"Sex Stories" Taking Care of Daddy

Sex Stories Taking Care of Daddy
When my wife and I were married we did a lot of kinky stuff together. We have been married now for over thirty six years and she has mellowed a lot. But as a young very pretty Latina she followed my lead in doing anything for our sexual pleasure. She even had sex with my best friend when we dated to please me, and of course herself also.

We were married when she was 18 years old. She had a dark complexion, dark brown eyes, beautiful legs with a very nice hot tight pussy and a great ass that was round firm and smooth. Her tits were not huge but were of a very nice size 32B. Her nipples stood straight up and came to point. She had a pretty face with a typical Puerto Rican Latina exotic looks. We had only been married about four months and I have to admit we were more sexually active than most young newly weds.

My wife's parents were very conservative. Her mom could be considered an ultra conservative with a Victorian mind set when it came to sex. My father in law was a handsome dark skinned Puerto Rican, muscular, rough looking from all the work he did and a very sexy man in every way. He complained to me bitterly about his wife's lack of sensitivity when it came to sex. She was in his words frigid. She never did anything than straight sex with no oral, anal or even foreplay. They had not had sex in over two years and he was very sexually frustrated. (Erotic Stories)

My wife had given her dad a copy of our apartment keys so he can let himself in when he was doing work around our apartment. He was a very good handyman and loved to work fixing and upgrading things around the house. I figured it would help him get his mind off his wife's frigidity if he kept busy. As a young couple my wife and I were very sexually active. I took her when ever I was in the mood and she was always in the mood. Normally though we would have sex as soon as we got home from work and at night before going to bed. We also had sex during the night and many times in the mornings I would send her with a load of my hot cum in her pussy to work. My wife worked at a hospital and in those days the dress for medical personnel was all white uniforms. My wife wore a lot of dresses and it turned me on when she dressed in her whites. Sometimes I would get so horny I would take her standing up in our hallway by the front door. If I got her in the kitchen I would bend her over the kitchen table and take her from behind. But always I would make sure she got a good hot load to take to work with her. 

One day I waited for her after work and as soon as she came in the door I took her to the shower and then laid naked in bed with her. We had a long extended foreplay before I mounted her and began fucking her in earnest. She loved to ride on my cock and I let her that night. When she was riding my cock and moaning loudly how much she loved it I looked towards the door and there was her dad with his pants down and a tremendously huge cut brown cock in his hands. His balls were massive also and dark. he was jacking off watching his daughter riding my cock. I didn't say anything but made believe I didn't notice him. i did keep an eye on him while my wife rode my cock till my cum oozed out of her pussy down my shaft onto my balls.

When we finished my wife laid next to me to rest and I got up to find her dad. He was in the living room finishing his hand job with a gusher that made me gasp. I had never seen anyone cum that much and in such thick streams. I asked him what he was doing there and he said he had come to fix something when he saw us fucking in the bedroom. He said he was so frustrated at having no sex for so long he couldn't resist and had to at least jack off. He said the site of his daughter enjoying my cock so much was the hottest thing he ever saw. My wife heard us and came to the living room still naked. When she saw her dad standing there with his now half hard cock which was still larger and thicker than mine when hard she was frozen in place. Her pretty naked body exposed to her dad she did nothing to cover herself but asked what happened. She didn't have to guess too hard from seeing him naked from the waist down with a swollen cock that had clearly just given a huge load from the puddle on the floor in front of him. She came closer to her father and asked him for an explanation. He mumbled something about not getting anything from her mom and needing it so bad that he just wanted some relief. I noticed at this time that my wife had her gaze fixed on her dad's huge cock which was now slowly growing to its massive size. No doubt the sight of his pretty daughter naked and recently fucked from the wet pubes was arousing him again. 

I decided to interrupt the awkwardness because I could clearly see that there was a real sexual attraction between father and daughter and frankly it turned me on tremendously to think of her taking that big brown cock in her pussy. I suggested there was no problem in this. I told my wife that her father had a need she could satisfy for him if she would only look at it with an open mind. I told her I had no problems including her dad in our sex play as long as she was ok with it. I suggested we let him lay on the bed or sit on it while we had sex so he could jack off. I then let it drop that I would not have a problem if she decided to pleasure her father herself. I even suggested I would enjoy seeing them together enjoying each other. She didn't say anything immediately but agreed to let him watch if he wanted to and jack off. But she wanted to know when he was coming over ahead of time. We all agreed to this arrangement and promised not to tell her mom a thing about it.

