"Sex Stories" The pool party

Sex Stories The pool party
Austin quickly placed his hands on my hips, hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled my basketball shorts down off my ass. Then ducking underwater, he pulled them on down my legs and completely off in one movement. As Austin tossed them up on the bank, Kevin was at the other side of the pool shouting, “I knew that before the party was over you’d be half naked.”

It happened on the 4th of July. I was invited to a pool party at a friend’s house. Kevin is openly gay and always some has pretty good looking guys hanging around, so of course I was going. Not knowing how mild or wild this party would be so I wore over size basketball shorts over a pair of pretty cobalt blue panties and my Nikes.

I got there a little after one and was apparently late because the party was in full swing already.

A handsome blonde with sky blue eyes sauntered up and greeted me with a cold Heineken as soon as I walked in and told me I had some catching up to do. Trevor was nice looking but too feminine for my taste.(Sex Stories)

There was plenty of booze and beer and roughly about twenty guys and a few girls already having a great time.

I chatted with the host, Kevin for a few minutes.  Then, since I was a stranger to most of the people there he introduced me around.

I had another Heineken and jumped in the pool to cool off.

Later I was talking with Kevin and another guy when I saw a guy making his way through the crowd toward us. He was the type guy that drew your attention, with his thick dark hair over a tanned face. Dark almost black eyes, aquiline nose, thin lips that easily smiled when he turned to look at you. It was hard to tell at a distance but I guessed him to be about six feet tall and weighed in around one hundred and eighty or so pounds with a well-built but lean body.

When he got to us, Kevin introduced him to me. His name was Austin. We made small talk for a few minutes before he excused himself to get a drink.(Erotic Stories)

When Austin returned I was lying on my stomach on a chaise lounge. He handed me another Heineken saying, “You look thirsty,” then smiled and said, “Nice looking panties you got showing.”

Apparently my basketball shorts were sliding down in back and showing off the top of my blue panties.

Still smiling, Austin said, “You should probably just loose the shorts all together,” but I declined his offer.

It was apparent that he was interested and I was definitely in need of some cock. He commented on how nice he thought my ass was and that I should show it off, I told him, “If you’re lucky you might get to see it.” I knew right then that I would be getting fucked by Austin before the day was over.

Austin and I were in and out of the pool over next hour or so. Several times getting in and out of the water he ‘accidently’ touched my bottom. We drank quite a bit and talked a lot. As time progress he grew bolder and his questions about me got to be a lot more of a sexual nature. Eventually he boldly asked, “What do you like sexually?”

By then I was pretty buzzed and feeling frisky so I told him, “I’m bisexual and when it comes to guys I’m a cocksucker. I suck cocks.” 

“What else would or wouldn't you do?”

“I definitely don’t kiss guys and cuddle and I’m not too crazy about taking it in the ass.” Then smiling coyly I added, “But sometimes I will in the right situation.”

Later we were in the pool again when Austin said, “I really want to see your ass.”

Turning my back to him, I put my elbows on the edge of the pool, raised myself up out of the water, and told him, “Pull them down and have a look.”

Austin quickly placed his hands on my hips, hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled my basketball shorts down off my ass. Then ducking underwater, he pulled them on down my legs and completely off in one movement. As Austin tossed them up on the bank, Kevin was at the other side of the pool shouting, “I knew that before the party was over you’d be half naked.”

 Austin and I both laughed. There were a few jeers from the other guys but it was all in good fun. But at this point I could have cared less

Austin had his hands all over my ass caressing it and it felt good, I dropped back down in the water and pushed my ass hard into his crotch, I could feel his cock against my ass through his shorts and even though it wasn’t my thing I wanted it badly.

I managed to behave until night fall when the fireworks started.

While everyone else was looking up at the sky watching the fireworks show, I slipped off with Austin to the pool house where we went into the bathroom. I quickly locked the door behind us. As he was pulling my shorts back down Austin started kissing the nape of my neck.  I tried to hide it, but I cringed for fear he’d try to kiss my lips, something I just couldn’t handle..

I turned around, unsnapped and unzipped his pants and then slid down the door, pulling them off on my way down. Suddenly I was on my knees staring at a gorgeous cock with a big fat pinkish/purple head on it.

God I love cocks. The look and feel of them. All different in their own way, big, heads small shaft, thick shaft small heads, curve up, curve down or to one side or the other. I like them thick and heavy in my hand, far too long to get down my throat but I do so enjoy trying to take it all. Low hanging balls too. Large and swinging to squeeze and lick as I bury my nose into the sack.

I love stroking a nice cock, feeling it grow and throb in my hand. Moving in close, rubbing my cock on his, stroking both together. I love the pre-cum that oozes out when they get excited. Sweet and mellow to the taste.

I love lowering my mouth to a nice throbbing shaft, circling the head with my tongue before sucking the head into my mouth. Sucking it down my throat as my tongue plays along the underside, occasionally releasing it from my lips to run my tongue down the shaft to suck those balls into my mouth.

Sighing contentedly, I immediately wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on the head. Then gently taking more and more into my mouth as I bobbed my head.

