"Sex Stories" Star Trek Voyager Parody

Sex Stories Star Trek Voyager Parody
It has been several years since we’ve made our trek back home to the Alpha Quadrant. The crew’s morale lately has been low and I must say something is going to have to be done to boost it soon, or we’re going to be in trouble. People are reporting late for their stations, sl**ping longer, eating less; I don’t know what to make of all this misery. On one side, I have a crew of Marquis who are a threat to Voyeur, on another, I have a crew that is looking to me for confidence that I’ll bring them home. I haven’t had much rest lately and I’m finally looking forward to getting a peaceful night’s rest.


“ Computer, Dim lights to 25% “

The computer responded with a chirp.

Janegay walked to her bathroom door and slipped out of her uniform, revealing a silk nightie, which she let fall to her ankles. While brushing her beautiful long hair, she walked over and sat on the edge of her bed fully nude.

” Computer, Activate the PCH Program; Security code Alpha Omega 1 “

The computer chirped and asked:

“ Please specify which position you wish the Personal Companion Hologram to be in when activated “(Sex Stories)

“ On their knees, doggie-style, facing me“

Suddenly an image appeared of a handsome young man in his mid-twenties, dark hair and brown eyes.

“ How may I serve you, my mistress?” He asked in a pleasant voice.

“ I want you to eat me out… “

“ As you wish “

Then the PCH program dived right into Janegay's muff and started eating her out! The sensation was overwhelming as she let herself fall backwards on the bed with her legs spread wide in the air while the PCH program continued to eat her out.(Adult Stories)

“ Oh yes…. Oh that’s it… Yeah “ Janegay was saying under her breath.

She climaxed with a loud moan while holding the PCH program’s head between her legs as she climaxed & shook violently.

She repositioned herself underneath the bed sheets and signaled the program to come join her. He quickly obeyed and they both went at it like wild teens on a hot date. She positioned herself on top of his hard dick and thrust violently on him, up and down…

“ Mmmmm... Yeah… Ohhhh “

What she didn’t notice was that the doorbell to her room rang several times. Suddenly the door flew open and caught Janegay off guard. The PCH program deactivated automatically and Janegay fell awkwardly onto her bed. She quickly grabbed her bed covers and looked at who entered.

“ I'm sorry, Captain. I rang the doorbell several times and thought maybe you didn’t hear it, so I invited myself in. I had no idea you were…. busy." Chickolet said with a smirk on his face.

“ Well, next time, knock if you have too, but don’t just assume you can walk in here like you can on the bridge.

A woman needs her privacy, even here in the Delta Quadrant. “

“ I understand. Here are the duty rosters you requested earlier. Sorry I got them to you late. “
“Very well. I’ll review them next chance I get. That will be all for now, dismissed.”

Chickolet left the room trying to cover up his smirk on his face but that was the last thing on Janegays mind. Foremost was the embarrassment she just had with her first officer. She laid down, stared at the ceiling and slipped a finger over her wet pussy.

“ My! this incident made me wet …” she thought with a smile on her face…

“ If I don’t know myself better, I’d say I liked that…” slowly drifting off to sl**p.

The next day our crew encountered a beautiful class M planet inhabited by a species called Orgians, (Or-gee-ann’s) who are known for being very affectionate. They are an interesting species who communicate with outsiders by audio only. Surface scans show they have modern technology including video but choose not to use it. My guess is that they are shy about their appearance. Either way, I felt after all the experiences we’ve gone through in the past several months, that a little shore leave may do us all a bit of good.

“ Inform the head Orgian we are all beaming down to his coordinates. “

“ Aye Captain “ responded Hairy Kim

The crew beams down into a beautiful city that is rich in many materials, fabrics, foods, and wines. The scenery is breath taking, with tons of beautiful attractions. There is a beautiful park with bright green grass, healthy trees, a beautiful fountain. Food courts, mini-malls and entertainment shops line the outside of the park. Over head, a huge glass bubble shield regulates the environmental temperature, making the climate comfortable to the skin.

Moments later, Janegay joins the rest of her crew on the surface, but immediately she notices something very wrong… The Orgian colony has no clothing, and considers wearing clothing an insult!

