"Sex Stories" Peeping Tom Scared Straight

Sex Stories Peeping Tom Scared Straight
This is a story about the most exciting, and terrifying, thing I ever did. I had just finished my military service, and I was staying at my parents’ house. I was restless and horny, and still reorienting to civilian life. I would frequently take late night walks around my sl**py town, just to think.

One Saturday night, well past midnight, I strolled down a quiet street. Most of the houses were dark, but this one house still had a light shining in the first floor den. My curiosity pulled me toward the light, as it were, and I was rewarded with the sexiest scene I had ever witnessed in real life. I peeked into the window to discover a porn video playing on the TV, and a cute young girl lying on the floor, watching intently. Jackpot!(Erotic Stories)

Her legs were bent, feet flat on the floor. One hand was behind her neck, supporting her head, and her other hand was shoved down the front of her little pink baby doll PJ’s. I tried to stop breathing altogether, for fear that I would somehow blow this chance of a lifetime, but my heart was pounding so loudly, that I figured I had better exhale. Only the screen on the window separated us, so I stood completely still and watched her. She slipped a pillow under her head, freeing her other hand for more action. She pulled her top up to her neck, and began rubbing her firm round breasts vigorously, almost viciously, taking each tit in turn, and pinching her erect nipples.

She must have really been enjoying the porn movie, because she put on quite a show. I didn’t have a full view, as her body faced away from me, but I could see her shoulder and arm thrashing wildly leading down to the busy fingers in her crotch. I was mesmerized, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her young teen body. I so much wanted to whisper sweet nothings to her through the screen, in hopes of joining in the fun, but even I knew that it would have only elicited a shriek from her, and a visit from the local police. 

After only a few short minutes, I watched as she began to arch her back, lifting her ass off the floor, her bent legs pumping up and down. She orgasmed intensely and kept bouncing for quite awhile. I admired her stamina. Her body finally flopped to the floor, exhausted and limp. I figured the show was over, but I lingered just in case. A few minutes passed, and the pretty little brunette picked herself up off the floor, stopped the video, and walked out of the den. I caught a glimpse of her face for the first time, and my jaw dropped when I realized I knew her! This sweet little vixen passed by my parents’ house every weekday. She was all of 15, maybe 16 tops. Her mother owned an antique shop across town, and her daughter worked for her after school. I had tried to make sure I was out sitting on my parents’ patio when she walked by as much as I could. I admired her tight thin body, and they way she seemed to walk on clouds. I managed to offer her a shy “hello”, and she would “hi” me back, but that was it. She was beautiful, no doubt, but she was much too young for me.

A light blinked on in the bathroom, and I thought maybe I’d check it out, but the window was too high for me to see anything. Still, I considered myself lucky to have witnessed her “private” self-love session.

To my delight, she returned to the den, and she had brought a friend along to boot, in the form of a shiny pink dildo that matched her short frilly outfit. I was so amazed at my good luck, that I barely noticed a car pull into the driveway next door. Snapped back to reality, I dropped to the ground immediately, hoping the driver hadn’t noticed my Peeping Tom act. After several anxious minutes lying in a fetal position, I heard the neighbor’s car door close, and then his front door close and lock. You’d think that I would have hightailed it out of there while I had the chance, but I was obsessed with that pink dildo, and I just had to take another look.

I stood back up carefully, and my eyes grew wide with the vision that met them: the little hottie was now on her knees, her ass facing the window. Her body was propped up on one arm, and her head faced the TV, with the video rolling again. Her other hand reached under her body, and was again planted between her legs. I could actually hear the low buzz coming from the pink toy, as she rubbed it up and down her slit, gyrating her hips gently in time with her hand motion. 

My breathing got heavier, and I prayed that she couldn’t hear me. Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any better, it did. Apparently frustrated that her panties were getting in the way, she put the vibrator in her mouth, reached back and stripped them off in one motion, dropping them by her side. She resumed her position, and now I had a clear view of her tight hairless private parts. Talk about up close and personal! Her smooth round ass was only about six feet away from my leering eyes. 

Without hesitation, she reached back under, and slid that dildo deep into her slick pussy. She commenced fucking herself steadily, her strokes quick and f***eful. She was really into it, and somehow I didn’t think this was her first time. She rested her head on the carpet, and reached her other hand over her back, to her ass. She began rubbing her cheeks, and snuck a finger into her crack. She reached down lower, captured some of her girl cream on her fingers, and lubed her asshole with it. I almost swallowed my tongue, watching her feverishly working her fingers into her rectum. Her hips swayed as she finger-fucked her asshole and her rear end bounced up and down, meeting every upward thrust of the dildo ravishing her hungry pussy. 

