"Sex Stories" The ride that did not!

Sex Stories The ride that did not!
It was about 14 30 that Jane found herself alsone in the office. Originally she had cursed her colleagues for taking a sicky when they knew she would have to manage on her own.... but the she realized that she would have the place to herself.

All sorts of naughty things started to play on her mind. A customer came in, he was in his late forties and wearing the type of suit only well heeled businessmen do. He needed a ride to the terminal but there was a 15 minute wait. She offered him a cup of tea which he accepted with a smile.... the kind of smile that say 'yes please, I will take whatever you are offering'.(Sex Stories)

He was quite handsome, his hair was short and greying at the sides, but he was tall and trim and looked sexy in his dark grey suit.

Jane moved to the kitchen area and put on the kettle, looking at herself in the mirror. She looked quite hot for a woman nearing her forties. Her breasts were full and straining against the white poyester company blouse. She undid a button so that her cleavage was just a little too apparent with her bra top just showing. She pulled her skirt a little higher..you still couldn't see her stocking tops and suspenders but it made her feel naughty anyway........

With the cup of tea made she walked back into the reception. He was sitting on the low sofa staring out of the window with a fixed gaze. She bent down and handed him his tea. He looked up to receive it and she watched his eyes greet hers after he had had more than an eyeful of her ample bosom which with the added bonus of gravity was pushing hard against the fabric.(Adult Stories)

He knew she had caught him staring at her and he nervously made a remark about 'the amazing view...er of the planes on the runway' he quickly added. 'mmmmmmmmmm' she said 'Oh there's some gorgeous sights here if you look HARD enough' She could'nt believe she was being so flirty but she was enjoying watching him squirm uncomfortably, not knowing where to look. He knew he could have her there if only he could overcome his social obligations.
'Would you like a magazine to read?' She asked.
'Yes please' he replied. 

She walked over to the coffee table a couple of metres in front of him and bent over to reach for a magazine. She kept her legs straight while she reached over so that her skirt rose up and she could feel his eyes staring at her black lacy stockings just showing under her slip. She reached a little more......she was being very naughty and it was making her feel very excited. She was in control and she stood up quickly turning to pass him the magazine. Her attention was caught by a bulge at his trouser crotch. His cock was pushing up there and hardening and his face was red. He quickly crossed his legs and put his hands in his lap, trying to divert her attention by asking what there was to read. Mostly mens mags..boobs and cars mainly. She brought him a copy of 'Nuts', mostly pictures of naked women.
'Thought you might like these' she said.
'Yes that'll be fine' he muttered.

By this time she could actually feel her pussy throbbing and as she walked away she could ssnse the warmth of her juices sliding between her lips. She walked back to the kitchen and her legs were quivering.......should I ask him back here and have him fuck me? she thought. What if I were caught? I would lose my job....but her pussy was aching for a hard cock to bury itself right to the hilt and rub hard against her erect clit. She squirmed with desire......

Just then the intercom squarked into life. The driver was outside waiting for his passenger. She walked through to him hot and flustered and explained that his ride was here.

'Really?' he said rather loudly and then realized that she only meant his lift to the terminal. He stood up and his cock was literally sticking out a good way down his trouser leg. He quickly grabbed his coat and held it in front of him and walked towards the door. He turned his head towards her.
'Thanks for your hospitality' he said.
'Do come again' she replied, and with that he was gone.

She wanted to scream. What was she going to do? She was so horny she felt as though she would explode at any minute. She rushed back into the store cupboard. Without a thought for the consequences, and with the door open so that she could hear anyone in the office, she hoisted up her skirt and frantically slid her fingers into her panties. Her forefinger glided easily between her lips and she rubbed it fast over her clit which was hard and sensitive. She was possessed and needed to be fucked hard and long. She looked around the dimly lit store room and spied a set of large whiteboard pens. She grabbed one and stuck it into her mouth to warm up briefly. Then she raised one leg onto the stool and pushed it right into her as far as it would go.

It felt fantastic and she tried to picture the business man with his trousers round his ankles clawing at her breasts, forcing his cock inside her and frantically fucking her.

She was so transfixed in the moment that she did not hear the front door or the sound of heels walking around the front desk and down the corridor.

Gillian had stood there for a couple of minutes before Jane bcame aware of her presence, watching her pushing the marker in an out of her pussy. Gillian was absorbed by the sounds of a woman pleasuring herself, skirt up round her waist and foot up on a chair. The view sent erotic rushes to her pussy.

Jane suddenly looked up and at first did not recognise Gillain who had stayed in the shadow. 
'OK Jane it's me' she purred, moving close and rubbing her hand along Jane's knee and thigh to reach her groin. Jane breathed deeply and shuddered thrusting her hips forward so that Gillian's fingers entered her cunt a little deeper and sooner than intended. Now it was Gillian's turn to shudder.

'So glad, so lovely mmmmm' breathed Jane. 'I never was very fast by myself but I really was desparate'.

'Its no problem now my love' said Gillian rubbing her fingers back and forth along Jane's wet and swollen slit. Jane moved herself against Gillian's fingers moaning with pleasure.