The head Orgian addresses Janegay: “ Why do you insult us after we so openly welcomed you to our world? “

Janegay responded “ Head Orgian, we had no intention of deceiving, nor insulting your species. We simply didn’t know your kind was… nude. Had we known, we would have came better prepared. “

“ Then show us that you didn’t mean to insult us. As an act of good faith, take off your clothes. “

Janegay turned and looked at her senior officers who when caught a glance, looked down or avoided direct eye contact.

“ Very well, then let me be the first. “ Janegay said, as she reached behind her back and unzipped her uniform. First her top came off, exposing a beautiful pair of tits, nicely shaped with nipples fully erect. Standing in place, she bent over and pulled her pants and panties down around her ankle, and stepped out of them, revealing a nicely trimmed crotch.

Chickolet walked up and stood beside her. “ I also will extend my good will towards your people “ as he quickly got out of uniform and stood in place, with an erection growing.

Janegay looked to her right, looking at his erection for a second and then looking up at Chickolet with a grin on her face.

“ Looks like that’s not the only thing you're extending to these people!“ Janegay said.

Chickolet’s face turned red, as Janegay turned her head to conceal her smile.

B'londa wasn’t ashamed of her body and quickly got undressed as ordered. Pairee and Hairy looked at each other wondering who will go first. Then Pairee said “ What the hell…” and preceded to take off his clothes. Hairy Kim did the same a few moments later. Kim glanced down and noticed Pairee’s dick. Pairee caught him off guard, looking. Kim tried to cover it up by glancing away and then saying

“ Nice dick," like it was nothing. Pairee just smiled, not knowing how exactly to take that.

“ And you, Mr. Too-long, are you going to take off your clothes? “ Janegay asked.

“ I am a Vulcan-o, I have no need for sexual encounters, nor possess the emotions needed to have an intimate bonding experience. “

“ I’ve always wondered why they call you Mr. Too-long… so I’m ordering you to pull down your pants! “ Janegay said with a smirk.

“ Aye Aye, Captain.”

When Too-long took off his shirt and pulled down his pants, the truth was evident about his name. A 13” black dick hung from

between his legs. He tried to justify himself by adding the comment:

“ Vulcan-o’s are also known for having big dicks.”

Janegay spared him the embarrassment by turning the attention on a different subject.
“ Now that we are all nude, shall we proceed?” Janegay asked.

“ Yes, we shall.” The head Orgian clapped his hands twice in a signal. Seconds later, a crowd of Orgians came and quickly started fondling the crew, with three or more to each person. Pillows and cushions we’re brought to make the crew feel comfortable. Pairee and Kim both had their hands full with two young Orgian women sucking their dicks like crazy, and another shoving & rubbing their crotches over

their faces.

A beautiful black Orgian immediately went for Too-longs dick and sucked it like it was a dessert. To his surprise, she deep throated him all the way. “ Interesting…” was the only thing he could think of saying while trying to contain his self-restraint.

B'londa on the other hand, showed the opposite of self-restraint… taking two Orgian males, one in the ass, the other in her pussy at the same time, while sucking another one off. She was enjoying every minute of it. Kling-frees have been known for their strong sexual appetite.

Chickolet and Janegay both laid next to each other while several Orgian males and females were catering to their bodies, either sucking, fucking or probing their way with each of them. Janegay turned over into the doggie style position, looked at Chickolet and asked “ Do you like to watch me get fucked?” she said in an a****l tone of voice. Chickolet said “ You know I do…” Those words excited her as she thrusted harder and deeper over one of the Orgian’s dick that was inside her. The Orgian liked that too, and tried to keep from coming too soon.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the outer bubble shell, as thousands of little fragments of glass rained down from above. Then a large rocket shot through the hole and exploded in the court yard, knocking over one of the trees in the park. Everyone began running and screaming as Janegay looked up and said to herself “ Why is it I’m always getting disturbed RIGHT before I climax?!?” She grabbed her communicator and tapped it.

“ Janegay to Voyeur, Emergency Beam Out!!!”
Suddenly the whole crew beamed aboard the ship without their clothes. The senior staff on the bridge notices they are also nude. Janegay doesn’t care at this moment. Right now, she has more important things to worry about.

“ Kim, I want to know who’s firing on the surface and why.”

“ Captain, A large ship of unknown design is firing from orbit to the surface”

“ Hail Them… On Screen ”

The screen displays a large ship in the shape of an erect penis with two nacelles underneath, in the shape of balls.

