"Sex Stories" Sues Story in Las Vegas

Sex Stories Sues Story in Las Vegas
Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of myself. My name is Sue, I’m 44 yrs old, 5'6” tall, 140 lbs, natural redhead (I can prove it), blue eyes, 36b, smallish boobs just asking to be sucked & squeezed, proper housewife with 2 k**s and married 23 years (Joe). I have a set of pouting red-lips made for cock sucking and my husband loves it, but I don’t swallow. My pussy is meticulously trimmed to expose my soft and tender lip and I also enjoys giving head to my husband sometimes & getting fucked doggy-style. I can be quite submissive at times too with my husband. 

One of my fantasies is to have my husband watch me being serviced by more than one man at once. We thought it was just a fantasy until something happened a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas that caused my husband to become very excited. We decided to go to Las Vegas on a Friday night with a close friend of ours, Mark. Mark has been a friend of the f****y for about 15 years now and was married but it didn’t work out for him so he and Lucy divorced about 5 years ago. Honestly, I don’t really know anything about his sex life other than what Joe has told me. From my understanding, he is bigger than Joe, you know what I mean, down there. Mark is about 6 foot tall and about 180lbs, my guess. He has one k** but his wife got her in the divorce. I have a boy and a girl, 9 yrs and 12 yrs. That Friday, we (Joe & Mark) drove to Vegas from LA and checked into the Orleans. We were fortunate to get two rooms adjacent to each other with a door connecting the two rooms. Never really gave it much thought then. (Sex Stories)

Well, I’m in Vegas so the old saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” kind of came out of me a little and me at 44 ha ha. I had no vision of what was going to happened to me this weekend, maybe if I had, I would have done things differently. About 7:30pm, we went to dinner to set the stage so to speak and trying to be the devil that I would like to be, I wore a black skirt with a dark red top & sexy two inch black pumps and I also wore a matching set of black lace panties & bra with sheer black stockings underneath. I checked myself out in the mirror and thought how sultry I looked, and I like it. We met Mark at the restaurant and he had met someone at the blackjack table and asked him to come along to eat. He was a light black man, not too black, maybe 6’-2” and about maybe 190lbs. I his name was Alex and he seemed like a really nice guy. Both, Joe, Mark, & Alex were pleasantly surprised at my attire and Alex made several flirting gestures all through dinner. I got the Idea he was “hitting” on me without letting the other know he was. All thru dinner, he continued to flirt with me seemingly openly but subtle. If I had asked him what he wanted, I’m sure he would have said openingly, he wanted to fuck me, but I did not let that happen. I guess I felt pretty secure with my husband and Mark there with me to protect me. After we ate, we decided to all go and gamble a bit. Well after a while, and me with 2 long island iced teas in me is usually enough for me. Any more I would really be high, since I don’t really drink, we called it a night. I was feeling horny and when we got back to our room, I made advances toward Joe but I think he was too tired from the drive to do anything with me. I laid there on the bed, thinking what it would be like to be with a black man. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like and became very curious how big his cock was. I have heard that black men have unusually large cocks and wondered if I could take it. Joe is about 6” long and, from my vision of Mark, probably 7 or 8 inches. I know Joe told me once he was a little bigger than him. I decided to massage my pussy thinking about it and boy did I get worked up. I must have been moaning pretty loud I think because at breakfast, Mark asked me if everything was ok last night. He though I had gotten sick from the drinks I had or something. I told him, or something. (XXX Stories)

We decided to go for a spin out to the Lake since we hadn’t been there for a while and Joe asked me if I wanted to go in the water since it was a warm and sonny day. I grabbed my swimsuit, towel, and a few other things and we headed out the door of the Orleans to the car. When we reached the lobby, mark saw Alex by a VP machine and went over to say hello. As we were standing there, Mark asked Joe if Alex could come along and Joe said OK, but I started to feel uneasy again, I feel like I might get fucked by him. I guess I was threatened by him. Well, nothing really happened going to or from the lake except I decided not to go in the water, I said it was too cold but really didn’t want Alex to see me in my bathing suit. He kind of scares me a bit. But as the news caster says, “now for the rest of the story”. 

