"Sex Stories" Pillow Princess

Sex Stories Pillow Princess
“Hey Bran.” 
I looked up from my studies just in time to get hit in the face with Suzu, Amy’s teddy bear. I blinked in shock as she screamed, “Bear attack!”
“Jerk!” I squealed, and threw it back at her. She caught it cleanly and grinned wickedly, rearing back to throw it again. I scrambled to sit and get my hands up. 

Amy had lettered for four years in softball in high school, so the match wasn’t very even. She took it easy on me and I managed to block it. I tried to fake her out, but she was too good and caught it again. By this time we were both on our knees on our beds, giggling, as we faced off across our little dorm room. She made me flinch several times before throwing it back; she drilled me in the stomach so hard I couldn’t help but catch it. She laughed in encouragement, and my attempt at a hard throw ended up hitting the ceiling over her head. We played volleyball for a few seconds before she pulled back with a gleam in her eyes.
“No, Amy!” I protested, but she threw hard at my head. 

I got a hand up and it careened back towards the foot of her bed. She lunged to swat it back to me and I swung wildly at it, sending it towards the head of her bed as she tumbled headfirst off the foot of it, a lone bare leg sticking up from where she had fallen. The bear made a funny noise and I sat up, puzzled.
“Oh crap, Amy!” 
I jumped up and ran over to her bed. The bear had hit the half-empty remains of her Big Gulp; the lid had popped off, and soda was all over her pillow and sheets. I didn’t know what to do since the soda had already soaked into everything. Amy got up and shoved me.
“Jerk. You got my bed wet!”
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to!”
She pulled a fist back as if to punch me and I pulled back in terror before she broke into a big smile. 
“I wouldn’t hit you, silly! It’s my fault anyway. I knew I should have dumped that cup.”

We shared a laugh before pulling off her sheets. We put on shorts—both of us were only wearing tees and panties as it was already past 11PM—and took the soaking sheets down to the laundry room. Just our luck, all the washers were full and there were already several loads waiting for the dryers. We took her stuff to the showers and soaked them, hoping to get the soda stains out. Amy had just changed her other set of sheets after way too long, and they were in the bottom of her hamper, so she didn't have a spare set. I only had one set, washing and changing them the same day. 

Our dorm mattresses were hard plastic, and when we got back to the room we started arguing about who was going to sl**p on my bed. It would totally suck to sl**p on those mattresses without sheets. I insisted she sl**p in my bed, since I had ruined hers, but she refused, saying she had started the whole fight. We argued for half an hour before finally compromising: we would both sl**p in my bed. I’m not really sure whose idea it was, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I’d had sl**povers before, and this was only for one night due to extenuating circumstances. 

Amy is beautiful, the girl I wished I could be, with jet black hair. She was my best friend at College. Athletic, toned, funny, personable and supremely confident; I had envied her from the day we met. She was small up top, but with her body and personality, she never had a problem with boys. The only advantage I had on her was my boobs, which were much bigger, but I compensated with more than a few pounds. It was like I was determined to put on the entire freshman fifteen in the first semester and with wavy brown hair and a somewhat reserved personality, boys didn’t pay much attention to me. 

The dorm’s beds are really quite small, and with Amy's pillow soaked, we both tried to share mine; it was a tight squeeze. We considered laying head to foot, but there was no way I was going have feet by my head. We giggled a lot in the dark as we tried to find a position we were comfortable in. She complained that the wall was cold and squooshed into me, and I scooted over so far I was almost falling off the other side of the bed. Finally we settled down and I drifted off to sl**p. 

I was having a dream about Brad Pitt making out with me, yet I felt someone’s hand under my shirt, feeling my tit. I slowly woke to the realization it was Amy. I was feeling so relaxed, I didn’t move, enjoying the sensation. She flicked my nipple and I let out a squeak, causing her to freeze for few moments. I didn’t move and she started to caress me again. God it felt great, and I knew I was already wet, but as I woke up, I realized that I needed to say something. This was Amy after all! 
“What are you doing?” I sighed with a smile as I turned to her.

She jerked her hand away and sat bolt upright. “Oh my God!” she squealed, lunging out of the bed and out the door. I’m not sure how she got up and out the door so fast. I pulled my shirt back down, wondering where she had gone. Maybe I should have started with “I like that.”