I worked Austin cock for about ten minutes, giving him a great sloppy blow job. His cock was covered in my spit and his pre cum and as out of character as it was, there was only one other place that I wanted that hard cock more than my mouth.

I finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. Looking up at him, I asked, “Will you fuck me?”  not waiting for an answer, I rose to my feet, I leaned over the sink and presented my ass to him.

Austin said, “I don't have a condom.”

I wanted him so bad at that point I considered just letting him fuck me anyway.

Austin pulled my panties aside and rubbed his lubed up cock all around over my ass hole teasing me. He grabbed a bottle of tanning oil and poured it all over my ass. After rubbing it in, he pierced my sphincter with a finger. Then driving me crazy with a second and then a third.

Then Austin placed his stiff cock between my butt cheeks and stroked it up and down my butt crack, gliding over my ass hole. He stroked his cock between my butt cheeks teasing my ass hole until he finally pointed his cock right at my ass hole and sprayed his hot load all over my ass.

It felt good but I wanted more.

Austin quickly slid my panties back in place and told me, “Get dressed. We’re going to my apartment.”

We quickly got dressed and made a bee line out the side gate, waving at Kevin as we left,

Even walking, it seemed like no time before we were at his apartment busting through the front door. Locking the door behind us, Austin drug me too his bedroom.

I dropped my basketball shorts and panties and climbed on his bed on all fours, arching my back, presenting my ass to him. I could still feel his cum on my oil covers ass,

Austin joined me on the bed and started fingering my ass hole again. “Are you ready for some cock?”

"Oh, Ohmigod yessssss. F-f-fuck me,” I begged,

Austin moved closer and positioned his cock between my butt cheeks and against my ass hole. Grabbing my hips, he forced his cock through my sphincter and slowly slid it all the way in. He felt so good filling up my ass.

He started off moving his hips slowly at first but eventually started speeding up until he wounded up pounding my ass but good. Austin was pounding me so hard that he was slamming my head into the head board of his bed. The sound of him pounding me and the sound of the fireworks outside was so hot.

Suddenly Austin sat up and sat back on his heels as he pulled his cock out of ass. I started moaning in discomfort and begged him to keep fucking me. Ignoring my plea, then he rolled me over, took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up and forced them back until my knees were almost beside my head.  That curled my spine up so that my crotch was pointing at the ceiling. 

Then, in one thrusting movement, he plunged his cock back into my ass as far as it would go, making me grunt and whine from the impact. "Oh, yessssss,” I hisses as he slowly pulled out then rammed into me again. His tight balls slapped against my butt cheeks as he repeatedly bury his thick shaft all the way to the hilt.

I was so damned horny by now that it just took only a few thrusting strokes before I was wildly humping back and cumming all over my stomach from being fucked this way.

When he was about to cum Austin pulled out and snatched his condom off. 

I quickly moved around to finish him off with my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started slowly stroking it. I stroked it a few times and then leaned over and guide it into my mouth.

Austin chuckled and watched as the head disappeared between my lips and then as those lips closed around his thick shaft.

Then I happily gobbled his cock. I was moaning, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” softly and making wet slurping sounds as I bobbed my mouth up and down on his hard shaft. My hands danced sensuously up his legs until they cradled his balls. I wasn't just suck cock. I was making a serious production of it. 

Unable to hold back, Austin shot his load into my mouth. As it spewed across my tongue and hit the back of my throat and I eagerly swallowed every drop of his cum.

As Austin rolled off the bed and stood to go and clean up, I grabbed his hand, "Wait. Let me do that.”

I then got up on my knees, leaned down and took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth. As Austin watched I used my mouth to clean his cock.

We got dressed and walked back to the party for a little while.

Kevin was pretty curious about where we’d gone. So I told him not only where we’d gone but what we’d done while we were there. 

Kevin laughed, “Austin has a really nice cock doesn't he?”

“Yes he does,” I agreed. 

Kevin said, “I knew you’d like him. And I'm glad you got fucked.  You’ve been a royal pain in the ass lately.”

Austin and I both laughed it off

Austin and I parted after that, each going to our own separate ways. My way consisted of slipping into the pool house with a hunk named Lance and giving him an earth shaking blowjob. He only had six inches but he had two big cum filled balls that he had no trouble emptying in my mouth.

When I was leaving, Kevin asked, “Can you give a ride home? He’s not drunk but he had more to than he should if he’s driving.”’  

Still horny, I stopped in a dark place a nearby park and gave him car head. When I knelt on the seat facing him, Dusty didn’t say a word. He just unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. As I took it in my mouth I thought about how much I liked the taste and feel of a man in me, especially my mouth. There is a special feel or taste because it’s different with each man. I love to feel a man grow hard in my mouth. His thighs against my cheeks and balls against my chin are very sensual. Apparently he liked the way I sucked his cock because Dusty got my number so he could call me.  

Getting my number from Kevin, Austin called me the next Wednesday. The first thing I did was warn him that our meeting at Kevin’s had been a fluke. I would always blow him but my ass wouldn’t always be on the table.

We’re gonna go out to dinner and hang out Saturday night.

I saw no point in telling Austin that Dusty was coming over Friday evening for ordered-in pizza and a movie. Because we both like them he was bringing a classic John Wayne western.