We got back around 4pm and we all went to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. About 6pm, we met at the restaurant. I decided not to get dressed to kill this time, but wore a light dress, zip down the back but I did wear the same undergarments as the night before. I guess I was trying to be sultry a bit without raising suspicion. All through dinner Alex started flirting with me again off and on, Mark caught it but Joe didn’t. Once, I got up to go to the ladies room and Mark followed me. When I came out, he asked me if I was ok with Alex and I said, “I think so”. Well Mark said to let him know somehow if it got too much. Back at the table, during conservation, Alex tried to hold my hand a couple of times but I played coy and just moved it to my fork or spoon. Mark was watching all this take place and my best guess, he was getting worked up along with Alex. But Joe, didn’t see a thing, interesting. He either didn’t want too or really didn’t notice it. After dinner, we decided to gamble some so off we went the four of us. We are only small gamblers, .blackjack and slots mostly...hubby loves sports and I love shopping. Joe and Mark went to a blackjack table and I went to a slot machine but Alex followed me. We ordered drinks from the cocktail waitress, Alex a whiskey and me, well you know, a long island iced tea. After about an hour, Alex was starting to get a little fresh with me by patting me on my behind, things like that. I had-had 2 long island iced teas by now and he was encouraging me to get another one. I, for some reason, said to him, “what are you trying to do, get me d***k so you can fuck me”? Alex answered, “that would be a nice plan”. I guess the long island iced tea was getting to me so I said, “we’ll see”. I stupidly downed a couple more long island iced teas and started to feel no pain. Mark left Joe at the blackjack table and started looking for me and when he discovered Alex really getting to me, sexually. Alex and I were talking trash but Mark want to break it up. Alex looked at Mark and said, “wouldn’t you like to help me fuck her”? Mark exclaimed that she was a close friend and even though he had desired to fuck Sue many time, he wouldn’t try for fear of hurting a long time friendship. Alex got blunt, well I’m going to take Sue up to my room and fuck the shit out of her, either help me or stay out of the way. Since Alex was a lot bigger than Mark, he said wait a minute and I’ll help you but I need to get Joe first so he doesn’t walk in on us. How you going to do that Alex asked? I’ll think of something, just give me a half hour before you do anything. I was not totally wasted and heard the entire conservation and got to thinking, this might be fun and this way, Joe can’t say I asked for it. I just let it happen and let them do anything to me they want. My husband can’t say it’s my fault because I’m d***k and didn’t know what was happening to me. Then I thought, do I really want this to happen? Maybe I should run now and get away before I get screwed by two men, but it intrigued me, I was wondering what a black man would be like and I did like Mark and if he has asked before, I probably would have fucked him before. Mark came back, looked at me and asked very quietly without Alex knowing, “are you ok with this, you know? I haven’t been with no one in a year or so”. I said, “Mark, I would love to make you happy tonight”, but what are you going to do about Joe? Just watch he said, “one more time, you know I’m going to fuck you tonight along with Alex don’t you”? I said “I’m not as d***k as I am pretending to be so Joe can’t yell at me later for going along with it”. Mark found Alex and the two of them started helping me toward the blackjack table where Joe was. Mark told Joe that I was out of it and help them to take me to my room. Joe got up, cashed in and the four of us headed to the elevator. 

When we got back to our room, they rounded up a few drinks and started chatted. They seated me on couch next to Alex on my right. Mark was in the one chair and Joe was on the other chair. Alex said, “should we get her ready for bed since she is almost passed out”? Joe stood up and said, “hold on, she is mine you know”, for which Alex said, “no problem, we just want to use her a little tonight”. Joe was taken but seem to get a little excited. Mark had told Alex earlier to get up and hold Joe so he could be restrained. Alex got up, walked over to Joe and said, “how do you want to be tied up, easy or hard”. Joe, at first, said hard and started struggling but Alex and Mark tied him to the chair. Joe said to Mark, “why are you doing this”? I’m sorry but Alex said he would hurt me if I didn’t go along with it, besides; Sue is really a beautiful lady to be 44 years old. Trust me Joe, everything will be alright. If you want to play with yourself, let me know”. 

