"Sex Stories" The Spring

Sex Stories The Spring
When the weather is as happy every spring, I find it a pleasure to walk through the city. The first warm sunshine make sure that the people nice light, summer clothing collection. Of course I pay attention in particular to all the female beauty what so walking around. I like to dress to look thin, and especially the translucent kind. It seems in recent years that the clothing is always a bit thinner. 

The entry of the string is perfectly natural: the thin, light summer material often are you so opposed to the bare buttocks. I often look at places where many people come together, for example, sitting on an edge as an ice cream. In our town is a square bearing an artwork, with fountain and stairs. At these stages than are people talking, or just to rest from shopping. For these stairs are a few nice places where you have a good view. The girls sit down, are often in conversation that they do not care how they sit. With luck you simply look under the skirt summer, against the underpants on. In rare cases I have ever seen that one girl was that anything under her skirt had I looked to her like crack! I do have a quarter stood transfixed. I almost have to stand drooling, I was so horny! This girl had a skirt well above her knees. She sat on a low step, a bit with her legs spread, talking to her girlfriend .... Since then I do everything possible to see as much as possible. An addictive activity I can say! (Erotic Stories)

That afternoon I walked through the city in search of treats. It was nice and warm, a degree or 25, and it was busy in the city. I had two girls in the survey, and followed them as inconspicuous as possible. One was small and blond, with a tight firm ass and her big tits very long. Nice compact, with sturdy legs. She wore a top that her boobs almost bulged! Underneath she had a white short pants, beneath the look not so much. Her legs moved with each step back and nice weather. The other was not much bigger, but it was dark. She was a little thinner, and was certainly much smaller tits. Under her sleeveless t-shirt as she had seen no bra tje. Her nipples were clearly visible! She wore an airy wide skirt to just below the knee. This seemed such by her legs all to follow if they were "against the light" walked into. She wore a plain underpants that are good emerged under the thin material. I estimated the girls in one years or 18, 19. They went in store, shop, and I tried to follow. Sometimes I get a different store not too obvious to do. Eventually they went to Sting inside. In our town that is a very large, where men's and women's clothing is on the same floor, and the dressing rooms together. I followed them up and sniffed the clothes themselves. I made sure at the same time I went into a fitting room, right next to their booth. They sat together in one, and had taken a whole bunch of clothes to fit. I heard next to me giggling and talking softly. Sometimes it was just completely silent, and I wondered what they were doing. The compartments are separated by a partition just not quite the way down to the ground. The curtain is on the floor, so the front is not see what is happening inside. I sat on my haunches and peered carefully with the thin wandje by. I saw two pairs of bare feet close together and their clothes were in a corner. I tried as far as you look up to, but more than half the bare legs, I do not. I had a solution: my phone camera. Very carefully I held him under the partition and quickly snapped a few pictures. Quickly I got up to see the result and was very surprised: I did it was mostly the girls on the picture to get, and what I thought was true: they were almost naked together to ride and kiss! I got an acute stiff cock! Quickly I tried a few shots, but was very careful not to be caught. In these pictures was to show that the dark with her hand between the legs of the blonde Sat! I had a bunch followed and lesbian caught having sex! I listened carefully and heard more noises now sopping. They were fingering each other and I could hear their breathing. I heard they withheld sighs and groans. The dunk was a little louder, and I could hear the fingers faster in and out went the young pussy. Suddenly it stopped and they started talking again and giggling. Apparently they did not dare to go so far that either would be ready. This could be an unintended kreetje can bring that outside, where the necessary people were waiting to hear would be. I heard that they were dressed again, and I made sure I also quickly it was fitting for them to follow again. She hung the "appropriate" clothes again and walked out. 

She went straight to the entrance of the large parking garage under the main square. I followed proper distance and took the escalator down. It is a very large garage, with good lighting. Together the girls walked to a quieter corner, behind some poles. It was a part of the garage where seats were reserved exclusively for high-paying "subscribers". 

I hoped they were doing what I expected. Apparently they were horny playing with each other in the fitting room, she could wait no longer, and it would not adjourn until they were home. 

