"Sex Stories" School Lunch

Sex Stories School Lunch
As an early teen prefect at school I was allowed to leave school at a lunch-time, I used to go to an aunts for my lunch, usually just a sandwich or just a snack. During one time my aunt was having some building work, new kitchen extension to include a new bathroom upstairs. It was one lunchtime when I was desperate to visit the toilet for a pee, “ You’ll have to pee in a bucket” my aunt said. No problem I thought, until she brought a bucket out and held it and said, “Go on, it’s not if I’ve never seen your willie before”. “No I can’t do that in front of you” I said. “Don’t be shy, you may enjoy it” aunt said. 

She was at that time a buxom type of lady, 45 years old , and was always forthright in things she said and did. I was ready to refuse and go down the garden and pee behind some outbuildings, when she started to fumble at the zipper on my trousers, “Ok, I’ll do it, but I hope you’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you? “ I said. “Just get it out and have a pee before you wet yourself, will you”, she said, holding the bucket with one hand. Holding the other side of the bucket from my aunt I got my cock out just in time to start peeing in the bucket, I was really desperate now. As with a lot teen guys I had a slight hard on because of the pee pressure, and was only just getting the flow in the bucket what with holding the bucket, “Here” said my aunt “hold the bucket with both hands, or you’ll pee over the side” as she made a grab for my hardening pissing cock. I finished pissing by her holding my cock downwards and me holding the bucket high enough to pee in.(Sex Stories)

On finishing she asked had I finished and started to shake the last drips, but what she was really doing was shaking and stroking my hard on. “I think that is just a lovely cock for such a young boy, I bet you have some fun with that, don’t you?” as she continued stroking, “Have you any more pee to come yet,”?. “No more pee, but if you carry on stroking my cock I will be cummin’ my cream any time” I managed to put the bucket down, and turned more to her as her hand stopped stroking my cock and she slipped her other hand inside my trousers and started to feel my balls. “Like that do you, me feeling your young hairy balls and stiff hard cock, would you like to see and feel what an older woman looks like when she’s aroused ?, open my blouse will you and feel my big titties”

I opened the front of her blouse to reveal a white bra just about holding her tits in, the dark area around the nipples were just about peeking over the top of her bra, ”Go on,” she said, “Feel them if you want, the look on your face tell me that you would like to feel them, and maybe kiss them also”. I couldn’t be bothered to unfasten the bra, I just pulled the front down to reveal those luscious creamy white tits, with what appeared to be the biggest nipples that a 16 year old boy had ever seen, I grabbed both tits in my hands and I couldn’t resist bending over to take one in my mouth. That was, to me the virtual climax, as she continued to wank my cock, with me sucking on a nipple, I shot my hot thick creamy spunk all over her skirt. “What did you think of that then?” she asked. She fastened her blouse up, wiped the spunk off her skirt, and told me to put my cock away. She took my hand and told me to follow her as we started to make our way out to the garden, where we went down to a summer house at the bottom of the garden. (Erotic Stories)

As we went in the summerhouse she turned to me and started to take my shirt off, I took my trousers off and found that in that short walk I had achieved another hard on, my aunt took off her blouse, undid the zipper on her skirt for it to fall to the floor and she stood there in her white bra, small tight white panties barely covering her pubic area and tan hold-up stockings. 

She grabbed hold of me and held me in a tight embrace and kissed me full on the lips and slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. It was all I could do to hold back from feeling her all over, again I slipped the bra down to reveal those creamy white tits, feeling the nipples harden and stiffen between my fingers, drawing the hardness of the nipples between my thumb and finger as if I was trying to pull it off her breast. Again I bent down to take a nipple in my mouth, feeling the other tit, fondling and caressing and squeezing, was this what heaven was like?

My aunt was holding my throbbing hard cock and tried to guide it up her leg and into the gusset of her moist damp knickers, I was not that experienced to try for a “knee trembler“. She pulled away from me and dropped down on to her knees, grabbing hold of my rampant hard on, she stuck her tongue out and licked the exposed end, she licked around the head and planted kisses all around it, it was all I could do from pushing it in her mouth, I needn’t have worried about that, she then opened her lips and pulled my cock in her mouth, the wet, warm feeling of her sucking mouth was like something I couldn’t believe, she pulled my cock out and started to kiss and gentle bite up down the hard shaft, licking her tongue up down and then putting back it in her mouth, “Suck my cock aunty, will you, I want to feel that hot mouth on my cock, suck it hard for me will you aunty”, I gasped, thrusting my hips back and forth, fucking at her sucking mouth. She was by now holding and playing with my balls, gently squeezing and pulling on them, rolling them around in her hand. I could feel the build of another climax coming and told her what may happen, that I was ready to cum in her mouth. She pulled away from me quickly, “Oh no you don’t, I want that spunk deep inside my cunt my young lover boy, save that for another time shall we.” She got hold of my hand pulling me down on the floor saying to me “Get my knickers off will you, I want you to do something for me that I now don’t get, kiss me between my legs will you, I want you to taste me and satisfy my longing for a good licking”. 

