"Sex Stories" The Red Dragon Social Club

Sex Stories The Red Dragon Social Club
For the intervening week before the next meeting, Michelle was very excited. She was an exhibitionist at heart, and after picking ‘Lapdance’ as their activity she fully expected to be giving one to Brian, and that thought made her wet and excited. At the meeting, Brian explained the plan.

“I’ll pick you up on Wednesday night. We’ll be staying away overnight, and on Wednesday night we shall be going out somewhere very posh and expensive, so you’ll need to dress up. An evening gown sort of dress, not clubbing gear. Shall we say seven thirty? Be dressed ready to go out!”(Porn Stories)

That left Michelle intrigued. When Wednesday night came around, Brian was on the doorstep at seven thirty sharp, dazzling in a black tuxedo and white shirt, and with a small bunch of roses for her. She was flattered and flustered, and even more so when he complimented her on her dress. It was a black halter neck dress with a little train at the back, cut so low at the back it only just stopped above the cheeks of her bum. She had a discreet Celtic tattoo in the small of her back that the dress showed off perfectly. Her hair was up in an elaborate chignon, displaying a long and shapely neck. The outfit was topped off with high heels. She looked incredible, and Brian told her so repeatedly. He showed her to the car, and set off towards Manchester. Although she asked several times, he refused to say where they were going. She was already very excited at the thought of spending the night with him, and the suspense and anticipation combined to drive her to the edge.

By nine, they were parked up and checked in to a very nice hotel. He called a cab from the foyer, which after cocktails whisked them away through the city centre. They pulled up outside a discreet but sophisticated entrance manned by several extremely burly security men. They unhooked the velvet rope and ushered Brian and Michelle inside. Once through the vast foyer, they were inside a very upmarket strip club. Everyone was dressed as they were – men in suits, women in formal cocktails gear. This was clearly a place that did not need to cater to the mass market. Michelle looked apprehensively, feeling like she didn’t belong. Brian took hold her hand and squeezed it reassuringly, telling her not to worry.

They were shown to a table near the stage, where a waitress in silk lingerie immediately appeared. Brian asked for the house champagne without bothering to read the list. The girl smiled and turned away. Michelle picked up the drinks menu and gasped when she saw that there was not a single bottle of wine for less than £100. Brian laughed.

“Don’t worry, my old man’s a member. It’s all going on his bill, but don’t tell my mum! Just have a good time, there’ll be a show starting soon.

Soon enough there was, an elaborate strip tease involving three different girls, who took fully thirty minutes to excite and inflame the crowd. They were good, removing clothing from each other and simulating sex acts, although from where Michelle sat they didn’t look very simulated at all. Finally, the show was over, and the house DJ started playing some sultry soul music. The three dancing girls appeared shortly, all in fresh lingerie, visiting the tables to chat with the clients.

One of the girls made a beeline over to their table. She was tall and slim, a brunette with coffee coloured skin and a mischievous smile. She said hi to Brian and kissed him in the cheek like old friends, before turning to Michelle and smiling.

“Michelle, I would like you to meet Leilani. She is absolutely the best dancer here.”

“Hi Michelle,” said the girl in honeyed tones. “Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! Brian, you said you were bringing a friend but you never told me she would be such a stunner. Are you two going to wait around for the next show, or shall we…”

“No I think we’ll go into the back now if that’s okay.” Brian said. Michelle gulped and drained her glass – the third, or was it fourth? She was a little nervous of what might be about to happen, and somewhat intimidated by the tall and gorgeous girl in front of her. She rose from her chair at Brian’s bidding, and they followed Leilani away from the table.

“Brian!” she hissed. “Where are we going?”

“Lapdance, right? That was part of my challenge, so that’s where we’re going. For a lapdance.” Michelle wasn’t placated by that and squeezed Brian’s hand, but he just smiled and ignored her as a bouncer held open a huge door for them.

