"Sex Stories" Reunion

Sex Stories Reunion
I was on my way to my high school reunion. I wasn't eager to go but I thought what the hell it could be fun. It was the ten year anniversary and ten years seemed like an eternity. I entered the old school and my trip down memory lane started catching up. I recognized many faces, mostly people I was friends with. One guy started to approach me and he was big, about six foot three with a thick mustache. "Aggie", he said, "what's up." "Timmy Meadows", I said, shaking his hand. "That's Timothy." "And that's Aguilera to you. First name Robert." "Excuse me. Anyway how you doing?" "Great. And you? Did you make the pros yet?" Timmy played in our highschool basketball team leading the team to its first and only championship. "Nah", he said, "I played two games of college ball and I tore my knee in the second one after halftime." "Sorry to hear that." 

More people started coming my way with a few I was able to recognize, including a couple of lovely ladies that I remembered very well. One was a cheerleader and the other was valedictorian. Everyone continued calling me Aggie. Ever since high school they called me that never once calling me Robert or Bobby. I was about ready to hit the next person that called me Aggie. "Is that you Aggie?" When I turned around I saw a thing of beauty glowing before me. An african american princess very petite, curly brown locks, and golden brown skin. The dress she wore was jet black and off the shoulders, and she had a nice pair of shoulders. Whoever she was I didn't recognize her one bit. "Hello", I said, "I'm sorry do I know you?" "You don't recognize me Aggie?" "With someone as beautiful as you I'd never forget a face. So, I give up who are you?" "Okay, I was fat, wore glasses and a bit bitchy back then. I played in the girls volleyball team." (Porn Stories)

Then it hit me. Once I figured out who she was I couldn't believe it. "Rhonda?", I said, "Rhonda James? Is that really you?" "Who do you think?" "Wow, you look...hot." "Thank you. A little excercise and some yoga can do wonders for the body." "Back then you were a bit of a tomboy, and now you're an angel." "Why Aggie are you flirting with me?" "Who wouldn't?" She smiled and took that as a compliment. The both of us talked for hours about old times. We even danced for awhile and spoke some more. Coming here was worth it after all. After the party ended I took her back to my place for a little drink. But the look in her eyes told a different story so I waited for what happened next. "Nice place", she said, enjoying the view from the balcony. "Thanks", I said, "what's your pleasure?" "Wine sounds nice." "Sorry, no alcohol. All I have is soda and juice." "You have diet soda?" "Yes." "That will be fine." I felt so embarrassed. All I have is soda and juice? Smooth move Aggie. Why don't you jump off the balcony while you're at it. I poured two glasses giving one to her. "That hit the spot", she said, taking a sip. Afterwards she collapsed on the couch, quickly kicking off her high heels and sighed with relief. 

"I'm never wearing high heels again", she said, "how could any woman walk on them for so long." "Lucky I guess. Let me give them a rub down." "Oh, would you? What are you an expert?" "I guess we'll find out." Rhonda placed her drink down and handed over her barefeet. It was the most beautiful pair I've ever touched. Smooth as silk. Her nails were neatly trimmed and polished red. Once I rubbed away Rhonda moaned in relief and I was starting to get a hard on. I tried to hide it not giving her the wrong idea. "Oh, that feels so good", she moaned, "keep going." I continued working my magic from her toes, her heels, ankles, to the soles of her feet. 

I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to hold them and kiss them. I needed to stop before it got too hot to handle. I picked up my glass and took a long sip feeling the coolness running down my throat. "Oh, baby that was good", she said. "Glad I could help." "Anything else you have in mind?" "Excuse me?" "Come on Aggie, you can't deny it. You've been staring at me all night long. You looked at every part of my body since I came up to you." "You're hot, what can I say? Guys must be lining up by your doorstep." "No, just one. And he hasn't even knocked yet." She placed her left foot on my crotch and started rubbing it. There was no denying she wanted me and I wanted her. No need to spoil the evening on a sour note. I was getting hard and she was feeling it. "That's better", she said seductively. I made my move. 

I picked up her left foot and started kissing and licking every toe I grabbed. Rhonda laughed a bit feeling ticklish from my tongue. Then our lips touched and we were each getting tongue. I kissed her neck and heard her soft moaning in my ear. I reached her soft breasts and sucked on them both. I sucked on them hard and she was loving it with pure delight. Slowly I reached up her dress and slipped off her silk underwear. I wasted no time licking her shaved and beautiful pussy. My tongue dug in deep and Rhonda began breathing heavily. I licked and sucked until she was almost out of breath. "Oh, baby", she cried, "oooooh, that feels so good." I could taste every morsel throughout the evening, but I had other plans. 

After I stopped I carried her to the bedroom with our lips locked. I placed her down on the bed where she unbuckled my belt and took down my underwear. She sucked on my dick like no other woman had done before. Up and down she went and I was losing the air in my lungs in a big way. I closed my eyes real tight and nearly grinding me teeth from all the excitement. She loved my dick so much I thought she was going to bite it off. Soon the rest of our clothes were off and I went back to licking that soft and smooth pussy. Her moaning grew louder than ever once my tongue got deeper and deeper. "Oh, yeah", she said, "oh, baby. Right there. Don't stop. Don't stop. Please, please, please. Aaaaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooh. Aggie, my God. Ooooooooh. I want you inside me. Now." I gently placed my dick inside her pussy and drove it deep inside. Rhonda had a handful of my ass as I banged her nice and tight. 

Her smooth legs were wrapped tight around my waist and once again screamed in ecstacy in my ear. The breathing and moaning was music to me ears, including her begging me to keep going. I went on and on digging my dick so deep into her pussy she was about ready to cum. "You're dick is so big", she cried, "it's so big! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooooooh, fuck me harder! Come on harder! Fuck me Aggie! Fuck me harder!" The more she begged the more I gave it to her until she finally cummed. She laughed with delight and turned around ready to be fucked in the ass. I shoved my dick all the way through she took screaming to another level. "Your dick is hard", she continued, "tap that ass! Fucking tap that ass! Fuck it good! Fuck it real good! Aaaaaaah! Fuck! Just like that. I love your dick. I love that big dick. Keep it in there. I love it inside me." 

Then it was over. We were both exhausted and sweaty. We kissed and cuddled a bit getting back our second wind. This was the best night of my life. Who would have thought that two people who barely spoke to each other all those years ago could end up fucking each others brains out. Either way it was a night to remember. The following morning I woke up and discovered I was all alone. Rhonda left without saying goodbye and I was disappointed. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Just your typical one night stand. I went to the bathroom ready to hop in the shower until I saw writing on the mirror. Written in lip stick it said, "call me", along with a phone number. I smiled thinking what an incredible woman I hooked up with, and now who knows? The start of something special. I looked forward to that and somewhere out there Rhonda was having the same feeling.