I knelt down on the floor to be faced with her legs spread apart, I pulled her knickers down over her hips and off over her feet, there, for the first time I was to look at a full size female pussy, I had seen my cousin Babs pussy, trim, tight and never been used, but she was only 14 at the time, so for me now to look and dwell upon my aunts wet, gaping cunt almost made me cum then. I slipped one, two, then three fingers inside, it was just like a honey pot, sticky with thick love juice which was almost pouring out her cunt, “Finger me please, stroke my clit for me, I want you to do all this to me, I’m desperate to be pleasured, please get down and kiss me like a good boy, kiss auntys pussy, please”. 

She pulled me down to her, forcing my head down to her sweet pungent smelling cunt. I licked my tongue across her clit, giving it at first gentle licks, then as I got used to her thrusting herself up to me I just licked and sucked at her clit, it was thick and meaty, I was able to suck her clit into my mouth and suckle on it, just like sucking her nipple. I was, at the same time sliding my fingers deep into her sopping wet creamy cunt hole, roving my fingers in and out as if I was fucking her with my fingers. She was by now, unknown to me, about to climax in my mouth, her body stiffened and shook as the first waves of her orgasm convulsed through her, her hands pulled my head into her body, my nose and mouth were glued to her cunt, spilling out her fluids into and around my face, she cried out as the final throes her climax exploded, my head firmly clasped between her legs, almost flooding me out. ”I’m cummin‘, oh, yes I’m cummin’ cummin’, now, now, yes, yes, yessss, lick it for me, Ahhhh. 

When her orgasm had subsided she released her grasp on me enough for her to pull me up her body and breathed out “Kiss my lips, I want to taste what you have just delivered from me, I want to taste what my cunt juices taste like”. And with that I planted my lips firmly on hers, our mouths sucking on each other as our tongues explored each others mouths, lashing about, almost sucking each other into a frenzy. My cock was just aching to enter her, to experience the ecstasy of plunging my virgin cock into a cunt that I had dreamt about for so long whilst wanking thinking about her, aware that to fuck an aunt was something a boy dreams about, least of all being able to play with her daughters little body as well. 

We clasped to each other so close and tight that I was not able to manoeuvre into a position to try and put my raging hard throbbing cock into her cunt, “I must put my cock in and fuck you, please, I’m desperate to put it in”. She opened her legs so that I slipped between them, with one hand she got hold of my cock and helped to guide it towards her creaming wet cunt, the tip of my cock was now nuzzled up at the mouth of her cunt, “You can slip it in now, lover boy, just slowly slide it in, I don’t want you to cum just yet, enjoy fucking your aunt, then when you’re ready I want you to flood my pussy, my soaking wet juicy pussy with your young hot thick creamy spunk, fill me with your spunk till it spills back out over your hard fucking cock and your young virile balls, are you ready to spunk yet, lover boy?” My cock was buried right up her gaping sticky pussy so far that my balls were tight up to the cheeks of her arse, thrusting in and out, holding out so that I could savour the thrill of my first fuck with her and thinking that if I could last out just a little bit longer, having had my aunt wank me off earlier, shooting my spunk all over her skirt, could I last any longer? My aunt was now breathing heavier and thrusting her pelvis up against me, fucking with me now, our bodies were bucking against each other, sweat was dripping off my brow, and I could feel the sweat of each other as we continued to reach a point that, if I was sure, she herself was about to climax as well, that thought to me was enough to make feel the pulsing of my orgasm ready to explode from my balls, “I’m cummin, aunty.” I managed to breathe, as I felt the surge of my second climax erupting up through my cock. “Oh, fuck me please, fuck me in my hot sticky cunt, flood me with your creamy thick spunk, fuck me, fuck me, Ooooooh Yes, Yes, fuck me hard my lover boy.” “Oh yes aunty, I want to fuck you so much, I’ve wanked myself off so often thinking of those beautiful tits and feeling them and sucking on them, and imagining about you wearing stockings and feeling up your legs to stroke the bare flesh between the stockings and your knickers, knickers that I have taken from your washing basket to sniff on and to wank into.” and with that I erupted my spunk deep inside her love tunnel, right up to her womb, thrusting, fucking with deep long strokes of my spilling seed out of my cock as she herself was shuddering to another climax, her orgasm as intense as the first one only minutes before when I was licking at her cunt and sucking on her clit.