The next day her dad called me early to ask if we were going to have sex that afternoon. I told him every afternoon when she gets home from work at 4 o'clock I shower her and fuck her after wards. I asked him to come early so we could talk before she came home. When he arrived I told him to take a shower and be ready for when she got home. I also asked him if he ever gave some thought about fucking his daughter. He said he had never thought of sex with his daughter until the previous day when he saw her naked and fucking. He said she enjoyed it so much and her moans of pleasure drove him wild. I told him I would like for him to fuck her and become a regular part of her sex life but we had to introduce it slowly. I told him to make sure he is laying down next to us when we start having sex. 

When my wife got home she knew he would be there. She told me in the shower that she was nervous and didn't know if she could do anything with her father watching. I told her to relax and I was sure she would enjoy the whole experience. She then asked me what I meant by pleasuring her father herself if she wanted to. I told her I wouldn't mind if she decided to let her father fuck her. I suggested she could turn towards me on the bed so as not to look at him and he could take her from behind. She just said "I don't know about that" so we left it at that. We came out of the shower and her dad was already sitting at the head of the bed naked. His cock was rock hard with every vein popping out. His cock was glistening from the precum he was drooling from the tip of that big brown cock. He was slowly stroking his cock and massaging his balls. My wife remarked at the size and thickness of his cock and looked at me nervously. "Relax", I said, "what are you thinking?". She whispered that she was thinking about my suggestion to let her dad fuck her. "I think its too big for me", she said. I told her with some patience she can take any size but not to worry about that now. 

Foreplay was very slow. She was nervous and trembling and I was nervous also. Her dad continued to stroke his cock slowly as we kissed and made out next to him. Now and then I would rub my leg against his to add to the excitement. I began to eat her pussy which always relaxed her and got her ready for fucking. It took a lot longer this time but she slowly began to moan with pleasure as I worked my tongue for all it was worth. I opened her legs and at one point laid her left leg over her father's leg close to his crotch. In her excitement she didn't complain and he even began rubbing his hand along her leg and up to her thigh. When he reached her thigh he slowly let his hand pass over her inner thigh and she trembled and moaned at this. I could tell her pussy was excited at his touch because I fest it flex under me as she moaned at the feeling of his hand on her inner thigh. My wife always enjoyed when I stroked her pussy and fingered her while we kissed and cuddled so I moved up and placed her right leg over mine. I began to stroke her wet pussy while kissing her gently on the lips and down her neck to her nipples. I felt a hand on her pussy with mine and when I looked over at her father he was also stroking her pussy. He began to squeeze precum from his cock and massage it on her pussy which made it that much more slippery. If she noticed the attention he was giving her pussy she didn't complain but enjoyed it.

The more her dad joined in the hotter I got at the attention he was giving my wife. I really wanted him to fuck her but I was afraid to rush it. He was anxious also and was not as patient as me. My wife turned towards me and moved her leg from her father's leg and placed it on top of mine. She had that beautiful ass exposed to him and he loved it. I could see how he looked at her ass and he was drooling from both his cock and mouth. I turned my wife fully towards me and opened her legs. I slid my hard cock between her legs and began to stroke her pussy with my cock. She moaned loudly and pushed against me. I grabbed her dad's arm and pulled it over her waist to bring it around to her clit. He had to turn towards her and get really close to reach her clit with his hand. As he got close to her and began stroking her clit I felt his hard cock slide between her legs and meet mine at her pussy. His cock was like a branding iron, hot and hard. She moaned loudly and pushed against him asking for more. I reached around his waist and pulled him tight against her. His cock slid more against her now drenched pussy which made her give out a loud sigh of pleasure. I knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for and moved my hand down between her legs and I grabbed that big thick cock. I marveled at how hard and hot it was. I was also excited by the girth of his cock. It must have been twice as thick as mine and about a good four inches longer. I began to grind his cock on her wet pussy pushing hard against it. He began to move his hips back and forth with my hand. I finally held his cock stiff and placed it at her opening letting the head make its way in. She winced and tried to move forward and away from his thick hot cock which was stretching her pussy wider than it had ever been stretched. But I held her in place and her father held her tight by the waist. His face reflected the lust he felt for his daughter and I knew he was going to have her and no one could stop him now. My wife struggled to get away but he held her and pushed even harder into her pussy. She gave a yelp and tried to push him away but she was impaled on his thick meat and he was not taking it out. I put my arms around her and held her close to me. We kissed and I began to gently caress her face and breasts. He began to fuck her slowly at first picking up the rhythm as he got it deeper into her. Finally I saw only his huge dark balls outside her pussy. She had taken his entire horse cock. My wife moaned loudly and yelled that it was too big but she was no longer struggling to get away. She was holding her hips out to put her pussy in line with his big cock. I knew at that point that she was loving it and we were now going to have a lot of fun together.