I rolled out of bed, turned on a light, and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, she was in one of the stalls, sobbing. I stood outside and tried to get her to come out but she wouldn’t even answer me. Susan came in to use the toilet and when she came out she asked what was going on. Amy was suddenly silent.
“She spilled soda on my bed and now she’s all weepy and apologetic.”

Susan knocked on the stall and told Amy to come out. Suddenly the door flew open and Amy ran past us in a blur. I rolled my eyes in mock exasperation and went back to our room. When I got in, Amy wasn’t there. I looked around for a moment before hearing something from her closet. I peeked in and there she was, balled up and buried in the back, crying. I told her to come out but she refused so I grabbed a small handful of hair just in the back of her neck; she squealed in pain and followed me. I put her back on my bed and she started blubbering.
“Please don’t tell anyone. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t tell.”

Over and over again. She was holding her palms out defensively and looked a bit like the monster girl from The Ring. I fought my way through her hands and hugged her, trying to calm her down. I held her, stroking her back, and told her everything was okay as she cried on my shoulder. I felt really bad for her. She finally started to calm down.
“Hey,” I warned, “No blowing your nose on my shirt.”
She giggled a little and I got her a tissue. She slowly composed herself as we sat together, gently stroking her arm in reassurance.
“You feeling better?” I asked softly and she nodded. “Good. Now back to my question: what were you doing?” Her eyes bugged out and she looked like a k** caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “Amy, what were you doing?”
“Nothing,” she whispered.
“Amy.” She swallowed apprehensively and looked away but I steered her face back to me. “Amy,” I said again, looking right into her eyes. 
“It’s just that…well…I don’t have any boobs and you do…,” she started, glancing at me guiltily. “Please don’t tell anyone.”
“So you just thought you help yourself to a squeeze?”
She frowned a little. “Yes.”
“You have boobs.”
“Yeah, but they’re tiny.”
I ignored her comment. “Guys have felt your titties, right?”
She shrugged. “Yeah.”
“And did you just let them walk up and grab away?”
“No?” I asked quietly. “What did they have do first?”
“Well, make out a little…”
“Right, kiss you. But you didn’t kiss me, did you?”

She was completely stunned at the line of questioning. I had already decided what I wanted. Understanding dawned on her face and she glanced away shyly before slowly leaning in for kiss. I let her come in before pulling back.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
She jumped back and looked at me in alarm. “I thought you wanted me…”
“Amy, we’re not talking about what I want. We’re talking about what you want.”
She thought about it for a few moments. “Can I kiss you?” she asked quietly.
“Why?” I asked with mock suspicion. 
She swallowed nervously. “So I can feel your boobs?” she whispered.
“No!” I said with mock disgust, and she pulled back in shock. “Have you looked at yourself? You’re a mess.” I broke into a big smile. “Go wash your face, you’re all messed up from crying.”

Her eyes widened as she realized what I was saying and she broke into a big smile and dashed out of the room. Honestly, I couldn’t believe what I had just done, but I was giddy at the prospect of what was about to happen. I had never kissed a girl, never wanted to, never thought about it, but suddenly it seemed like the most natural thing to do. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian, but I did want to make out with her a little. 

A fresh-looking Amy reappeared and practically tackled me on my bed with a smile. “You were teasing me!” she complained as we giggled nose to nose. 
“Hey, it wasn’t my idea to cop a feel…”
She was suddenly serious. “I’ve never kissed a girl.”
“Skipped straight to second base, huh?” She looked at me with a guilty grin. “I haven’t either,” I whispered.

She moved in but I laughed and pulled back. Then I tried, but we couldn’t seem to make it work without giggling. We decided to sit up and try, but managed nothing more than a light peck on the lips before bursting out laughing. This was way harder than it looked. We held each other’s hands and grinned at each other before trying and failing again. Finally we had the idea to turn off the light. In the darkness I calmed immediately and a moment later I leaned forward with my lips parted…and caught her on the bridge of the nose. We both fell backwards with peals of laughter. We sat again and suddenly it was deathly still as I could see her, beautiful Amy, dimly in the darkness. I cupped her face and we met in a kiss. 