I closed my eyes and by the smile on their faces, Alex and Mark, I know they would enjoy this and hoped I would too. Alex began to stare intently at me curled up on the couch with my stocking clad legs and round ass starting to show. Alex helped me up to my feet and starting unzipping my dress in the back. Mark started removing it from my shoulders and letting it drop to the floor of the room. Alex unhooked my bra and Mark started to slowly remove it from me letting my small tits come into full into full view. I was starting to feel something inside me like a school girl all over again. Mark was the first one to start sucking my tits and he could take the entire tit into his mouth, I was extremely excited by now. It don’t take much playing with my boobs and nipples at all to turn nympho, but that’s has been only with my husband, until now. Alex was busy sucking in my other tit, there I was with a man on both tits, I was in heaven. Joe was really startled but watching with more intensity than I had imagined he would. He seem to like watch this occur. I’ll tell you more about Joe in a minute but first, by now, one of them had my panties down around my knees and playing with my pussy. It felt good. Shortly, Alex picked me up and laid me on the bed so he could do some real damage to me. Alex crawled in between my legs, started pushing them over my head and started licking me from my belly button down. He may have been a black man but he knows how to use his tongue in the right places. I didn’t notice what Mark was doing, but he was busy also. Alex tongue reached places I could only dream of hitting and I was moaning and moving violently on the bed. It was enough for Alex to just hold on. 

My husbands cock was already rock solid as he watched what these two perverted guys were doing to me, his loving wife. By now, Mark had undressed and was dangling his cock above my mouth. It was a lot bigger than Joe’s, he lied. Mark had a least 8” or so. As I looked up, I took Marks cock into my mouth and started sucking him like crazy. He asked if you could talk dirty to me, I said yes. Later I found out that one of the reasons for his divorce with his size, too big for Lucy. 

After a couple of minutes, Mark went directly for my creamy white breasts again with his cock still in my mouth, and was soon gently suckling on them with all his might. Alex, being the ass man, was between my spread-eagled legs gently licking and slurping away at my trimmed pussy. My cunt was glistening both from Alex’s saliva & from my own pussy juice, my nipples were now as hard as eraser heads and it was then that I noticed the size of Alex’s cock. Gawd, it was big...must of been a good 10 or 11 inches long and two & a half inches in diameter. What they say about black men must be right. He finally got undressed. Alex took the initiative by positioning himself between my spread-eagled legs, started rubbing his hugh cock against my warm and wet pussy, and boy did it feel exciting, then he slowly pushed his big black cock into my waiting hot cunt. Since Joe’s cock was already rock hard also, I told Mark to let his hand loose so he could play with himself, Mark went over to Joe and let his right hand loose and Joe went immediately to his cock to stroke it. Meanwhile, Alex is fucking the daylights out of me. He was reaching places in my birth channel that I never though possible. God, his cock big was hurting a little but in a wonderful way. I thought I could never have multi orgasms, but Alex continued his assault on my pussy. I had one orgasm after the other, it was wonderful. My hips started to push and gyrate against Alex’s thrusts every time he pushed in me when he announced he had to cum and wanted to know if it would be alright to cum in me. Since I had my tubes tied after the last baby, I looked at Joe for his approval. Joe said ok, then I felt Alex balls tighten and his knees give away as he pumped load after load into me. I came again at the same time. God it was wonderful! Alex rolled off me and said that was the best pussy he has had in a long time but he wasn’t finished with me yet. I looked at Mark who was grinning from ear to ear. I said how is Joe doing and Mark told me he had cum twice already. Mark then asked me if I was ready for him, I said “wait a minute, let me clean some of this out of me for you”. I got up from the bed, went to the bathroom and came out in about 2 minutes, returned to the bed and said, “ok Mark, your turn and I have really wanted you for a long time but didn’t have the courage to tell Joe”.. Joe said, “you should have asked, after tonight, fuck him anytime you want but don’t forget to fuck me too”. Marked climbed on to the the bed and positioned himself between my legs, we were ready and I was already moaning some. I had just taken a 10 dick, this would be a piece of cake, 8 inches. I had my first orgasm just by Mark rubbing my pussy with his cock, Mark said, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time baby, now I’m going to make you enjoy it and when I’m finished, you will know you have been fucked”. I threw my head back and gave off a silent scream with my mouth an ‘O’. After my cunt fully accommodated Mark’s manhood, I began to rhythmically move my pelvis against Mark’s thrusts. I guess we were all pretty excited that night, because it only took about 5 minutes of sliding in & out of my slippery cunt before Mark tensed and shot load after load into my well lubed pussy mixing it with Alex juice. I kept yelling, “fuck me Mark, fuck me hard”. Mark was spent, but Alex said he was ready to continue, I said, for some reason, “I’m your slut, fuck me”. Alex guided his meat into my waiting mouth and muffled my moans with him prick between my lips, I was sucking for dear life and moaning wonderfully. Mark was fingering me for dear life also. I guessed Alex was pretty excited by all this, because I felt my balls tightened and his knees giving away. Now I was the one moaning and grunting. He pulled his meat out of my mouth and let loose a fountain of hot white cum all over my face and lips and of course into my precious little mouth. Alex and Joe were shocked by my swallowing every bit of his cum that went into my mouth. Mark, by this time, had enough of my tits again and motioned for me to move over so that he could sample some of my charms. Mark crawled over my face and fed his cock into my waiting mouth. At the same time, Alex was still pumping his cock with his hand for a third shot at me; he too, was moaning and groaning. Mark stiffened up again and proceeded to dump a HUGH load into my mouth and I just licked it all up and swallowed it but this sent me over the edge screaming in one orgasm after the other. Mark’s cock fell out of my mouth spent. I thought I might be through for the evening but Alex had a better idea.

