"Sex Stories" The Photo Shoot

Sex Stories The Photo Shoot
The shoot was scheduled for a seedy Bronx hotel, all dirty walls and bedraggled furnishings, apparently to highlight the contrast between the exclusive and outrageously expensive lingerie and the squalid surroundings. Eve had various misgivings about the reasoning behind the location and so on, but mainly wondered why posh women would see these fancy knickers in a Bronx flea-pit and suddenly decide they simply must own a pair.

The photographer, Stuart Thorn, planned to pair Eve with another girl in this sleazy dive, done up to look as though they were two call girls hired for the hour. Thorn was known for many controversial pieces of work and considered any publicity to be good publicity. Intended to be billboard ads in the States, the pictures would also be in the forthcoming edition of the UK’s biggest lad mag.(Adult Stories)

The other girl was a professional model, Sabrina. Half Spanish and half Brazilian, with the looks of a supermodel but the mouth of a marine. Her delicious caramel coloured complexion lent itself to some stunning photosets, and, if the urban myths were to be believed, amateur hard-core pornography in her earlier days.

They met early to take advantage of the wan, early morning sunlight. The room itself was dirty, with bedraggled curtains of an indeterminate colour and age. There was no carpet and the floorboards were coarse and stained. The wallpaper was completely missing from most parts of the wall, and what little remained was a hideous seventies design in beige and brown. Disturbingly, there were three bullet holes in the wall opposite the door, with bullets still in two of them.

There was a bag of underwear in some seriously sleazy styles and colours, which delighted both girls. Neither showed any false modesty, peeling off in front of Thorn almost immediately to start trying the undies on. The lingerie was mostly lace with either silk or PVC, with stylings borrowed heavily from bondage paraphernalia – studs, chains, collars, and so on. They did their own make-up – cheap and trampy, smudged blacks and enticingly over-the-top reds – which meant that there was just the three of them in the hotel room that morning. Eve chose a set in dark blue silk with exquisite black lace, while Sabrina’s lingerie was white PVC with white lace. Eve’s stockings attached to a suspender belt; Sabrina’s were fishnet hold-ups.

They started with tame shots, the girls with their backs to the wall, staring out of the window, looking bored and disinterested. Then, a few more of them appearing to fasten and unfasten each other’s bras or suspender belts. Then, in a moment when Thorn was changing lens, Sabrina leaned in close to Eve’s ear.

“Wanna know what I did this morning?” She whispered in her honeyed, Latino drawl. “I had myself a fucking huge orgasm with my favourite vibrator thinking about this shoot. It’s been soooo loooong since I did anything really fucked up! I was thinking that we could really get nasty, make these shots so freaking horny that he can’t use them for anything except wanking, and we get to keep the stuff after! Whaddya say?”

Eve swallowed. She’d heard about this girl, and the temper tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. She paused briefly, gulped, nodded.

“Hey, I got something for you…” one arm snaked around Eve’s waist, puling her close, while a manicured fingernail traced a line over Eve’s belly, between her breasts and finally to her lips. Looking nervously into Sabrina’s eyes and trying not to feel like a virgin, Eve took the finger into her mouth and sucked hard, as though giving the best BJ of her life.

“Yeah, that’s real good,” Sabrina intoned in a deep drawl, “you taste that? That’s the finger that I used on my clit this morning, and I ain’t washed it since!”

Thorn was back, snapping his fingers for attention. He started to whine about how he wanted the next set of poses, but Sabrina snapped at him to be quiet, saying that they had it all worked out, and he should just keep taking pictures.

Eve kept sucking the finger, as Sabrina showed no sign of allowing her to stop. She closed her eyes and imagined sucking a huge cock, and in response Sabrina grabbed a handful of ass, digging the nails in too much and causing Eve to jump before withdrawing her finger to tease Eve’s nipples. Eve had been with women before and was no stranger to their bodies, but there was something about this strong, wilful girl that caused her to feel shy and timid.

They kissed, and immediately there was an electricity that set Eve’s pulse hammering. Sabrina’s tongue f***ed its way into Eve’s mouth, encountering little resistance, and her hands wandered all over Eve’s body while Eve felt almost too intimidated to reciprocate. A hand found the flimsy material covering the crotch of Eve’s knickers and started caressing the soft, downy mound underneath. Eve was already aroused just through the sheer presence of this girl, and now she found herself starting to get really wet.

In the background Thorn was screaming at them to ‘stop fucking around, we’re here to do a shoot!’ which annoyed Sabrina intensely, and sure enough seconds later Sabrina broke off their kiss to confront the wailing photographer. Grabbing his balls, she spoke softly to him without breaking eye contact.

“Eve and I are gonna have some fun, you’re gonna take some pictures, everyone’s gonna have a good time, you get that?” she asked, twisting his balls slightly to make her point a little more forcibly. Thorn nodded. “That’s real good. Eve, honey, would you do me a favour? Get me the little back leather bag I brought? I think I left it in the car.”