God, she could kiss. My high school boyfriends had never been much into kissing, but Amy and I didn’t have any issue with that. Our tongues battled and played as we kissed and by the time she cupped my breast, I was more than ready. Suddenly we were lifting off each other’s tops, feeling each other's breasts, as we kissed deeply. We were both whimpering and I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life. We kissed, caressed, pinched and loved each other. I wanted for her to go further, but I didn’t want to initiate anything. I knew my panties were soaked, but was afraid that if I took a hand off her breast, she would take one off mine and I didn’t want her to stop. Instead, we sat cross-legged, knee to knee, and kissed and played with each other’s breasts. Early in the morning we collapsed on my pillow and fell into an exhausted sl**p.

I awoke in the sunlight and looked over to see Amy looking at me. The moment our eyes met, she looked away with a blank expression and sat up. She slid off the bed, put on her shirt, and left the room. I had class and left before she returned and she was gone when I got back. The first night I sat alone and waited for her, hoping that it was all in my head, hoping we could play again. My heart leapt when she returned…and then was crushed as a guy followed her in. 

“Hey Bran, can you give us some space?” she asked with scarcely a glance as she started making out with this guy I had never seen. My jaw dropped and I finally left the room, spending the night in the lounge, not even allowed the privacy to cry. We didn’t talk for the next three months. Over the next few nights she had a succession of new lovers. I was devastated, having lost my only friend on campus and my social life in one cruel twist. Amy, on the other hand, seemed to BFF with half of our all-girl dorm. One good thing did come out of it: with no friends, no social life and no interest in being in my room, I spent a lot of time in the library, didn’t party, and got a 4.0. 

Amy says her epiphany came during Thanksgiving; I started to feel a change also. She started being less a bitch. Sometimes it felt like she watched me dress. I didn’t really care and just went about my business. She left for Christmas break before I did, and when I returned to the room I found a Christmas card on my desk. She had written on it that she hoped I would have good Christmas and she hoped we could be friends again. My bl**d boiled. After all she had done, she just expected me to forget about it, and yet I still burned for her. She was still the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I had no interest in any other girls, and still wished for a boyfriend, but I wanted her most of all. I wanted her and hated her at the same time.

Late in January I returned to school, still livid about her note. She wasn’t in as I moved back into our room, but she had clearly been there. I was glad. I didn’t want to make a scene in front of my parents. When she returned that night I was laying on my bed reading a novel while listening to my iPod and I didn’t bother acknowledging her. I could feel her looking at me, even after she sat on her bed. Unfortunately, I had to pee. I eventually pulled out my headphones and left for the bathroom. As soon as I pulled them out she said, “Hi Brandi,” but I didn’t answer and just left. She tried again as I returned, and I offered a “Hi” and put my earphones back in. I kept them in even after I turned out the lights, pulling them out as I got ready to sl**p. I was just about to fall asl**p when she tried again, catching me off guard.
“Can we be friends again?”
“No,” I sighed, trying to stay calm.
“Why not?”
I bolted upright and flicked on the desk light. “Why not? I get the silent treatment for four months and you ask why not?” I screamed at her.
“Bran, I’m sorry,” she said after a pause while pulling a pillow to her chest defensively. 
“You're sorry? Sorry for what? Sorry for groping me in my sl**p? Sorry for ignoring me? Sorry for rubbing in my face that boys like you?”
“I just want to be your friend again.”
“Yeah? With friends like you I don’t need enemies. No thanks.”
“Please, can I make it up to you?”
“You can shut the fuck up and leave me alone.” I flicked the light off and lie back down, still furious.
“Brandi, I’m sorry.” I didn’t respond. “I’m sorry,” she finally repeated. “I didn’t do it to hurt you.”
I had had enough. I sat back up and turned the light on again. “You didn’t mean to hurt me? What, you just happened to fall on seven or eight cocks on the way home and decided to show me?”
“I was confused.”
“You were confused? You were confused? How do you think I felt, waking up to my roommate feeling me up and seducing me then tossing me aside like a used tissue? How do you think that felt?”
“I’m sorry,” she whimpered.
“Yeah right. You knew exactly what you were doing.”
“No, I was confused.”
“Confused? Confused is a little, lost girl spending her life alone in the library; it’s not being a slut and fucking everything that moves.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Slut? No? Is there another term for a girl who fucks eight different guys in eight nights? Whore maybe?”
She started to shake. “Please don’t say that.”
“I hate you,” I hissed and turned off the light again. 

