"Sex Stories" Sex Education

Sex Stories Sex Education
We had lived on the continent for some years and were used to visits from friends and f****y eager to take advantage of the Mediterranean sun so I was not surprised to receive a call from my s****r to arrange for a holiday, although this one was going to be different.

My s****r had separated from her husband a few years ago and I had not seen her during this time. She and her daughter,Melissa had apparently been struggling but things had got better recently with the arrival of a new boyfriend for s*s which I was pleased about.Unfortunately Melissa and Dan did not get on and my s****r was dreading the thought of conflict over the long school holidays. I knew that Tom, my husband, would be away working for much of the summer break so I invited Melissa along for company.

I remembered Melissa as a gawky,skinny k** with short hair and braces in her teeth so imagine my surprise when I saw a beautifully formed teenager with long blond hair and freckles walk up to me in the arrivals lounge and kissing me said 'Aunt Kate, I hardly recognised you'.(Porn Stories)

'Melissa your so grown up, I can't believe it'

We were both a little awkward with each other to start with but on the drive home Melissa opened up and it appeared that the relationship with her mothered had soured a little over Dan. She felt that he was trying to taker her fathers place and couldn't accept this and it didn't help when she explained that it hurt her more when she heard her mother and Dan having sex.

In a nice way I tried to explain to her about her mother needs an feelings and I felt that she took what I had to say on board and she seemed to relax a little more.

The first few days with us were, unusually, overcast with the occasional shower but on the Thursday we woke to find that the sun was shining and after breakfast made our way to the beach. We got two sunbeds close to the sea and began to settle down a hard day's tanning. As Melissa undressed.

I could not help but notice her youthful curves and was a little surprised at her maturity as she removed her bikini top to sunbathe topless. It felt that I was staring as I saw her small but pert breasts jiggle as she sat down. I have always been proud of my own body as I exercised often and kept myself toned
and tanned but I felt a little stale against her freshness.
Undressing, I watched as Melissa massaged sun oil into her body and was 
surprised that her nipples enlarged so much as she rubbed them.

It was at this time that she caught me looking at her and she smiled at me demurely and said 'Kate would you do my back for me/' handing me the sun

She turned over and I started at the top working down slowly. As I reached her bottom she took hold of her bikini bottoms and tugged them into the cleft of her backside.Her beautiful bottom had cheeks like globes and I could just see wisps of hair peeping from between her legs.

For the first time in my life I actually found my pussy getting wet at the thought of this young woman in front of me.
I also went topless, but my breasts were not quite as erect as Melissa's
and I felt a little nervous when she offered to do my back. Lying on my front
I felt her straddle my bottom and began to rub oil down my back, letting it run down my spine towards the crack of my bottom and then rubbing it in.

When she had finished I lay on my front and began to shiver slowly. The goose bumps on my arms made my nipples stiff and I felt ashamed to turn over in case Melissa realised the she was cause of all this.

As the morning wore on I suggested lunch after a swim. Melissa ran straight into the sea diving under the warm sea. I was a little more reserved and waited in the shallows a while.Just watching. It was no surprise when Melissa attracted the attention of two boys about her own age who appeared to be making a fuss of her. Walking into the shallows she took my arm and led me to the boys and said 'Here this is my aunt Kate, this is Barry and Alex' Both guys smiled and we spoke a little but my appearance seemed to scare them away. 'Sorry about that I blurted, looks like I am spoiling your fun'

' Don't worry Kate, they're too young for me anyway, I prefer more mature people' and with that we went to the bar.

Over lunch we drank almost two bottles of wine and we walked home, arm in arm, rather tipsy. In the house I told Melissa that I was going to shower and then have a siesta before we got ready for dinner. She concurred and I let her go first.She had been in the shower a couple of minutes when I heard her calling. I went into the bathroom and asked her what the matter was. She pulled back the shower curtain and I saw her in all her glory. She was a little red from the sun and had a small triangle where her thong had been and I could see that she had shaved her pubes into a straight line, pointing towards her clitoris, like an arrow.

I didn't know where to look, I had never felt this embarrassed before but Mel seemed to take it in her stride and said 'Can you get the sand off my back please' Turning around I was once again treated to that wonderful sight of her little bottom. I soaped her all over he back and I could not explain my feelings. I wanted to go further but knew it was wrong. I had never done this before or even felt this way towards another woman, did this mean I was bi sexual.

Common sense prevailing I put down the soap and tried to leave the bathroom. Melissa turned, took hold of my hand and pulled me into the shower with her.I had on my bikini and Melissa took the shower head down and began to rinse the sand from my body.Replacing it she turned me round and undid my top.

I just stood, fearing to move, afraid of what might happen next. I suddenly felt soapy hands all over me, tickling and exploring my body, massaging all the right places. I could feel her little erect buds sticking into my back as her soapy hands began to caress my breasts and tease my nipples to stiffness.

I could feel my juices leaking out of me as she teased down my bottoms and directed the spray from the shower head at my tender bottom which I found orgasmic. She turned me around and I suddenly had the urge to kiss her. Our tongues engaged in a wild dance as I felt my hands reach round and cup her bottom, teasing her bottom apart so that I could finger her bottom. 

She slipped her hand between us and suddenly I felt her fingers twisting my clitoris for all she was worth. Gasping I coaxed her from the shower to my bedroom where, soaking wet, I put my head between her legs and lapped her juices as they leaked from her. She suddenly turned me over and sat on my faceand went into the 69 position.It was the first time that I had tasted pussy or had mine licked. That it was my niece made it all the more exciting. Mel followed my lead as we licked and fingered each other to orgasm.I had never felt something so intense and it made it more so when Mel cried out 'Kate. bite my clit, finger my arse I'm cumming'

I orgasmed as I felt her tight anal passage convulse around my fingers, my
tremors taking ages to subside as we then lay spent.