"Sex Stories" Subway Heat

Sex Stories Subway Heat
My name is Tori. I’m a 26 year old medical researcher at General Scientific downtown. I usually keep my private life private, especially my sex life. But I recently experienced the most extraordinarily erotic encounter I’ve ever had, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. So, I thought if I wrote about it, and shared my story with other people, perhaps I could finally get beyond it, and go about living the rest of my life in peace.

I usually drive to work, but my car was in the shop, so I decided to take the subway into the city. It was a lovely Spring day, and I thought I’d go with an outfit that kind of celebrated the new awakenings of the season. I put on a short black skirt to match my long black hair, with a white blouse, nothing special, really. But wearing my new tiny black thong with black heels made me feel rather naughty and sexy.(XXX Stories)

The train was already crowded when I stepped on, and it got more crowded, and more cramped, with each station stop. I found myself pushed to the back of the car, holding onto a center pole. As the train rocked back and forth down the tracks, I became aware that my rear end was bumping steadily against someone standing behind me. I didn’t think much about it, until I noticed that I was feeling something big and hard banging against my backside. I looked down at the floor, and I could see that it was a man in a business suit and shiny black shoes. He was wearing a black top coat, unbuttoned the entire length.

As the train rolled along, I began feeling slightly aroused by the incessant contact with the mystery man standing behind me. ‘Cheap thrills’, I thought, smiling to myself. Even when the man gently placed his hand on my ass, I didn’t get alarmed or pull away. ‘Let’s see where this goes,’ I mused. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I could see that the man had maneuvered his topcoat around so that my back was well shrouded. It was reassuring, because somehow I felt safe and hidden from others’ view.

His hand had slipped under my skirt, and I could feel his warm fingers probing around my inner thighs, and eventually working up to my ass, which was naked except for the thin strip of material that held my thong together. I got such a rush from his silent, but bold advances, that I did nothing to discourage him. I could feel dampness between my now shaking legs, and I’m sure my intruder noticed as soon as his inquisitive fingers slipped under the edge of my thong. Electric shot through my body when he first made contact with my throbbing clit, and I opened my legs ever so slightly, enough so that he correctly read my approving body language.

I held the pole tighter, as I swooned with each shameless progression of events. When his two fingers began caressing my juicy labia, I found myself reaching back inside our makeshift cocoon, and groping around for the bulge in his pants. I was shocked to discover that his zipper was already down, and his cock was out of his pants. I gave it a slight squeeze just about the same time his fingers entered my shuddering pussy, causing me to stand up on my tiptoes even higher than what my heels required.

I could feel his hot breath on the side of my neck, and I completely lost it when he quietly put his lips to my ear: “Slut,” he whispered. I was so shocked and so turned on; I came all over his hand, as his finger-fucking got more brazen, and more determined with each new thrust. I squeezed his thick manhood a little harder, as I fought to keep my orgasm hidden from the other riders standing so close.

“Dirty whore,” he called me, as I began stroking his love rod behind my back. When his saturated hand backed out of my now calm pussy, I was half afraid this highly charged secret tryst was about over. Then, I felt him slide his fingers back, tracing up my ass crack, and slipping under my thong strap. With no warning, and little finesse, he jammed his well lubricated index finger full into my unsuspecting asshole. It was all I could do to keep from shrieking in the midst of all these strangers. 

“Nasty bitch,” he mumbled in my ear, as he reached down to my aching pussy to lubricate his middle finger. I pumped his pulsating cock frantically. I could feel his middle finger join his index finger inside my quivering asshole. He fucked his fingers deep inside my willing ass sternly and without mercy. When his steaming cock welled up and began to spasm, I went over the top again, this time with more f***e than my first orgasm. As I strained to remain standing, I felt the first gush of his cum splash over my exposed ass cheeks, which made me cum even harder. I could feel my own juices running down the inside of my thighs, as he shot load after load onto my smooth ass. “Dirty Little Tramp!” he managed to call me under my breath. I didn’t think I had any more sex cream inside my body, but I was wrong. My head spun with delight, as my body jerked and bucked with my third orgasm in a matter of minutes.

“Fucking Pervert,” I heard him say under his breath, as I realized I had arrived at my subway stop. Abruptly, I let go of his softening member, and simply walked off the train, leaving his now exposed fingers dangling in the air. I didn’t look back. I just kept walking down the platform, up the steps, and out onto the street, as if nothing unusual had happened.

I got my car back that night, and never took the subway to work again. But every morning when I pass that center city subway entrance, I can feel a distinct wetness engulfing my vagina. No one had ever talked dirty to me before, and I guess I really liked it.

Thanks for listening, I feel much better now since I shared my wickedly lustful escapade with you. I’m not sorry I let that horrible mystery man ravage my body, and I’m glad I never looked back at him. But, sometimes I feel like he’s out there lurking around, stalking me. If he is, I hope he catches me, and makes me do unspeakable acts to satisfy his wanton desires. I am, after all, nothing but a dirty, nasty, little slut.

Be honest, was it you?