"Sex Stories" Strip Card Game

Sex Stories Strip Card Game
“You seriously want to play this?” 
“Of course, we all need to learn more about the human body and there is no better place then right here right now. Besides we need a little bit of fun tonight!”

That was Tommy. Always the one who got everybody in trouble, Tommy was the one in the group that everybody decided didn’t need to learn anything more. At 19, he had seen more then most people twice his age have seen. 
“Hell, why not, it might be fun” said Shannon, to the shock of everybody. Shannon was looked upon as the quiet one of the group of friends. She was a year younger then everybody and never really said much. “I have nothing to hide!” she giggled.(Adult Stories)

“Ok then, it’s a simple game. I got a deck of cards here, the 7 of us each draw a card, whoever has the lowest card, has to remove an article of clothing” said Tommy
“I’m not too sure about this” said Jenny, who all of a sudden turned a shade of red not far off from the tomatoes on the counter behind her. “I don’t want all of ya’ll to see my goodies”. “But remember Jen, everybody is going to be getting naked” said Joey, who, with the thought of seeing 4 girls get naked in front of him, was getting more excited by the second.

I just sat there nervously fidgeting in my seat. While I was excited to see what all the girls were hiding underneath their clothes, I was also nervous for everybody to see what *I* was hiding underneath my clothes. I had never really seen a naked girl before. I had seen my younger s****r changing clothes, but that was my s****r and I didn’t really think anything about it at the time. These were girls who I was extremely attracted too. Plus I was curious how I “measured up” to Tommy and Joe also. At 6 inch’s I like to think I was pretty good size and was curious to see how I stacked up. 

“Let’s do this if we are going to do this then” said Brooke “I want to see some meat before the night is over with!” With that remark everybody busted out in laughter and that definitely broke the tension between the nervous guys and the extremely nervous girls. 

“I’ll play, but only if nobody laughs at me” said Taylor who, while a little overweight, had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Plus she had the biggest pair of breasts I had ever seen also. “We’re not going to laugh at you Tay, we are in the same boat here!” said Joey. “We are all going to know each other a whole lot better after this, that’s for damn sure!”

Everybody gathered around the table nervously as Tom broke out a deck of cards. ‘Simple rules like I said, I’ll deal each of us a card, we all flip the cards over at the same time, lowest card must take off an article of clothing’ ‘Yeah, and none of this shoes and socks crap either, regular clothing’ said Joey who was getting way excited to play this. ‘What happened when you get completely naked?’ said a concerned Shannon. ‘You got to walk around the table, no covering yourself up, so everybody can look’ said Tommy who had really put a lot of thought into this game. 

“Common, let’s play guys!” said Brooke who seemed to be the most excited of the girls to play. ‘Let’s see what we got!’
Tommy shuffled the cards and passed each of us out one. I looked over at both Jen and Taylor and they were shaking as they got the cards. ‘Ok, flip!’ yelled out Tom. I flipped mine over and had a 7 of spades. I was a little relived with a higher card while we scanned the cards and noticed Joey lost with a 2. ‘OK girls, prepare to be amazed’ and he pulled off his blue polo shirt revealing a white tank top. We all whistled and cat called at that. We were all getting a little more comfortable with the laughter going around. 

“Ok, here we go again’ said Tommy as he passed the cards out. ‘FLIP!’ he yelled out excitedly. I flipped mine and got a 3. Damn! I thought. Looked around and sure enough it was time to lose my shirt. ‘Show us what you got Jeffrey!!!’ yelled the girls and I smiled and took off my button up shirt. I slowly did a strip tease buttoning every button slowly like a stripper would do. Everybody was laughing at me as I pulled my shirt off and had on my lucky University of Michigan T-shirt. ‘1 down, 3 to go’ I called out.

‘Ok, FLIP!’ the next round of cards came around and I got a 10. Phew I was safe. We looked around and judging by the redness in Jen’s face I could tell she had a low card. ‘Anybody got anything lower then a 2?’ she said and let out a quiet chuckle. ‘Nope, take if off Jenny!!’ yelled out Tommy very excitedly. All of a sudden the guys all were quiet and their stare was on Jen. She had on a tiny blue tank top which she slowly removed to reveal a little white bra that covered up her small breasts. ‘Whelp, I don’t have much, but what I have, they are here for everybody to see!’ said Jen as we all gave a ovation to our friend.

