"Sex Stories" Our Naughty ESCAPED

Sex Stories Our Naughty ESCAPED
Hi baby, first let me say what a great time I had this morning, the thought that I help put a smile on your handsome face brings great joy to my heart. However, we didn’t get to finish our naughty escapade, so just lie back and let me give you the kind of pleasure I know you deserve. It’s late and you have had a long day at work. We have been together for close to a year and the relationship is great, but the sex is of the chain. 

I hear your key in the lock and I rush to the door to greet you. You look surprise to see me standing in your apartment, but after talking to you on your lunch break I decided to use the key that you gave me a few weeks ago to plain a surprise for you. 

For the past few weeks you have been working so hard that there hasn’t been much time for us. The last time we fucked was almost two weeks ago, and as we both know that is just too dam long for us to go without. (Porn Stories)

The look on your face is priceless as you open the door and see me standing there wearing that sexy black teddy you like so much. You close the door and I hand you a cold beer, but you can’t take your eyes off me. I can see that you know that I made a special afford to look my best for you tonight. Not only am I wearing the teddy that you like, but my hair is up in a French roll, just the way you like it. I have very little make up on, for some reason you like the earthy look, and I know that you love the black stockings and high heels along with the black guarder belt and thong that I have choose.

I have made your favorite meal that I’m sure you will enjoy later, however, right now there is a hot bath waiting for us. I take your hand and lead you into the bathroom. I lit a few candles and loaded the CD player with our favorite slow jams. I start to undress you by unbuttoning your shirt; your upper body is so strong. Your chest is nearly covered with soft white hair, I love running my fingers throw it. You take me in your arms and I snuggle against your soft chest hairs.

I feel your hands start to caress and roam my body, as our lips meet is a long slow kiss. At some point I feel your excitement. “Hay baby slow down, we have all night.” I say as I resume undressing you. 

I sit you down on the side of the bathtub and remove your shoes and socks. We share another long kiss, and I feel you remove the hair clip from my hair, letting my black hair flow freely down my shoulders. The look in my eyes tells you that I am ready to move on. You stand before me and I see what our foreplay has done. The big bugle cascading down your pants tells me I’m in for an unforgettable night.

I slowly began to unbuckle your belt, and removed it from the loops. I look up at you, and you are looking down at me, and your eyes are telling me that you trust me to give you the pleasure that you seek, while my hands ache for your cock as I unzip your pants, allowing all ten inches to pop out. Your shirt, pants, shoes and socks ended up in a pile on the bathroom floor.

You are soft, but I know in a matter of minutes your hardness will be filling my mouth. I take you in little by little as I struck you up and down. I can see every vein come alive with every struck. You somehow manage to pull my straps to my teddy down and fine my rock hard nipple waiting to be toyed with.

As I increase the speed of pleasure I could feel my wetness growing. I feel your hands as they peel down the teddy half way down my body. My body is aching to feel you inside me, but this is not the night to rush, instead we are taking our time and enjoying the pleasures of the flush.

You are about to pop as I struck and suck you as hard as I can. “Oh yes baby that’s it make me cum doll, this it suck me harder doll, harder, harder. “ 

Within minutes your sweet seed is overflowing in my mouth, you taste so good as load after load fill my mouth. I look up at you and the look in your eyes lets me know that I have just given you endless pleasure.

I stand and watch as you get into the bathtub. You watch me as I finish removing my teddy. You love seeing me remove my shoes and stockings, in a strip ties like fashion. After removing my guarder belt and thong, you reach out and take my hand and help me into the bathtub. I sit between your open legs, as you wrap your arms around me and you softly kiss the back of my shoulder, as you tell me how much you love the taste of my sweet chocolate skin.

As we sit and enjoy Babyface on the boom box your hands has not left my body. The combination of your hands and the warm water is soothing to my body and soul. I can feel your manhood on the small of my back, and I know that very soon your need for me will overpower you. I step out of the tub and I wrap my naked body in a towel. I grab a bar of soap and wash cloth and I began to bathe every inch of your long lean body. 

I love touching you, caressing your strong muscular body sends chills of desire though me like no other lover. Your body is a rare and precious gift, and its love and sensuality are the things that fuel our passion.

As I wash your body with the sent of musk, I began to feel the longing of wanting to feel you inside me. Once I have completed bathing you, I reach for your hand and you remove yourself from the tub, and I stand in awe of the gift that God had giving me.

I remove my towel that hides my nakedness from you, and I began to dry you. You stand before me hard and erect, and there is no way I can resist giving you pleasure. I glom on to your manhood, as I suck and stroke you again and again.

This time you somehow manage to hold yourself in cheek, picking me up into your arms, you carry me to your bed. Laying me down softly you began to explore my body once again. As we share another kiss I can feel your hands caressing my naked body. Your hands fine my tits firm, and my nipples hard and erect. Your mouth can’t resist glomming on to my nipples, as your hands roam freely over my body.

You open my legs to fine my smooth silky pussy waiting. Wanting to return the pleasure that I provided earlier you kiss your way down my body until you reach the open to my lush Paradise.

Your hands enjoy the smoothness of my pussy, as your finger entries me. You hear moans of joy as you peel back my lush petals and find my clit. Your tongue captures my clit; the sweetness of my pussy makes you wild with passion.

“Oh doll you taste so good.” I hear you say as my juices began to flow.

I scream out your name, never wanting you to stop. “Oh yes GERALD OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD BABY.” 

You work your way back up my body, with my legs spread I feel the head of your huge cock lightly push open my lips slightly. Placing your hands on my hips you push through to paradise. Your cock feels like heaven as you pound my pussy over and over again. 

We both love to fuck hard and deep, I love it when your cock hit’s the back of my pussy, and you love it when I am riding you and I start rotating my hips, and grinding on your dick.

We are about to pop, we always seem to cum at the same time and tonight is no different. Together we scream out our pleasure as we take each other to heaven. We make love for hours, and at the first light of daybreak. 

It is now time for me to leave you lover, but I leave knowing that soon I will be back in your arms for another naughty escapade.