Eve’s flinched, as though she were not expecting to be spoken to. “Your bag? Umm, in your car? That’s, erm, that’s outside.”

“That’s right honey, the car’s outside, that’s where I always keep it. Now would you be a doll and go fetch it?” Eve did Sabrina’s bidding, nipping nimbly down the rickety wooden stairs despite the stilettos she was wearing. Checking there was no one about, she darted outside, retrieved the bag in question, then returned upstairs. Thorn sat on the floor leaning against the wall, with Sabrina d****d over his shoulder, whispering into his ear.

“Thanks honey! Thorn and I have having a little chat, and he wants to have a little fun too! Now let’s have a look what we’ve got in here that will help us get in the mood…” from the bag she produced a bottle of tequila and took three deep slugs. She passed it to Thorn, who took a similar deep draught as Sabrina said, “let’s see what we’ve got in here!”, pulling out an entanglement of straps and plastic.

“Choose one honey, let’s see what sort of gal you are!” she laughed, wickedly. Eve frowned, trying to work out what she was being offered. Sabrina laughed again. “They’re dildos! You choose one, you put it on me, then Mr. Thorn here gets to take pics while I fuck you with it! So which one do you want?” Eve selected the smallest. “That’s okay, just means I can ram it in harder. We haven’t got all day, let’s get started. Mr. Thorn, why don’t you get that camera rolling?”

Sabrina stood in the middle of the room, offering the dildo to Eve. She motioned to Eve to put it on, but when Eve reached round to fasten the waist strap, Sabrina slapped her hand.

“That’s not how you do it. You gotta take these panties off first. Go slow, so Mr. Thorn can take pictures.” Eve went on one knee before her, and, sensing a great shot, Sabrina put her stilettoed foot on Eve’s thigh. After a few snaps, Sabrina put her foot down and Eve began to remove the silky knickers. They were damp at the crotch, and Eve could not help but catch Sabrina’s scent. She caught herself breathing it in, and a split-second later Sabrina noticed, grabbing Eve’s hair. “Don’t be shy Eve, let’s see if you can lick as well as you sniff!”

Eve’s nervous tongue movements earned her a rebuke in the form of a yank on her hair. Sabrina opened her legs further to grant Eve better access, and to appease her new mistress Eve pressed home immediately, lapping hungrily but without finesse at Sabrina’s pussy. She heard Sabrina moan, and then snap at the photographer to move in closer and make sure he was getting it all.

She heard Sabrina issuing further orders: “Eve, you’ve got to play to the camera a little more. Do you think that while you’re eating me out, you could frig yourself off or something?” Eve winced at the other girl’s coarse language but did as she was ordered, snaking a hand inside her panties in search of her clitoris. Growing into the role she stopped masturbating momentarily to draw her panties to one side for the camera’s benefit. Sabrina’s pussy juices were starting to run down Eve’s chin and from the noises she was making, Sabrina seemed to be having a very good time.

Eve drew back her heard for breath, and, not wishing to incur Sabrina’s wrath, she used her free hand to start masturbating Sabrina. She quickly found the magic spot and fell into a steady rhythm, working both Sabrina’s clit and her own simultaneously. Sabrina moaned several times, as Thorn snapped away busily with his camera. Eve felt she was regaining something of an even footing after being at a definite disadvantage for most of the encounter so far, and as she felt the early pulse of an orgasm creeping up on her she allowed herself a tiny smile.

Seconds later, Sabrina threw her head and screamed that she was coming, and not to stop, allied with a stream of foreign curses. Thorn cropped his shot and got closer to Sabrina’s face, trying to capture the moment. Eve was tempted to slow down a little so she could catch up, but before she knew it she felt her legs buckling and knew her own orgasm was upon her. Both girls came almost at the same time and, laughing, collapsed on top of each other in a heap when their legs could no longer take it.

Sabrina was the first one upright. “Okay then, now that we’re all warmed up, let’s really have some fun! Thorn honey, are you getting all this?” Dumbstruck, he could only nod as he frantically groped in his bag for more rolls of film. Sabrina picked up the pile of strap-ons and shook the eight-inch dildo free. “I know you picked the other one, but I like this one the best. Thorn baby, will you strap me into this while Eve takes a breather?” Spellbound Eve watched as the photographer did so, and moments later Sabrina was strutting around, admiring her new appendage and waggling it everywhere comically. Thorn snapped away as she played up for the camera, masturbating the plastic penis and taunting Eve with it.

“Eve-ee, oh Eve-ee! Come see what Sabrina’s got for you to play with!” She knelt down by the side of Eve’s head with the dildo close to Eve’s mouth. Taking the cue, Eve propped herself up on one elbow and took the plastic member into her mouth, making exaggerated motions and slurping noises, leaving Sabrina cooing over her performance.