I fumed in the darkness and listened to her break down. My anger evaporated, as I had said what I wanted to say. She was really sobbing; a soul-crushing wail of despair. Listening to her cry broke my heart--I’m such a softie.

Finally I sighed. I was going to get no sl**p with her crying like that and I was feeling bad about it also. “Amy, come here.” She didn’t move. “Amy, come here,” I ordered. She still didn’t react. “Bitch, don’t make me come over there,” I threatened. 
She got up with sob and shuffled over to my bed. I lifted my blanket.
“Get in.”
“I said, get in.”
“Please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded as she got in, laying face to face with me.
“Even though I hate you, I don’t want to make you cry,” I said as I wrapped an arm tenderly around her. “Now shut up and go to sl**p.”
I had acquired a second pillow so we weren’t quite as squished as before. She sniffled and I pulled over the tissue box for her.
“Thank you,” she whispered.
“I still hate you.”
“I’m so sorry,” she said. A moment later she stroked my cheek lightly. “I never meant to hurt you. What we did felt really good, and I got really scared. I jumped into bed with those guys to try and get over you.”
I snorted in disgust. “Well, you did a good job.”
“No I didn’t. They couldn’t make me feel like you made me feel. By the time I realized it, I already knew I had hurt you badly and didn’t know how to make it better.” I said nothing. “I’m really glad you got a 4.0.”
“How did you know?”
“I heard from Kelly.” I nodded. “I’m really grateful you didn’t tell anyone, with as mean as I was you should have.”
“I was involved also.”
“It’s all Suzu’s fault.”
“Yeah, he’s a bad bear.”
“Can I kiss you?”
I thought about for a moment. “No. I still hate you.” Her hand moved and slowly squeezed my breast. “What are you doing?”
“Stealing second,” she grinned.
“Amy, come on,” I complained but made no move to stop her.
She gently pushed me to my back and I d****d my arm over my head, opening myself up to her as I turned away. She started pulling my t-shirt up.
“Amy, stop it.”

She ignored me and started feeling my now exposed breast. A moment later she licked my nipple and I moaned in pleasure. With one hand playing with one breast and her burning tongue on my other, I was in ecstasy. She pushed my shirt up further and I sat to allow her to remove it.
“Take your shirt off,” I said as I flopped back to the bed. “I’m not going to be the only one topless.”

She whipped off her shirt and repositioned herself so that she lie over me, allowing her to use both hands and her mouth on my tits. I stayed still and enjoyed the sensations, awash in pleasure. She would suck on one nipple while flicking the other and then switch sides. I whimpered in bliss. After a long time she started to kiss her way down my belly. When she grabbed the waistband of my panties I stopped her. She kissed my hand.
“It’s okay baby, let me take care you.”

I gave in and lifted my hips. She pulled my panties off and got between my legs. She kissed the inside of my thighs and stroked my skin before kissing my pussy; I gasped. 
“I’ve never done this,” she whispered and started to lick me. “I hope I do a good job.”
“You’re doing great so far,” I squeezed out.

She reached up to play with my boob while she licked me. I moaned so loud I had to pull the other pillow over my head to keep quiet. It had been so long that I was ready in no time and came hard, crushing the pillow against my mouth. Finally she pulled away and I pushed the pillow off, gasping for breath.
“Oh my God,” I sighed. “That was amazing.”

She started to lick me again and I pushed her forehead away. A quick move later she grabbed my wrist, pulled it to my hip, and continued to lick. I tried to reach down with my other hand but she grabbed it also, leaving me defenseless. 
“I’ve been dreaming about this for months,” she slurped. “I’m not going to let you go that easily.”

