"Sex Stories" Pierced and ready

Sex Stories Pierced and ready
Today she got her nipples and pussy pierced. The whole time it made her so horny that she needed a man. She went into a small intimate bar to see who was there. She wore no bra or panties to rub against the new piercings and her clothing was very revealing. She sat at the bar legs spread and looked around. A man caught her eye. He could tell she wanted some one to fuck her and he wanted that job.

He went over to her and rubbed her back and then to around the front of her. He liked that she had nice big tits and wanted to get his hands on them. He then rubbed his hand up and down her leg and he could feel her spread her legs as he touched her. He moved his hand up to her pussy and rubbed feeling the metal hoops she had just had looped in the lips of her shaved pussy. He pulled gently on one and she got hot.(Sex Stories)

"Lets go to my room" she told him and grabbed his hand and led him from the bar. When they got to her room, she grabbed him and kissed him tonguing his mouth with passion. He pulled her top off as she ripped his shirt from him. He saw the hoops thru her nipples and loved them. Next they removed their pants. "show me what else you have pierced." he told her. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her pussy. He pulled on the loops thru her pussy lips.

She moved him to the bed and rubbed his cock. It was getting bigger by the minute and it was a huge one. She cupped his balls and started to suck his cock. He was at least ten inches and very thick. She started licking his cock then shoved her mouth over it. The thickness filled her mouth. He grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in all the way gagging her at first. He held her head as he fucked her mouth shoving every inch into her mouth. She soon adjusted to his size and could suck as he fucked her mouth in and out. He had never been with a girl that could take his whole cock and he loved fucking her mouth as she used her skills and sucked him till he soon came down her throat. He unloaded a huge amount of cum down her throat and she swallowed every drop still sucking the cock.

Now he wanted to taste her. He grabbed her and laid her on her back and started to suck her nipples and pull with his teeth on the loops pierced thru the plump nips. He was fascinated with the pierced tits and really sucked and pulled them. As his mouth sucked one nipple his fingers played and pulled the other nipple. She had huge round nipples with the loops thru them. The hoops felt very erotic in his mouth.

Next he kissed down to her pussy and again his mouth grabbed the loops thru her pussy lips. She had a loop on each side and as he pulled one with his mouth again his fingers pulled the other. She was moaning and squirming getting very excited. His tongue then found the hole to her cunt. He licked all around it before he shoved the tongue inside her. As he tongue fucked her, he still played with the loops, pulling and stretching her pussy lips. The metal loops were a huge turn on to her and getting her cunt tongue fucked made her cum hard many times. He loved that she could multi cum and kept tonguing and playing with her pussy.

He then straddled her and shoved his huge cock into her cunt. It felt warm and tight to the man. He rammed in and out, coming almost out before he pushed back in deep inside her. He took his fingers and played with her clit as he hard fucked her hole. She pushed her hips up to him wanting every inch of the huge cock. She had never been fucked by suck a huge thick rod and she loved how it felt inside her. He continued to fuck her hard loving the tight hole till they both came at the same time. He left his cock inside her as he kissed her tits. He knew if he played with the tits he would get hard fast.

Feeling his cock get hard again he rolled her over to her stomach and raised her ass in the air. She had a great round firm ass. He rubbed it then spread the ass cheeks and found her round bud. His finger circled the pucker and then slipped inside her. He moved the finger in and out hoping to stretch her so he added more fingers one by one. He knew he needed to fuck that sweet ass. He rubbed the cum dripping from her pussy all around the ass hole, then over his cock. He put his cock right to the edge of her puckered ass and started to push his thick cock into her. He took his time as he had been able to get four fingers in her ass so he was sure the cock would fit and her wanted to fill her ass with his cum. He used his fingers to spread her ass as he slowly entered her. She seemed to stretch to allow him. He had six inches in her as he waited a moment before he started to push the rest inside her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back against the giant cock and finally was inside her, every inch if him. He paused a moment then started to fuck the stretched ass. He could feel every side of it against his huge cock. In and out he went and as he penetrated her it got easier to fuck her. He then forgot his large size and fucked her hard ramming the cock in and out of her loving how it felt. he knew he could go a while before he would cum and he used every minute fucking her ass hard. He heard her moan as once he got her stretched it felt good to her. As he fucked the ass, he reached around to her cunt and grabbed the hoops in her pussy pulling them knowing this was a turn on to her. This was the perfect fuck fest. His cock in her ass as he pounded it and pulling the loops in her pussy. After several minutes he felt her cum many times and he was ready himself. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to his cock as he rammed her deep and filled her ass with cum.

Next they both laid on the bed to catch their breath. After he rested, he would fuck all her holes again and again. She had the body a man loved to fuck and he had the huge cock she loved.