“ Audio only ” Kim mentioned.

“ We are the Dominatrix. Surrender your ship. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. ”

“ I am Captain Janegay of the Sex-Ship Voyeur…..”

“ Title and Rank is Irrelevant. Self Preservation is Irrelevant. Resistance is futile…”

“ Mute ” Janegay said.

“ Computer, Is there any record of Sex Fleet encountering this species? ” Janegay asked.

“ Negative. This is the first contact Sex Fleet has ever had with the Dominatrix.”

Janegay turns to Too-long “ I want a full scale …….”

Suddenly Janegay is beamed off the bridge and onto the Dominatrix ship.

Janegay suddenly finds herself on a table in a dark room in the doggie style position, with her legs and wrists tied down so she can’t move. A light from above is the only source of light in the room.

“ Why do you have me here ?!” Janegay asks in a harsh voice.

A voice that sounds ominous answers: “ We will add your biological and technological advancements to ourselves. We must first do research on your species. You have been designated to be the first of your crew. Drone Six-T-Nine will conduct the experiments necessary for your assimilation. ”

A tall long blond hair woman walks out wearing a tight g-string bikini, carrying a large plastic dildo. She walks behind Janegay and investigates her pussy and ass. She puts her index finger in her mouth and sucks it for a second, and takes it out all moist from her saliva. She then sticks her finger all the way into Janegay’s pussy.

Janegay closes her eyes because it feels good, but quickly opens them, trying to resist.

“ You have a nice tight pussy.” Six-T-Nine said while wiggling her finger inside of Janegay’s pussy. She then takes it out and puts it in her mouth, sucking it like a lollipop. “ Mmmmm” She then takes the dildo and wiggles it inside of her pussy, shoving it deep inside of Janegay. Slowly she works up her thrust speed, in and out, while Janegay can’t do anything but enjoy this probing.

“ You're going to have to do a lot more than a little dildo action to--- Aaagrrrhhh!!! ” Janegay growls in displeasure as Six-T-Nine moves the dildo from her pussy to deep into her ass. Another Drone walked in and took over ramming the dildo in and out of her ass, while Six-T-Nine walked in front of Janegay. The height of the table puts Janegay’s eyes directly at Six-T-Nine’s breast level. Six-T-Nine placed Janegays face between her boobs and held it tightly. She then lifts her right bikini string up, exposing a firm nipple to Janegay’s lips.

“ Suck” Six-T-Nine orders. Janegay obeys, sucking and licking Six-T-Nine’s firm nipple into her mouth while moaning from the dildo that’s constantly being shoved in and out of her ass. Six-T-Nine closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation of having the Captain suck her tit.

Meanwhile back on board Voyeur…

“ Being the first officer, I will assume command of this ship. Our first priority is to get the Captain off that ship, the second to get our clothes back. ” Chickolet said.

“ Engineering to the Bridge ” B'londa’s voice came overhead.

“ Go ahead ” Chickolet answered.

“ Sir, I think we have found a way to penetrate the Dominatrix shields… ”

“ Let’s hear it ” Chickolet said.

“ If we match the phase variance of their shields, we might be able to beam inside their ship, the only downfall is that we can only get one person in a transporter window every 30 minutes. The next window of opportunity is in five minutes. I suggest you let me go”

B'londa said.

“ I don’t think that’s a wise choice. Perhaps ensign crewman could go instead. ”

Chickolet said while sounding concerned.

“ Are you crazy? Being the chief engineer, I have the highest probability of successfully disabling their weapons & sex drive array. I can do it, if you’d just give me a chance.”

B'londa pleaded.

“ Very well, but I want you out of there at the first sign of trouble. Is that understood? ”

“ Yes, Commander.”

“ Make the necessary modifications and prepare for transport.” Chickolet said.

Several minutes later, B'londa beamed successfully aboard the ship into a remote cargo room. She carefully looked around for any signs of the Dominatrix, but she was alone. She stealthily ran down the corridor, tits bouncing up and down, and her little ass cheeks wiggling… she stopping at every corner to look around, and then continue on.