I protested but she was strong enough to hold my wrists and her tongue was relentless. Unable to hold a pillow, I moaned out loud as she f***ed me to cum again and again. Finally she was done and slid up to lay beside me, gently kissing the back of my hand.
“Do that a few more times and I might even forgive you,” I sighed as I drifted off to sl**p.
The next morning we awoke with her spooning me. I was afraid to turn around with how bad our last episode had ended, but I had to go. I rolled over and she smiled a big smile.
“Morning Brandi.”
“Morning. I gotta go,” I smiled and went to the bathroom. She was in her bed when I returned.
“You okay?” 
“I feel great,” I grinned. “It was amazing.”
“But I gotta get ready and go to class.”
“Me too,” she sighed, and hopped off her bed.

I wasn’t freaked out about the whole thing, as I had spent the better part of a semester dreaming about it. It had just been really, really nice, topped off by the most incredible orgasms I had ever had. 

I expected it to be a one time thing, like a make-up present, and that we would just go back to being friends. When I returned that evening, she had bought me a bouquet of flowers. I told her I still hated her, but both of us knew I was no longer serious. We went to dinner together and chatted like the friends we were before. It was really nice to have a friend again. When we got back to the room we started talking about what had happened and we both agreed that we didn’t want anyone to know. 
“Do you think you might want to do that to me tonight?”
She was taken aback. “Why not?”
“That’s freaking disgusting with all the cock that’s been in there!”
“I’m serious, who knows what kind of diseases you have. No way am I going down there until I’m sure you’re clean.”
“I’m clean,” she protested.
“Yeah, right. Show me the test results.” She looked at me blankly. “You did get tested, didn’t you?”
“No? Holy crap! You need to get tested right now!”

I bundled her out of the room, overruling her protests, and took her straight to the clinic. I got tested at the same time, just to give her moral support. She was really worried when we got back as it would take several days to get the results. We went into our own beds and I felt really bad for her, but slutting around had been her choice. 

“Will you hold me?” she asked in the darkness and I joined her in her bed.
I spooned her and started kissing her neck. I reached around and started playing with her breasts. Minutes later we were both topless, sucking on each other’s nipples in a 69 position. We played like that for hours until she flipped me over, pulled my panties aside, and proceed to lick me to another mind-shattering orgasm. 
“You didn’t need to do that,” I mumbled in a daze.
“Thank you for caring about me,” she whispered. We fell asl**p in each other's arms.

The next night she and I had a long talk about our relationship. Reading the literature in the clinic had scared me so badly I didn’t even want to kiss her until the results came back. I had a long discussion with her about my concerns, not only for my health, but for hers. Basically, I was not going to kiss her or go down on her until she tested clean again in 3 months. I wasn’t even going to touch her pussy. She swore that she hadn’t been with anyone since October, but I wasn’t going to risk it. She nodded in numb agreement. From that night on, we shared the same bed, alternating between hers and mine. We were careful to avoid being seen together too much, and as far as I know no one suspected anything. 

Amy's first test came back negative and I gave in on the no-kissing deal; it was just too much to miss out on. Almost every night we would get into bed, start making out, then she would go down on me. I wouldn’t do anything more than suck her breasts and lick her neck, and she seemed satisfied with that. Sometimes she would finger herself to orgasm when she was done with me. We went to the beach together for Spring Break. I started talking about what I was going to do with her when we could both have sex, how I was going to make her cum over and over. I don’t think I was in love, but I did want to make her feel good.

We decided that she would stop masturbating in the weeks leading up to getting the results from her second test so that her release would be monumental. After taking her second test, we went to a party. As usual, we tried not to hang out together so no one would talk. I was getting pretty d***k and was ready to go, thinking maybe I might cheat and not wait for the results to come back. I walked around the house looking for her and found her in the basement playing cards with several other people; she was sitting on some guy’s lap and looking blasted. I shook my head and left. She came home the next morning wearing some else’s shirt.

She apologized profusely, but I wasn't listening, or interested. She used the fact that she had stopped masturbating as an excuse, saying she was so horny she couldn’t help herself. I sent her right back to the clinic. Thinking about it, I figured that nothing needed to change about our relationship. She could continue to pleasure me and I could continue to enjoy it. She was feeling so guilty that she eagerly fell into our old routine. 

The semester ended before she could get a second test and her parents pulled her out of school after another round of awful grades. I found a boyfriend and happily jumped in bed with him without demanding a test. Although his oral skills aren’t quite as good as Amy's, he has other parts that make up for it. Personally, I love returning the attention. To this day I have never gone down on a girl.