Once through the door, Michelle could see that they were in a large room, split of into smaller booths. In each booth was a large semicircular sofa, and in one or two of the other booths Michelle could make out girls giving lapdances to some of the other patrons. The lighting was subdued and sexy, and the music in the room soft and seductive. Leilani motioned to another girl to fetch some drinks, and very shortly another bottle of champagne arrived. Brian did the honours, pouring a glass each for the three of them. They chinked glasses and Michelle took a particularly deep gulp.

“Well ladies, shall I let you get on with it?” Michelle looked at him in alarm.

“Us girls will be fine, Brian. You go and enjoy the show, and Michelle and I will be having a little fun of our own back here! Isn’t that right, Michelle?”

“But, I thought I would be giving Brian a lapdance?”

“Honey, that’s what I get paid for, not you! Brian’s going off to watch the show now, so you come and make yourself comfortable over here, on the sofa.” Michelle allowed herself to be led over to the sofa, sitting demurely in the middle. Brian raised his glass to them and smiled, a smile Michelle was too nervous to return. Then he was gone.

“Michelle, you seem a little nervous. Are you okay? I’m not going to bite!”

“I just thought… I thought I would be the one dancing. I just assumed…”

“Ha! That’s Brian. I know him, and I know his wife Kelly, and we both know that you can’t trust Brian an inch. He never, ever does anything you would expect! Now, I know he’s probably playing some game, but I also know better than to ask. So you just settle back, we’ll turn the music up a little, and we’ll see if we can’t help you calm down just a little.”

Michelle sat back, feeling out of her depth and not knowing at all what to expect. She thought she’d be giving a dance, not receiving one. On the other hand… she’d had a several glasses of champagne, the anticipation had made her wet and excited, she thought she may as well relax and enjoy it.

Leilani stood square in front of her, about two steps away. She was wearing a black basque with delicate pink lace, attached to a set of stockings, with a pair of black knickers. She unpinned her hair, letting it fall to her shoulders. Through her fringe she looked down at Michelle, before closing her eyes and starting to run her hands lightly over her skin in time to the music. She danced for herself for a few moments, allowing Michelle time to become accustomed to what was happening to her.

Gradually she started to dance closer and closer to Michelle, moving in closer and looking deep into Michelle’s eyes. She turned her back on the seated girl, allowing Michelle’s gaze to fall upon a taut and impossibly perfect bottom, which Michelle discovered she wanted to touch, but didn’t, remembering the rules. Leilani move closer still, until her bum was almost but not quite touching Michelle’s lap. Suddenly, she peeled away again, dancing at a distance, until she moved in quickly, kicking off her shoe quickly and forcing her foot onto the sofa between Michelle’s legs. Michelle parted her legs instinctively, revealing a flash of sodden black material between her legs. Slowly, Leilani unhooked her stocking and peeled it down slowly, inches away from Michelle’s face. She pulled it right off and dropped the stocking into Michelle’s lap, replacing her shoe in order to dance.

Moments later she repeated the trick with the other stocking, this time raising her leg so high it was resting on the sofa behind Michelle’s shoulder. She was so close Michelle could smell her perfume, and see an outline in the taut material of Leilani’s knickers. Again though, it was just a hint, then it was gone.

The basque was the next to go, as Leilani unhooked it whilst facing away from her, allowing it to fall to the floor before turning to face Michelle, and showing off her shapely and firm breasts. She jumped onto the sofa, kneeling over Michelle, groin thrusting seductively in time to the music. She was actually touching Michelle this time, and the friction of her moves caused Michelle’s slashed skirt to ride up and fall open, flashing Michelle’s thong to the room. Leilani raised herself up, so that her nipples were mere millimetres away from Michelle’s lips. Leilani teased her own nipples, rolling and pinching them until they got harder.

Leilani started to rub herself through the flimsy material of her knickers, until Michelle was quite sure she could actually see the dampness reflected in the light. Her own knickers had gone the same way quite some time before, and now she was breathless and flustered, and very turned on.

