"Sex Stories" Saturday night and Sunday morning

Sex Stories Saturday night and Sunday morning
In the late 1980's my friend and I and sometimes some of his old friends used to go to a European night club where you could dance and get beautiful high quality food and beer and wine.They had a fabulous bar.My friend loved dancing especially retro disco and sometimes they played that.He loved lots of women around him and lived to get lucky.

His car was always impressive and he loved to show his Lincoln Continental off especially if he had a lady driving with him.I caught a ride with him that one Saturday night.We paid the cover charge which I always hate doing but did anyway.(Sex Stories)

We settled down to feel the atmosphere.ABBA was playing and straight away he got asked for a dance by a woman! I didn't like dancing much but would to be polite if pressed.I ordered his favourite drink and mine for when he returned.I like sitting around talking mostly.
After a while the music changed to disco with the BeeGees and I saw my friend on the dance floor with two or three ladies around him.A woman dressed in a sexy white dress came up to our table and asked to join me.You can never hear with loud music so I beckoned her to sit.I pointed to my drink and she put her thumb up.I beckoned the waiter and he took my order for food and drinks.

The music died down and my friend returned to the table with one lady.He thanked me for the drink and food to be shared.We all found out each others names,then my new partner asked me for a dance.The dance was slow and easy which I liked. She held me close and whispered in my ear 'You are beautiful'.I should have said that to her! She had dark hair shoulder length.She had a wonderful sun tan.Her white dress showed her tan off well.She was average height and had medium size breasts and a beautiful soft touch.(Adult Stories)

She asked me if she could take me home to her place,another role reversal question which I liked.I said yes.I said I had come in my friend's car. She said she would drive me to her place in her car and take me back home when I wanted.I went to tell my friend and returned to her.She put her finger under my jacket at the back and up under my shirt to the base of my spine then down my arse crack.I began to get horny.

She took me to her car which was a 70's Mercedes.She said that it was older but in perfect condition just like her.She was 42 and I was 31.We drove to her apartment and she said that she was a golfing instructor and part time school teacher.

Her apartment was high up on a hill with many more around.She lived on the top floor 5 stories up.There was no elevator.She opened the door and there were 2 people on the sofa,she introduced me to her room mate a woman who had a very quiet man friend beside her.She dragged me into the kitchen and said she would get rid of them.A few minutes later the woman room mate said that she would be going to her man friends place for the evening.

My new partner said to me that she was glad they had gone,now she could have me all to herself!I began to get horny again.She went to the washroom and emerged a few minutes later in a dressing gown and what looked like nothing on underneath.She pulled me close and guided me into her bedroom.

She started to undress me,my jacket,belt dress pants,unbuttoning my shirt then removing my shoes socks,then to the shirt again.All I had on were my underpants.She lay me down on the soft bed and then revealed her beautiful brown body which was brown all over.I asked how she got to be brown everywere and she said 'on her secluded balcony'.She would strip off and sunbathe for hours out there.

She put one soft hand on my stomach and slid it down the front of the white waistband of my underpants.I was getting a thick and wide erection.She rolled down my pants and let them drop on the floor.I was totally naked and felt her soft warm body come down on mine.She started to kiss the artery on one side of my neck.She whispered that she wanted my salt.She sucked and sucked and sucked until it started to sting.She was giving me a hickey.She said that she wanted to lick all the salt off my body and licked under my arms,my spine from top to bottom,my naval right down to my now fully erect penis.She let it penetrate her mouth and she sucked it to the hilt at first then the dome,then again to the hilt.Her suck was so intense and rythmic I could feel myself going to cum.I came in huge spurts up to my neck and onto my breast bone.She licked it all up and swallowed it.My back was sweating and she turned me over and licked the sweat off my back.She whispered "You are beautiful and I want you inside of me".

She massaged my back and touched all those places that turns a man on,my neck,ribs to the front of my stomach,my buttocks and towards my penis with that lovely soft touch.Even though I had just cum I could feel myself getting recharged.

I turned her over and entered her.She had the most beautiful warm comfortable vagina which held my penis firm,not loose and received it well.I felt beautiful and grabbed hold of her shoulders and heaved upwards so it would go in right up to the hilt.I pulled my neck back and heaved.She grabbed hold of my bum and pulled me into her,squealing with pleasure.She kissed my neck and whispered,'fuck me,fuck me, fuck me,fuck me' as my pace got more and more intence.

I had to work hard to pump more sperm out and into her,it took ages but I could feel it cumming.I kept it in right to the hilt then I felt a rush of sperm cum inside her.She was repeating,'yes,yes,yes,'fuck me' 'I want your baby,you are beautiful'.I was spent at the end and just wanted to sl**p.She had milked me dry.

I slept and slept with her all night.I was tired and empty.The next morning she bought me breakfast and said thanks and that she had loved me about 15 times last night.I said I must have cum about thirty times!She laughed and put her soft hand on my stomach and down to my penis which I could feel rising again,was it going to start happening all over again?