She continued to abuse her ass and pussy for quite some time, and I loved watching every lusty, plunging stroke. She seemed to be getting frustrated, though. Perhaps she was having trouble getting off this time. It was only a short time since she came the first time, after all. She lifted her head up, and looked around to either side of her. Her eyes fixed on something out of my view, but I could see her reach out to her side, and pull her arm back into view. She had a fire poker in her grip. I hadn’t even noticed the fireplace on the same wall as the window I was looking through.

She borrowed another handful of pussy cream and pushed some into her asshole. She aimed the fat metal poker handle at her brown spot, and maneuvered it into her slick hole slowly, past her sphincter muscle. Satisfied with the depth of her insertion, she pulled it out a few inches, then, slid it back in, until she was rockin’ and rollin’ once again. She resumed her dildo attack on her glistening pussy, and her wild ride was a beautiful sight to behold.

She double fucked herself with such fervor, I was getting exhausted just watching her go at it. My cock was getting ready to blow like a volcano, but I dared not touch myself for fear of getting caught by making squishing sounds outside her window. 

After several minutes of intense slamming, her head started to thrash back and forth on the floor, and her ass bucked up and down. I could hear her moaning quietly to herself, her breathing growing more labored with each new thrust of her two toys. Finally, I got a close up view of her long awaited orgasm. Her juices squirted out of her pussy with such f***e, a few drops actually hit the screen in front of my face.

She really seemed to enjoy getting off, as she didn’t stop fucking herself until she squeezed every drop of her girl cum from her overtaxed pussy. For an encore, she rolled over on her back when she was finished, and licked her juices from both the pink toy, and the fire poker. This seemed to please her, and she didn’t make a sour face or anything that would indicate that she didn’t like the taste of herself.

Finally, she stood up, wiped her toys dry with her discarded panties, and put the poker back in its place. She took the vibrator and porn movie with her, shut off the light in the den, and she was gone. I couldn’t even move yet, paralyzed with the thought of what had just occurred. I observed that a light appeared in a back window on the second floor, and I assumed it was probably her bedroom. I made a mental note of it, as I slinked my way back down the street towards home.

The following Saturday, I wondered if there was a chance that sexy young girl was in the mood to entertain me again. It was late at night, and as usual, the neighborhood was dark and quiet. As I walked down her street, my heart sank when I didn’t see the light on in her den. But, with a few steps toward the back of her house, I was delighted to see her bedroom light on. Images of her doing all kinds of things to her eager body spurred me on. Somehow, I had to find a way to satisfy my lustful curiosity. A careful perusal of the back yard yielded a long ladder propped up against the fence. Did I have the nerve?

In my right mind, I would have shuddered at the thought of trying something so completely risky. I didn’t consider myself to be a stalker, just an opportunist. Certainly, I had no criminal intent, and I surely wasn’t interested in harming anyone. (How would that sound to the cops, and later, to a judge, I thought, as I stealthily maneuvered the ladder in place.)

My obsession had become all-encompassing, as I made my way up the ladder barefoot, quiet as a mouse. I stepped onto the roof, and took three or four silent steps to her bedroom window. I peeked into her room, and it was empty. Her bedclothes were pulled back, and there was a romance novel opened up on her pillow. Oh, this could get real exciting, I thought, imagining the possibilities of watching her get all worked up reading her sexy book. As I crouched into position, waiting for her to return, I turned my attention to the outside world. I had a good view of all the adjoining backyards of her neighbors, although it was dark out. I looked up and gazed at the stars in the sky, then I looked down at the ladder that got me where I was.

When I heard the toilet flush in the upstairs bathroom, it was like a fire siren going off inside my brain. WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK WAS I DOING? I immediately got hit with a wicked case of the nerves, and violent shivers ran up and down my spine. I was paralyzed by fear, and I wasn’t sure if I could even get down at that point. Still, I had to try. Getting caught up here could very well end my days of freedom for many years to come. Not to mention the publicity and the public shame.

Shivering and shaking, I made my way down the roof on my ass, trying not to slip. I reached out to the ladder, and headed down, my knees weak and buckling with each step. When I finally had my feet planted on the earth, I wanted to kiss the ground, but I wasn’t out of the woods yet. Carefully and quietly, I mustered up any strength I had left, and managed to wrestle the ladder down, and I carefully put it back against the fence.

I skulked out of her yard, and made my way up the street, after I checked to make sure no one was around. I walked straight home, climbed up the outside of my parents’ fireplace, and slithered into my second floor bedroom window. I threw myself onto my bed, shaking like a leaf for quite awhile, thankful and overjoyed that I had come to my senses before it was too late.

That was it for this Peeping Tom. I never roamed the streets at night ever again. 

But I still have my memories.

And I love watching her glide by my parents’ house even more now. We still exchange innocent “hellos”, but now I have a secret.