"Sex Stories" Rash Decisions

Sex Stories Rash Decisions
My name is Walker. I play the keyboards, bass guitar and sing for our world music band, No More Hate. We have two percussionists, three guitarists and a female lead singer. Our debut album went platinum, and after that we were all rich.

We've been together about 8 years now. We all bought adjacent property on the Oregon coast; this made it very easy to jam. I'm 35, and I love having fresh groupies every night. However, I was finding it less enjoyable. I knew that if I wanted to have healthy c***dren I'd better find a wife soon. But where?

On Halloween we did a gig at the Hollywood Bowl. During our first break I stepped backstage and gaped. Before me was the sexiest and most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She was Latina with very curly black hair . I estimated her measurements to be about 34 EEE – 26-36. She was wearing a flowery Mexican peasant blouse, adorned with many semi-precious stones. I recovered. “You've come to see me? What's your name?”(Sex Stories)
“My name is Solana .”
I asked, “And you want to suck me off?”
“Of course, but I'm hoping that this won't just be a suck off. Is it remotely possible that we can meet again?”

“This isn't usual for me, but we can go out for drinks or you can even come to my hotel. There's something about you that seems pure.” 

She agreed and blew me right there, with the band walking all around. It was practically public sex, which made me much more excited. I popped in her mouth pretty fast. She gleefully swallowed it and then put my fingers inside her. “Now when you smell your fingers, think of me.” She gave my cock a sweet parting kiss.

I was surprised by my reaction. Most men in my position are suspicious of women who marry you for half your property. Solana seemed to be nothing like that. There was an openness and almost

transparent honesty to her face. After the show was over I went backstage to meet Solana. She had an indescribable twinkle in her eye that made her seem magical.

We were shortly at my hotel suite. She sat on the chrome and leather sofa. “Would you like a drink? I've got all kinds of booze here. I've got weed, cocaine..”

She held up her hand. “It's very nice to offer, but I don't use d**gs. My father was killed by the Cali cartel. Every time I look at weed and coke, I can see the bl**d on it.”
This made me pause. Her moral sensibilities were better than mine. My admiration began then.

“And your mother is still alive?”
“Oh yes, she lives in a very old Colonial manse in the Distrito Federal.”
“And she pays your tuition?”
“No. How did you know I attend university?”
“You're very well spoken for one your age. I would guess you speak at least five languages.”
“Seven, actually. I'm aiming at a master's degree in European linguistics. I have my own money, through trust funds set up by my father and my uncles. So I am totally free., and I have a ravenous sexual appetite..”
I was intrigued by all this. How many partners have you had?”
“Probably about 600.” That answer surprised me. A con artist would lie about that because it's not exactly respectable.
“Now you have to tell me yours.”
“Fair enough,” I said. “I estimate about 2,000.”
She didn't even blink. Instead, she commiserated with me. “I can imagine that it gets lonely sometimes.”

“Well, the band keeps us all together, so I'm not suffering with loneliness, but it's a little hard to break away from the groupies. They throw themselves at me every night – even stewardesses do. And sometimes I think all they really want is to get high and the sex is a side show. Some of the encounters seem unreal, especially after several days of partying without sl**ping.” 

She was a careful listener. “After I fuck your brains out tonight, let's try something. I'll be your gal for a month if you stop seeing the groupies. I won't ask you for a cent, because I'm already wealthy.

If we love each other after a month, we can come to another agreement.
Although it felt like a set up, I couldn't see it. She inspired trust.
“It's just a month,” I said. “You're on.”

And then oh Man did she fuck me. She was very lusty and loved to see my cock going in and out of her in every position we took. She talked dirty too – something I have heard before – but in her mouth the words trailed snakes. She also used all the appropriate Spanish words. After a vigorous titty fucking I came in her face, the sperm spurting up her nose and into an eye. Far from saying, “That;s gross,” she laughed and ate it all. “MMM. You taste really goo.”

Now it's three years later. I moved to LA for the time it takes Solana to get her PhD.. Tonight was Valentines day, and I had it all planned out. There were urns of fragrant flowers in every room – roses, gardenias, violets, jasmine and frangipani. I'd hired a Hopi jeweler to make her a golden necklace. It had a teardrop shaped sapphire in the center of the gold pendant sparkling with rubies. I had already cooked a meal: grilled tuna, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, freshly baked sourdough bread, and ginger ice cream. She'd ruled out chocolate completely. “If I eat it,” she'd said, “I become a chocolate slave. You can have me with my nice curves or you can have me weighing about sixty pounds more.”

It was cold, windy and rainy so I got a wood fire going and placed in front of it a grizzly bear rug. My grandfather had given it to me, and she couldn't object to that. I was hoping we would screw on the rug.
Right then she came in. We embraced with a very deep kiss and roaming of hands. “Is this all for me?”
'Yes, dummy. Come right this way. Dinner is awaiting.”
She stopped a few times to pluck flowers for her hair.
As we ate I asked her the daily ritual question, “How's the bambino?”

“She kicked me a few times but that's all. It's a relief to have all that morning sickness over. And you know what? My body's changing daily. My breasts are leaking colostrum. You can drink as much as you want until Angelina's born, and even after, if you're good.”
This gave me an instant erection. She stood up, flipped up her dress, and bent over. “Take a look,” she invited. I did and noticed right away that her pussy was bulging and her labia were larger. I gave her cunt a friendly kiss and we resumed our meal. She was like that. At totally unexpected places or times, she'd expose herself and “make” me kiss her. Even though we made love a lot, she kept the temperature boiling.