Alex ask me if I could do a double penetration, I didn’t know at first what that was until he explained it. I’ve never had a cock in my ass before I told him and if I do this, I want Mark in my ass since he was smaller then you. Alex lay down on the bed and had me sit on his cock, pushing it in again. Boy that felt good sliding in again. I had his entire shaft up in me and it was unbelievable. Soon Alex was pumping away at my sloppy cum filled cunt. Let me tell you, there is nothing more of a turn-on than fucking your best friend and his friend while your husband watches wishing he were part of it, especially, with a cum-filled pussy. I was panting and moaning now as I lowered myself on him and we locked in a hot french kiss. I thought he was going to suck my tongue out! Mark knelt behind me and placed his hard cock adjacent to my pink asshole. I have never done this so I didn’t know what to expect. Mark was on his knees and started playing with my ass but he said he wanted to do this right. With Alex buried deep in my pussy, now Mark was about to bury his bone deep in my ass, he started to push right into my pink swollen asshole with his cock. After a couple of tries, I was squirming my ass for more penetration and if felt good because every time I moved, it caused Alex’s cock to penetrate further. Mark pushed his meat into me with one smooth slow stroke sending me over the edge. God this was nice, a cock in my pussy and one in my ass. Both Mark and Alex continued to give me deep long strokes as Joe played with his cock on the sidelines. After about ten minutes of solid fucking me in both holes, I couldn’t take the pleasure any more and was happy when suddenly Mark arched, buried his rod to the hilt in my ass, and poured what seemed like gallons of cum into me. This triggered my umpteenth orgasm for the evening. Alex was still at it but he too couldn’t take the pleasure any longer so he dumped his last load into my waiting pussy. I felt sorry for Joe, So I got up and went over to him, knelt down in from of him, said thank you for a wonderful evening and began to suck his cuck to glory swallowing every drop of Joe’s juice. We said goodnight to Alex and wondered if we would see him again, but we didn’t. Mark went next door through the opening between the rooms and Joe and I collapsed on the bed together and fell asl**p for the night. The next morning was Sunday and I woke up being fucked again and it was Mark. He had come over again this am to fuck me one more time before we left. Joe was still asl**p. I ask Mark if we should wake him up but he said let him sl**p, he needed to drive home and we could set in the back seat if I wanted too. I said “well see”. 

We’ve been home now for a couple of weeks and Joe said I could fuck Mark if I wanted to but I decided to make him wait a little while before I let him juice me again. But Joe keeps talking about that wonderful night and said if we do again, he wants to be part of it.