They stood close together and started to kiss each other. All I saw kissing their hands grabbing at each cross. The dark skirt with her legs spread slightly, so the other with her hand between her legs was. With her eyes closed she was enjoying the fingers of her girlfriend in her young pussy. With her hips she made circular motions but above all to feel good. 

She buttoned the pants of the blonde, and went with her hand inside. The pants was a bit tight, so she had let him down. Without looking further around the blonde pulled the pants out, but shall upon its string along. With only her anyway little tip for now she was on her friend. This caught her full in her crotch and started with two fingers while fingering while she gave her a violent tongzoen. Office caught kissing and they stood there, while I at about 10 meter away, hidden behind a car, watching. I had a very thick cock, and had to let him step outside to relax. I was so, not curved over the car to stabbing, pulling my cock. 

I have to something to have made much noise, because both chicks suddenly looked my way. Without too much effort to cover business they came running to me! What I felt caught! With my pants around my knees and my dick in my hand .... Could not disgraceful? But ... ... they were giggling at me and gave me a chance to shut my pants. Ho, ho, hold on, not clean," said the blonde. 

"We also want to play here ....", Said the other. While they said they were standing around me. The dark hit her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. "Not scared joh! Did you really think we had you not? You follow us all afternoon, and when we call it a fitting under the division saw come through we knew for sure.The blonde continued: "And we thought this roadmap: lugs and opgeilen your meal, and then all together ... .. Or do you sometimes not? I stood there stunned, with one color on my cheeks because I was caught, and my pants are still loose. My cock was smaller than just a horror. Eum, uh, yes, of course, but, uh ..." I stammered Come, come, you was just a regular guy, so now hear," cried the blonde out.I'm Jeanet, and that's Miranda." She continued. "And we try to do fun things together. What's your name? "Uh, Alex, but Nothing but! Not afraid, just do it. What does a guy even more: two girls who like to participate in his games! They had obviously a point. This was what I always dreamed of, and the real reason why I peered girls? I had no choice: Jeanet grabbed my cock with her hand and began to knead. She got immediate response and he began to grow again. She sat on her heels and took my cock in her mouth. In an amazing way she began to suck and lick. In short time he stood stiffly. With her hand on my balls and my penis deep into her mouth Jeanet enjoyed with her eyes closed. Her other hand dropped down to her pussy to edit. Because they Sat astride on her haunches, her lips spread wide. As she ran her fingers through her slit, and then had two fingers in her hole disappear. Apparently it was very nice to her because though she started moaning and sucking deeper sigh. Miranda stood to watch the game, and had made up her skirt. She had no panties anymore, so I looked at her bald pussy. She leaned against the car, and was with two hands on her slit editing. With the fingers of one hand slid over her clit, and with her other she herself firmly with the fingers. She was so wet that this nice horny noises. On the concrete floor were all that drops from the apparent leak of her pussy and down her thighs were a few visible traces of down-going fluid droplets horny.Oh, I'm so horny, you should just fucking hear me!" Miranda said, sighing. She turned and went forward over the bonnet of the car, with her ass challenging to me and spread her legs a little on the ground. Her pussy looked wet between her nice buttocks.

I pulled out my cock sucking mouth of the lovely Jeanette and was standing behind Miranda. I had my shoes kicked off and quickly pulled my pants off. The risk that one of the owners of a car to this part of the garage would come was great, but I was so horny that me just did not care. Two young chicks who ask to be taken, that leaves you not shoot! Now we had come so far, we obviously wanted to finish it. I placed my cock against the wet pussy of Miranda and pressed into a deep round. So I sat in my balls, and it elicited a high kreetje the horny dark thing. To be sure Jeanet was a few meters further on the lookout, to be in time to warn someone could arrive. Leaning against a pillar, she could watch her pretty girlfriend was taken by me. As she watched, she played with her clit and went with two fingers slowly in and out of her wet pussy. Her turn came still, she thought. I was now in a fairly high speed in and out at the pumps in Miranda. She had her moans and cries a little nip, because it resounded rather in the garage. She bit her arm in order to dampen the groans. My cock was sopping noises, and every time I pushed deep inside, my balls slapped against her ass. With her free hand she now in her past feeling a little reinforcing. With the fingertips of two fingers she rubbed her clit, while I was in an undiminished pace to fuck. She was warm, very wet, but nicely. My cock slid smoothly in and out and I felt the inside of her hot cunt to close around my cock. Oh, yes, so nice going on, nice and hard, so then I cum! "She said as she tried not to cry. She ran her fingers over her clit faster and I felt her to be tighter. With a muffled cry and a deep growl began her orgasm. I felt her pussy cramps. Come, quick, pull him out, now! ", She said. I did that in a reflex, because I was rather sit. At the same time I understood why: with a few thick kutvocht jets squirted out of her pussy and it clattered to the concrete. Without knowing it I had one of the few girls who hit spouting can cum! I had read much about, and quite a lot of porn with girls having the same can. In real life I have never experienced. I thought it was a super horny face! With difficulty I could stop my own orgasm, but it was so nice to see that I almost spontaneously began to spray. Miranda was still shaking violently after this orgasm, horny and ran down her legs down. 