When Sabrina tired of the teasing, she gently pushed Eve back onto the dirty wooden floorboards and drew the delicate lace knickers down Eve’s legs. She held them to her nose and breathed deeply, making eyes at Thorn’s camera. Tossing them to one side, Sabrina positioned herself squarely between Eve’s legs, staring directly at her hot, wet vagina. Sabrina’s gaze was so intimately explicit; Eve felt like her pussy was being inspected, but she couldn’t close her legs or prevent Sabrina’s stare.

Deliberately procrastinating so Thorn could get the best shots, Sabrina moved into position with the tip of the dildo pressing against Eve’s labia. Eve was biting her lip in an effort to control her frustration, but after an age Sabrina stopped posing for the camera and began to look after Eve’s needs. Slowly, so as not to hurt more than any vindictive desire to tease, she edged the plastic cock into Eve’s hole. The plastic was still warm and wet from Eve’s fellatio, and it slipped in with little resistance. Sabrina made herself comfortable, moving into the missionary position. While Eve’s body became accustomed to the intrusion they exchanged long, deep kisses, their tongues revolving in the other’s mouth.

Sabrina began to grind, making each successive thrust longer than the last, holding back just a little longer before thrusting again, leaving the lips of Eve’s labia clinging to the plastic every time. Eve’s eyes closed and her cheek pressed on the floor as she concentrated on being fucked, caring little that Thorn was still photographing everything. Sabrina was transfixed, watching the expressions on Eve’s face earnestly, as Thorn clambered around, trying to get the best angles without spoiling their endeavours. Eve scratched her nails down Sabrina’s back, which went practically unnoticed, and locked her calves around Sabrina’s. Soon, her legs were wrapped tightly about Sabrina’s waist.

Stopping suddenly, Sabrina leaned back. Taking hold of Eve’s ankles she hoisted them up and back over Eve’s head until the poor girl was practically bent double, unable to move or complain. Sabrina looked to have something akin to bl**dlust in her eyes as she started to pound home the fake cock. Despite the discomfort Eve was ecstatic and could not remember being fucked so mercilessly. She started to moan, then scream, eventually managing to squirm a hand through to her clitoris and bring on a second, much fiercer, orgasm. With the bl**d rush finished, Eve realised that Sabrina was no longer inside her. She knelt beside Eve and offered a swig of tequila while she outlined her thoughts.

“Hey baby, you okay? I was thinking that I want some really horny pictures to end the set with, and I also think that we should give Thorn a little treat for being so patient. This is what we’re gonna do. I’ll kneel in front of Thorn while he shoots downwards looking at me. You’re going to stand behind him and toss him off, and he’s gonna take loads of pics of all this!” Clearly the plan was not a suggestion, more an order. Afraid to argue, and wearing the same nervous expression, Thorn and Eve assumed their positions. Sabrina stripped out of her bra and removed the strap-on, leaving just her hold-ups. Happily disrobed she knelt before Thorn’s bulge and unfastened his jeans. Quickly, an expectant erection was released, and both girls mentally noted that it was a good size, should they ever come across him privately.

Thorn started shooting, the first pics of Sabrina’s eager smile, then Eve’s hand in the foreground as it started to work on his erection. Eve rubbed slowly at first, making sure to rub the full length of his shaft and pay plenty of attention to the head of his penis. When Sabrina saw that there was a little skin-on-skin friction, she gently withdrew Eve’s hand and took Thorn’s erection into her mouth, running her tongue up and down to give some extra lubrication. When she was done, she replaced Eve’s hand back around the shaft.

Eve could already tell how aroused Thorn was; frankly he’d have to be dead and in a tin not to have been turned on by what he’d already witnessed. Eve was something of an expert at hand jobs, having administered quite her fair share, and after a few minutes of expert manipulation there were already bubbles of pre-cum forming at the end of his smooth, circumcised erection. The girls heard the motor drive on the camera whirring as he altered between close-ups, the end of his cock with Sabrina’s transfixed gaze below it, and wide-angle views which took in the crafty hand that Sabrina was using to masturbate herself with. Eve realised at this point she was the one with the power: she could decide when he was going to come, and she was sure that Sabrina was trying her hardest to time her orgasm with the ejaculation of his sperm on her chest.

Eve pressed her body up against his, and could feel his laboured, almost spasmodic breathing. She put her other arm around him, holding onto his hips, pulling him back into her, as Sabrina toyed with her nipples. She hardly blinked, preferring to pay close attention to bobbing, ready-to-burst erection in front of her.

When Eve felt he was ready she applied more pressure and concentrated on a steady rhythm rather than a sensuous massage of his shaft. Within minutes, he blurted out, “I’m coming, oh shit I’m coming!” and he did exactly that. Sabrina squealed in delight as his hot sperm landed on her chest and face. She licked a long rivulet of it as it dripped over her top lip, and as the last of it dribbled from the slit of his cock, she took him in her mouth and greedily gobbled the rest of his fluids. “You got all that on film, yeah?” she said, between mouthfuls.