Then came the denouement as Leilani, standing with her bum just inches away from Michelle’s face, slowly drew down the black lace panties. It seemed to take her an age to drag them down her long legs and step out of them, but when she’d done that, she turned to face Michelle and reveal a perfectly smooth pubic mount. She was naked apart from her high heels, and again she sat astride Michelle, nuzzling her neck, whispering and breathing heavily into her ear. Their thighs were in constant friction as Leilani started to thrust against her, their pelvic areas colliding with each thrust. Slyly, Leilani thrust a hand in between them, searching out for Michelle’s pussy. She whispered into Michelle’s ear, “Brian told me to make it extra nice for you…”

Leilani’s fingers expertly pulled the Michelle’s thong to one side, exposing it to the air. Quick as a flash, Leilani’s long fingers were stroking up and down Michelle’s exposed lips, gentle caresses designed to tease rather than satisfy. Her lips were on Michelle’s neck, and her tongued described dainty patterns on Michelle’s neck, teasing her and sending her temperature soaring. Red fingernails flicked at Michelle’s clitoris and she leant her head back against the sofa with her eyes shut, breathless at the sensations throughout her body.

When Michelle started to groan, Leilani stopped with the teasing, withdrawing her fingers altogether. “Brian said make it nice, not make it perfect!” she giggled, as Michelle, wide eyed, stared at her. “I’m not leaving you high and dry though, I think Brian has a plan for all three of us!” She leaned back slightly, before surprising Michelle with a long and deep kiss on the lips. Them she was gone, up and off the sofa. When Michelle opened her eyes and looked up, Brian was there with an arm around the naked girl’s waist. He held out a hand to Michelle.

“Shall we?” He said simply.

Michelle shook her head to clear it, and then she accepted Brian’s hand as Leilani led them through the room, away from the main stage area. They disappeared through a fire exit as Michelle looked more and more puzzled. Leilani, still naked, led them through a veritable rabbit warren of whitewashed breezeblock walls until they emerged at what was clearly the backstage dressing room area. They went into the dressing room, full of mirrors, bright lights and costume racks, beyond which was the shower room and into the toilet.

“Just a minute,” Leilani said to them. She turned off the main room lights so that the room was only illuminated by the bulbs around the girl’s mirrors. They could see their reflection a dozen times at different angles around the room. Leilani produced a bottle, from which she poured three glasses and handed them out. They all clinked glasses and drained them. Michelle was left with a growing sense of trepidation, wondering what Brian had planned for them. Leilani crossed to a mirror and seat that was clearly her own, and turned to Michelle.

“Your turn then,” she said simply. Michelle swallowed, not understanding.

“My turn?”

“You had a lap dance in the other room, now it’s my turn. Don’t worry about Brian,” she said as he stood grinning, leaning against a wardrobe on the opposite side of the room, “he just wants to watch. Let me put you some music on.” She spun round and turned on the CD player on an adjacent bench, adjusting the volume slightly to make it quieter. “My turn for a lap dance. From you.”

Michelle was shocked, she thought they’d had the lap dance portion of the night. She took a minute to gather her wits, before pouring herself another drink and draining it in one. Dutch courage was required, for although she’d secretly fantasised about a lap dance, she’d always been doing it for a man – either Ryan, her husband, or since last week, Brian.

A new song came on and she closed her eyes, trying to feel the music rather than hear it. When she felt more comfortable, she opened her eyes and walked towards Leilani, keeping eye contact the whole time. Leilani parted her legs when she saw Michelle wanted to dance close.

She started by running her hands up and down her body as she swayed to the music, feeling her breasts, moving her hands as far down as her groin, looking at Leilani the whole time. Leilani sat back and took in the whole scene. Michelle slowly turned round, so that her back was facing Leilani, following the moves she had seen performed before. She stuck her butt out at the seated girl, then gently lowered it into her lap, making contact with Leilani. They started to move together in sync with the music.