Her tri-corder led her to the room where Janegay was being held captive. She slowly peeked around the entrance where she could only see the backside of Janegay in a doggie style position. Six-T-Nine was sitting on the same table but with her legs spread apart and Janegay’s tongue buried deep in her crotch. B'londa couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but she was turned on by it.

Where she’s from, Klingfrees are bisexual and fuck for fun. Seeing one woman eating another woman out made her all wet in excitement. She ran back down the hallway and had to finger herself to orgasm so intense, it almost alerted the whole ship to where she was hiding.

After a few minutes, she caught her breath and went back to the room where Janegay was being held captive.

“ Damn, I need to find a way to lure those two drones out…” B'londa thought…

Then she came up with a brilliant plan to lure Six-T-Nine from the room. She would throw her voice and sound like she was struggling. It was a sure thing to get her out into the open!

Sure enough, Six-T-Nine stepped past the entrance where she was knocked out by a blow to the neck. The other drone continued pumping the dildo in and out of Janegay’s ass, as ordered. B'londa walked behind the drone, and with a quick jerk, snapped her neck.

B'londa went back and dragged Six-T-Nine’s body into the room, and then sealed the door.

“ For a moment there, I thought I’d never see you again ” Janegay said.

“ Well, you know the saying “ You can’t let a good Kling-free down…”

B'londa stopped and stared for a moment…. “ Nice pussy…”

“ You’re the second person to tell me that today…” Janegay said as a snide remark.

“ Do you mind if I touch it? ” B'londa asked.

“ You can do what ever you want, after you get me out of here, and back on the ship.

“ Okay.” B'londa said while proceeding to release Janegay from her binds.

“ What should we do with this drone? Do you want me to snap her neck also?”

“ No… I have other plans for this one. Help me bind her up, while we go and try to disable the shields."

Moments later, Janegay and B'londa stealthily search the ship until they find the sex drive array.

“ We need to find a way to disable that drive… any suggestions” Janegay asked.

B'londa looked around for a moment, and found a double ended metal dildo on the floor. “ This should do the trick ” B'londa said as

she smashed the sex drive manifold. Suddenly a loud power-loss sound is heard while the lights flicker for a moment.

Then a muffled chirp and sound is heard “ Voyeur to away team…”

Janegay looks baffled, as she thinks she notices where the sound is coming from… She looks down and then back up at B'londa.

B'londa reaches between her legs and pulls out a communicator from inside her pussy, and then taps it.

“ B'londa here. Mission accomplished. ” She says as she looks at a strand of pussy goo that stuck to her finger as she tapped it.

“ We’re ready for transport.”

“ Any luck finding the crews clothes on board? ” Chickolet asked.

“ Not yet, ” Janegay said. “ We’re bringing a guest on board… have them transported to the brig. I

have plans for this person myself. For now, get us out of here.”

“Aye Captain”

Moments later, They beam back on board Voyeur.

“ Status report ”… Janegay said as she walked in onto the bridge.

“ I’ve got massive power fluctuations on the enemy ship… they’re powering up their weapons

and their shields are back online.” Hairy Kim said while looking at his console.

“ Mr. Pairee, Get us out of here, Warp 7 ” Janegay said with urgency.

“ Aye Aye Captain…”

“ They’re firing at us!!! ” Kim said out loud.

Outside the bridge, the Dominatrix ship turns and aims at Voyeur. Suddenly the head of the ship turns red as a big burst of semen shoots out in one long stream. It splatters upon contact of the shields… Voyeur is rocked violently but manages to gain control before taking off into warp.

“ Report ” Janegay said, as she sat down in her chair.

“ Minor damage to the outer hull, No injuries reported.” Mr. Too-long said.

“ I'm going to have a chat with our guest… Mr. Chickolet, You have the bridge”

Janegay ordered as she walked out of the room briskly.

Moments later, she arrived at the brig. Six-T-Nine was semi-conscious, Janegay lowered the shield long enough to walk in.

“ Computer, privacy… ” The Computer responded with a chirp, and the f***e field became a grayish wall that was sound resistant.

“ You don’t know who you messed with back there on that ship… do you ? ”

“ I know everything. I am Dominatrix. You are Captain Katherine Janegay, Born Star date 2307.41 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Planet Earth, Sol Sector 001.

“ Enough about me. I want to know more about YOU ” Janegay said.