‘Ok, finally got some girls getting naked, let’s see whose next…FLIP!’ and with that we flipped our cards. I had a 5 which was pretty low but I looked over at Tom who had a 3 which was the lowest of the bunch. ‘Ya know, I’m going to be different, I am going to start from the bottom up’ as he undid his blue jeans revealing his yellow boxers. The sight of Jen in her little bra must have excited him cuz there was definitely a rise in his crotch. ‘Damn Boy, what you got underneath there?’ said Brooke as she stared in amazement. ‘Wouldn’t you like to know!’ said Tom

‘FLIP!’ cried out Tom as we looked around to see who would be next. I had a 7 which made me breathe a sigh of relief. ‘Whelp, looks like I’m going to be half way there’ said a pretty quiet Jen. Her 3 of spades was the lowest of the group again. ‘Please don’t laugh at what you see’. Again, with the sight of a girl getting undressed in front of us, the guys were transfixed on her. She slowly unbuckled her belt and her hands were shaking nervously the whole time. She unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled them down her waist. A little pair of white panties came into view and all of a sudden I looked over at Tom and the buldge in his shorts was getting bigger and my jeans were getting tighter by the second. ‘Well, guess this is like wearing a bathing suit, right guys?’ she said as she sat back down quickly. ‘You have a beautiful body’ said Taylor. ‘Thanks hun, that means a lot’ as she sat there in her bra and panties she was more nervous for the next card then anything

‘Next up…FLIP!’ as the cards flipped over I got a Jack of spades which made me happy cuz I was starting to get a pretty serious erection looking at Jen in her underwear. ‘Well, here’s what you want to see boys!’ said Brooke who had a 3 of hearts. She quickly took off her pink t shirt to reveal a black bra. I never noticed before what a great body she had and her breasts were overflowing out of her bra. ‘You like what you see?’ ‘Damn, hope you get the low card next time to see what’s underneath that!’ said Joe. I again looked over at Tommy in his boxers and there was no hiding the hardon peaking out from under his boxers. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go pants first.

‘FLIP!’ We flipped our cards over. ‘FUCK!!!’ said Shannon who had a 4 of diamonds. Shannon was always the quiet one of the group but there was something about this that was bringing her out of her shell. ‘Ah well, guess if everybody is doing it, I might as well too as she removed her shirt revealing her perky breasts in a tiny little pink bra. ‘I like that bra, it’s so cute!’ said Taylor ‘Yeah I am liking what is underneath it’ said Tommy with a sly smile. 

‘Flip ‘em over people!’ Damn a 3, that couldn’t be good. I looked around only to see Joey with a 2 of clubs. I also notice that Joey was having a hard time standing with what was obviously a growing erection in his pants. He unbuckled his pants and slipped ‘em off revealing a massive hardon that I didn’t think was real. It was huge! Everybody looked at him in awe. ‘Wow, where has that been hiding?’ said Brooke who was looking on with great intrigue. Even Shannon and Taylor, the quiet girls of the group were caught staring at his massive cock. ‘How big is that thing?’ said Tom ‘Well, we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?’ said Joe

‘Let’s go…FLIP!’ Again, a 3 of clubs was my card and this time I wasn’t lucky enough to have anybody with a 2. ‘Whelp, that’s me’ I said shyly. I undid my belt and took my pants off. I too was starting to sport a pretty hard dick with the girls sitting there in their bras. The girls looked at me and nodded approvingly. Taylor’s eyes were going from dick to dick quickly. ‘I like this game!’ she said. ‘Of course you do, you still have all your clothes on!’ Brooke cried out. ‘Let’s see what the next hand holds’

And sure enough, Taylor’s 2 of diamonds was far in away the lowest in the deck. She stood up shyly. ‘I really don’t want to take my shirt off. I guess my pants wouldn’t be too bad’ and she unbuttoned her pants and slid them over her hips. She had on a pair of red high cut panties. I looked over and there were little bits of hair sticking out from the top of her underwear and down beneath there was the slightest damn spot noticeable in her crotch. ‘Hope you like what you see’ Taylor said. ‘You look beautiful’ I said to her. The growing erection in my pants definitely agreed with me

‘Motherfucker!’ said Shannon who’s 2 of spades was definitely the low one in the group. ‘Damn Shannon, I never heard you swear this much’ giggled Brooke. ‘Well, I am not too happy about all of this’ said Shannon. ‘Fuck it, might as well give you boys a show’ and she reached back and started unhooking her bra. I was fidgeting feverously in my chair. ‘Oh shit!’ I thought to myself, here it comes; I’m actually going to see a girl’s boobs for the first time in my life as Shannon unhooked her pink bra. Her little pink areola’s came into view as well as her tiny little nipples. The guys just sat there with their mouths agape. ‘Wow’ was all I could mutter. Joey was fidgeting in his boxers as was Tommy. The girls stared at her. ‘Wow, they are so cute!’ said Brooke ‘You should show them off more often!’ she giggled. ‘Thanks guys’ Shannon said as she crossed her arms to her bare chest. 