Michelle leaned back, so that her head was resting on Leilani’s shoulder. Her neck was long and lithe, and the scent emanating from it was intoxicating. Leilani wanted to kiss it, badly, but understood the rules better then anyone, and so did nothing. She savoured the performance from the amateur.

Moments later Michelle leaned forward, presenting a long, smooth back. Her hands found the clasp of her dress underneath her hair and, teasing the moment out, she undid it, and allowed the dress to slide gracefully to her wast. She was still sat in Leilani’s lap, topless to the waist, and the moment the stood up the dress would fall to the floor.

As a new record started she again started to feel her own body, shocked at the rock hard feel of her nipples. She could sense a distinct dampness between the legs too, and was more excited than she could remember being for some time. After teasing Leilani by playing with breasts that Leilani could not see properly, she stood up. The dress fell, and she was left in black knickers and black high heels. She stayed with her back to Leilani for a few more moments, dancing, touching herself. She made eye contact with Brian, still stood watching intently, the smile never leaving his face.

Michelle dance around, slowly turned to face Leilani, until ultimately they were face to face. Leilani was wide eyed with excitement, and looked as though she were trying not to touch herself. Michelle, under no such compunction, took every opportunity to tease the girl in front of her, going so far as to play with herself through the delicate material of her panties. Eventually, when she thought she’d gone far enough, Michelle made a great show of slowly drawing down her lingerie, leaving her in the same undressed state as Leilani.

When Michelle took a step back while dancing, Leilani unexpectedly stood up. Michelle froze, for a moment, surprised, and at that point Brian’s arms came from behind her. Unable to react, she was ushered through from the main dressing room area to the small room beyond, the toilet and shower area. She was bundled into one of the cubicles, and f***ed down onto the toilet seat. Quickly Brian unhooked and pulled off his belt, and while Leilani held Michelle’s arms above her head, Brian used his belt to lash them to the pipe running to the cistern. Unhurt, but surprised and utterly unable to move her arms or go anywhere, Michelle sat absolutely still, breathing deeply.

Ignoring the shackled girl, Brian and Leilani began to kiss, deeply and passionately and with an intimacy that suggested this was not their first time. After a few seconds, Leilani broke free, foraging at Brian’s trousers. With a practiced hand she soon had them undone and down by his ankles, revealing what Michelle could only describe as a beautiful cock, smooth, hairless, circumcised and perfectly proportioned. The paid no attention to her at all as Leilani fell to her knees, kissing and slurping at Brian’s impressive erection whilst he, eyes closed, leant his head back against the cubicle door.

Leilani took in half his cock, slowly withdrawing it, mouth pressed hard against his shaft. She repeated this motion again and again, gently juggling his balls with her left hand. Michelle was transfixed; although with Ryan she had had some pretty wild times, she had never seen intimacy this close up without having something of her own to concentrate on. Unable to even blink, she watched, mesmerised.

With her right hand, Leilani started to play with herself, gently caressing her clitoris. She made mewing noises whilst swallowing his prick, and the noises seemed as exciting to Michelle as anything she’d heard before. Roughly, Brian pulled Leilani to her feet. Her attempts to kiss him were rebuffed as she was spun round to face Leilani, than pushed forward. Leilani leant with her palms flat out on Michelle’s thighs, and her head right in front of Michelle’s face. In seconds, Brian’s cock had found the entrance to Leilani’s steaming hot pussy, and without thought or finesse he was ramming it home, pummelling her, causing her to shriek with pleasure and pain.

Leilani’s eyes, just inches from Michelle’s face, were screwed shut. It was as though neither of them even acknowledged she was there, as though she were part of the furniture. Of course, this was all part of the game, and now she understood the other girl’s earlier cryptic comments. Leilani was moaning, repeating over and over that she wanted to come. Brian pulled hard on her hair, making her stand almost upright before pushing her a step forward. Now, her pussy was close to Michelle’s face, and as Brian began to fuck her again, she had a perfect view of his cock, glistening with the moisture from her sex, glided in and out of her. She squealed involuntarily, and sneaked a hand down to play with herself.

