"Sex Stories" s****r Act

Sex Stories s****r Act
It’s had seemed hours that she had been on the bus and it was only a 30 minute ride to Prince’s Street in Edinburgh. Having not seen me for almost 10 years, but having stayed in touch on or off for a good part of that time Melissa or Mel as she liked to be called was final going to see the guy who had fucked her around all that time ago.

Dressed in a brown leather jacket ,tee shirt, jeans and black leather thigh high boots, Mel knew that I would want her again as I had always wanted her. We had met when Mel was 20 and me being 34 and after meeting Mel for the first time in a night club we had exchange phone numbers for Mel to ring me a few days later asking what I was doing that weekend. 

After a few weeks Mel spent all her times at mine and we spend all our time fucking each others brains out, with Mel loving to have my cock as often as she could we fuck in the shower, garden and car when ever we could.(Adult Stories)

Mel liked the older man as this wasn’t the first time that she’d had the experienced “older” lover who could make her come again and again. She’d only ever had a same age boyfriend when she was younger and found that unless she played with her pussy she’d never experienced a full on orgasm with a guy.
I knew how to work her black hairy pussy and how that if I placed just two fingers up her young slit and with movements up and down from her clit to her arse would give Mel orgasms that would make her squirt and cream over my fingers for periods of time which sent her body shivering and unable to control her coming again and again. 

I was up there on business and after the kissing each other on the cheeks found a table and started to chat on what each other had been up to over that past year’s. The cocktails started to go down well and soon the night was now the early hours of the morning and I offered to get a cab for Mel to get home, but hoping that she didn’t take up the offer and go back with me to the hotel suite that I had booked into.

Mel offered to come back with me and my cock started to get hard in the thought that I would fuck Mel one more time. After one drink at the bar we made our way to the room. Once inside Mel took off her jacket and sat on the bed, I didn’t even ask Mel if she wanted to be fucked again and pulled her towards me and had my tongue in her mouth and pulling at her tee-shirt to exposing her tits. I soon had my fingers inside her jeans and feeling her soft pubic hairy at the top of her mound and found that Mel’s pussy was now getting wetter as I finger fucked like I knew she’d loved years ago.

Mel dropped on her knees and took out my stiff cock and deep throated me until she was gagging and almost choking on it, she f***e her mouth further on to the shaft until she could feel my head touching the back of her throat and sucked on it as hard as she could, in one move Mel brought her open mouth closed and biting into my cock and with the pain and pleasure I came deep down her throat forcing my throbbing cock even deeper into her mouth.
My cock was in agony and asked her what the fuck was going on with the cock biting. Mel said that was for all the times that I’d messed around with other women and that she’d waited a long time to get even with me.

Mel removed her boots and jeans showing off red lacy throng type panties, very much different to the white cotton ones she always worn when we had first met, I laid Mel on the bed and began to lick the outside of the wet crotch and noticed that her once hairy pussy was now well trimmed and only a small strip to the top and her lips and ass as clean as my face after I had shaved that evening to meet her.

I lapped at her wet sticky lips and explode her from clit to ass hole, ripping at her under ware and slipping in fingers again to increase Mel’s dripping hole more and more ready for my now erect cock and as I entered her smooth pussy, I felt Mel playing with my tight dry ass and with that she pushed up her finger with as much f***e as she could, I cried out in pain as Mel inserted more fingers and opened my arse as far it would go.

I asked what the fuck was going on and Mel said it was for her s****r Sam, taken aback I asked why Sam, Mel said that she knew that I had fucked her older s****r in the same house that we shared and she couldn’t believe that I had done that while she ‘Mel’ was in bed up stairs at the same time.

“It was true that I had fucked Sam that night and it wasn’t the first time I had fucked her. I had help Sam move back home from University and on Sam’s last night in her digs had been out with a group of friends and end taking Sam to bed, Mel had told her about our sex life and that with both of us being d***k Sam and me ended up fucking the night away only to be like to c***dren in the morning not being able to look at each other and always promising that we would never tell Mel about what had happened that night but as the years went on Sam had moved to the USA told Mel on what I had done to her.

We’d all been out that night and as normal we ended with loads of friends coming back to our house and crashing out, after going to bed and fucking Mel I went back down stairs and found Sam laying on the settee, Sam was partly clothed and I started to rub her tits and cunt and Sam said that we couldn’t because of Mel being up stairs but before I knew it Sam was suck my cock, the thought of Sam licking and tasting my cock with her s****rs love juices on it turn me on even more and after taking Sam from behind I fingered Sam’s arse and in one move rammed my cock into her ass, Sam called out in shock as I entered her further and harder and I creamed her within seconds of me pounding her.”

Mel still had her fingers in my ass and I was now getting aroused and opened my legs wider for her to get a better position and brought up my legs for her to lick my balls and cock while she fingered me. I pulled Mel up and she started to climb on to my cock and pushed down her dripping cunt on to my shaft, Mel worked me like a whore moving up and down forcing herself harder and harder with each movement, she got off me and got on all fours on the bed and told me to fuck her from behind, I took no time in mounting her and as I slipped my cock into her, Mel fumbled for her handbag and pulled out a vibrator, she started to work her clit and pussy with it and I could feel it buzzing on my cock, Mel inserted it up her soaking love hole pushing my cock out at the same time. She grabbed my cock and placed it by her dark ring of her ass.

I had been the first guy to take her virgin ass many years ago and remembered how she had want me to take her there so as I slowly pushed my head into her and she pushed back and took the full length of me. I opened her cheeks wider and straddled her from on top taking her as hard as I could, Mel told me that she wanted my cum over her so just before I was about to explode I pull out and Mel turn on her back for me to cum over her tits and face and as my warm cream shot over her, she rubbed it over all over her body and with what was left on her fingers licked them clean.

Mel told me that it was my turn and told me that what was good for Sam and her was the same for me and with what cum was left on her body, rubbed the vibrator in it and inserted the buzzing silver toy into my arse, the pain again soon returned but with the lubricant of my cream I relaxed and let her take my virgin bum hole, and with her sitting over me on my cock with her back facing me worked the silver shaft faster until I came again this time in her pussy. 

I haven’t seen Mel for 2 years now, we still chat and who knows that maybe in another 10 years while end back in bed together...............