Have you ever seen? "Said Jeanette, who had come back to us. 

"Only dreamed of, and in movies." I replied. "On the Internet there is much to find and download, there are even entire websites," I continued. We can both, "said Jeanette. "And actually anyone can learn, but if you know how and what place you should have. Want to see? "Of course I wanted! Jeanet went back to the hood lie with her legs spread. She had already put out her top and her big tits hung a little sideways. The nipples were pretty hard and it was a horny face as she lay there. Do you rigidly fuck me first, otherwise it will not so quickly, "she said. She did not have to repeat. I grabbed both her legs behind her knees and held them wide. Without my hands to use I poked my head against her slit to. She was warm and very wet with her own finger game. I pushed slowly and slipped inside. I tried to do as long as possible to fully penetrate. Her cunt clasped my cock. She was not as tight as her girlfriend, but of course it felt great. She had beautiful thick lips, which became my cock apart were printed. When I was completely inside, I went back just as slowly. I slowly put on the pace, while still holding her legs. Her tits began to sway slowly along in rhythm. This prompted me to go in and out quickly. Its round shapes began to move. Jeanet slid her fingers over her button, and with her other hand she pushed two fingers on inside. With my cock sliding in and out and caught himself Office worked herself into an orgasm. Her fingers went faster and faster in and out, and her clit was changed by her other hand tightly. I always felt her fingers slide down my prick, my sense of what it was even nicer. Her pussy was still so tightly, and the orgasm was coming. I have just pushed a few deep, until she said: "Yes, now!". I pulled back and with a high cry she finished. The fluid squirted between her full lips and came away in an arc to the ground. She continued to rub hard on her clit and pressed her hand on her belly, just above her pubic bone. Three large jets, and then a few smaller, ever decreasing in strength, came out of her hole. Just after the last jet pushed my thick cock into her back and pushed deep. I started out with big fuck her again. Jeanet was now biting the side of her hand not everything together scream of pleasure, and hypersensitivity. The intense orgasm she was now so sensitive that it almost hurt my dick to do. Nakrampende by her cat and the spraying of two horny girls took to me not long. After a few long strokes I felt the seeds come. I pushed my head with deep and as far as possible I squirted her with. The shoots were so powerful they must have felt how I squirted against her cervix. I pressed my face between her big tits while. Equally, the black before my eyes, so good I came in her ready. Under my arms from behind me I could look after us and stood fingering Miranda has been prepared against the pillar to. With a subdued cry was her second orgasm, and once the moisture dripping from her slit. With shocking hips she stood with her eyes closed, her legs spread slightly and her knees ready to come. Slowly, the movements slow and eventually pulled her fingers, covered the horny sat in her pussy. 

Much time to recover we had not. Despite all wet, and a pussy full of sperm, were the clothes again. We were too spent and there was just one aankomen.Jeanet and Miranda were dressed faster than me. While I was still with my trousers, which a few big splashes of the girls had inherited, to attract both gave me a big kiss on the cheek. It was quite good enough, we may yet again and got a phone Jeanet of Miranda and its own .. "said Miranda. Without saying another word she walked away from me, and they left me with a feeling vgoed it was really delicious.