Sensing that she was close and wanting to draw it out, Brian pulled his cock out without a word. Again he pulled her roughly to her feet, spinning him around to face him this time. He pushed down on the top of her head, forcing her to sit in Michelle’s lap. Brian f***ed both pairs of legs wide apart, gathering his trousers so he had something soft to kneel on. Fumbling in his excitement, he roughly guided his prick into Leilani, picking up the same fierce pace of his thrusts that he used previously. Michelle looked down, staring longingly at his member as it thrust in and out of the girl sat on her lap. The movements of the couple caused Michelle to rock backwards and forwards, creating friction between her and the toilet seat.

This continued for several minutes, until Brian’s thrusts became more and more spasmodic, and both girls sensed his orgasm was near. Leilani was trying to mutter something, and although it seemed incomprehensible to Michelle, Brian’s grin seemed to indicate that he knew all too well what she was saying. After a couple more thrusts, he stumbled reluctantly to his feet. Leilani smiled, then started to bring herself off with her fingers. Brian watched for a moment, the joined her in her masturbating. He continued to stare intently, the pair of them continuing to completely blank Michelle.

After a minute or so Michelle started to repeat, ‘I’m coming’, over and over. Their hands quickened as their orgasms approached, and as Michelle thrust her head back to squeal at her orgasm, Brian entered his orgasm. He deliberately aimed at the girls, splashing it mostly onto Leilani’s chest and face, but some spraying over her shoulder. A droplet landed on Michelle’s lips; instinctively, she slurped at it. Leilani gathered some up between her index and middle fingers, and started massaging into her pussy and clitoris. She closed her eyes intently, and in minutes brought herself to another juddering orgasm, more prolonged than the last one, whilst Brian and Michelle served as interested onlookers.

When both appeared satiated, Leilani turned and untied Michelle’s arms. She rubbed her wrists to bring the feeling back into them. Both Leilani and Brian stood there, looking to see what she would do next. Feeling that the onus was on her to top their display, she got to her feet and marched forthrightly over to Leilani’s seat. Leaning back in it, she raised her legs so that one was on either side of the big mirror. Finally comfortable, she started to play with herself, leisurely at first, not wanting to rush it.

Smiling, the other two went over to join her. They waited until she had opened her eyes and nodded her assent, and then took their positions. Scrabbling about on all fours, Leilani finally popped up between Michelle’s legs. Gently she pulled away Michelle’s fingers and replaced them with her tongue. She was skilled at oral sex; her tongue moving quickly and firmly, and with perfect rhythm over Michelle’s swollen clitoris. Brian moved behind the chair, and reaching down, started to massage Michelle’s breasts whilst kissing her neck. Michelle let herself go limp, savouring the feelings they were arousing in her.

As she felt her orgasm approach, Michelle decided she wanted to take control. She pushed Leilani away and rose from the seat. She pulled Brian round and sat him down firmly, before straddling him and slowly lowering herself down, impaling herself on his cock. He grunted when he was in her to the hilt and she released her weight onto him. Snapping her fingers, she smiled and pointed towards her sex. Leilani needed no second invitation and resumed the slow, patient licking against Michelle’s clitoris, as Michelle worked herself backwards and forwards on Brian’s cock.

As turned on as she was, it didn’t take for Michelle to come, and as the familiar headrush approached she grasped hard against the arms of the chair. Wave after wave washed over her, lifting her up, making her forget the discomfort of the last fifteen minutes, tied to a pipe in a dressing room toilet. Brian came again, with what remained of the semen in his sacs shooting into Michelle. Leilani ceased licking to allow Michelle to concentrate, instead clambering onto the chair until she were straddling Michelle. They spent several minutes sharing long, deep and passionate kisses, recognition of a beautiful shared experience.