drop?!” ?I promised.

“?That’s the kind of talk I like to hear,?” ?Amy purred.? ?Get ready.? ?I’m going to put you inside now.? ?Can you feel my pussy clenching you??”
I sure could?! “?Plleeeaasee,? ?do it some more,?” ?I begged.

That’s when Angelina began to squirt.? ?Some women dribble,? ?but she spurted copiously,? ?drenching my entire head in her bath of love.? “?Oh fuck fuck fuck?!” ?she screamed.? ?Amy bent down and licked up the juices that were puddling on my chest.? ?After I had finished licking Angelina’s cunt clean,? ?she asked me what I’d like to do next.? 
“Suck Amy’s clit,?” ?I said.

Amy had to lean backwards on her hands to give Angelina access.? ?The sight of this was wildly exciting.? ?When I accidentally popped out of Angelina,? ?Amy was quick to give my cock a f***eful sucking.

“?Keep at it?!” ?Amy said to Angelina.? “?Chew that clit well?! ?I’m starting to cum?!
Oh Venus?!” ?she screamed.? “?Blow me away?!”

When her cunt began to contract and her breathing came much faster I began to release control.? ?I loved hearing the fucking sounds as she rode me hard and fast.? ?I pulled her towards me so I could kiss her on the lips as both of us came together.? “?Oh that cum feels good inside me,?” ?she panted.

Both of them licked my cock until I was thoroughly soft.
“?That was the most intense fucking I’ve ever done,?” ?I grinned at them,? ?still panting.
? ?Amy sat back and rubbed her pussy,? ?showing me her inside flesh.? “?Are you ready for another round??” ?she teased.? “?We’ll be going all night.?”
“Is this true??” ?I asked Angelina.

“?Fuckin A,?” ?she said.? “?If you have any friends,? ?send them over.?”
It was hard to believe that these two? ?would be going on all night.? “?No,? ?but I’ll come back tomorrow,? ?you can believe that.? ?What time do you open??”

Amy was still fondling my cock.? “?After sunset,? ?when it gets cooler,? ?is good.? ?Oh,? ?there’s a free bordello on the other side of the camp.? ?The women around here are horny.?”

That was an understatement.? ?They let me sit in the entrance so I could still enjoy all the sights and sounds of these very lusty women.? ?My mind was absolutely swimming with lust when I got back to my tent.? ?I didn’t get much sl**p that night.