Her father kept humping harder as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. He grunted and growled as he fucked her. I held my wife in my arms as her father was fucking her from behind and the thought of having my wife fucked by her own father in my bed and in my arms made me super hot. I could hear her whisper under her breath, "His cock is so huge, its hot and oh so hard. I love his cock. I can't believe I love my father's cock". She slowly began picking up on his rhythm and soon she was pushing her pussy against his hard cock. The lust and excitement was all over the air in the bedroom. The sounds and smell of a father ravaging his daughter saturated the entire room. The musk from his cock and balls and the smell of his juices mingling with hers was tremendously hot. He then turned her around on her back and mounted her. At first I thought this might be a mistake since she didn't want to look at him. But when he mounted her she hungrily ate his mouth with hers and pulled him tight on top of her. I had never seen my wife like this. She was like an a****l, grunting, grabbing, pulling and fucking him like never before. I then heard the familiar sighs and moans as she was getting ready to cum. She bucked under him grabbing at his toes with hers and wrapping her legs tight around his. She grabbed him by the cheeks of his ass pulling him as if to take his whole body into her hot pussy. Her Dad looked at me with excitement but with a puzzled look also. I told him she was cumming. He began to yell out loud "Oh my God, Oh my God, I can feel her pulling and grabbing my cock with her pussy. My cock has never been milked like this before". He bucked against her driving his cock as deep as it would go into her hungry pussy. He started to kiss and give her hikies all down her chest and around her tits. He had her by the hair and would grab at her lips hungrily sometimes biting her lips and pulling them with his teeth.

Their voices grew louder as they both started to cum. I looked between his legs and could see that big thick cock balls deep inside her as he pushed against her. I could see his big balls move and his shaft throb. Then I saw first a trickle of white creamy cum. Then there was a drool of cum down her pussy and down her ass to the bed. As he pumped more and more of his hot cum into her he moved slowly in and out pushing deep into her as he squirted his daddy seed into her belly. I heard her begging him to put his baby in her belly which seemed to excite him even more. The crescendo slowly quieted and I could see that there was thick white cum all over her pussy, her ass, his shaft and his balls. There was a large pool of cum on the bed. He just laid on top of her kissing her and telling her he had never experienced anything this good before. They kissed deeply and he held her in his arms as though he was her husband instead of me.

I was so excited I had to fuck my wife right then and there. I nudged my father in law off my wife and I grabbed her hard by the waist. I pulled towards me and began to kiss her hard while pushing her legs apart with mine. I pushed my cock against her pussy and I felt all the cum that was covering her pussy and inner thighs. It turned me on even more to know I was feeling her fathers cum on her. My cock found her hole and I buried it deep inside her. She was drenched inside. As I pushed my cock into her pussy I could feel my father in law's cum drooling out around my shaft. It was long before my balls were wet also and sticky. My wife's dad moved close to her from behind and put his arms around her. He began to kiss her neck and back as I fucked her. My father in law commented that he never thought he would be holding his daughter in his arms naked while another man fucked her. 

It didn't take long for me to give her my load. I was so horny I couldn't have held it in any longer. I began to cum hard into my wife's pussy as she gasped and bucked against me. I was giving her my last squirts when I felt her Dad's huge cock rub against my balls. He was hard and wanted his daughter again. As I pulled my cock out of my wife's pussy her father's big brown cock slid in. She gasped loudly and whimpered as he began to thrust his hard cock into her again. I held my wife in my arms and slid my cock between her legs. I could feel my father in laws cock going in and out of her pussy. His balls would hit my shaft when he pushed into her. We were both so hot we bucked wildly against each other with her in the middle. My cock would hit his shaft as it plunged into my wife's pussy. Our balls rubbed against each other wet. I could feel my father in law's feet rubbing mine and grabbing my toes with his. He had long toes that held on to mine as we both pushed rhythmically. I was the first to come. I shot my hot cum on his cock and balls. He gasped and said he loved the feel of my hot cum bathing him. He began to push wildly into my wife as he announced he was going to cum. As if to reciprocate he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot a huge load of white sticky cum all over my cock and balls. He slid his cock further under my balls to rub my ass and give me a squirt right on my asshole. I was in heaven. If he had tried to fuck me then I would have let him. The three of us laid exhausted on the bed. I called my mother in law and made an excuse for my wife's dad to stay over. She never gave me much of a hard time so it was no big deal. 

That night my father in law fucked my wife three times more. I just enjoyed watching him using his daughter for his pleasure. I think they could have done this a long time ago and had a lot of fun together. The next day I slept late. When I woke up my wife was already leaving for work. She came to give me a kiss and say bye. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I glimpsed over to the kitchen I saw her bent over the kitchen table with her panties around her ankles. Her dad had her dress pulled around her waist and he was fucking her from behind. I guess I am not the only one that gets turned on by her white uniforms. I was so glad that we could help take care of her daddy's needs.