We lay there for what seemed like time stood still, until my now flaccid cock slipped out of her streaming wet, spunk laden cunt, both our juices flowing out, my thick creamy spunk that had shot out of my throbbing hard cock, mixed with her sticky honey pussy juices.

That was the beginning of a relationship that continued for quite a while. She told me later that Babs had told her about me and her exploring each others bodies. She said she would want to join in on our own sexual awakening, making sure that we were both aware of taking precautions, making certain that we were both doing it right, and teaching us the finer points of sex. She said that she would rather know that Babs was getting her experience into lovemaking with someone she knew rather finding out the wrong way. Babs would certainly have a good tutor in her mother, my aunt, to show her the right methods. Mother and daughter taking advantage of each other, with me in the middle. 

The summer house that my aunt had taken me to, when she had taken my virginity, was a place I was quite familiar with, having in the past been playing in there with my cousin, my aunts only daughter Babs, who at f******n, was 1 year younger that me. We were like b*****r and s****r, we would go there and play mums and dads, Babs would sit up on a chest that was about 3 foot tall, and she would lift her legs up to show her knickers to me. Being a curious kind of boy I wondered what was hidden behind the thin silky material, nothing but the best for Babs, satin, lace and even silk knickers she had bought for her, along with the same material for her already blooming pert young sprouting breasts. At the time she hadn’t started wearing a bra, but would have been about 30A bra size. As her breasts were blossoming she would lift her sweater or blouse up to show me how her breasts were developing. “Do you think I will ever have tits like the other girls in my class at school?” she would ask me, inviting me to fondle and feel them. We would take our tops off so that we could rub our chests together, and I would be able to kiss and suckle on those delicate sprouting tits. “Suck on my nipples to help to make them grow for me will you Alan”, as I played around with her, teasing a nipple to swell from her budding chest as well as playing with the taut tight flesh of her other breast. “You will have the finest pair of tits in school” I would say to Barbara, as we held on to each other, letting her slip her hand inside my trousers, (if I hadn’t have taken them off already) to play with my manhood and balls, which she loved to play with. “ Be careful you don’t shoot your spunk over my school skirt, will you, I don’t want to have to tell my mum that I have spilled yoghurt over myself again”, as she wanked me to a shuddering climax. 

Sitting on the chest she would lift her feet up on to the chest and part her feet and knees to reveal her latest fancy underwear, well, I couldn’t resist stroking the fine material and slip my fingers up and down the soft damp gusset, then sliding my fingers inside to ask “ What does it look like inside your panties Babs?”. “Oh, if you want to see you will have pull to my panties off, so that you don’t rip them”. “No, I’ll be very careful, you had better leave them on so that your mother doesn’t catch us.“ As she had on a previous occasion, and warned me that anything like that happen again I should be careful of what might happen in the future, was that an early warning? 

So I was always sure that she kept her panties on and I would pull the gusset to one side and explore the hidden secret of a almost hairless, tight lipped, sweet pink virgin pussy. I would finger the forgiving slit and slide one, sometimes two fingers inside a creamy wet pussy, I would finger and stroke the inner and outer folds of baby soft pussy lips, lick and suck on the tiny bud of her thickening clit, Babs would groan with delight at being touched up this way, and encourage me to kiss the velvet softness of her most private special pleasure palace, and then, slipping my tongue into her slippery wet love tunnel running with her flowing love juice, “Kiss my wet sweetie” ( “Sweetie” that’s what she called her pussy,) she would say to me, as I kissed and licked away, always finding new hidden ways of pleasuring both of us. Finding out about her clit was one of the finest times we had. She almost screamed out in pleasure the first time she had a climax, as I licked furiously at her clit and fingered her sweet, tight hole. When she finally finished her orgasm, I already had my rampant cock out and had been trying to wank myself off as I was pleasuring Babs, “Over my sticky wet sweetie, shoot it over my sweetie, please, I want to feel the heat of your cum over my sweetie. Obviously, in my state, in only took a few strokes of my rock hard cock to shoot my cum over her “sweetie”, belly and satin knickers. It was later in our play time that we were able to explore the pure delight of indulging in our most carnal knowledge of each other, in other words, having our first fuck together. THE END