“ I am Dominatrix. My designation is Six-of-T-Nine. I am a Pleasure Drone. Our Goal is to assimilate other cultures and species into our own, for our own personal sexual pleasure. Other Species serve us in infinite ways before they are discarded eventually. That is why we continue to need to assimilate. You will be assimilated also into our collective.”

“ Right now, you're in no position to assimilate anything. You're miles from your collective, cut off from the rest of your group, and have no weapons. I believe I have assimilated you. ” Janegay said while running a finger around Six-T-Nine’s nipple.

“ You are correct. I had not considered my position. I will be your servant until the rest of the collective come to retrieve me. I will do anything, as you command. ”

“ Good. I want you to follow me to sickbay. ”

Janegay and Six-T-Nine both walk over to sickbay and cause quite a stare…

“ Your species appears to be desperate for sexual activity.” Six-T-Nine said, noticing how every crewman’s head turns looking at her breasts and ass. Even a few female ensigns smiled at her as she walked by.

The door to the sickbay opens with a whoosh. No one is inside.

“Computer, Activate the Emergency Medical Holographic Doctor.”

The EMH program appears out of no where, singing while dripping wet, with a bar of soap in his hands and a shower cap on his head.

“ AAARRRGH !!! Don’t you people have any consideration for a program while he’s taking a personal shower!?!” The Doctor said , angrily.

"I apologize, Doctor. We weren’t aware that you were taking care of personal hygiene."

The Doctor glanced quickly at Six-T-Nine, and commented: “ Your body is the ideal shape for the human species. You don’t know how many people would die for a body like yours.”

“ I do know…226 women of different species & cultures died because I wasn’t happy with their bodies. I found this one from a young earth woman, who died quickly at my hands. She pleaded I spare her, but after finding what I wanted, I wasted no time killing her.” Six-T-Nine said.

“ I see…”

“ Well, how can I help you, other than suppress your appetite for liking what you see?”

Janegay interrupts “ We would like to borrow one of your hypo sprays for an experiment we’re doing…”

Six-T-Nine responded “ I was not aware of any ….”

* Hissssssssss *

Six-T-Nine then falls to the floor. Janegay smiles while standing, holding a hypo spray.

“ Doctor, we need to take our patient and do some surgery. First off, we need to cut the transmitter that links her to her collective. We don’t want them following us trying to retrieve her. Second, see what you can do about erasing her identity memory. I think she’ll be very helpful in the future if we can get her to cooperate. I’ll be in my Always Ready Room”

Elsewhere on the ship…

Hairy Kim gets off his duty shift and heads to one of the turbo lifts. He presses a button and waits for the doors to open. A few moments later, the door opens and Pairee is leaning against the wall with an ensign sucking his dick really good! Kims eyes pop wide open, along with his dick.

“ Hairy… Good to see you… Why don’t you come and join us? ”

“ You want me to join you guys? ” Kim asked in confusion…

“ Sure… Why not, it’s not like they’re going to throw us in the brig for having some fun ”
“ Okay…” Kim then got on his knee’s beside her and took Tom’s dick out of her mouth and started sucking on it.”

Tom was shocked!

“ That wasn’t what I meant exactly but I'm not complaining… I always had a feeling you were gay.”

Hairy responded with Tom's dick in his mouth muffling "I'm not gaaayy I'm bi"

Both the Female Ensign and Kim took turns sucking Tom's dick while watching each other. Pairee hit the emergency stop button on the Turbo lift to delay their arrival.

The Female Ensign said “ I want you Tom, to stick your dick up my pussy, and I want your dick up my ass, at the same time!”

Tom still leaning against the wall, helped lower the ensign onto his shaft, while Kim, standing up, slipped his rod up her ass.

“ Ohhhhh God, Yeah!!! Yeah!!! MMMMmmm ” She moaned while trusting away.

During the intense thrusting, they failed to notice the turbo lift was moving…

The Turbolift doors whooshed open, and there stood Captain Janegay, with a not so pleased look. Pairee just barely got a glance at her and said “ Oh shit!” while the Ensign and Kim where facing away, distracted by the heat of the moment. Pairee taps both of them and points to Janegay…

All three of them stand at attention. Facing forward, arms to their sides, cocks standing at attention also.

“ You are Sex-Fleet Officers… You know better that there’s a time and place for this, and a Turbolift isn’t one of them…”

Janegay said while walking by each one of them, barely brushing up against their cocks.