She sat on the brocade sofa while I brought her soda water with lime. I was still drinking champagne with dinner, but not anything else much. I pointed out the bearskin rug. “That's real,” I said. 
My grandfather gave it to me. You have no objections?”
“On something that old? I'm not a fanatic, I just care about a****ls.”
“Me too,” I assured her as I dashed for her present.
Her eyes teared up when she saw it. “Oh Walker, this is so voluptuous. You had it hand made for me.”
“I nodded. ”Put it on.”

With her cascades of iridescent hair, it sat on her neck and bosom really really well. She threw off her dress and looked at herself in the mirror lit by the firelight. She was stunning in it. She came right over, sat on my leg, and began dry humping me. “My gift is paltry compared to everything you've done. You are the sweetest man alive.” We locked our lips together and lovingly stroked everything we could reach. I buried my head between her tits and then began sucking out colostrum. It was sweet but very thin and I knew there wouldn't be much. Nevertheless, this was something she was giving me, as she knew I thought breast milk is very erotic. It looks like sperm, that's why.

We slid onto the bearskin rug. Even though it had been dead for over fifty years, the rug was primitive and quite vital. This had been a powerful a****l and I let some of that power into me. I began to feel very strong. She kissed my shaft and exclaimed, “Wow! You're so hard tonight. I must be making you wild with desire.”

I nodded and enjoyed her lavish treatment of my cock. She was gifted at deep throating, which actually looks more erotic than it feels – from my perspective anyway. Then again there's the total trust involved.
I was getting more aroused than I wanted to be at this point. “Do you want to play bondage?” I asked her.
“Sure. What are you going to do, tie me to the bed?”
“Yup, wide open on your back.” She retrieved one of her big multifunctional dildos from the night stand while I fetched the restraints. The ankle and wrist restraints were of soft cotton reinf***ed by a sturdy nylon strip that held a ring. Through these rings I tied her hands behind her head. This lifted her titties, and the position itself spoke of surrender and trust. I put around her mouth a pink terrycloth gag, that she could easily work off or speak through. I bound her ankles and then stepped out while she got her imagination stoked up.
I came into the room with a vinyl whip in my hand. I said as if I were a tired parole officer, “What did you do now?”
“Oh I was very wicked. I called an old nun a never fucked old hag.”
“Bad, but not criminal.” I brushed her belly softly with the whip. “What else did you do?”
“I hacked into the Pentagon and turned all their documents into molasses.”
“Very Good! That was quite clever and amounts to, treason, I think. What will you do to prevent me from turning you in?”
“You can climb all the way inside my pussy.”
“And if I can't get out?”

She said, “There are risks in life. Choose now or feel my wrath!”
I pulled her gag down and we kissed deeply. I kissed her neck and ears, and spent some time playing with each breast. I liked to slap them together, and she liked it too. I moved down to her cunt and tried to get my nose inside. Oh, the scent of Paradise! I gave her a very good licking and then got the dildo, This one had a small tongue shaped vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It didn't need any lube, as her juices were oozing out all over. I inserted it and then turned it on low speed. After a minute or two I turned it up, and then she moaned, “Get up here and let me suck you.” I put my cock near her mouth and she eagerly greeted it by kissing me with great love. As soon as she swallowed me, she began cumming hard. How fine her lips felt. Once my cock was saturated with saliva I began to fuck her tits. She sucked on my balls and when she came up for air she said things like “Oh man you fuck me so good! I want to fuck you all day long. I think of your cock on the way to classes. I daydream about sucking you while in class. On the way home I get wet with anticipation as soon as I get in my car. Ohhh, that feels so fucking good!” I was still using her dildo on her and she came again,n shaking and moaning and throbbing for what seemed like three minutes. A three minute orgasm! I could barely conceive it.

When she was breathing normally I gave her some water and drank my champagne. “Do you want to get out of the restraints now?”
“Yes because I want to ride you hard enough to give you a trail burn. Think you can stand it?”
“Your stallion waits,” I replied.
We went out to the bearskin rug. I put a desensitizing lotion on my cock, which helps me to last longer.

She rode me furiously. Every time her hair flipped back her gaze was one of complete lust. I held onto her boobs for dear life and it occurred to me she could be a Goddess. She came so often the bearskin was drenched with it. That produced a pronounced sexual odor which drove me wild. 
“Are you getting a burn yet?” she hissed.
“No, but I'm getting ready to come. Are you ready?”
“Oh yeah, baby. Let me have it! Cum for me! Shoot up my cunt! I want it! Want it! Need it! Oh baby don't torture me! I NEED YOUR CUM! You can do it!”
I began moaning and when she felt the first spurt she clamped down tightly, then pulled up slowly. I loved that she knew how to milk me. She made my orgasm last and last. That was so intense.

“Did you get a burn?” she teased.
“Yeah, but only a little one. I'll be sore in the morning but it's the best kind of soreness there is.”
She slid off me and put her head on my chest. “You've got that right. Oh! I just remembered! I forgot to give you your gift!” She went through a closet and pulled out a package. I opened it and found a very expensive digital camera inside. She said the tripod was in the closet. I've always loved cameras.
I said, “Thanks so much for this, my wonderful wife. I'll get acquainted with it tomorrow. For the time being, can we just snuggle?”

“Ow! You're twisting my arm too much.” I was lying on my left side, so she put a hand over her breast as we talked about our love together until we both drifted off.