‘Shit!’ said Taylor as her 5 of hearts, while not that low of a number was still the lowest of everybody’s number. She pulled her black T-shirt off to reveal a black bra that barley contained her massive chest. I couldn’t believe how big those things were. They were overflowing out of her bra as she sat down quickly. ‘I don’t like this game so much now’ said Taylor nervously. I looked over at Joe who had his hand down on his crotch rubbing himself through his boxers a little bit ‘What are you doing over there’ said Brooke. “Just trying to relieve the tension a little bit, this is getting me a little turned on over here” he said. “Just be careful with that thing, don’t want anybody getting hurt’ Brooke chuckled, who too I could tell was getting turned on by the sight of everybody in their underwear’

“FLIP!’ called out Tom. ‘Well, guess I’ll be joining you girls’ said Brooke. She stood up, unsnapped the buttons of her jeans and pulled them down. A tiny black thong appeared into view. She was definitely the most open of the girls as she didn’t hesitate at all to take her pants off and show us all what she had on underneath. ‘You guys like’ she asked us. ‘Well, judging by all of your hardon’s, I definitely can see you guys are liking this’ she chuckled. We all nodded approvingly. 

‘Well, time to take off my shirt’ said Tommy who’s 3 of diamonds was the definite low card. He pulled it off revealing a wife beater. ‘Guess we are all half way to the promise land if you want to call it that’ said Tom. ‘This is getting way too hot for me’ said Joey who’s kept alternating looking at the girls and rubbing his dick below. I was tempted to do the same but was successful in my urges. I still couldn’t believe there were 4 girls sitting right in front of me in their bras and panties. I barley had seen girls in their bikini’s before and here were these 4 beautiful girls sitting half naked in front of me.

‘You guys ready to continue?’ Tommy asked ‘FLIP!’ he said and we all turned over our cards. ‘Uh Oh’ said Jen who had a 5 of spades. ‘Nobody has anything lower? Seriously?’ she looked around to see everybody has a high card this time around except her. ‘Damn!’ she said as she reached back to unhook her bra. She had tiny breasts but that still didn’t stop me from getting excited when they first came into view. Her little brown nipples were rock hard as I could tell she was starting to get turned on just as we all were. ‘One more and I guess I’m out’ she said.

With the next hand Jen breathed a sigh of relief with a Queen of hearts. But another “FUCKFUCKFUCK!” came out of Shannon’s mouth so we all knew who had the lowest card. ‘Damn!’ ‘Take them pants off girl, let’s see what you got’ said Brooke who was just as excited as the boys were. As she undid her pants and started sliding them down her legs both Tom and Joey’s didn’t hide the fact at all that they were rubbing their hardons at the sight of these half naked girls. A pair of pink panties covered her crotch. As she sat down I also noticed a dark damp spot between her legs. ‘Guess the guys aren’t the only ones getting turned on here’ said Brooke laughingly. I looked over at Jen and she was slyly rubbing her crotch through her panties when nobody was looking. ‘I saw that Jen!’ I said to her with a sheepish grin. ‘As Tom said, I’m trying to relive the tension’ she giggled. This was getting very interesting.

With a 4 of spades I had to take my lucky wolverine’s shirt off and with a 3 of hearts Tommy had to take off his shirt as well. The 3 boys stood there in just our undershorts with our massive hardon’s poking out. The girls were whooping and hollering the whole time we were taking our clothes off. I looked over at Taylor who was nervously moving around in her chair and the damp spot in her underwear was getting more noticeable. Both Jen and Brooke were joining the boys rubbing themselves slowly between card flips. I finally gave into temptation and slowly moved my hard cock up and down a little bit to relieve myself a little bit. Shannon just looked around with a look of awe at all the half naked bodies before her. 

“Well, here you go guys, this will give you guys something to stroke over’ said Brooke who drew a 5 of spades. She surprised us all and put a finger on each side of the elastic of her panties and slowly dropped them down her body. Holy Shit! I thought, I couldn’t believe this was happening. As she stood upright I couldn’t believe what I saw. ‘You like boys?’ she said as she stood there, her bare crotch in view of everybody. She was completely shaved and her clit was slightly showing between her legs. For somebody who an hour ago had never seen a pair of breasts before, the sight of Brookes shaved pussy 3 feet away from me was almost too much to bear. I looked over at Joey and his hand was in his pants and he was jerking away with no shame. Tommy was also following suit rubbing his hardon through his boxers. I also couldn’t contain myself any longer and was rubbing myself underneath my boxers. The site of this must have down something to the girls as both Jen and Shannon were both noticibly rubbing themselves over their panties as was Taylor was playing with her big tits through her bra.