Janegay’s Communicator goes off: “ Sickbay to Janegay..”

Janegay taps it… “ Go ahead ”

“ The Process is Complete… Your patient is here waiting for you…”

“ Good work Doctor. I'm on my way. Janegay out. ”

“ Don’t let me catch you having sex on the Turbo lifts again or I will personally throw each one of you into a separate Brig! Understood? ”

“ Yes, Captain!!”

“ Dismissed ”

All three hurry past Janegay as she gets into the Turbo lift alone. When the doors close, she giggles to herself for a moment in private.

Back at Sickbay, Janegay comes in.

“ Captain, I’d like you to meet your new Reprogrammed Guest.… SEX-T-NINE. You can call her SEX for short. ”

Sex comes walking from around the corner, with beautiful long hair hanging down past her shoulders. She extends her hand in a lady’s shake. Janegay takes her hand and kisses the top of it. “ I’m pleased to meet you Sex.”

The Doctor continues… “ Sex will need help establishing her identity, as well as learning to adapt to her new environment. Her intelligence region is still intact, but she will need help rediscovering her talents. 97% of her implants have been removed, with the exception of a few of them that play a critical roles in her body chemistry. I felt that they are not harming her in any way and therefore, should be left alone. ”

“ Good work, Doctor”

“ Sex, If you would come with me, I’ll show you to your new Quarters.”

Janegay and Sex leave Sickbay and walk over to Sex’s Quarters and go inside…

“ If you’ll notice, your Quarters are right next door to mine, in the event that you’ll need anything. This section of the ship has little traffic so there won't be anyone to disturb you by making noise or walking by.” She raises her arm pointing to the inside of Sex’s Quarters and says: “ "After you ” with a grin on her face.

Sex looks over at the large windows that show the stars outside…

“ This is beautiful."

She then turns and notices her body and Janegay’s body…

“ We are alike? ” Sex asks…

“ Yes, we are called Women. We have breasts and a vagina. Men don’t have either, but have what’s called a Penis.”

She walks over and cups both of Janegay’s breasts in her hands.

“ That is sad they don't. These are beautiful.

Janegay turns and puts her hands right on top of Six’s breasts. Sex gasps…

“ That feels good, doesn’t it.” Janegay asks.

“ Yes ?! ” Sex responds as it appears to be a new feeling all over again.

“ Here, lay down on the bed…. I’ll show you what’s it like to be a woman…”

Janegay reaches over and takes one of Sex’s nipples into her mouth and starts sucking on it, while massaging the other breast with her hand. Sex leans back and starts to moan… Janegay kisses her way down between her legs while looking at Sex. Sex runs her fingers gently through Janegay’s hair as Janegay suddenly thrashes her tongue deep between her pussy lips. Sex’s hands grab Janegay’s head and pulls it closer in her…

Janegay wiggles one finger deep into Sex’s pussy and feels around… this in turn, made Sex Scream in orgasm as Janegay continues to work her tongue, lapping up all the juices. She then takes her finger and wiggles it into her tiny rosebud. With it lubricated, her finger slips right into her asshole… Sex responds by throwing her head back in ecstasy and thrusting her hips up in pleasure.

Sex asks all confused “ What is this great pleasurable feeling I’m noticing ?!? ”

Janegay responds “ That is something called an Orgasm…it is what you try to achieve whenever you're with someone or by yourself… the trick is to get as many as you can, and if possible, help others achieve their orgasms.” Sex pushes Janegay over on her back and spreads Janegays legs. "I want to eat you out... now!!!" Janegay kinda surprised answered "Okay"

From inside of Sixty nine's mouth came an assimilation attachment that started sucking on Janegays pussy!

Janegay started struggling in fear but couldn't move!!! She was helpless as she was watching her body be assimilated!!!

Janegay was turning into a dominatrix!!!

Janegay sat up in her bed in the pitch dark. Her head was wet from sweat and her pussy was dripping wet as well.

"Computer.... Lights".
The lights came on. Janegay looked at the time and sighed a relief...

It was all just a bad dream.

Janeway laid back down and turned off the lights. That dream did get her wet so she decided to slip a finger back down there and pleasure herself.

That's when she felt something cold and metal on her clit !!!