‘3 of hearts, read it and weep’ said Jen. ‘I guess I’m the lucky one to be the first loser of this wonderful game’ she said jokingly. She stood up hooked the side of her panties and pulled them to the ground. She had a tiny patch of hair covering the bottom of her crotch. Her clit was very noticeable as she started to walk around the table for all of us to admire her. All of us boys were stroking slowly as she walked past us. The girls admired her body as she passed by them and sat back down. ‘Well, guess since I lost I’ll just sit here and enjoy the show’ she said and she sat down, spread her legs and slowly rubbed her pussy. ‘Damn, I like this game’ said Joey

‘Damn, I like this game’ said Joey as Taylor drew a 3. ‘Fuck! Was hoping I would get out of this alive…ah well’ she said as she unhooked her bra. Her gigantic tits came into view for us all to see and I could not belive the size of them. ‘How big are those things Tay?’ said Brooke curiously ‘36DD’ said Taylor almost proudly. ‘I like ‘em!’ I said to her. She blushed with that comment. ‘I like what I see too’ she said as she looked down at my erection. My hand was inside my boxers moving my dick up and down. I had to go slowly cuz I already was on the edge of spurting out my cum. The other 2 guys also slowed down knowing that they too were about to cum right then and there.

That changed once Brooke lost with a 3 of clubs. As she undid her black bra revealing her pink puffy nipples that was too much for Joey to take. ‘Fuck this! I hope you guys don’t mind, I can’t take this much more’ and pulled his boxers down revealing his massive hardon. We couldn’t believe the size of that monster. It had to be at least 10 inches long and was thicker than a fist. The sight of that brought stares from both the girls and the guys. As he sat back down he took his cock in his hand and started stroking in faster. ‘Well fuck this, if he’s doing it, so am I!’ said Tom as he pulled his boxers down too and started stroking away. The size of his dick was pretty big but I was proud to say mine was actually bigger. The 2 of them were stroking away and I looked over at Jen who was rubbing her clit faster as she looked on. She let out a sexy little moan as she leaned back and rubbed away. Brooke had one finger fucking her pussy while the other hand was rubbing herself at the same time. ‘When in Rome I guess’ Shannon said as she pulled her panties down revealing a trimmed little pussy. She sat down and started rubbing away alternating between sticking a finger up her pussy and rubbing her wet finger over her clit. I looked over at Taylor who had her hands inside her panties and was rubbing harder than any of the girls. ‘Common baby.’ I said to Taylor ‘I’ll take mine off if you take yours’ I said to her. She sighed and stood up. I did the same as we stared at each other we took off our underwear. I revealed my massive hardon to the stares of all the girls. I looked over at Jen who started rubbing faster at the sight of my dick. Taylor’s pussy was pretty hairy and she had a pretty big clit. She said back down spread her legs and started rubbing away. I too started stroking away. The sight of the 6 others masturbating right there in front of me was too much to take as I stroked away. I looked over at Joey and he was going faster and faster and finally he said ‘Fuck!! Fuck!! I’m cumming….Watch me blow my load!!!’ and all of a sudden hot white cum shot out the tip of his dick onto his chest. ‘Uggghhhhh!!!’ he cried out as load after load came out of his massive cock. I looked over at Brooke and this was too much for her to handle as she finally yelled out ‘I’m cumming too!! Fucckkk!!!’ Her body trembled as she went into convulsions with each rub. A few minutes later Jen’s moans were getting faster and harder and she too screamed out ‘Oh shit! Fuck! Shit!’ And collapsed with her hand on her pussy. ‘Oh Shit, I’m about to blow my load!’ cried out Tommy. ‘Fuck!!’ With that he shot 2 big loads of jizz down his cock all over his hands. That was too much for Shannon to take as she started fingering herself really fast and all of a sudden she started squirting something out of her pussy I had never seen before. It wasn’t pee, it wasn’t the cum that guys shoot, but whatever it is she was sitting in a puddle of it. Me and Taylor continued while everybody watched on with great curiosity. I stroked harder and faster until finally I was about to unload. ‘Fuck I’m about to cum!’ I yelled out. ‘Fuck, cum on me!!!’ said Taylor who was rubbing harder by the second. I stood up put my cock over her massive tits and jerked off and sprayed her tits with my white cum. This was enough to send Taylor over the edge ‘I’m Cummmmminnnggg!!!! She yelled out for everybody to hear. 

Afterwards we sat there naked just talking. ‘That was fun!’ said Jen ‘Yeah, we definitely got to play that one again’ said Tom. We made a pack to make every other weekend game night and boy the fun that we had with that!